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Chapter 905 It’s easier

In the battle of five to two, the five-in-one team was eventually doubled. The odd-free window qi socks are in the hands of the five teams. This key problem suddenly lost its meaning in the ending of this group.

“First come in, this style I like o Ah!” Ye Xiu praised.

The activity continues.

The second pair, the third pair, the fourth pair… The socks are constantly picked up by the players, and the battles become frequent because more and more people pick up the socks. In the continuous system prompts, it is undoubtedly the most dazzling name to return to the hand and who does not bow down. The system constantly informs the two characters to pick up the information of the socks. In comparison, the results of Jun Moxiao and Baozi invading the double-entry group on the team list are a bit more impressive than the second group. So far, the score of the second team has been zero.

But who in the picture will care about the results of the two teams? Who is better? What they care more about is whether they can still get double socks.

The snowy hills in the northwest corner, a new pair of socks. A small team happened to pass by, and they were going to pick it up in surprise. As a result, they saw the guns of the two sharpshooters squirting gunfire, and they continued to fly, as if they were sliding on the snow, and they had already arrived in front of them.

The battle has not yet come in and the socks have been picked up. However, the five-in-flight team’s interest in combat is obviously not big, they just want to get the socks first. But the idea of ​​not daring to return and who is not bowing is clear and clear. The two-in-one has never attempted to pick up socks, but only attacked the team.

The two guns combined and the bullets flew. This five-in-one team is unfortunately not a gunman’s role, the team’s five-input attack speed is not as good as the two sharpshooters. Was forced to go back and who did not bow down to keep a good distance and spread the mad attack.

The five-in-one team finally picked up the socks, but what about this? If you can’t solve your opponent, the socks will eventually fall back to the ground.

The final outcome is such a tragedy. The team that picked up the socks began to concentrate on the two attacks. As a result, they were attacked by the second position of the station. They did not know which side to play first. The two entrances were extremely skilled in suppressing, turning fire, and concentrated outbreaks. They cleaned up the opponents one by one, and finally took the socks from the explosion and changed direction, leaving them safely.

“really not bad.”

As soon as the two characters left, a character jumped out of a small snow pit.

Ye Xiu turned the view of Jun Moxiao and scanned the battlefield where the battle took place. It seemed to be a battle. However, he quickly chased after he dared to return to the second place.

At this time, the buns are also in the same snow pit, but this time his perspective is no longer just a lock, but often rotates around 360 degrees, paying attention to whether or not there is close.


In a certain direction, a team of players came to look forward to this side, the buns stared, staring, watching the team players did not change direction, suddenly jumped from the snow pit, rolling forward, followed by turning and running .

At the same time, the system message: the buns invade a pair of socks.

Don’t enter the unintentional comparison between the two second-input teams who got more socks, but the two teams entered themselves, but they still care about it.

Seeing this system news, I dare to go back and subconsciously open the list to see a single look, after the completion is a sneer.

“Just a pair.” Mo dare back and smiled.

“Oh, the socks are all here, they think more.” Who said not to bow.

“I really expect them to come to the door.” Mo dare said back.

“At least they have a pair of socks in their hands.” Whoever does not bow down is not scornful.

After two smiles, I continued to fly in the snow, looking for socks or a team with socks. I didn’t notice it. From a position far away from them, there was always a figure following them, hidden in the snow. .

Do not dare to return and the number of socks that do not bow down continues to accumulate. They have completely become the target of the whole picture. However, the second into the sharpshooter occupation, the attack distance is far, the mobility is also strong, in most of the time can occupy the battle first, but it does not appear too passive.

In the past, when the second pair picked up 15 pairs of socks, the whole figure of the socks may have been picked up, and then entered the countdown of 120 seconds. In this 2 minute time, there are so many socks in the general team, I am sure that I will soon finish, but this is not a big deal. It is because of this countdown that they have repeatedly failed to reach the goal of snatching socks in 2 minutes, so at least they have not yet achieved a Grand Slam.

However, this time, when the two breaks once again broke through the 15 pairs of socks, there is still a pair of socks that are not picked up.

This unprecedented situation has made both entrances a little excited. If you can continue to maintain this state, then you have a chance to get a Grand Slam. At this time, the two entrances completely forgot to compare with another two-in-one team, but actively searched for targets everywhere.

