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Chapter 879 team cooperation

Chapter VIII Chapter Teamwork

The micro-grass team actually has a sister Liu Fei, but they are all old acquaintances. Xiao Yun has no interest in communication. (“” Net 7* and then look at Xingxin, there is another sister: Yanxia.

However, Xiao Yun’s role is the battle mage. Chen Guo’s haze is a gunner. At the time of the war, the two characters stood at a hundred thousand miles. Xiao Yun let his character go to the priest like a small hand and cold, and it is already a bit of a sneak peek. Then he went to the occupation where the gunner was the farthest attacker. It really became a sightseeing trip. Although the new version of the new version is not as serious as the training, but even the team leader Wang Jiexi is trying to output, Xiao Yun really does not dare to relax, and finally can only hope that the girl is sighing, rushing back to the strange heap, or the goal Locked in the cold smoke and soft, I want to see if there is still a chance.

As a result, Tang Rou fought fiercely and looked at Xiao Yun. If I had known that this was indeed a sister, Xiao Yun now has to doubt whether this is a dead man.

Like other WeChat players, after witnessing the fighting power of Han Yanrou, everyone is amazed at the speed of this progress. Now that the two sides are pk again, no one will have the previous grasp of victory.

“The progress is very fast, and it is very talented!” Wang Jiexi had already played Tang Rou’s idea very early, but he was rejected. Now I see that Tang Rou is so level, and it is also awkward.

“Great!” Ye Xiu on the side heard his emotions and smiled.

“It’s very prominent.” Wang Jiexi admits this, even if it is mixed with the professional players in their micro-grass, the cold and fierce bravery is very eye-catching.

“What about other people, how is it observed?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“The warlock and the gunner, the skills are very skilled, are veterans! I heard that the warlock is the captain before the blue rain?” Wang Jiexi said.


“The gunman called Xiaogun, how do I feel like the name I have seen on the court?” asked Wang Jiexi. 《》网.com

“The former Promise team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is the professional team that you eliminated in the challenge?” Wang Jiexi said.

“Do you read the newspaper?” Ye Xiuwen

“Qiao Yifan is also very good at adapting to the profession of ghosts.” Wang Jiexi said.

“This is probably the best career for him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Maybe it!” Wang Jiexi replied.

In addition to the above-mentioned people, Xingxin has buns invading, glaring, ruining, cold hands and haze, and Wang Jiexi has not commented for a while, apparently still in further observation.

In fact, Ye Xiu is very clear, this guy is not really playing for this group, the reason for the majority, probably also want to see what the Xingxin team has now. Perhaps many people will think that this season’s challenge will be the resurrection of Jiashi, but the idea of ​​Wang Jiexi is often unique, just like the magician style he used to be. Although he changed his fighting style in order to fit the team, his temperament will not change.

In the case that everyone thinks that Jiashi is resurrected, it is better to be optimistic about a super big upset. It is normal for this to happen to Wang Jiexi.

Ye Xiu knows that he is also engaged in investigations. Wang Jiexi also knows that Ye Xiu must have seen it, and he does not evade it. Ye Xiuwen, he will comment. The four mentioned above, the strength is more prominent in the Xingxin team, even if it appears in the professional arena, it will not make people feel too surprised.

As for the other few…

Wang Jiexi was watching while fighting. When he was about to say a few more words, he turned around and left, and Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laughed and went to the other side to fight. He was not next to him.

Soon, the team advanced to the No. 1 boss of the Rebel Pioneer Battalion, in front of the sharp knife team leader Leo. (“”net 7* before this road to promote the cleaning of the mobs, is also the pioneer soldiers of the sharp knife team.

“Mt open the blame, the treatment is good for blood, others are ready to export.” Ye Xiu said.

In the new stage, the words spoken by the conductor are still the same. However, people who listen carefully can still find out that compared with the previous mobs, “other people’s output” has become “other people are ready to export”, with two more words, the meaning is different. So this time when Xu Bin’s knights rushed alone, the others stood up, but they did not rush to fight.

But after all, they are all masters. Although they are facing bosses, no one is nervous. They are still chatting. The sharp knife captain Leo, for a time is simply the Cavaliers of the micro-grass team and the treatment of two people in the fight. After playing for a few minutes, I still don’t see Ye Xiu’s instructions. Both of them feel that it’s enough to be familiar with the boss for a few minutes. Pastor Yuan Baiqing couldn’t help but cried: “Can you start playing?”

