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Chapter 915 a master

Chapter 915 One Master

“Don’t you let the socks go back to the socks, can we be reconciled?” Who replied, “Still, you are prepared to say that if we cooperate a little, you will divide us some socks?”

Whoever does not bow his head, obviously does not believe this possibility. (, watch the latest update of this book) and Xiao Shiqin, it is indeed because of this problem. He has no pressure on how to swindle in tactics, but in this kind of thing, he is hard to say and not believe.

Use socks to buy the two in front of you? Less, people are certainly not rare; more, then why bother to struggle to grab Ye Qiu’s side? The actual operation is not feasible, deceiving the other party, this kind of thing Xiao Shiqin can not do it.

So who did not bow, and dared to return to the eyes of the two men, Jia Shizhong players completed a transaction, the Christmas socks to the role of not divided into a pair, and then, five people, decisively acted.

Who is going to bow down and dare to go back and be dumbfounded. The other five people have socks. Whoever throws this pair of throws can do it. Whoever doesn’t bow and can’t return only two people, there is no confirmation that the socks are thrown out.

But as soon as I turned around, the two suddenly realized that this situation still needs to be confirmed and thrown?

The two sharpshooters quickly picked one and chased them together.

When Jiashi’s people were in a team, they could only wait and see, but now they are taking the initiative to separate and single-handedly. Who wouldn’t bother to have pressure on their shoulders? of course not! The two are the ones who even Sun Xiang dare to challenge. Who else in the Jiashi team will be single-handed to let them dare to fear?

The two were eyeing the Shen Jian among the five people. They also knew that the people they were staring at would definitely not throw socks, but this time, they did not want to pick cheap, but changed their rob.

At first they were afraid that the other party would see through their intentions. The two men did not hesitate to make some hesitant moves to cover up, until they saw the Jiashi five-person team completely ran away, and then they suddenly rushed to catch up.

The system countdown continues, and Jiashi seems to be ready to card and throw a pair of socks at the last moment. But this one who does not bow down, the two have not cared about, how can they care about how to catch up with Shen Jian’s boxers.

Everyone’s endurance control is just superb. The two sisters began to hide the distance for the hidden intentions. It is difficult to catch up at this time. Fortunately, the figure of Shen Jian’s boxing master has never escaped the vision of the two. The two sharpshooters used the flying gun technology to sprint, and the distance was still forced to draw closer. At this time, the system countdown has stopped, and the number of socks that have been picked up has changed back to 19. //.com novel network //

The two sisters are also not sure whether Shen Jian’s boxing method has been lost, but the two people who walked all the way through this boxing school can see clearly and lose, and it is also on this road, so it is not wrong to continue chasing.

After looking for and chasing along the way, after indeed Shen Jian did not lose the socks, the distance between the two sides finally got a lot closer. Shen Jian also found the two people who followed him, simply let the character stop and turned around to start. Welcome to two people.

“I am a professional player, I am really confident!” Whoever does not bow his head, dare to look back, this person seems to be quite confident in being able to take an enemy, actually stopped to wait for them, and now there are not many words, two As soon as the character enters the distance that can be attacked, he immediately starts shooting with a gun.


However, the first shot was not from their guns.

boom! boom! Hey!

The two men’s attacks have not even begun, they have been blocked by continuous shooting attacks. The actual combat is also quite experienced. The two quickly determined the direction of the bullet from the trajectory. They turned around and looked around. The mechanics of Xiao Shiqin and the sharpshooter of Wang Ze have already attacked from two directions.

Looking back, Sun Xiang’s battle mage Ling Fengwu, as always, madly sent himself up like a bullet. The other priest, the station is not even in order to respond to the team’s response, which is clearly an attack-type station, is prepared to add to your own attacks.

“Zhong Ji!” The two suddenly woke up.

They thought that the players of Jiashi did not notice the two people’s calculations. Now they know that the other party has already known that they will play such an abacus, and this intentionally arranged such a cover to give them a drill.

Where are the discarded socks? The two did not know at all.

Want to grab socks from Shen Jian’s boxer? Now it can become a delusion. Now they still think about whether they can get out of the encirclement of the Jiashi professional team.

The answer seems to be no…

With five pairs of two, the perfect trap, fully surrounded, in this case, if you can’t destroy two players who have no professional game experience, Jiashi will also be called the high-level team of the professional circle.

“Don’t come to trouble again.” Xiao Shiqin’s words used in the tone of advice, listening to the ears of the two, but even more felt that this was a warning, and then, the two had been sent to the nearest resurrection point.

