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Chapter 950 Goodbye, **** scene

Chapter 950, Goodbye, Bloody Scene

Flowers and blood. The latest chapter of the church

The two great gods of the former Baihua team teamed up to create a signature style. Since Sun Zheping’s injury has become a perfect sound, although Baihua wants to re-enact, he can’t find a savvy swordsman who can play against Zhang Jiale, and eventually becomes a memory. The players of Ye Xiu have had direct experience with the **** scenes, and they have a deeper memory of this style.

The Hundred Flowers team introduced the first mad swordsman Yu Feng this season, regaining the former mad sword role, and abandoning the flowers and chaos for Zou Yuan to create a new ammunition expert role, it is just like to once again awaken the past. However, this season, the start of the flower is not good, but after getting better, the cooperation between Yu Feng and Zou Yuan has always been a little bit worse, let alone repeat the past grand occasion.

Now, in the hot land of the online game gods, Zhang Jiale, the former Baihua god, who has already left the map, has re-created the grand occasion with the new Baihua core.

Ye Xiu and other great gods are all first seen, and then, the players of Baihua Valley.

The elite valley of Baihua Valley is full of old powder. It’s just that the glory is not as good as the professional players, so the response is slower than half a beat. However, it’s very quick to return to the taste. The familiar scene just now is not the flowering scene that they missed for many years?

The old powders of Baihua Valley have not come and excited. They have already seen how the scene reappeared. They suddenly tasted the five-flavored bottle, which was so sweet, bitter and spicy.

“Zhang Jiale, why do you want to go!!!” In the player array of Baihua Valley, suddenly there was such a cry and tears. This scene of **** flowers, in the end has aroused the deepest thoughts of the players in the heart of the flowers, they are still because they are reluctant to Zhang Jiale, will be resentful for his return to choose the map. If Zhang Jiale is still in the flowers, come back to Yu Feng, and look forward to the flowering scene for many years, is this already reappearable?

The scene instantly became quiet, and the cry of this heartbreaking, followed by a cry, everyone can not tell whether this is a man or a woman, in a moment, his (her) emotions have completely lost control.

Zhang Jiale is in the local area.

He himself realized that he had just cooperated with Yu Feng in the absence of any communication and communication. (“”) This is what happened when both people’s consciousness and experience techniques reached the corresponding level, but after all, it was not conscious, so it would be impossible for the two to repeat it immediately.

But this truth, the professional level can understand, but the average player is responsible for this. Seeing that these two people can play the **** scene, suddenly feel sorry and reluctant to Zhang Jiale’s departure, and the resentment in the heart is deeper. Because everyone knows that even if someone is so heartbroken, they can’t change the facts. Zhang Jiale, is no longer a member of the Baihua team. The **** scene of the talents is just a cloud, and it cannot be seen in the Baihua team.

The mood of the hundred pollen, everyone can understand, so the scene will suddenly fall into silence. Everyone is a glory player, will cry because of the same thing, go to laugh, go to the trouble… feel the same feeling, it is so easy.

“In any case, I can’t go back!”

The fascinating side of the light flower suddenly said something.

Zhang Jiale turned the character’s perspective and saw that Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laughed.

“Yes…” Zhang Jiale suddenly smiled. At that moment, his sense of guilt was so strong that he even had the urge to retire again to thank the world. But what about that? The past is always the past, and it is impossible to return. If it can, Zhang Jiale would like to return to the fifth season, so that Sun Zheping’s hand injury should not occur. Perhaps the championship of the year is already a hundred-flower team, and it can be shaped by a hundred flower dynasty!

But it is a pity.

Never go back!

This time, the choice is also the result of careful and cautious. Why regret it, why should I back down, and I have already retired once and fortunately, why is this thought again?

Escape is by no means.

Zhang Jiale sighed with relief, and at this moment, he made a decision.

Shallow flowers glamorously raised his hand.


Nearly in the footsteps, Yu Feng’s savage swordsman was shot in the air. (“”)

“We are opponents.” Zhang Jiale said calmly.

“Thank you.” For this gun, Yu Feng actually said a thank you. Because he knows that after this gun, he will probably become the real core of the flower, Zhang Jiale stay in the shadow of the fans of the flowers, with this gun, will be crushed. They will no longer have regrets and nostalgia, but only have a clean hatred.

“You’re welcome.”

Yu Feng did not expect that Zhang Jiale’s gratitude to him was a natural response.

“Do it well, don’t let them down!” Zhang Jiale said to him.

This guy! Is this gun deliberately opened?

