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Chapter 938 Offline competition

Ye Xiu has studied glory for so many years, has never eaten pork, and has always seen pigs running. The current professional club, researching homemade equipment is a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, it is the experience and understanding of glory like Ye Xiu and Wei Wei. On the other hand, it is what Luo said, using mathematical knowledge to grasp the characteristics of each material. The talents of these two aspects, the technical development departments of the major clubs usually have, complement each other, complete the various research on glory, not just limited to homemade equipment.

Xing Xin now, in terms of concept, also has such conditions. Just saying experience and understanding, Ye Xiu and Wei Wei are very adequate, but to say that mathematics knowledge is applied to glory, Luo Ji is just getting started. This means that he does not have any accumulation of data. These data are absolute secrets of the technical development departments of major clubs. Even if Ye Xiu was once Captain of Jiashi, he could not grasp this kind of information. Wei Wei would not even have to say that, in his that year, the Technology Development Department had not had such a technical flow, and it was pure experience.

“Or do not do this first.” Luo Ji here again came to the news, “In the process of lifting the thousand aircraft umbrella, the materials used in each order are sorted out, and then the use of these materials, all knowing is listed. What is made of these materials, what is the name of the surname, the more detailed the better, I will try to see if you can find the law.”

“Good!” Ye Xiu simply answered a word, but Wei Wei’s face was green. Only those who have studied the silver martial arts will know how heavy this workload is.

“Not only do I get it.” Ye Xiu, who looked at his face green, said, “The use of the various materials you know is also well organized. We still have a lot of silver to study!”

Wei Wei listened and understood. Xingxin’s data database will be gradually established from this day.

“I really can’t think of it, we are more and more modeled!” Wei Wei has a feeling of being separated from the world. To be honest, when he was first recruited by Ye Xiulai, the most important thing in his heart was the idea of ​​dying with addiction. The more people like him who know about the professional circle, the more they have no confidence in the grass-roots team. The current glory professional circle is not eight or nine years ago.

However, Xingxin has come all the way. Players, equipment, funds, materials, guilds, from scratch, and even today, the data database has to be established. Wei Wei suddenly discovered that, unconsciously, Xingxin is already a The small and complete sparrows, and Xingxin as the opponent of the grassroots team, will definitely pay the price for this kind of contempt.

“Organize the materials!” Wei Wei suddenly shouted, scared a room everyone jumped up, and as a result, this guy had already buried his head in front of the computer, and began to search for information on the Internet.

“Organize the material!” Didn’t wait for everyone to return to God, Ye Xiu suddenly stunned and buryed his head in front of the computer.

“What’s wrong with these two?” One housemates face each other. The only thing they can be sure of is that they are not crazy. Their look in front of the computer is so focused and more focused than playing the challenge.

The new week’s challenge, also the last round of the online game, finally arrived on Friday. The Xingxin team completed the last team update before the last round. The mad swordsman appeared in the Xingxin lineup list again after a summer of sleep. However, this change that appears in a challenge team will not be of concern at all. Even reporters who are concerned about Xingxin have not noticed this.

The final round of the Challenge online game ended without suspense. All 20 teams that entered the offline tournament from the online game broke out. The team that can go to this step is somewhat based on strength. However, for Xingxin, the strength team composed by players is not enough to make them feel threatened. In addition to Jiashi, and the relegation of the Xuanqi team in the same period of Jiashi, they eventually entered the list of 20 teams.

The exit of Xuan Qi is certainly not a miracle like Jiashi. 90% of the time last season, they are firmly in the league’s penultimate position, vow not to give other teams a half chance. Their outs are undisputed; their team strength is weak and impeccable.

However, they are weak, but they are relatively speaking.

They are still much stronger than the players’ strength team. But to look at the professional circle, Xuan Qi’s strength is worse than the Promise. The Promise team has accumulated in the league for three years, but Xuanqi has only mixed for two years, and the first year to maintain the seat success, invited the former professional player Zhang Yizhen as a coach is seen as a **** of the pen. With such an experienced pre-selection finger, the recruits of the Promise team have adapted well in the first season. However, in the second year, Zhang Yizhen did not rejoice, and the Promise team was defeated. Whether the coach can change the topic of a team, once again caused heated discussion.

