The King’s Avatar

Chapter 87 I don’t sleep anymore.

Chapter 87 does not sleep.

After Chen Guofei quickly cleaned up, the wind appeared in the Internet cafe. In the greetings of the staff “Boss Mother’s Morning”, Tang Rou was seen in the corner of the smoke-free area, and the look was the same as when Chen Guo went to sleep at night. Focus, no tiredness. I ran to the corner of the smoking area and saw that Ye Xiu was smoking cigarettes in the clouds, and the blue smoke was running in the blue eye.

Early in the morning! When the Internet cafes are the most deserted in the day, there are fewer than the Tongyu people. The Internet cafe clearly echoes the sound of the two people operating, you look, I look, hehe.

Chen Guo did not pay attention to Ye Xiu, first killing Tang Rou.

“I still play, don’t kill you.” Chen Guo said as he approached.

No response, Tang Rou wearing headphones, only heard the sound of the game in the ear, Chen Guo around what, at this time and she is not in a world.

Chen Guo had to step forward and knocked her earphones down. Tang Rou responded.

“Get up, early!” Tang Rou turned to look at Chen Guo for half a second, turned back to the game, hehe.

“Playing crazy you.” Chen Guo helpless, she is a bit skeptical that she is right or wrong to pull Tang Rou into glory.

“Oh.” Tang Rou just laughed and said nothing.

“How many levels?” Chen Guo took a look.

“16, it is still worse than Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo Xiao 5.” Tang Rou said to open the friend bar, but after seeing Jun Mo laugh, he screamed: “Oh, he rose another level, 22 Level.”

“How come this is so hard! After playing this copy, go to sleep, rest and play again.” Chen Guo saw that Tang Rou’s cold smoke is being torn in the tomb of the novice village, and it is a single brush, who can believe this Is it a glory newcomer?

“What are you still sleeping, I should go to work.” Tang Rou said.

Chen Guoyi, indeed, today is Tangrou’s early class. It is reasonable to have to sit at the front desk.

“I will go out with a copy!” Tang Rou Chen Guo made a pleasing smile, the relationship between the two is no better, after all, there is a relationship between the boss and the employee. Tang Rou also has a job in the Internet cafe, not white and white to play.

“Stop it first! I am looking for someone to change with you.” Chen Guo said.

“You don’t have to use it.” Tang Rou chats with Chen Guo on the side, and his operation basically does not stop. This night is a strategy and a game. The low-level skills of several battle mage come and go. Tang Rou has made great progress, and it is not as completely reactive and operational as before.

“Okay!” Under Chen Guo’s gaze, Tang Rou’s cold smoke softly singled out the final boss of the tomb. Exit the game, turn off the computer, and then go to the front desk. Chen Guo was behind, and Tang Rou was already in the game when he arrived at the front desk.

“I said hello, let’s eat something too?” Chen Guo said.

“You haven’t eaten yet? Thank you!” Tang Rou smiled as if he was pleased.

“I can’t help you!” Chen Guo smiled and went out to buy breakfast. After returning to Tang Rou, she brought a copy to Ye Xiu.

“Ah! Boss, you are too polite.” Ye Xiu took the breakfast and sang. “I didn’t help you cover the quilt last night. How about sleeping well?”

“You two are crazy!” Chen Guo thought that she was living in a room for three people. As a result, she woke up in the morning and found that she only had one person.

“Oh? Xiaotang didn’t sleep?” Ye Xiu said, pulling a friend’s bar and seeing it, I saw that the smoke was still online.

“You don’t know?” Chen Guozhen, did the two people have played each other for a night without saying anything? Tang Rou was chasing the grade of this guy, and the guy didn’t even know it.

“No attention, just right, I still have something to look for her!” Ye Xiu took his breakfast and went to find Tangrou.

At this time, Tang Rou watched the Warrior’s Raiders on the computer while eating breakfast. After seeing Ye Xiu, he quickly swallowed the contents of his mouth. After wiping his mouth, he nodded and said hello.

“How many levels?” Ye Xiu asked.


“It’s pretty fast! Hurry up to level 25, there are fun things.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? What?” Tang said.

“Is there a record of the customs clearance to see the copy of the frost?” Ye Xiu asked.

“See, your record seems to have been broken!” Tang said, she is very concerned about this record, because she wanted to go beyond Ye Xiu, and I did not expect that someone had surpassed this night. There is also a team that is Ye Xiu himself. Tang Rou saw the name of Jun Moxiao in the second team on the list, and the score was higher than the original one.

“It’s not just me who broke, the highest record of the ten districts of glory has been broken.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you want to brush it back?” Tang said.

“Well, is it fun?” said Ye Xiu.

“If you brush it back, I will brush your records off, it will be more fun.” Tang Rou said.

“I have a hatred with you!” Ye Xiu can’t smile, this girl seems to be really serious and more energetic.

“Oh.” Tang Rou laughed.

“When you get to level 20, let’s go and experience this copy! I think you are too small to understand the concept of this record.” Ye Xiu said.

“I am joking, the highest record of the ten districts, must be great.” Tang Rou said.

“Oh, then hurry up and level up!” Ye Xiu sighed, and he was worried about whether the girl was too conceited.

“Good.” Tang Rou nodded.

“Is it sleeping today?” Ye Xiu asked.


“Hey you two, don’t overdo it!” Chen Guo suddenly jumped out and interrupted. After listening to it, I found that the two guys actually planned not to sleep, and used such a life?

“Reassured boss, will not delay work.” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s not the case, the Internet cafe computer is mine, not for you to play.” Chen Guo is almost crossing.

Ye Xiu sighed and knocked on the front desk: “Xiao Tang, give me a membership card.”

Tangrou sneaked, then I really got it, and muttered in my mouth: “Then I will do one too!”

Chen Guo collapsed, it is really mad! What is even more exasperating is how can this Tang Rou go with the tide? Learning is broken, learning is broken! This is only a day of glory and learning is broken.

“No matter who you are.” Chen Guo was run away.

“Cough, refueling and leveling.” Ye Xiu did not mention the membership card, and Tang Rou greeted him, and went back to his smoking area to fight.

Tangrou’s morning shift time is from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. In the morning, the Internet cafe business is relatively light, she is not very busy, and the game has come over. At noon, the flow of people was gradually increased. She was not able to take care of the front desk. The game was intermittent, but she continued to insist.

Ye Xiu’s side stopped at noon. It’s too easy to run over and see Tang Rou’s insistence on the game under such bad conditions.

“You really don’t sleep?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I work early, get off work at 3 o’clock.” Tang Rou said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu responded. “It is still necessary to pay attention to rest. Physical strength is also very influential.”

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