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Chapter 951 opportunity

Chapter 951 Opportunity

Fans of the Hundred Flowers team often think that they can see the **** scene again, but I am afraid that no one will think that when they see the **** scene again, it will look like this. (“”)

This is far more beautiful than a prosperous game in the professional arena. Because in online games, more people can be killed. The flying blood spattered through the light and shadow of the artillery, which was enough to become a **** scene. The players of Baihuagu continued to fall. They were weird, angry, and unwilling, but they refused to retreat until another sword light was thrown into the battlefield. Yu Feng finally shot, and two epee swords collided.

The players in Baihuagu have to breathe. They stare at the wild swordsman who is going to sleep again in the summer. Who is this person? The name of the top of the world is the sorcerer of the Yiwu team?

The original player is not as good as a professional player, and the operator of the character can be judged from the combat style of a character. However, for many old fans of the Hundred Flowers team, Sun Zheping, this is also a name they will never forget, his wild and crazy fighting style, like a brand, forever in everyone’s heart.

Looking at this and sleeping again in the summer, the name that had been dusty for a long time, could not help but flooded into the hearts of everyone.

But they have no chance to ask more.

Sleeping again in the summer, the light flowers are fascinating, and a combination of their crazy swordsmen and ammunition experts who are passionate about them is launching a storm on them. Yu Feng’s savvy swordsman jumped out and stopped, and he was quickly involved in the **** scene.

Who is the one who really guards them, at this moment, it is not difficult to distinguish. The players of Baihua also neglected to realize that they are over-ignoring the new core of the Hundred Flowers team.

“All treatments, all give the team to brush the blood!!” Baihua Valley president blossomed the first reaction, and made a roar. He is a hundred pollen, but also a member of the management team of Baihua Club. At this time, it is more able to preserve reason. It is the only remaining player in Baihua Valley who can remember what they are doing.

It’s not what he wants to see when he meets Zhang Jiale’s fascinating flowers and then makes such a situation. The latest chapter of the church and his thoughts, in fact, also represent the wishes of the Baihua Club.

The club has to be a thousand times more sensible than the fans. Zhang Jiale is not willing to look back, they will not want fans to remember. The influence of Zhang Jiale in the flower has become a constraint that they want to change and want further development.

How to eliminate the tragic impact of Zhang Jiale’s re-emergence of the tyrants on the flowers, the club has been trying to solve the problem. Such meetings have been participated in many times.

The fans of Baihua are obsessed with the past, and they are not too cold or hot for the new core god. This is actually a very helpless thing for the club to have a headache.

At this moment, seeing Yu Feng’s savvy swordsman rushing to the ground, and stopping Zhang Jiale and suspected that Sun Zheping was making a big hit at the Baihua Guild, he suddenly realized that this is an unprecedented opportunity. .

The new Hundred Flowers hero will be born today, and he will be highlighted anyway.

Then the flower blossomed and screamed, and everyone who was present in the field noticed Yu Feng, so that everyone realized that when their loved combination attacked them, who is guarding them.

“On the team!!”

The Hundred Flowers Players team quickly issued this kind of shouting from the heart to support.

“Don’t worry about me, the team spreads out, pulls a long distance, bombards the map with a long-range attack!” Yu Feng’s voice came from the **** scene, not a clever indication, but at this time it seems like a hundred flowers. All the Hundred Flowers players immediately and actively follow the instructions of the front.

However, this kind of practice can’t break the **** situation, only to reduce its killing. Even with the scope of attack map bombing, under the cover of the hundred-flower style, Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping, two experienced old gods, can still shuttle freely.

The front and the two rival each other, still only one of the savage swordsmen of the front. Although the flower blossoms are high, the treatment support is shouted, but they are covered by the light and shadow of the flower-style play. They are completely unable to find out where the swordsman of Yu Feng is. As soon as the sacred church is approaching, it is possible to step out of the **** scene, and the two immediate names are darkened and the treatment is automatically withdrawn from the team, and the people are told to rush to the end.

Yu Feng let everyone not care about him, scattered and retreat, apparently does not want them to be involved in the **** scene was killed.

“On the team…” All the hundred flower players, at this moment, finally accepted the new core from the bottom of their hearts. However, can you break through the **** scene alone?

It is only a coincidence that Zhang Jiale and Yu Feng are playing a **** scene. It is impossible for them to repeat or continue. The real flowering scene is the creation of two talented players, Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping, after a whole season.

In the third season of the professional league, the **** and sturdy combination was swept, and the major teams were shocked by this unprecedented game. They were defeated in the southeast and northwest.

The **** scene reached its peak in that season, but it also ended at the peak.