Yu Feng is stunned, because he has realized that Zhang Jiale is deliberately doing such a singularity, so that the fans of the flower will completely break his last thoughts on him, and take this opportunity to push Yu Feng to the top and let him become The new spirit of the fans of the flowers.

Yu Feng did not expect that in this case, he took over the sustenance of the true soul of the Hundred Flowers team, and this is precisely the paper contract can not bring.

Just, this way is too cruel!

Yu Feng has no time to say anything, and the players in Baihua Valley have already erupted. Zhang Jiale’s decisive shot, “We are the opponents”, made them completely and completely angry. They will not cry as they did before, at this moment, they just want to fight. What wild map boss, what rare materials, all these things go to hell! This guy in front of them, they used to be god-like guys, their biggest enemy, at all costs, but also let him taste the enemy of the lesson.

The Hundred Flowers players rushed up insanely. For the fear of the big **** players? does not exist.

The light flowers fascinated the players of the Baihua Valley, raised their arms and held the gun tightly on their hands. However, under the observation of the top professional players, they will find that the light flower is fascinating. This gun can’t be beaten. He just lifts the gun. This is not the operation to shoot.

Yu Feng, who is closest to him, certainly sees it more clearly, although he knows that these are good preparations for his future, but at this moment, the blood is surging, he just wants to stop this from going on. But in the face of the raging Baihua Valley people, can they listen to his explanation?

Raging blood!

At this moment, a big move of the sorcerer’s swordsmanship, rushing to the group of players rushed by Baihua Valley, slammed their coming.

However, at this time, the Baihua Valley player is not as rational as the arrogant and heroic player who is out of the sword. The person who has been recruited has fallen down, but as long as it is not fallen, it completely ignores the damage of life and continues to obsessively The fascinating light of Zhang Jiale is fascinating.

As a result, I heard the sound of the epee screaming in succession. A figure has already fallen into the fascinating front of the light flower, the blood shadow mad knives, the whirlwind, and the new skills of the savage swordsman, the hurricane storm, the Baihua Valley player who rushed over, In an instant, I was already cleaned up. The man’s epee pointed to the side of his body. The blood-stained blade completely lost its luster. The head did not return. He just asked a little: “What are you afraid of? ?”

Sleeping again in the summer?

Everyone saw the id of this mad swordsman.

However, who is this?

Everyone quickly went to identify the guild on top of this person.


The Yiwu team really has a mad swordsman, and it is the boss of the righteous team. The status is called a transcendent.

Can become a professional player, its strength is not bad. But to be honest, to put this battlefield at the moment, the identity of the professional player of Lou Guanning is really super-not enough.

Aside from the Xingxin team, the professional players who came to the game at this time were all all-stars, without exception. Even Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin are caused by special reasons. If their team is still in the league, then the two are elected as all-star players without any suspense.

This is a savage swordsman who slashes people like a melon. Is it the righteous crown?

The professional players present are not aware of it.

This is not to underestimate the building. Bullying ordinary players, this does not require much ability. However, the characters controlled by each player have their own temperament. Yiwu joined the league for more than half a year. What is the appearance of the sergeant of Lou Guanning, and the number of the major teams will be counted. Although it is only a new team that has entered the league, but the righteousness is very strong, the teams are more alert to this new Ding than ever before, and the research on the righteousness is also deep. The strength of the righteousness is so shallow that it has been almost as early as half a year. In front of this, I will sleep again in the summer. The fighting style is much more wild than the building. I can’t be the guy who is especially good at the online game.

“Who are you!” Zhang Jiale was shocked at this time. This wild and rude sword fighting style, no one is more familiar with him.

“Since I have decided to say goodbye to the past, why should I leave a slight weakness?” After a summer of sleep, I still have not turned back to the perspective.

“I just……”

“Take the distracting thoughts in your heart and shoot them clean!” After a summer of sleep, the blood-stained epee was again brought up, pointing to the desperate to rush to the hundred flower players.

“Oh? Are you with you?” Zhang Jiale said.

“Yes.” People don’t mind.

“You are still so crazy!” Zhang Jiale said. He already knows who the person is. Like him, he was once deeply loved and dependent on the other gods. At this time, but with the fans who have supported them, they have no ambiguity in their hearts. This is exactly what his former partner can do.

“Now you need to be crazy, it is you, not me.” Sun Zheping said.

“Okay, come!” The light flower fascinating step forward, the hand of the gun is finally no longer just an action, but a real attack operation.

Gunshots, thunder, swords.

Flowers and blood.


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