The two sisters are depressed!

Just surrounded by Jiashi, it was really that they had no temper. The level of the professional team, they are really taught. However, because of the existence of this professional team, their future will be overshadowed. With two pairs of socks in two consecutive rounds, their achievements will be terrible today. If they are regarded as short-lived by the major teams, everything they expect will be lost!

“How to do?”

“At least not let them be better!”

I know that the two sisters who want to get good grades in this round have already had the mind to completely mix the situation.

So Ye Xiu’s mechanic, Enoch, received a message from someone who didn’t bow: “Join it!”


“Joining against Jiashi, four to five.” Who does not bow down.

“And then?” Ye Xiu asked.

“First grab their socks and then say.” Who doesn’t bow back.

“Haha, I appreciate you, ‘say again’.”

“First join forces to fight this biggest threat!” Who said, don’t bow.

“Okay, do you know where they are?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Just left at coordinates 124, 45.” Whoever does not bow down to send intelligence.

“Hey, their current goal is only our team, so we can find a place to arrange it carefully, and then wait for the rabbit.” Ye Xiu said.


“This way, to 186, 151 this brings.”

“See you later.” Who doesn’t bow back.

Coordinates around 186, 151, who did not bow, did not dare to return to the hand, and I saw the mechanics who arrived in the first step and the flowing rain, did not do any concealment, so brazenly in the east and other looks . When I saw the two coming over, the two characters turned around and greeted them.

“Are you going to set up a volt here?” Who wouldn’t look down at the terrain of this area, it was covered in ruins under the snow, and couldn’t tell what it was. But if you sweep the snow, you can see a lot of burnt black marks, which seems to have been buried by the sea of ​​fire, but now it is covered by snow.

“Our four-person combination, with three gun systems, is a bunker, and it is suitable for long distances. But we can’t use it with Jiashi because we don’t have treatment, so we have to find ways to disperse them and quickly break them one by one. The terrain here is also suitable for doing this.” Ye Xiu said.

“Well…” Who doesn’t look down at Ye Xiu’s head and says that he can’t pick anything wrong.

“From what you revealed before, let us analyze their whereabouts. Their pursuit goal is me, so we will set one for us first. They know, of course, we picked up their socks. From there, we may have a path of action…”

Ye Xiuyan talked and analyzed it. There were a lot of coordinates and analysis in the meantime. Hearing who didn’t bow his head, he dared to go back to all kinds of stunned.

“So basically I think that they may come from this direction from the south of the south, and pass through this area.” After the analysis of Ye Xiong, he finally got a conclusion.

“Who are you in the end?” Whoever did not bow his head, dared to return to his hand and was shocked.

“A master.” Ye Xiu calmly answered.


“The following we arrange the initial ambush position, and some possible changes in the battle. I know that the cooperation between the two of you is quite familiar, but remember, now we are four people, so all the cooperation To think about it from the perspective of four people, maybe you can’t reverse the habit of growing up at a time, but still try to overcome it. When necessary, I will remind one or two.” Ye Xiu said.


After a while, the tactical explanation is not too deep, but it can be seen that the use of the terrain here is quite sufficient. Later, the people have also been distributed according to the initial ambush station. The buzzing rain of the buns came though it was a melee career, but it was not at the forefront, but was buried in the deepest part of the region. The inseparable ones who are not in the head and who dare to return to this hand have been broken up by Ye Xiu. Do not dare to ambush and rely on the inside, but the top is the first, but Ye Xiu’s Enoch and who don’t bow .

Several people lurked in their respective positions, waiting for the arrival of the Jiashi players. Who does not turn his head and turn his perspective, seeing one side of Enoch can not help playing with the automatic pistol in his hand, knowing that this is the other side is doing some repetitive operations.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

Time has passed for a long time, even in the process of the two socks change event, of course, is the torn between the ordinary player team, but the Jiashi team still did not show up.

“I said…” Whoever didn’t look down and saw Eno actually kept playing and repeating the operation without hesitation, and couldn’t help but speak.


“You are not afraid that we are actually cheating to meet you, and then take the opportunity to grab your socks?” Who does not bow down.

“Not afraid.” Ye Xiu said.

“So believe in us?” Who does not bow down.

“Not believe.” Ye Xiu said, “I am not afraid.”

Whoever does not bow down, then reacted, the meaning of this goods is: he has the confidence to beat them, so they are not afraid of their fraud.

At this moment, whoever does not bow down really wants to shoot out the gun and collapse this person.

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