The 100-flower team that reached the finals all the way down to the three consecutive championships of the Jiashi team that have not been surpassed so far. The **** scene of the flower is broken by a fall of a leaf. Ye Qiu, who created such a great career, also accepted an interview after the victory. Although it was only on qq, it also left a popular sentence: “A set of play is enough for several times. Do you bother with it?”

But even if there is such a ridicule, the **** scene is not a joke. After all, it is only Ye Qiu’s **** that is qualified to say this. Others want to say this, try to break through the **** scene first.

No game or tactic is absolutely invincible, but the **** scene is almost invincible in the eyes of fans. However, now, they are looking forward to Yu Feng breaking the **** scene. Because this symbol is no longer exclusive to flowers, but has become an enemy of flowers.

The flowers blossomed and sweated.

This is a good opportunity for Yu Feng to really be in the upper position. The club has always been looking forward to his early real takeover of the banner of Baihua, so that the fans of Baihua do not think about the players and characters who are no longer a hundred flowers.

Now, such an opportunity is in sight, but it is too difficult.

By the end of the year, Sun Zheping was retired, and the **** scene was extinct. Since the two-and-a-half season, the positive singles have broken the **** scene, only the autumn of the third season finals.

Yu Feng is a very good player, but has reached the height of Ye Qiu that year?

I am afraid no one will think so.

But then again, no matter whether Zhang Jiale or Sun Zheping, it has already passed the peak period, and Sun Zheping has been wounded for many years. At this time, it is inexplicable, whether it is still to be discussed. These two are not the heights of the past. It’s Yu Feng, and the state of affairs is like a day in the middle of the day. Perhaps it’s really possible to break this **** scene here?

The flower blossoms are full of expectation. After all, it is much stronger in this way to establish an image in the hearts of the hundred flower players than to sing a bitter play. The bitterness of the drama, in the end, can not wipe out the thoughts of the fans in the heart of the flowers.

Everything in the heart is overturned, and even thinking about whether there is any means of cheating can help Yu Feng, but unfortunately I can’t think of it. This kind of professional-level duel is fundamentally different from the thinking field of ordinary players. The flowers blossomed and looked at the team. The blood of Yu Feng’s swordsman was getting lower and lower, and his heart was more and more anxious. Suddenly, it was discovered that due to the occlusion of light and shadow, they could not see the tragic strength of Feng at this time. It is estimated that they would eventually throw a body out. In this way, Yu Feng’s efforts are all assimilated into ordinary people who die when they go in. This bitter drama can find a sense of identity and is debatable.

Opportunity! opportunity!


At this time, in the heart of Feng, there is no such thought.

He stood up and was full of blood.

He heard the dialogue between Sun Zheping and Zhang Jiale. If you cut the past, would you use this method? Yu Feng is very dissatisfied, he even feels angry. Because he is in a hundred flowers, he knows more about what Zhang Jiale means to this group than others. So when Zhang Jiale initially slammed the guns at the Baihua players, he rushed out to maintain. Not only for Zhang Jiale, but also do not want the fans of this flower to suffer such pain and injury.

As a result, one jumped out and then went to sleep again.

Truly, cruelly, bid farewell to the pollen in this way.

Yu Feng is totally unacceptable.

He stepped forward and did not consider any consequences. He just wanted to do everything he could do now, probably just fighting…

Sure enough, it’s hard to deal with…

Baihua was introduced to Feng, and I also wanted to reshape the **** scene. This style of play, Yu Feng has done a lot of research, and saw countless games of the past two-flower team. Therefore, at this time, he is more convinced than others that the mad swordsman in front of him is really the first sword of the past, Sun Zheping.

When he was truly placed in the **** scene, he also found that this style of play was really difficult to deal with.

I am afraid I can’t do it…

Seeing that life is going straight to the end, Yu Feng sighed a deep breath, and his protection of the flowers could only be done at this point. The last trace of life, burn it out!

Yu Feng desperately opened the “blood blood”. This is a state-of-the-art trick that the Swordsman has increased in the 75th stage. After the bloodthirsty state is turned on, the savage swordsman will directly increase his combat power by absorbing his own life.

Yu Feng’s mad swordsman has had very little life at this time, and the bloodthirsty promotion has limited combat power, but this is more symbolic of his attitude of fighting to the end. When there is only one life left, the last blow is launched, and then the life is finished.

A bright red sword light, from the **** scene, and the **** scene, actually fell in the curtain.

The fascinating attack of light flowers paused, and the light and shadow suddenly dissipated. Everyone saw that the light flowers were fascinating and had been turned over by the savage swordsman of the front.


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