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Chapter 939 Lottery

The lottery determines the grouping of the next 20 teams, and which opponents will be met later, basically at a glance. It doesn’t matter if you look at it. Look at the two teams of Promise and Xihuo.

These two teams are professional background teams. Under normal circumstances, it is not too suspense to enter the offline game. As a result, the two teams are not able to draw a good sign, and the Promise hits Xingxin. The fire hits Jiashi, early. Just eliminated from the challenge. The Promise has now been completely disbanded. There is no news in the evening fire. How many people will pay attention to the poor challenge team?

Such an important final draw is naturally carried out offline to show fairness and transparency. On the side of the Xingxin team, they received emails and telephone notifications, letting them confirm that they will go to the headquarters of the alliance to participate in the lottery ceremony on January 18.

January 18 is a Saturday, and the weekend is also considered a small thoughtfulness of the league. After all, many people in the team have work or study, only the weekend is free.

Only this kind of thoughtfulness will stop here. Next, the offline competitions of the teams will be held together. It will take a month, and the work or study of the players will definitely be affected. The players themselves.

“This, let me go?” After receiving the notice from the alliance, Chen Guo immediately said to everyone.

To tell the truth, Chen Guo’s heart is a bit small. This kind of scene, it is reasonable to say that it should be the captain and the like. However, Ye Xiu and Wei Wei have not sorted out the knowledge of the materials they have accumulated over the years, and Chen Guoguo can’t bear to let them run this leg. The headquarters of the alliance is not in the H city. This is a far cry. I watched the two people hate to use them in one minute. Chen Guo decided that she would take on this responsibility.

“Well, whoever goes the same.” Ye Xiu didn’t care about it.

“Put a good sign.” Wei Wei has to give Chen Guo a little pressure.

“I will accompany you?” Tangrou said.

“No, you stay with everyone to train with peace of mind!” Chen Guo smiled.

“That’s right.” Ye Xiu nodded. “We should also carefully adjust the state.”

The lottery ceremony was finally carried out by Chen Guo on behalf of the Xingxin team.

On January 15th, the Glory Alliance headquarters, the draw ceremony began at 2pm. Chen Guo arrived on time. After signing in, he sat down at random and swept the scene to see everyone standing in one place. Under the presiding reminder, this group gradually dispersed, and Chen Guo took another look. The seated and deputy captain of the Jiashi team, Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin, together with these people, was asked to sign What?

After watching the crowds disperse, they also found Chen Guo on this side.

The two sides did not meet much, but they finally knew each other. Xiao Shiqin smiled and nodded, but Chen Guo nodded and responded. This scene made many people see it and suddenly began to speculate about the relationship between this beauty and Xiao Shiqin. After another reminder of the host, the venue was completely quiet.

With the official announcement of the lottery ceremony, the first to go to the stage is the glory of the league’s largest BOSS, Chairman Feng Xianjun.

Although the challenge and the league are not at one level at all, it is also an official event organized by the alliance. The outside world is limited, and the league itself can’t be dispensable. The big BOSS Feng Xianjun is definitely going to be present on this occasion. A few words, although only a thank you, blessing, hope and a kind of customer.

Then, the lottery officially began. First, the computer randomly sorted the lottery of the teams in order, and then, the team of the team and the team began to draw the lottery.

The Xingxin team was randomly placed in the fourth stage and it was soon to turn. Chen Guo stood up and took a few arguments. The outside world has limited attention, but the teams in the Challenge are quite familiar with the various gossip topics in the Challenge. The Xingxin team, with its initial appeal to Jiashi, has caused countless topics, and then in the challenge to pick up the Promise team, the limelight is always there. In contrast, when Jiashi is the same as the professional team’s eve fire, there will be no such a surname, because that is simply what is expected!

Xingxin team, Sheng Chuan Ye Qiu Da Shen sitting in the town, the team is also expected to see at the draw ceremony, the result is actually such a beautiful woman.

Ye Qiuzhen is mysterious again. It is a man who is definitely undoubted. The audience watched it, at least it didn’t happen. Ye Qiu was such a gorgeous speculation.

“Xingxin team, group B.”

After Chen Guo took out the sign, she first read it and then handed it over to the host. The host took the announcement, and immediately on the electronic screen of the venue, in the team card of Group B, the words of the Xingxin team were turned over.

At this point, four teams have been drawn, and each team in Group A and Group B has drawn one team. Group C draws two teams, and Group D still has one team.

Chen Guo returned to the seat and took a deep breath.

The main concern of each team is the professional team, and they all hope not to be separated from the professional team. Chen Guo also noticed the same, so she just remembered the ranks of the three teams of Jiashi, Xuanqi and Zhuxian, which were 12, 8, and 15, respectively.

