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Chapter 995 Life is not a novel

The ninth ninety-five chapter life is not a novel

The audience is completely silent.

Compared with the Zhu Xian players on the court, they witnessed how the priest of Zhu Xian was taken out of the battle and killed.

It’s a tactic that is not new in team battles. Even in the arena of online games, there is a team confrontation between players and players. The premise is naturally in the team. There is a qigong master.

Yes, qigong master, this occupation is an absolute premise, Xingxin did not have it, so of course, the squad team did not be wary of this kind of home-made approach, and the result was that a cloud-catching hand appeared on this. In the game, the priest of the Zhu Xian team was pulled back and had no resistance. It was added by Jun Moxiao and Han Yanmo, and the priest of Xingxin burned oil on the fire for a while. A light of the holy light, a sacred fire for a while, the priest of the celestial celestials had almost no resistance, and was held like a dough casually. Even when it finally became a corpse, it was blown off by a flying attack. Cut, accompanied by the words that Ye Xiu fell out in the channel, screamed, the body of the priest of the celestial priest, passed through the cover of an inch of gray ghosts, and fell in front of the four immortals.

The treatment is dead, and nothing in the team is worse than this, unless there is no treatment at all to prepare for the whole attack.

This is not the case with the Panxian team. It is the core of their team.

The treatment is dead, the core is dead, just as Ye Xiu just asked, is it necessary to continue?

The results of the game soon appeared. Xingxin easily won the victory. At this time, if you look back at the competition, the players will be surprised to find that this game has not seen the fierce competition that everyone has made. Xingxin wins. It’s quite relaxing!

However, the players of the Zhu Xian team did not think so at all. The moment the game was announced, the pastor Lu Shilin had already rushed out of the game seat. In this game, he did not even let the audience recognize his role. The name, he did not come and show the skills of the pastor, all this is because of the **** catcher.

Yes, it is such a rough, even the play that ordinary players will use, in such an important game to determine the final outcome. There is not even any deep and complicated tactics in this. Sun Zheping and Tang Rou just came out to interfere with their sight and let Ye Xiu have a proper time to attack.

All this can be achieved. In fact, there is only one premise: the squadron team does not know that Jun Moxiao can actually make a cloud. If you know that the protection of the treatment is not like this, you will have special care for Jun Moxiao, just like taking care of a qigong master. In any case, you will not be able to stand behind them with Jun Moxiao. Then, as soon as he raised his hand, he took it and solved it.

Lu Shilin refused to accept it, one hundred refused to accept, one thousand refused to accept, and ten thousand refused. This win and loss has nothing to do with tactical unrelated technology, just about the details that they don’t know about the team.

Xing Xin is really too victorious, and such a victory, they should feel embarrassed!

As a result, Wei Wei, who came out from the first place in the Xingxin competition, got a sigh of relief when he got out: “How come so fast, I just fell asleep!”

“You…you…” I watched the players of the Xingxin team come out one by one. Lu Shilin pointed at the gang, and he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything.

What can he say? Isn’t Xing Xin still telling him in advance that they will use the catcher to let them pay attention to it? Lu Shilin certainly knows that this kind of thing is even more impossible, so at this time, although he is full of dissatisfaction, he is completely unable to find any reasonable arguments.

“You” for a long time, watching the Xingxin team members have to leave the competition table, this suddenly burst out: “Dissidents this is his mother’s occupation, is it possible to participate in the competition?”

This is obviously the beginning of a strong word. The professional league has never had any restrictions or requirements on the role. With the casual competition, there is no precedent, and there is no way to participate in the competition.

Lu Shilin’s words in Xingxin’s audience were completely a little offensive. Several people talked and laughed, completely ignoring his existence. When he stepped down the stage, he celebrated the victory with the players who did not play.

Lu Shilin also wanted to rush to the theory, but the result was pulled from behind, and looked back, is Lin Yi, the captain of their squad.

“What are you doing?” Lu Shilin angrily dismissed Lin Yila’s hand, apparently the captain did not have any prestige in his eyes.

“If you lose, you lose, a little grace!” Lin Yi said.

“Demeanor? You are really graceful! You can lose the game in such a pocket, can you accept?” Lu Shilin called.

“The game is like this, at least next time we will not make the same mistakes again,” Lin Yi said.

“Next time? When will it be next year?” Lu Shilin sneered. “You will be fooling around for three years in the Challenge, because you can tolerate such a failure, but I will never!”

