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Chapter 92 One pick three

Chapter 92—One Pick Three

“Dragon teeth broke, Sun Xiang began to fight back!!”

“This is the non-attribute dazzle that has just been produced by Dragon’s teeth… Oh, it’s a pity, it was picked up by the scenery to kill the double swords, but as long as the dazzling lines burst, the gain effect will be produced, and now all efforts are forgotten.

The situation on the court showed a one-sided situation. The advantage of Yang Cong analyzed during the start of Li Yibo’s game was really invisible. I saw Sun Xiang’s technology in the whole market, and the domineering of the autumn.

The overwhelming offensive completely set off the enthusiasm of the visitors in the Xingxin Internet cafe. Everyone shouted loudly, and even Chen Guo was a little excited.

“Don’t be still!!!” I don’t know who suddenly shouted such a slogan, and immediately got a positive response from the audience. Everyone screamed with a rhythm, and even Chen Guo couldn’t help but clap with everyone. I took a few scorpions.

The voice of the commentary in the broadcast has been completely concealed. But do you still need to explain at this time? No need! The offensive of the fall of a leaf has been able to fully explain everything.

As the scenery fell under the flames of a leaf in the autumn, the atmosphere in the Internet cafe reached its apex, and everyone applauded, cheered, screamed, and whistled. This is not a simple victory. The play of Sun Xiang’s autumn and domineering ignited the hopes of the people. They seemed to see the era when the autumn of the leaves was swept away.

One team fell and the teammates took over, but there was no rest time in the middle. At this time, another player from the 301s played. I don’t know if it was shocked by the momentum of the previous one-leaf autumn. This player’s play is obviously out of the standard, becoming the fastest one in the five one-on-one battles so far.

In the fall of two leaves, the loss of life is only a quarter. Explaining Pan Lin and Li Yibo, the audience of Xingxin Internet Café, have begun to discuss the possibility of Sun Xiang’s picking three. Judging from the current situation, it seems that there is no suspense at all.

The third player of the 301 appearance, compared to the second, this is even more timid, almost dare not have any positive contact with the autumn of a leaf. Walking is very diligent. A leaf of autumn, a little bit of offensive behavior, immediately rushed to avoid like a burning eyebrow.

The audience in the Internet cafes have already laughed, and the third player seems to be completely unwilling to play against Sun Xiang’s autumn, but has to slap on the scalp. After I came up, I didn’t dare to perfuse things, so I had to sneak up here and jump around here.

“This guy, there is really enough space. Hahahaha!” The audience in the Internet cafes whispered that the haze of the two games in the individual game has been swept away. The third player in the 3-1 is like a clown. In the teasing of everyone, in comparison, Sun Xiang’s autumn is more powerful.

“Xu brother, you are so embarrassed that you are like this!” Sun Xiang made a speech at this time, ridiculously obvious.

However, the opponent has always maintained a seven-point defensive position, and the three-point evasion seems to be completely unprepared. With such care and caution, Sun Xiang took a long time to take him down. I felt that there was no light on my face. After knocking down the opponent, I knocked on another sentence: “Why, the result is not the same.” ?”

At this moment, all the audience have only one thought: “md, it is over.”

Both Pan Lin and Li Yibo estimated that this game was also a bonfire, but it was not good to dig as a commentator. In the end, I only listened to Pan Lin and said: “This Sun Xiang wins is also a tough job. It is worthy of Xu Bin, who is known as the ‘Mr. Wang’! But the game he played is not only his opponent, but also the audience. Our commentary and guests are very hard!”

“But this is also the embodiment of the professionalism of the players. In a game where there is basically no chance of winning, Xu Bin still let us fully understand his specialty.” Li Yibo said.

“Yes, it’s too obvious.” Pan Lin responded, the two sang a sum, and praised the third player Xu Bin who played the 3-1 team to comment.

“Well, there is still a break before the team game. Let’s take a look at Sun Xiang and Yiye Qiu in this team match.”

Highlights, Pan Lin and Li Yibo made a comment. Sun Xiang’s third game against Xu Bin is far longer than the first two games, but the footage in the highlights is not as much as one or two. Pan Lin and Li Yibo are inevitably insinuating. Say.

After the highlights were broadcast, there was still a little time for the team competition in the final event. The show was inserted in the advertisements. The audience took a break, lined up in the toilet, came over to find the water, and ran a place to smoke the cigarettes… Internet cafes came for a while. People are like a market.

Chen Guo is obviously commonplace in this scene. When she turns around, Ye Xiu still stands at the door of the Internet cafe and **** a cigarette. The night is under the cover, a little fireworks flash in it, it seems to be lonely and lonely. .

But the problem is that there is a place here. Does this guy have to rely on the corner of the door to have something pitiful? Chen Guo couldn’t help but greeted Ye Xiu twice.

“What?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What are you doing at the old station? Come and sit down!” Chen Guo said.

“Afraid of smoke to you.” Ye Xiu’s mouth shook his head twice. This guy can bite the cigarette but does not affect the opening of the speech at all, the smoke will not fall out or how, the operation is even worse.

Chen Guoyi. This guy is hiding there, just afraid of smoking and picking himself up? Is it so good!

“You can’t take two less?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu raised his hand and took off the cigarette butt, and pointed out a bullet. The fireworks made an arc in the darkness, but it was bounced into the trash can. Then Ye Xiu had already walked back and sat down.

Chen Guo looked at him and eventually said nothing. The broadcast also finally entered the highlight of each round of the league: team competition.

In general, each team will have six main players, which will guarantee the complete completion of the three-part event. The maximum number of people allowed to register for each game specified in the Glory League is nine. The list of players is generally announced before the competition. Therefore, the average number of professional players in a club team is 9 to 11 people. Although some clubs have had a minimum of six bottom line in the initial stage of material shortages, they will quickly expand their numbers after the situation has improved. After all, if you only rely on six people, occasional illness or other accidents will affect the performance of the game.

At present, the clubs in the league will have at least one outstanding player, complemented by three or five players. For the list other than six people, most of them like to sign some potential newcomers to train.

There are also many ways to discover new people. There are self-recommended, and some are found in some non-professional competitions, or the performance of the arena in the glory online game is extremely good… In short, it has been successfully operated for nearly seven years based on the experience of the past e-sports league. The long-standing glory alliance has already had a fairly mature and perfect system in all aspects, no worse than the traditional football, basketball and other sports.

In the case that the main players are normal and there is no accident, the three parts of the general game will be completed by six people.

This is the case for the game of 301 and Jiashi. The final round of the team competition was completed by a total of 12 people who had previously played in individual and team matches.

With the eloquent scream of Pan Lin, the team game officially began.

The 301 is the home field, and the map is still selected by them. However, the Jiashi team has just become a three-pronged feat by Sun Xiang, and there is no one in the limelight. Pan Lin and Li Yibo also talked about whether this event will become a turning point for the Jiashi team this season.

“Begin! Start!” The game started, and Chen Guo applauded the audience with the Internet cafes.

“Don’t be so excited!” said Ye Xiu.

“Look at the game, don’t invest in what is interesting, you also come to the starting point spirit!” Chen Guo is helpless to Ye Xiuzhen, all night games, even after night, not sleeping and then playing games are so energetic, but other times Always so slouchy? Not strong enough.

“The bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment!” said Ye Xiu.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo heard the words.

“Look at the game and it started.” Ye Xiu said calmly.

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