After Chen Guo, the 5th, 6th, and 7th teams went to the draw, and the 7th pick, the team called the 7-step kill, and Xing Xin together with the B group, then Chen Guo found the seven-step one. When the killer came down, she glanced at her and immediately realized that she was paying attention to three professional teams. In the eyes of other teams, they were also attached to the situation and wanted to escape. Open team.

This feeling… not bad!

Chen Guoting enjoyed this feeling, but then the 8th overall Xuanqi team took the stage to draw the lottery, the moderator quickly announced the results: Group B.

Chen Guo took a moment to look at the ten-step killer. It’s not a jealousy, but she is crying out.

Jiashi, Xuanqi, Zhuxian and Xingxin are obviously regarded as more difficult players by the teams. That is to say, the four teams can lock in a qualifying position by default.

Xing Xin draws to Group B and locks a group B quota. It can be foreseen that the competition for the remaining number will be very fierce, so the ten-step-killer will start to squat in advance. The result is then, Xuan Qi also got to the B group, which means that only the remaining quota, this is locked again, from the moment of the B group, the overall situation has been fixed, the players who are ten steps to kill naturally want to cry tears.

The team that has already drawn the sign, the team that has not been drawn into the B group is full of luck, the team that has not yet drawn the lottery, watching the team of the B group, the hearts are silently praying, then everyone has a wish, what Jiashi what 诛仙, simply I got into the B group.

As a result, the 10th overall pick, the squad leader, draws the B group, the look of the player when he stepped down, and the ten-step killing is like a twin brother.

Soon, the 12th overall, the Jiashi team. The captain, Sun Xiang, who took the stage, did not look at it after signing it. He directly handed it over to the host. Without waiting to announce, his person had already stepped down. It is the transcendentality of Jiashi: what signing does not matter to us.

“Jia Shi team, group D.” The host announced.

The players on the scene were all expressionless. Although everyone enthusiastically surrounded the two great gods around the world, but to be honest, at the moment of competition, no one likes the existence of Jiashi. Seeing Sun Xiang’s pride, everyone’s heart is even more unhappy. Although everyone admits that it is not a little bit weaker than the Jiashi people, but everyone’s heart is still looking forward to victory, miracle, everyone likes.

After Jiashi, the three sharp teams have already confirmed the group, leaving only the fairy. At this time, the most nervous thing is the team in the D group, who prayed that the team should not fall into the D group.

This time, their prayers seem to be valid.

“Zhu Xian team, group A.”

With the announcement of the host, the scene blasted like a blast, and all the tight nerves were released at this moment. The team in Group C is undoubtedly the luckiest. Group A is second, and Group D has Jiashi. This seat is locked more firmly, but at least one seat is from everyone. Group B… The team that was drawn into Group B did not want to talk.

The scene was lively, as if the draw had been completely over, and the 16th overall player on the stage was full of faces. Of course, the host also knows why this is the case. In desperation, there is no deliberate maintenance of order. The 16 to 20 or so orders are quickly over. In these teams, there was another team that was drawn into Group B. As a result, no one paid attention to this time. They could only hide and cry silently.

The grouping of the 20 teams in the offline competition was completely completed at this time, and the schedule was automatically generated by the computer system and printed out and distributed to the players from the teams present.

Immediately, the team members took the schedule, took the souvenirs, and took photos collectively. The chairman of this lively alliance is of course going to make up. After Feng Xiangjun and everyone joined together, they immediately chatted with the two great gods of Jiashi, and then they saw the Chen Guo here.

“Xingxin team.” Feng Xianjun smiled and regarded this as the name of Chen Guo. “Why didn’t Ye Qiu come?”

Everyone’s ears suddenly stood up.

Ye Qiu is not in the Xingxin team? This matter has been passed down and said today, tomorrow is not right, it is not Ye Qiu, there is no one hundred percent accurate answer. Is the chairman’s statement broken?

“Hey…” This question, Chen Guo asked, she did not know how to answer. In fact, she always had a doubt. Before Ye Xiu used her brother Ye Qiu’s identity to play the game, and now she changed her identity to Ye Xiu. So will it be tossed back and forth, will the alliance recognize it?

Chen Guo was awkward, but unexpectedly someone came out to help her out, but did not expect this person to be Sun Xiang.

“So important, as the captain does not come, do you Xingxin look down on the challenge?” Sun Xiang said.

Sun Xiang felt that he had spit out a squatting, and other people really admire him: You guys are obviously too despising the challenge, but they still dare to take this point to say things, killing a thousand, self-destruction of eight hundred, is worthy of the gods, I am discouraged!

“Xing Xin captain did not come, but the boss came.” Chen Guo smiled and said. For a long time, Ye Xiu and Wei Wei, the old cockroaches, were stunned. Sun Xiang’s attack power, Chen Guo only felt too weak.

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