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Chapter 913 Chasing or not chasing

The ninth and thirteenth chapter chasing or not chasing

Without the blockade of Shen Jian, the role of Ye Xiu and his two men escaped particularly smoothly. (“”) But at this time they have been completely exposed to the vision of the Jiashi team. Escape is at large, but it is not so easy to escape. The role of Xiao Shiqin’s three people followed, and at the same time, Sun Xiang, informed him of the direction to see if he could intercept.

The whole figure is 20 pairs of socks. At present, Ye Xiu and Baozi two plundered 11 pairs. At once, they became the top of the list. Such a big ups and downs, other players even enjoyed watching.

Of course, anyway, there is no burden for everyone now, so if you really want to meet these people with socks, it is definitely a test of how strong you are.

Ye Xiu and the two characters of the buns run in front, and Xiao Shiqin and other three characters chase after. This road rushed down and the players along the way also hit a lot.

When players look at these characters, they all have teams with socks on the list. Where do they run in front of them or chase after them?

So there are also attacks on Ye Xiu and Buns. There are also people who play Jiashi. However, the average player’s ability is not enough to cause any threat to the two sides, but the two sides will not stop to compete with the ordinary players, so gradually, the roles of Ye Xiu and Bao Bao continue to run, Xiao Shiqin The characters continue to chase, just behind them, but they are gradually hoisting more and more players. All encountered on this road, did not stop but did not give up, and then catch up.

However, the average player does not have the professional level of controlling endurance, which runs long and gradually falls behind. However, when I meet other people all the way, there is always something to make up. This situation has lasted for five minutes.

The route that Ye Xiu and Bao Bao are running is really erratic. Otherwise, Xiao Shiqin will leave people to pre-judgment. However, the two methods of running are completely arbitrary. I am afraid that even they themselves do not know where they are going to go next. How do people make judgments?

Unable to make a pre-judgment, which led Xiao Shiqin to only give Sun Xiang and Shen Jian, who were not present, the instantaneous coordinates. The instantaneous coordinates could not change, and there was no rule to follow. Sun Xiang and Shen Jian wanted to find it naturally and became troublesome. It eventually fell into a group that was chased from two other different directions. (“”)

Xiao Shiqin, although they can’t make a pre-judgment, it is so casual to run fast. Ordinary players may not be able to control their endurance well, but professional players will not be better than anyone who has the same basic skills. So Ye Xiu and the two of them couldn’t get rid of Xiao Shiqin, and they had a strange scene of running for five minutes. Until a system message was issued, the 20th pair of socks was picked up at this time.

The 20th pair of socks didn’t know where it was refreshed, so it was never discovered. At this time, after being picked up, the whole figure 20 pairs of socks have already had the main, and the system immediately started the countdown of 120 seconds.

According to their consistent approach, if they are not satisfied with the countdown, they will first drop a pair of socks to slow down the time. However, at this moment, Xiao Shiqin’s heart suddenly screamed.

Losing the socks, no one will stop them, but the problem is that at this time they are hanging players from other teams. They lost their forefoot and their feet will be picked up. They won’t win any time. As for the fact that he lost himself and picked it up, this seemingly exploitable rule loophole was intentionally filled, and the system did not.

“This is also the plot of Ye Qiu!” Xiao Shiqin is also a little annoyed. It’s no wonder that the other side is running with such a lack of technical content. It seems that they are quite satisfied with the results of getting 11 pairs of socks. I agree to end this round of activities. But they agreed that Jiashi could not agree here! 2 minutes, catch up with these two guys?

Don’t say if you can catch up, you can catch up, can not end the battle in 2 minutes Xiao Shiqin is not sure.

“I will find a pair of socks first.” Teammate Zhang Jiaxing also understood their current dilemma.

“It seems that it can only be so. (“”)” Xiao Shiqin said.

“Well, I will go first.” Zhang Jiaxing said, his pastor immediately separated from the two and ran to the other side.

The players who hung behind them saw that the target soldiers they had been chasing were split in two ways. Which side is this socks on? Seeing that the ran away is a pastor, single-handedly, it should not be used to protect the socks, but what if it is the anti-conventional trap?

This kind of problem, a tangled up is a circle, not finished. The road is still running, there is no time to think about it, one is a non-judgment question, so some people choose yes, some people choose non-, so the players are also divided into two ways.

When chasing Xiao Shiqin, they have been able to keep up with the ordinary players. A large part of the reason is that the lead-leading Ye Xiu is so overwhelming, so if there is no endurance, the average player can stare. Up. Zhang Jiaxing’s current goal is to find no one to lose socks. Of course, it will not be so bright and straightforward, causing several players to sneak into the air. After a planned run, the players soon found that they regretted losing.

