The King’s Avatar

Chapter 963 Let the storm come even harder.

The small reporter often has the impulse to win the door at this time. He is a reporter who is not fake. He needs all kinds of news topics to be false, but the material he heard at the moment is too fierce, and he is so overwhelmed. Ye Qiu, the number one **** in the history of glory, is actually a fake identity? This is the biggest one since the establishment of the Alliance… What is it?

I often want to use the wording of the scandal, but he does not agree with this as a scandal.

The person in front of me just used a fake identity, but the game was played by him. The opponents were all defeated by him. The victory was achieved by him. Three consecutive championships, as well as the various honors that Ye Qiu took, these are all genuine, but these honors do not belong to “Ye Qiu”, but belong to this person.

His behavior is in violation of the rules of the league, but in terms of the fairness of the game, there is no impact, he just borrowed an identity, and then he has been playing, relatively speaking, those who change the age Is the damage to fairness worse?

This is also the root of the entanglement of the first. This is a fierce spurt. If it is revealed, he may be famous for it, but at the same time, it will hurt many people. The team leader, the Xingxin team, the Jiashi team, and countless fans will suffer a lot from this incident.

If this is indeed a scandal that seems to be a stimulant in the game, it will always be unbearable. But the problem is that the heart of the first heart does not think that this is a scandal. It just borrows an identity. Everything else is real. Every game, every victory and defeat, every champion is true, except that it is called Ye Qiu. The person, in fact, is not Ye Qiu and this, does it affect the outcome of the game?

Ye Xiu said that he did not have an ID card at the time. This used other people’s. This is obviously because of helplessness for so many years. It has not been corrected. It is difficult to ride a tiger, or is there any other reason, which is often unknown. He just thinks that an identity is nothing, and there is no such thing as a cheating phenomenon.

It is because there is such a view first, so he does not know how to deal with this violent material. He is very entangled. He is in a dilemma. He regrets entering this door. He can’t wait to turn back the clock. He will definitely avoid walking away…

However, it is too late to think about it now, often when the chaos is chaotic, when Tao Shi’s Tao Xuan and Cui Li are not? This news is tantamount to five thunders for both of them. But what makes the two people even more uncomfortable is that Ye Xiu, who has made such a big scorpion, is still the indifferent appearance of the weekdays. It seems that the incident has nothing to do with him. He is sitting and watching the play.

“Important, this matter, if you take it seriously, you should bear legal responsibility.” Cui Lishi can’t see this guy in this appearance, suddenly come coldly, the meaning of intimidation is quite obvious.

As a result, Ye Xiu, who he saw, was still the indifferent appearance that he hated: “Yeah, are you prepared to take it seriously?”

Cui Li vomits blood. This guy is really shameless. Take it seriously? How do they take it seriously, and Ye Xiu is in court, accusing him of impersonating others and signing contracts with them? What is the difference between this and the exposure? What does Jiashi want to do now is to cover up this matter? So as not to get involved with them. Whatever the case, if this guy is to pursue this matter, in law, Jiashi can really stand still, but I am afraid that it will be blamed.

Ye Xiu is imposter, but the contribution to Jiashi in the past few years has been real, and Jiashi has been so proficient, and it has been sold cheaply. In this way, you have to try it.

As for the other party in the incident, it is even more difficult to imagine. That is the twin brothers in front of this goods. Is it possible to expect people to stand up and pursue the legal responsibility of their brothers to impersonate?

“I have to confirm one thing first.” Tao Xuan finally spoke. “The people who have been playing in the past few years are all you? Your brother, the real Ye Qiu, did not appear on the field?” ”

“It has always been me, not as imaginative as you think.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“That’s good, there is still room for this thing to be quite big…” Tao Xuan, who has also suffered five thunders, is inferior to Cui Li, who is not going to bite his teeth. I have calmed down thinking about how to deal with this.

“For the league, they will not be willing to accept this truth. For three consecutive championships, the best player, the league’s number one god, the identity is actually fake, which is also a big blow to the reputation of the alliance.” Tao Xuan is looking at the problem from the perspective of an operator. The alliance will not want this kind of thing to be exposed.

“At the moment, this guy is going to show up in the game. There must be a reasonable explanation!” Cui Li said.

“As long as the internal communication can be good, it is not difficult to explain it to the outside world,” Tao Xuan said.

“Well, it makes sense.” Ye Xiu nodded.

“As soon as possible, I would like to talk to the people in the alliance to communicate with them. How can I make this with them?” Tao Xuan thought about it, and then he heard the door being knocked.

Everyone in the room suddenly feels like a thief being discovered. The nearest to the door has never been returned. At this time, the trembling asked: “Who!”

“I, Feng Xianjun.”

