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Chapter 866 The last of the ambush

The eighth chapter of the six hundred and sixty-six chapter of the ambush

Following the cold eagle of the military division, Xing Xin and his entourage suffered successive ambushes. “” this kind of battle, the difficulty is not big, said that the small is not small, because the more people participating in the war, so the scene is always more chaotic, the requirements for team coordination scene is relatively large.

Of course, this kind of thing can’t help Ye Xiu, and this way is basically smooth. The ambush under the cold eagle cloth went all the way. After successively flattening the four-way ambush, this road was also entered into the end, and the cold eagle directly rushed into a courtyard at the end of the road.

When everyone looks at it, this is probably the place to finally fight. Because it is always in combat, it is impossible to have any rest. Resting like eating food needs to be done in a non-combat state. But if you run away from the game at the moment, in terms of the game’s consistent setting, it will fail if you encounter a series of things from the cold eagle, and everything will start again.

Of course, such a low-level mistake can not be committed, and ten people rushed into the courtyard together. Sure enough, the houses in the courtyard were drilled. Only this time it seems that it is not like the ambush of the cold eagle. The boss is panicking and shouting at this time. Apparently after the four-way ambush was destroyed, he was forced to a dead end. This wave, It was the assistance he called.

But this wave of aid is even worse than the previous ambush. There are as many as 12 Indian thieves drilled from the courtyard of the courtyard, more than any previous ambush.

However, all the way to clean up the ambush, Ye Xiu they are also very suitable for this size of the group battle. In the 12 Yinshan thieves, there were two treatment professions, and they were quickly locked into the main target. What is the military eagle? At this time, I no longer find another way out. After riding the broom and flying to the roof, I began to attack the people of Xingxin with the thieves.

However, this cold eagle’s actual combat ability is really a bit sorry for his boss’s identity. His threats have not been better than those thieves. However, the life of the boss is much more than the mobs. At this moment, the cold eagle is left unchecked. Everyone cleans up 12 Yinshan thieves first.

Seeing the cold eagle’s unsuccessful fighting power, everyone’s mentality is very relaxed at this time. The 12 Yinshan thieves finished cooking. It is nothing but a **** little soldier. There is really no suspense. (“”网.com)

After some melee, 12 Yinshan thieves were all killed. The attack of the people was preparing to point to the cold eagle on the roof. The result was that the military division was screaming and screaming. Everyone heard it clearly. The military officer shouted a name: the deputy owner.

Then, I saw the big room facing the main entrance of the courtyard. The eaves were pulled open. A big man with a squatting figure walked out with a lazy waist. It was actually another boss, the deputy owner.

Everyone here is amazed. Even if your military division has another wave of ambush, it is always easier than just killing a boss. The brawny man who is the deputy of the deputy, I want to know that it is definitely not the scum of the cold eagle. I have experienced five waves of battle all the way. I have not had any team to take a break from the war. At this time, I directly face two bosses. The severity of this battle can be imagined.

Ye Xiu mouse over this point, looked at the life of the bear, knowing that this time is a quick decision, so that the consumption can not keep up. Still need a slow-paced battle to fight for more combat time.

But what kind of fighting style is this man bear? Is the slow-paced war of attrition worthwhile? Look at this strong shape, I am afraid that it will not be the No. 2 boss sand leopard like the weak and strong master. If it is a combative master, the slow-paced battle must face more threats. In particular, this is still two bosses fighting side by side. The combat power of the Sand Eagle is somewhat scum, but this is only relative to the boss level. As for his long blood, it is not a minute to kill him. It’s really troublesome to have such a slick guy on the sidelines…

The appearance of a bear is really surprising. Everyone was in the courtyard, and even did not come and retreat. Let Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laugh to test the depth of the boss.

For the current situation, everyone is still only a little bit of effort in the brain, the bear has ended his sleepiness, just woke up, and then stretched out to the door, immediately smashed a mace.

Yes, the mace… does not exist in the same weapon in the 24 professional system, from which you can not ponder the combat skills of this guy. (“” Net 7 * holding such a heavy weapon to play swords, such awkward things boss did not have done it.

“Everyone will retreat first!” The old tactics were first tested by Ye Xiu.

But this time everyone is coming up in a state of combat, and they are not allowed to say back. Standing on the roof of the sand eagle, this time before sweeping the broom is always hidden in the crotch, put it on the hand, it seems that it is really ready to enter the battle state. Condescending, with a wave of his hand, he threw a lava flask down.

Ye Xiu’s eyes were fast, and Jun Mo smiled at the end of the umbrella. He slammed the gun and the lava flask was blown up in the air. The lava in the bottle spattered and fell, and it looked like a fire. Although everyone still has to avoid it, it is better to melt the yard into a sea of ​​fire than the ground of the flask.