Full picture socks 20 pairs, did not pick 1 pair, Mo dare back to the team has socks double; full picture socks 20 pairs, did not pick 1 pair, Mo dare back to the team has socks 17 pairs; … two into a new pick to a pair After the socks, the more excited and nervous.

The last pair of socks, don’t be picked up so quickly! Both entered silently.

18 pairs, the last two pairs left! One of the pairs was not picked up, in addition to a pair, the two did not need to check the list, but also know where: Jun Mo laughed and the buns invaded the second team.

“You said they will let us find it?” Mo dare said back. As the target of the map, the two of them have already faced all the teams in this round of activities, but they lacked the competitors they had most valued. As a result, the number of these two views has been seen several times, but now there is still only one pair of socks, which is obviously exploding. Was exploded, and did not dare to come to them to grab socks, Jun Moxiao and the buns invasion has been despised more and more.

Others in the absence of socks, dare to ignore the gap between the strengths of a win, anyway, no loss of death; but the second is not dare, and then dare to return and who do not look down, it is of course the other side Face, I am afraid that I will not be able to hang on the back of the two.

“Great God! If you really want to hide, I think the trick may not be able to find it!” Who did not bow his head.

“Oh, let’s see if they dare to come!” Mo dare said back, actually gave Jun Moxiao a message, bluntly said their second position.

“So polite o? Also take the initiative to call us over?”

Did not receive a reply to the message, but heard the speech, two surprises, the role of the two points of the jump, has been the direction of the source of the sound, the two-in-one hearing is quite accurate.

“I shouldn’t welcome me very much!” Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao, who was turning out from a small snow bag on the side, held an umbrella in his hand, standing in the snow but it was not the style of other characters. It’s just that equipment, it’s a bit disgusting. The second impression was to see Jun Moxiao, the first impression is the same. If there is a windbreaker… Both are thinking, yes, the sharpshooter players generally have this aesthetic: the windbreaker is the most beautiful, the windbreaker is the most handsome, the windbreaker is the most elegant, the sharpshooter who does not wear the windbreaker is not a good sharpshooter, do not know how to appreciate the windbreaker. The player must be a rookie.

However, after looking at the equipment that Jun Mo laughed, the thinking of the second entry finally returned to the topic.

“You have been here next to you?” Mo dare said back. His message just sent out, and when he arrived, there was such a clever thing. Obviously, this is right next to this, always paying attention to them. Is this… ready to attack? In this way, Jun Mo laughs does not seem as courageous as they think.

“Yeah! I have been there all the time, but I have never been so close, so I know now that both of them are girls.” Ye Xiu said.

Although he had followed before, but he was far away, he could not hear the second. Until this time, at the last moment, his Jun Moxiao was completely posted, and he only heard the two-in-one dialogue. He also bowed. The two selected the role of the gunman, and the name also rose quite aggressively. Zhong Yiming’s double-gun combination, listening to the sound is completely two sisters.

“You have been following us all the time!” The second is more concerned about this, and it is not a reaction to know that the second entry is a girl. Although the second entry chose a male character, the voice was not disguised, and obviously did not want to hide his gender. There are fewer male and female characters in glory, but there are still quite a lot of female characters. Girls sometimes choose male characters because they like a certain look or shape.

“Ye o!” said Ye Xiu.

“what do you want?”

“This is still asking, of course, is to grab socks.” Ye Xiu said.

“Despicable o Ah!” I can’t understand if I get into this. This is simply to let them sweep the whole picture first, but then plunder the socks directly from them.

“It is much simpler to deal with two entries than to deal with forty-eight entries.” Ye Xiuxiao.

“Is it by you?” The second entry also began to sneer.

“Of course not, I also have a teammate, buns!” Ye Xiu called.

“Come on!” The buns’ response was outside the game, but where did the second entry in the game know, heard such a real scream, and quickly slammed the defense, the result was that the buns invaded, but received a system announcement. : The buns invade a pair of socks.

The last pair of socks was also picked up and the 120 second countdown began.

“You want to beat us in two minutes!” The second entry has a feeling of being despised.

“More heart o!” Ye Xiu said, followed by Jun Mo smiled, a pair of socks were thrown to the ground, the countdown disappeared, and the unsold socks became one more.

“Don’t pick it first, so everyone has more time.” Ye Xiu said.

I don’t know what to say.

“Bun speed! Entering home is waiting!” Two entrances will hear Ye Xiu shouting again.

(To be continued)

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