“Feng Xianjun? Who is that, it seems a bit familiar?” The small reporter, the level of contact with the characters is still low, for the name of the big man, the reaction is inevitably slower.

However, the two of Jiashi, after the fifth thunder, once again added a combo, Cui Li did not stand the wall completely, Tao Xuan did not calmly look like. He is well-analyzed and is ready to communicate with the people who are looking for the alliance, but the **** did not expect to communicate directly with the president of the alliance so soon.

Some of Xingxin, at this time, can no longer look at the onlookers, Chen Guoguo broke his mind: “Hide it first? Toilet? Under the bed?”

The result is the most calm, it must be said that Ye Xiu, still a smile that is indifferent: “Forget it, the coming is always coming, Tao Bo has a very clear analysis of the interests, I think, it is not difficult to say.”


The people at the door who have already reacted outside the door are actually the president of the league. The continuous shock made him feel “to make the storm more violent”, but it was somewhat calm. Very calm, pulled the door open.

“Hey, a lot of people!” Feng Xianjun entered the door and saw Tao Xuan of Jiashi, an accident.

Tao Xuan smiled and said hello to Feng Xianjun. Feng Xianjun’s gaze followed the turn in the room, saw Ye Xiu, haha ​​smiled, and took a hand and said: “Ye Qiu, it really is here.”

Always think that a more violent storm is already coming. At this time, Feng Xianjun’s two followers were following in the house. On the other side of the stairs, Cao Guangcheng, who was on the seventh floor, rushed up and panted. He was seeing the tail, and he quickly accelerated the sprint. He saw that the door had to be closed, and he was busy. Call: “Wait.”

Always look at the probe first, it is Cao Guangcheng, suddenly overjoyed. The fierce material here is really completely ignorant of how to deal with it. If there is Cao Ge, then it will be fine. The usual mood, from the beginning of this house, felt relaxed for the first time, and was preparing to let go of Cao Guangcheng, where Cui Li was busy asking: “Who?”

“Courage of our reporter station.” Always busy.

Reporters station? Cao Ge? Cui Li responded a little and returned to God: “Cao Guangcheng? Close the door!”


“close the door!”

Often, I dare to say half a “no” word, and I hurriedly shut the door. Cao Guangcheng has already approached at this time, and it is clear that it is always the first time that the kid ignores his own greeting and locks the door. This little rabbit scorpion, usually seen very honest and kind, can not think so too, want to dominate this news topic?

Cao Guangcheng was angry, but he did not dare to be rude in front of the house. He rushed to the front, and after the emotions were flat, the door was very polite.

“Cao reporter is it? You please come back, it is not convenient to be interviewed here.” Yingmen’s voice was Cui Li’s voice. When Cao Guangcheng heard it, he was already cold. He is quite familiar with the people of Jiashi. Cui Li said this, then today he does not want to enter this door. Not convenient for interviews? Mom, the kid is always inside!

why? How could this be?

Would rather let the younger one sit on the sidelines, actually not letting them enter the door? Is it always the first thing this kid has made? Nothing is possible! He is a fledgling little devil. Is there any way to manipulate the experience of Jiashi to give him exclusive resources? Cao Guangcheng is annoyed, hateful, but he does not dare to entangle again. When he pulls out the mobile phone, he will call the phone first, and the result will be shut down.


Cao Guangcheng’s heart is arrogant. Can’t get in, but I can’t bear to leave, kneel on the door, trying to hear something. However, the hotel organized by the league, the compartment is not so bad, he is so squatting on the door, the normal voice in the house, how can not hear the ground. Cao Guangcheng was completely disappointed.

In the house, Feng Xianjun already felt the atmosphere was a bit weird. And Cui Li, then angry again. Because when I first said Cao Guangcheng, he finally remembered who this familiar person was. This is a reporter!

Internal communication internal communication, can the reporter be an insider? At this time, the most and most preventive person is the reporter! As a result, they actually discussed it for a long time in front of a reporter. He and Tao Xuan do not know that this is a reporter. Does Xingxin’s people don’t know? Ye Xiu your brain into the paste? When this person came in, he did not know how to avoid him? Do you want to create problems for us? Cui Li’s fire, and Ye Xiu’s dead net have broken.

Feng Xianjun felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, but he didn’t ask much. Then he continued his theme: “You are happy, there seems to be another Ye Xiu?”

“Hehehehe······” Ye Xiuxiao, Wei Wei, who was sitting on a sofa chair, picked up his feet: “You are also sitting first.”

“How?” Feng Xianjun further felt the strangeness of the atmosphere and walked over to sit down.

“Is the heart very good recently?” Ye Xiu asked.

“That’s good, I can just say it.” Ye Xiu said.

“what do you want to say?”

“I am Ye Xiu.” Ye Xiu said.

More! Why do you want to say it again?

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