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Chapter 981 New stage and final stage

The ninth and eighty-one chapters of the new stage and the final stage

There was a ten-day break in the group match. It will not be eliminated until Friday night on May 16th, and the final challenge champion will be decided three times a week.

The teams eliminated in the group stage, which went back to the government in the following days. For many players, it is very satisfying to be able to go to this step. After receiving the non-thin bonus from the league, it is worthwhile. The most unwilling to go, count the mysterious team. On the second day of the end of the group match, the media released the news that Xuanqi coach Zhang Yizhen had finished class. The reporter also tried to contact the interview, but was rejected. The official statement of Xuanqi is after nearly three seasons of cooperation. I feel that the form of the coach is not suitable for the current glory competition.

The e-sports weekly newspaper of the May 9th edition also published the news. However, the report is more, or the Xingxin team that will completely sweep the Xuanqi out.

I have already written a detailed introduction to the Xingxin team, and I have revised it many times through the exchanges with the Xingxin team. Now the Xingxin team is so interesting, and this manuscript, which has been hidden for a long time, finally has a chance to be officially released. The situation of the Xingxin team finally got a positive introduction. In addition, how can a team that is so concerned not listen to their voices? In the same period report, in addition to the introduction, there is an interview with the Xingxin team. This week’s weekly report is often considered to be a big show. With Xingxin, one person will take up one-half of the challenge and let the other two reporters who are specializing in the challenge have envy and hate.

They also have the topic of catching Xingxin, and they have also gone to Xingxin to conduct some interviews, and also to write some introductions of Xingxin. However, what kind of things do they compare to the people who used to be the reporters of Xingxin? The final selected manuscripts are of course always the first.

Give an Internet cafe grassroots team as a team reporter? Often the beginning of this move also attracted two people to laugh, but now it is not laughing. “When you see this guy can still be proud of it!” Two people thought viciously, began to curse and euphoria. A material that does not allow them to gain something, it becomes worthless in their eyes.

Cao Guangcheng, but it is not a long-term old-fashioned story, not at all and often rushed to write what Xingxin. He continued to open his topic with trepidation. In this issue, he combined the new system to analyze the situation of the Jiashi team.

The Challenge entered a new phase, and this season’s professional league has also entered the final stage of the regular season.

On May 10th, the 34th round of the ninth season of the Glory Professional League. The top-ranking team of the four kings took the lead in an extremely stable manner from the start, and has made any suspense in the first place of the regular season. Moreover, with their scoring efficiency, it is no problem to break the highest score of the regular season since the 20 teams of the self-expanding army. However, it is impossible to break the record created by the Cavaliers in the second season. That season, the JS team won 276 points, the total score does not seem high, but this is because the league had only 16 teams at the time, only 30 games in the regular season. So in these two different contexts, you can only score more than the average score. Then Jiashi’s 9.2 points per game in that season can be metamorphosed to no more. With only four rounds left this season, the hegemony has become more hopeless.

However, it can be compared with the best scores in history. The strength of this season has been undoubtedly obvious.

After the tyrant, the second place was the champion reincarnation team last season, and they are aiming to defend this season. Although the regular season has been overwhelmed by the tyrants, the playoffs have nothing to do with the regular season. Last year, the reincarnation team was also pressed by the Blue Rain team in the regular season. Can the final finals be? Regular season, more games, long cycle, compared to the stability of the team; and the playoffs, elimination system, one or two games will win or lose, the comparison is outbreak.

After the reincarnation, the third, fourth and fifth are the Blue Rain, the Whistle and the Weeds. The scores of the three teams are very similar, so this position can not be divided into the strength of the three teams, but the whistling team did not score in the playoffs last season, but this season has been reborn into blue rain, micro The grass is entangled in the strong. Tang Yan’s transfer has been regarded as one of the most successful transfer operations last summer.

After the sixth, seventh, and eighth, the final three playoffs were extremely fierce. The smoke and rain team ranked sixth, and there was no strong enemy in the last four rounds. The situation was good. The seventh hundred-flower team, too many points lost in the early stage, waited to find the state before they began to chase, the current situation is inevitably somewhat cold. The eighth place is the Void team. The combination of the two ghosts has persisted for many years. It has been high and low, and there are bottlenecks. The performance of this season is also quite ups and downs, although it still occupies a playoff spot. But it has been seen by many as one of the most disappointing teams of the season. Once you finally lose the playoffs, then one of them can be removed.

Will the Void team lose this seat? Suspense is still very good. Followed by them is the 301 team, a typical civilian team, the players are not the most outrageous, the role is not the most powerful, but this team is extremely good, the team’s performance has always been stable, is the post-season Frequent visitors. This season, because of the departure of Xu Bin, they have a certain impact on their performance, otherwise it will probably squeeze the unstable team that has been unstable.