After Zhang Jiaxing got rid of the players, the next step is to find a slightly offside place to throw a sock. It can’t be thrown away and it will be found soon. It will be meaningless to win the time.

Zhang Jiaxing has not thrown this sock, but Xiao Shiqin suddenly found strange things.

The Ye Qiu duo group, which has been running very vulgarly all the time, seems to suddenly change its strategy.

“Good-eyed!” Xiao Shiqin reminded Wang Ze who was still with him. The result was such a reminder that he suddenly found out that the situation was wrong!

The original five-member team of Jiashi, so many tossed, at this stage directly and Ye Qiu two people called, is not just him and Wang Ze two people?

“Wait, the situation is not right!” Xiao Shiqin thought of this, and quickly called Wang Ze.

“How?” Wang Ze’s rifle has always been a flying gun. The rhythm is very important. He is still perfect. He suddenly called Xiao Shiqin and shouted, and his heart stopped quite regretfully.

“Not quite right.” Xiao Shiqin said.

“Where is it wrong?” Wang Ze said.

“If you continue to chase, I am afraid there will be trouble.” Xiao Shiqin is quite confident in his judgment. With Ye Qiu’s courage, will you be afraid of being two enemies with them?

Instantly killing Shen Jian, it can be seen that Ye Xiu has a great psychological and technical advantage in facing the players of Jiashi. It seems to be two people on their own side, maybe in Ye Qiu’s eyes, just 1.5 people? Or 1.2 people?

“If you don’t chase, we will be caught up.” Wang Ze looked at the front, and Ye Qiu’s two groups gradually drifted away, and then look behind them, the teams of players gradually approached.

Xiao Shiqin was reminded by him, and he turned his back and looked at it. He suddenly had a headache.

In their eyes, there is the former Ye Qiu duo group, but in the eyes of these players, the target is probably only him and Wang Ze. At this time chasing, may have drilled the circle set by Ye Qiu, do not chase, you have to find a way to get rid of these people’s entanglement, although the pressure is not big, but always also point to time, in the process, Ye Qiu will have nothing more means? Even if there is no design, this time is enough for him to run away.

The more difficult this choice is, the faster the decision will be. Xiao Shiqin is also a deep-cut finishing. After a quick calculation, he finally has a bite: “Continue to chase!”

People with courage, not only Ye Qiu. Xiao Shiqin led the Thunder, a team with a level of strength, but he was able to make it to the playoffs repeatedly. The journey was never stable. Which of their achievements did not all come from risk? And every time the pressure is given to the risk indication, it is not Xiao Shiqin.

In contrast, just a round of activities, what is it?

Xiao Shiqin is determined, and there is no hesitation in his mind. The mechanics of the same gunners can also use the skills of flying guns, but now know that Ye Qiu can have a problem. The way the flying gun can’t focus on the square is a bit unscrupulous. Xiao Shiqin begins to squat. Legs run wild. However, Wang Ze is still a flying gun, and Xiao Shiqin is just one after the other, looking at the overall situation.

“Turn! Avoid the perspective.”

The front leaves of the autumn group of two people temporarily disappeared in the eyes of everyone, this is a common way to get rid of the tracking, but the two previously used very little. If you know that they will be like this, then when Xiao Shiqin pays attention to the terrain, he can naturally make some predictions. At this point, the judgment still needs to be judged, but more importantly, you have to be wary.

The two professional players, the consciousness is quite in place, chasing this turn is not a little defense. The two characters together with the gun, Wang Ze’s sharpshooter first opened the road, flew out, no matter whether you saw the target or not, the first time was a random shot, the mechanic behind the cover, but this is a spiral flying wing directly to the sky, and the sharpshooter to do Fit up and down. The result rushed out and saw that the other party had no ambush and was rushing! This is also the convenience of using such a terrain to get out of the way. Those who escape, whether or not there is an ambush, you can’t help you. When you prevent it once, you will delay a little time and prevent it from happening. It is possible to find that the object of prevention has already been made.

Xiao Shiqin will not be so rigid. At this time, the terrain here, they have come here. The tactical masters are extremely sensitive to the terrain. They are fast, and Xiao Shiqin’s mind has already outlined some possible choices for the other party. So he quickly sends the message out on the team channel. Others can support it faster. Wang Dao. There are 5 to 2 possibilities, but also to 2 to 2, which is never the battle philosophy of Xiao Shiqin. If you are obsessed with this kind of equality, the thunder of the midstream will never have such an achievement.

“Received!” In the team channel, Sun Xiang, Shen Jian and even Zhang Jiaxing who went to throw socks gave a reply.

Xiao Shiqin’s heart was just a little bit solid. Suddenly, two figures appeared on the right side. The people did not finish, the guns first rang, did not say hello, and directly attacked.

Who does not bow.

Do not dare to return!


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