“I don’t think we lost our pockets. We just lost some things that we didn’t expect. In the final analysis, we still didn’t do enough preparations. The team competition is the same, and the same is true for the competition.” Lin Yi said.

Lu Shilin heard it and suddenly smiled again: “It turns out that you want to find an excuse for your garbage-like performance in the competition. So now the team game is also lost. Are you really happy? This just shows you Not that incompetent, right?”

“You calm down.” Lin Yi has some helplessness, but he can understand Lu Shilin’s mood. Failure in the challenge, the blow is quite large, because it means the ruin of another year, which is more painful than losing the championship. Losing the championship doesn’t mean the end, but losing in the challenge is likely to be really the end. Isn’t the Promise team in this season finally disbanded because of the defeat of the challenge?

The Zhu Xian team could not rush out of the challenge year after year, which made their players live in panic all day long. They feared that they would wake up one morning and suddenly received a notice to announce that the team was disbanded and everyone went home.

This is the life of the lowest level players in the professional circle. It is like the lowest level of people in life. They can’t talk about any ideals. They don’t dare to say any goals. Just how to survive has already made them feel bad.

Zhu Xian has gone through such a difficult year and year after year, and there is no better understanding of this unspeakable bottom life than the players of Zhu Xian. The sudden appearance of Xiao Jie was once welcomed by them sincerely, which at least allowed them to devote themselves to the existence of the team in a short time.

But soon, they found that the new boss was not as simple as they thought. He was eager to return the team to the league and return to the real survival of the professional player.

To be honest, who wouldn’t want this? Is the goal of the Zhuxian team going year after year, is it also the goal? However, in order to achieve such a goal, it is necessary to proceed from reality. The team of the Xianxian team has been in the challenge for three years, and the extent to which the strength has declined can be imagined.

It is true that Xiao Jie brought a good player, and also found Zhang Jian, the former captain of the Zhu Xian team, as a helper. The Zhuxian team has been fully utilized for so many years of accumulation, and with the addition of his funds, the team has been improved and improved, and the entire team has been renewed in an instant.

But even then, I am looking forward to focusing on returning to the league immediately this season. Is it too early?

No one is more looking forward to the stage than Lin Yi, but the new team, the characters and equipment need to adapt, the newly added pastor players become the core figures, the change of the core players, the entire team’s tactical system also needs to go Run-in. In addition, this season’s challenge has an unprecedented mountain: the Jiashi team.

The situation of Zhu Xian this season, can not be said to be too exaggerated to describe the internal and external problems. But what about the new boss? What about the new core players? They agreed that this was a challenge, but at the same time it was an opportunity to defeat Jiashi to return to the professional league. It just happened to let Zhu Xian hit the ball and return to the league with a high attitude. Then, then the two actually talked about the title of the championship.

The players of the Zhu Xian team really couldn’t adapt to this change. They didn’t know how suddenly they turned from worrying about whether the team could survive to the topic of talking about the championship.

It’s not that the players of the Panxian team have no ambitions, but the descriptions of their new bosses and new teammates only make them feel too exaggerated.

Lin Yi, as the captain, has specifically talked to Xiao Jie about this issue. However, his fears were all ignored by the boss. He is addicted to the means of exerting him, such as having good equipment first, and then giving the opponent a surprise when the final battle is over. Jiashi’s panic is that he just thinks about the scenes that will laugh.

Lin Yi at that time was like the helplessness of Lu Shilin at this time. The new boss and the new teammates are so co-produced. There is no reason for them. They are all extremely conceited people. Many of the most difficult problems will be solved directly by their means of obscenity.

The Zhuxian team set sail in this context. Xiao Jie repeatedly reminded everyone to pay attention to retaining strength and to surprise Jiashi in the final.

The great writer Xiao Jie, who regards the management team as writing a novel, puts this thing, of course, completely controlled by him. He wants to suppress the first and then raise the first. He wants to play the pig and eat the tiger. Eat tigers. He regards reality as his novel and everything will be as good as he wants. Now, when this real thing happened, completely contrary to the plot he compiled, his most loyal followers, completely obsessed with Lu Shilin in the plot he compiled, took the lead in collapse.


For the time being, let’s adjust the rhythm. How did the National Day return to the middle of the night when the National Day was over? Is this the so-called holiday syndrome?

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