Usually, it is not easy to save the strength of a team, but Xuan Qi’s lineup is basically retained. Rather than saying that the work of the team is doing well, it is better to say that Xuanqi’s players and other teams did not show much interest at all. Can such a powerful Xuanqi team incite the Jiashi in the challenge? The player is too lazy to think about this issue. In the past, the death of the two spending teams in the same year was the biggest topic in the challenge. But this year? Look at Xuanqi, it is better to see the grassroots Xingxin who is clamoring to defeat Jiashi!

After Xuan Qi, let’s talk about the team with the background, then you have to count the team. Moreover, the team of the Xianxian team not only has a background, but also has a very background. Even Ye Xiu and Wei Wei saw the name of the team of the Zhu Xian, and they were very affectionate. Zhu Xian team, but from the first season began to fight the professional circle team, this qualification, killing half of the league in the current league.

However, compared to seniority, Zhu Xian is even more ecstatic, but also has to say that their rough experience.

The first year of the Xianxian team to participate in the professional league, it is decisive, but in the first year has not introduced the system of exit, and can still participate in the following year.

However, in the second year, the out-of-office system was introduced, and the team of the Zhu Xian, who was again in the same year, decisively went out.

In the third year, the Panxian team battled the challenge.

So in the fourth year they resolutely killed, and then they went out again.

After the fifth year of the challenge, once again decisively returned to the league, the sixth year of the league, once again decisively out.

The squadron, which has been dubbed the King of Resurrection, lost this “laurel” in the seventh year. In the challenge of the year, they lost their hands and failed to resurrect.

In the eighth year, they again lost their hands.

Zhu Xian has not dissolved yet, and they once again participated in the ninth year, which is the challenge.

After nine years of glory career, spent five years in the challenge, Zhu Xian can definitely be said to be the most experienced team in the challenge. But what is the strength of the Zhu Xian team, I am afraid that the professional team in the league will rarely pay attention. Even some teams may have forgotten the name of the Panxian team. A team that struggles even in the challenge, even if it is finally resurrected, does not seem to be worthy of the heroes in the league.

Even Wei Wei, when looking at the list of the final 20 teams, swept to the name of the Zhu Xian team, it was a glimpse.

“Is that 诛仙?” Wei Weidao.

“It is that.” Ye Xiu said.

“I haven’t dissolved yet?” Wei Wei said.

“Not yet.” Ye Xiu said.

“It is a respectable opponent.” Wei Wei is awe-inspiring.


“But this time it will be eliminated again, it should be dissolved?” The tribute is still vomiting.

“Who knows?” said Ye Xiu.

“Does this team have people you know?” Wei Wei asked.

“I am really unclear about this.” Ye Xiu said. This squad is struggling for the third year in the challenge. Ye Xiu doesn’t know what lineup they are now. Even if there is a sixth season in the intersection, this bottom-out team will not leave Ye Xiu too. More impressions.

“Who is there in the past?” Wei Wei tried to remember, but it is clear that the underdog is the small transparency. In Wei’s few professional memories, the space left for the team of the Zhuxian team is to record their names.

The name of the squad, the name of the resurrection, is nothing more than a joke. No one really notices what their true situation is, especially after two years of resurrection, even when the laughter is no longer there, they will soon be People completely forgot.

“In any case, pay attention to it.” Ye Xiu said seriously.

“Well, pay attention to it.” Wei Wei nodded, is it perfunctory, only he knows.

Jiashi, Xuanqi, and Zhuxian are the professional backgrounds of the 20 teams. They are usually the challenges in the challenge. Other than that, it is the team organized by the players, the real grass roots, can go to this stage, it is a bit of strength. The major teams will also pay a little attention to their next performance. In the meantime, some people will be seen by a certain team and become professional players.

It is regrettable that none of these players in the grassroots team is a team named after the ridicule, which makes the final offline game lose a big picture. However, it is the biggest ridicule to say that it is a sneer than the singer who sneaked out of the name and directly claimed to have to provoke Jiashi’s Xingxin team. Because Xingxin, it seems to be serious!

The offline competition is about to begin, and the reports of the major glory media are finally giving up some of the challenges. The luxury of Jiashi, the coach of Xuanqi, the ups and downs of Zhuxian, and the words of Xingxin… have become more topical things. In terms of the alliance, it was also officially contacted with the teams at this time to inform the teams of the time and place of the final offline match.

Before that, there is another important thing going on.


To some extent, the final fate of a team can be determined and is about to be carried out.

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