I didn’t see Ye Xiu’s response. It sounded like Chen Guo’s awkward voice: “He went to the bathroom…”

“Rely!” Yuan Baiqing said with anger and anger, but the speech between the leaves has been answered, and immediately said: “How is it?”

“You can open the blame!” Yuan Baiqing called.

“Is there anyone still going to the bathroom?” Ye Xiu asked.


“I am going!” Yuan Baiqing angered.

“I rely on you to release me!” Xu Bin cried in horror, thinking that you should vent your anger and don’t take me out! The buddies have been working hard like you!

“No, we will open the blame.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you see the boss?” Yuan Baiqing doubted.

“Of course, I saw the bathroom that I went to see.” Ye Xiu said.

“…” Yuan Baiqing did not know what to say, and there was no delay in the affairs of the people and the toilet.

“All on the top, how do I feel that I don’t need to say anything, this boss has nothing to be surprised about.” Ye Xiu said.

Those who have watched the boss carefully have agreed, so no one will say anything, and they will go out and output.

“Attention to the melee career, give other people, give the remote to the output space!” Ye Xiu still reminded. In fact, most of the professional players in the team battle have been used to five people side by side. Now when 20 people are together, when they are attacking a target, the position is not particular, and many people will have no room for attack. This point has to pay more attention to the 100-member group. In order to honor the current player size, the reason why the copy of 100 people is the upper limit is mostly for this reason. The setting of glory does not allow the characters to overlap, and hundreds of people fight side by side. When facing individual targets, they do not pay attention to the rhythm and coordination. It is likely that a small number of people will play, and many people will watch the situation. Then they will continue to clean up.

So the more copies there are, the higher the difficulty is also the reason. The more people, the harder it is to maximize the ability of everyone, which leads to insufficient combat effectiveness. It is not so easy to capture a copy.

The team of 10 people, far and near, this problem is not too obvious, but to the team of 20 people, this problem is somewhat highlighted. In particular, they have a particularly low level of treatment and a lot of output.

However, the people in this team are all spiritual masters, and they are much better than ordinary players. When Ye Xiu’s words came out, everyone on the field began to pay attention. Without the use of Ye Xiu’s arrangement, the people of the micro-grass team immediately became a set of fighting systems that cooperated with each other.

At this time, the significant gap between Xingxin and Weicao was also highlighted. Xingxin’s side is not doing very well in this respect. Especially now, the space is not the one left to them. After being occupied by the micro-grass, the connection of their side is even more confusing. Ye Xiu’s words finally said that he had more to say, but he was basically dispatching people on the side of Xingxin. On the other side of the grass, he did not need to worry about it.

In this case, the devastating and incompetent one suddenly became the most conspicuous.

Mo Fan did not know what the team was doing, and occasionally it seemed to be something to cooperate with. In fact, it was only Mo Fan who discovered an empty space that he could attack, so he ran into the ruin of his operation. The current place is not free when you can go up, many times the space is reserved for special purposes, and Mo Fan does not understand this, Ye Xiu command is still not to point to him, so this guy’s performance looks special It was like a deliberate disorder, and soon it was angered.

The players of the micro-grass team have not started yet, just thinking that the command will soon correct this guy. As a result, Ye Xiu had the cooperation of other people in Xingxin, and this ruinous appearance seemed to have been forgotten by him. He never ignored it.

As a result, the ruined people rushed into the space once again, and when the attack system of the micro-grass team could not work, the champions of the champion team broke out.

“You guy, what the hell!” The savvy swordsman Liang Fang of the micro grass side, the temperament is more irritating. Again and again, the ruined people repeatedly ruined the rhythm, and the first broke out.

“Yeah, always grab our air when you are going to do this?” Xiao Yun also said. These occupations that require melee are tossed by the ruined people, and the impact is more obvious.

“Even my shooting angle will sometimes be covered,” said sharpshooter Li Ji. The devastating effects are indeed far-reaching. And this is still only the advice on the grass, Xing Xin has not said anything yet! Mo Fan, this is the rush to take the air, of course, is free to grab, where is still the micro grass or Xingxin!

“Command, did you miss the individual?” Pastor Yuan Baiqing also spoke. Although he will not be directly affected by this vacancy. However, being robbed of the air directly disturbed the rhythm of their cooperation. The high level of treatment, like an accompaniment, is played in conjunction with the team’s fighting rhythm. As a result, the rhythm of the whole team is chaotic, and the treatment is also very easy to get rid of the rules and become very busy.

After repeated accusations, Mo Fan suddenly became helpless. If you play like this, is there something wrong?


First, it’s late!

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