Wu Chen is also very admired Ye Xiu’s technology at this time. He also had this awareness when the lava flask was dropped, but it was already shot when he was still aiming at the sliding sight.

Not to mention Chen Guo. When she saw the lava flask being thrown away, she quickly wanted to let her haze out of the air and ran out.

The lava flask was blown up, but the cold eagle followed and swept the broom and swept a cloud in the air. The boss shot too fast, and everyone who had a distance with him couldn’t completely interrupt it. This time, a cold rain was tossed by him. The blue drops fell with the snow, and everyone quickly evacuated from the bottom of the cloud.

“Be careful!” Ye Xiu called.

At this time, the bear finally shot, and the fangs were stunned by his hands. He jumped directly into the courtyard from the house and waved a 180-degree arc, a loud noise, a mace. Kneeling on the ground, everyone’s perspective is shaking because of the trembling of the ground. The person who happened to be in the scope of the attack and did not come and evade was already shaken on the ground.

“It’s a mountain crash!” Wei Wei called.

“It may also be a crack in the ground.” Ye Xiu said.

“Sure enough!” Wei Wei called.

“Yes!” Ye Xiu agreed. Holding the mace to make the sword, the absolute sword.

“The whirlwind!! First out of the yard!” Wei Wei followed the look of the bear, and then made a judgment. Everyone manipulated the character or ran the door or over the wall, and the birds and beasts flew out of the courtyard. Then, the bear returned to his room, and the cold eagle stood on the roof and looked at his eyes. He turned and jumped from behind the house, and he disappeared.

“Hey…” Wei Wei was a little embarrassed. Obviously, this is out of combat. The battle here is limited to being carried out in the courtyard. When this group of people rushed out of the yard, they were deemed to have left the strong fighting area and were judged to have gone out of combat, so everything was restored.

“At least there is still experience.” Wei Wei hippie smiles trying to exchange for everyone’s forgiveness. It was he who didn’t think of this for a while and made instructions to leave the yard. As a result, all of a bunch of people rushed out, and the system did not give a chance to repent, directly judged the war.

“Oh, this is not bad. When you come back again, everyone should pay more attention. The last thing we need to face is two bosses. The mana cost must be controlled.” Ye Xiu said.

The crowd nodded.

Five waves of a lot of mobs, and then facing two bosses, there is no moment in the middle of the break, this is their team, dare to continue to challenge.

“Or we will not leave these two, go directly to see if you can kill the final boss?” Wei Wei said. In some copies, the boss before the final boss is not necessarily a kill. When you grab a copy of the customs clearance record, you will definitely skip it. In front of the Yinshan thief village, it seems that this military division and Erzhai master may be able to skip, so Wei Wei has this suggestion.

“No need! Kill these two also have the first killing achievements, and finish the reward!” Ye Xiu said.

“Actually… I think, this battle is a bit difficult. This road kills the past, the consumption is really big, I don’t know if I can stick to the end.” Wei Wei said.

“Try carefully and say it again.” Ye Xiu said, “If the situation is wrong, then I will leave the war and save my life. I just noticed that it was only after five people went out to be judged to go to war. It seems that the setting is to have more than half of the members staying. Inside the hospital.”

“Yes, I also noticed it.” Wei Wei said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu smiled and laughed, and turned around and greeted everyone: “Let’s go back, let’s try again, try to slow down this battle and reduce consumption.”

Then a team of ten people returned to the place where they met the cold eagle. Sure enough, the boss has returned to the battle post here.

“Hey, let’s try it out. Is it possible to prevent this guy from running away and killing it directly?” Wei Wei came up with new ideas.

“You can try it. Everyone spreads out and surrounds it.” Ye Xiu arranged, let everyone in the hatred range, stand in a circle, and put the cold eagle in the middle.

“Together, including the remote, to kill him!” Ye Xiu ordered, everyone rushed up. The sand eagle was really decisive. Before the monarch laughed and rushed up, he also put a magical ray. This time, when I saw a lot of people, I just went out and went straight to the broom and flew into the sky.

“Rely, shameless!” Everyone watched as the Shaying Eagle flew away. Because of this height, it is obviously a system special. Players who do not ride the broom or the mechanical rotor of the mechanic can not reach this height. This is obviously the system forced to retreat to the eagle to escape. The gunners of Wu Chen and Chen Guo blew two guns underneath, and it didn’t work.

“Catch it!” Ye Xiu did not reveal any regrets, but led the crowd to chase the cold eagle’s **** again.


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