After the 301 team, it is another great magic of the season.

Zhaohua, Yueyun, Yiwu, Hewu, as if they have embraced the four teams that together advance and retreat, this time neatly ranked between 10 and 13, this is definitely a surprise thing. The four teams, from the initial impression of the people, should be on the exit area. The result is now running to the Central District, and there is always the possibility of an impact on the playoffs. The likes of the All-Star players like Huang Feng and Lin Hai were crowded behind them. Originally ranked tenth, it is considered to be an unexpected team Thunder team in addition to whistling this season, and now it is no longer accidental.

These four teams are seen as an opportunity to seize the game update. However, they can grasp the connotation of this opportunity, but they are only aware of the club guild elites who have only robbed the wild map boss in online games. However, as the season closes, it is clear that the focus of each team has shifted again. Many players have taken over from online games and started to focus on the competition. Especially the flowers, the void, the 301, and the suspenseful team, how dare you scorn?

In this concentrated game, the Zhaohua team will certainly not play well. So the impact of the playoffs seems to be possible in the standings, but in fact the four teams know that they are just taking advantage of the fishermen’s interests, taking advantage of the momentum and grabbing one eye. I want to do this, they still There is no matching strength.

In the professional leagues, the challenge races have reached the most in full swing, but compared to the professional league’s glue, the challenge side, because there are some strength gaps, so everyone’s attention is still relatively concentrated. Therefore, except for individual teams, most of the team’s pressure is not great. The opponents of the Jiashi team will never be tempted to be ridiculous because they think about how to deal with Jiashi and night.

Ten days passed by, and finally arrived at the game day. In the four groups of the quarter-finals, the team of the Zhu Xian team against the trader team was considered the most interesting matchup. The trader who squeezed out the professional team in the b group is obviously the biggest dark horse in the offline game. In addition, in the direct dialogue with Xuan Qi and Xing Xin in group b, there are eye-catching performances. This round is against the outdated Zhu Xian team, and everyone really dare not take the team of the Xian team as a professional team.

As a result, the journey of the dark horse ends here. The most interesting game ended in a faint end, the competition, and then to the team competition, the team of the squad seems to be step by step, step by step, walked over, the trader fell to their side.

Xingxin team, Jiashi team and the game also have no suspense, the player team is easily defeated by them, so this round, to say that there is something to watch, it must be said that the first group c group and the second group d game. The strength of the two teams is similar, although the quality of the game is not high, but at least it is lively. Unfortunately, if only such a lively event can satisfy the audience, what is the meaning of the professional team?

The quarter-finals ended in such a faint manner, and there was no scene of people who were so excited. Even the reports of the major media on this day were so weak. But with the thought of the next showdown, everyone can still be refreshed. In the upper half of this area, Xingxin and Zhu Xian finally have to meet each other. This should be a good quality game. As for the second half, players who like Jiashi will continue to appreciate their heroic attitude. If this is the case, if this They haven’t looked tired since the way.

“There are two more games!”

On the second morning after the competition day, Chen Guo woke up from her dreams. The sun was already full of the room. Chen Guo continued her dream of pleasure, and then looked at it, but found that Tang Rou, who was in the same room with her, had disappeared. Figure.

So early?

Chen Guo squatted, got up and washed, cleaned up and walked out of the room. The corridor was extremely quiet. Chen Guo estimated that everyone else was still asleep, so I didn’t bother to disturb. After I went downstairs to the restaurant for a breakfast, I went to the Internet cafe training room.

Jiashi still lives alone in another hotel. On the side of the alliance arrangement, there has been no excitement at the beginning. Today, 19 teams have only three left. After getting along for such a period of time, there is a common topic of glory, especially players are generally mixed online games, so although it is to play the game, but the game has become a good friend. Can hit the challenge of this step, it is also an absolute leader in the players, so Chen Guo is very enthusiastic to recruit these people to Xingxin.

However, since they are all leaders, most of these people have a foundation in online games, and most of them are vague about Chen Guo’s recruitment. Chen Guo online game has rich experience, these are still very understandable, so I am not in a hurry, her haze, this time is not less friends, everyone agreed to see you in the field of God!

In contrast, for Ye Xiu’s interest, these people are actually bigger. As a result, Chen Guo’s accident is that Ye Xiu, who used to be mysterious and undisclosed, seems to have no such evasiveness. .

“What happened?” Chen Guo asked wonderingly.

“Crap, I used to be imposter, don’t you underestimate it?” Ye Xiu said half-jokingly.


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