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Chapter 88 Glory League

Chapter 88—Glory League

The last two of Ye Xiu and Tang Rou went to sleep after lunch. One was to go to sleep after changing the shift at 3 pm, and no one was seen at dinner time. Chen Guodi and other staff members together wiped out the dinner. I didn’t want to leave the two for dinner, but I still had a soft heart when I was half eaten. Finally, I left the two people with food.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Ye Xiu Machinery, who had been sleeping for eight hours, generally woke up. After a cigarette, he washed out of the house and went downstairs.

The Internet cafe on the first floor turned out to be black and black, and it was similar to the last time Ye Qi retired. Ye Xiuyi, remembering the practice of broadcasting the glory professional league game in Xingxin Internet Cafe, it is the day of the 20th round of the league.

Going down to the lobby on the first floor, it is not a problem. The projection screen that was suspended when the program was last released has already been opened. At this time, it has been placed on the e-sports channel. The game has not yet officially started, but many people have already grabbed the position and played with their own computer while waiting for the game to officially begin.

Ye Xiu went to the front desk and asked the young girl at the front desk: “Which turn?”

The young girl at the front desk is obviously also a family that does not care about glory. At this time, she is still watching her Korean drama, but she is mixed in the Internet cafes. She knows it: “Kashishi’s!”

Ye Xiu nodded and understood.

In the Glory Professional League, a total of 20 clubs, 20 teams captured each other in a round, and 10 events were held simultaneously. TV channels are limited, generally select key events for broadcast, but as an online game, the real dependence is on the network platform. In the 10 games on the network, broadcasts will be broadcast at the same time. The audience can freely choose any one they care about. Look at the showdown.

Xingxin Internet Cafe and Jiashi Club are the same city. Most of the glory powder here is to support the city’s team. Most of the projection screens in Xingxin Internet Cafe are based on the competition of the Jiashi team.

Now that Ye Qiu has retired, the supporters are sad, but they do not know that their support for the club will not change. The introduction of the new master Sun Xiang is what they are looking forward to, and hopes that Jiashi can sweep the trend before this season. The penultimate ranking is farther away from the playoffs, but after all, the league is only halfway through, and everyone is still looking forward to some miracles.

The game started at 8:30, and there were more than ten minutes. After Chen Guo had arranged everything, he came over and saw Ye Xiu on the side of the front desk.

“Boss.” Ye Xiu quickly said hello.

“Give you a meal.” Chen Guo said.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu was busy looking for food to eat.

“Transfer to Jiashi’s game?” Ye Xiubian eats and talks with Chen Guo.

“Yeah.” Chen Guo nodded.

“Which opponent is coming?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Three zero one.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu nodded. For the major teams, he certainly knew more than Chen Guo. The 301 is the abbreviation of the 301st team. It belongs to the 301 club. It is also a veteran team in glory. It has been in the middle and has achieved stable results. Although there is no such strong account role in the team, the six main account roles are balanced. Captain Yang Cong controlled the Assassin’s landscape killing in the six roles, and possessed the Yinwu double sword: 缭影乱武. The technology is old and hot, and it is also a very difficult opponent.

In the first half of the league, Jiashi has basically fallen into the spotlight, but now there are new masters injecting it, and it is clear that it is to rise again. This Sun Xiang joined the first battle, but the TV channel has chosen live.

At half past eight, the game started on time, and Ye Xiu had already wiped out the dinner in the wind. The atmosphere in the Internet cafe was warm, and everyone discussed the attitude of this game with great arrogance. Ye Xiu looked at Chen Guo on the side. At this time, he also showed excitement and anomalies.

The twentieth round of the 7th Glory Professional League competition, 301 vs. Jiashi!

On the broadcast, the subtitles were also vigorously played. The commentator screamed and screamed to drive the atmosphere, and introduced the commentator today: Li Yibo.

Li Yibo… Ye Xiu also used the explanation to explain this introduction. There are few people in this circle who don’t know him or not. Li Yibo used to be a professional player, but retired as early as four years ago. This person’s skill level is also excellent in the professional circle, and it is very good for people to drill. When I was a professional player, I established a good relationship with the media. After I retired, I immediately turned to be a professional commentator. I have been in this business for four years.

At this time, Li Yibo, sitting in front of the camera, talked about the style and commented on the two teams. Jiashi, which has undergone major changes in the near future, is of course the focus of the review. For Ye Qiu’s memory, of course, can not help but say. Li Yibo reminisced about a story he and Ye Qiu’s story, and he heard that Ye Xiu’s eyes were stunned: “Your sister, have you said ten sentences with Laozi, edit! Then edit!”

Li Yibo’s enthusiasm is really compiled. At first glance, it is a prepared manuscript. Then the commentator tweeted a few words, which officially cut into the game screen.

Trinity vs. Jiashi, the first game of the individual game, the introduction of the personnel.

At 301, the player Gao Jie. Character: Star Sword.

There is a scream in the Internet cafe, and there are direct curses. For loyalty, any opponent is an enemy, and it is the most enjoyable.

Then Jiashi, the player Su Mu Orange. Role: Mu Yu Orange Wind.

“Oh oh oh, Su Mu Orange!!!!!”

Ye Xiu has not come here yet, and he was almost stunned from the bench by a tsunami-like scream in the Internet cafe, especially the scream of Chen Guo around him, too unforgettable.

“The reaction is very fierce…” Ye Xiu screamed haha, Su Mu Orange’s popularity he never doubted, but this scene still scared him.

“Of course!! The first female master!” Chen Guo is very proud to say that this is her first idol.

“The first female master? Who said?” Ye Xiu strange.

“Not all say this.” Chen Guo said.

“That’s just hype!” said Ye Xiu.

“Or who is that?” Chen Guo asked.

“On the technical level, the strongest female player should be Chu Yunxiu.” Ye Xiu said.

“Chu Yunxiu of the smoke and rain team?” Chen Guo asked.


Chen Guo thought about it. As a result, the game has already started, and the mind immediately flew, and “Oh oh, Su Mu Orange” screamed, cheering on the idol, as if Su Mu Orange could hear her voice.

Brain residue powder, this is one! ! ! Ye Xiu marveled, this is to ask Su Mu Orange to come to the Internet cafe to play, this lady must not be excited to directly burn the Internet cafe to celebrate?

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