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Chapter 857 ready

If you talk about the game, Sun Xiang is definitely a big god-level player. No one will question this. **But it’s going to be a little bit off the court. Sun Xiang has made everyone stunned again and again.

Although his words are actually not at fault, it is out of place. Thinking about the realm of the problem, and this table is completely different grades.

In fact, Sun Xiang’s performance is still very suitable for his age. But no way, he is in this position, his duties need him to be precocious. However, it is a pity that Sun Xiang’s glory technology has been improving, but the two-year professional circle has become a sorrowful and inexplicable phenomenon.

Chen Yehui’s suggestion that he could not understand, Xiao Shiqin narrowed the scope again, he still could not understand.

After the introduction of the invitational game, the whole house was speechless, but the guy was quite satisfied. He thought that he had pointed out the problem, and all of a sudden he was speechless.

“Cough… At this time, it is really difficult to get a high-level opponent at this time.” Cui Li had to speak.

“But immediately the information piece is updated. In order to plunder the emerging resources, the online game will definitely be an unusually fierce scene. Maybe it is just a big furnace, can you try new skills and new equipment?” Chen Yehui will not Dare to circle.

“Test equipment in online games? Is it okay?” Sun Xiang was puzzled at this time.

Chen Yehui really wants to give himself a mouth! He is a slogan and lists the new equipment. But in fact, the new equipment will definitely not be tested in online games. The online games are more dangerous. This requires an accidental explosion of equipment. Who is responsible for this?

Sun Xiang obviously knows this too. So he only looked at the surface who did not understand the essence, and immediately seized Chen Yehui’s words and made a doubtful voice.

“The new equipment does not necessarily mean silver!” At this time, Xiao Shiqin’s opening was a mistake. In theory, it is plausible, but I finally vague this topic. Everyone is looking at Sun Xiang, what is the boss thinking about now? You must be a bit deep in trouble! Otherwise, this will be your enlightenment education, and you will never be a teacher.

Sun Xiang seems to have thought about it very seriously. This is the only way to open it. The result is still a slightly thought-provoking tone: “Is it online?”

Then, no more then. Sun Xiang said that this stopped, everyone is scratching his heart: Big Brother, do you have a good time?

Cui Li can’t bear this look. He simply expressed his will: “It’s justified! We don’t have to worry about the challenge. Without affecting the training, the players will go to the online game to get familiar with the new content of the expansion. It’s really a good suggestion. We have plenty of time to prepare for the next season. At this point, we have more advantages than any team in the current league!”

Although Cui Li’s words have completely pointed out the theme, they still bring some cover. But it would be stupid if Sun Xiang couldn’t understand it. Of course, he did not respond. At first, everyone was actually suggesting that he only understood the words of Chen Yehui and Cui Liyi.

But this time, he still didn’t speak. Sun Xiang has a shadow in his heart! Running online games as a thug, he has not done it. The results of it? Leading the first team of Jiashi first-line team, the result was that Ye Qiu did not know where to call a bunch of A-cats and dogs to defeat, and the defeat was still terrible.

Sun Xiang will not admit that he is only suitable for playing Super Mario. But now there are people who express their hope that he will go online. He will inevitably have to think about how to make a snack.

In a room waiting for the eyes of the people, Sun Xiang finally pointed his head slightly: “It makes sense.”

Everyone was relieved, Cui Li quickly took the opportunity to speak, but did not look for Sun Xiang, but to find Xiao Shiqin: “Xiao vice team is also staring at the point. Keep in touch with the guild department. When you have the right opportunity, go to the online game and practice it.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Shiqin nodded. He fully understood the intentions of Cui Li and others. Familiar with the information piece, this reason is also established. But the ultimate goal of these few is to take advantage of the strength of professional players. Grab the upper hand in this period of time. Of course, this is also to strengthen the team, and the players who challenged the game are really relaxed, so there is no opinion on Xiao Shiqin.

After this topic, it is immediately how other departments have expressed their enthusiasm for this update. Then this will have been dispersed.

In the same meeting, all the teams have been convened. Similarly, Xingxin also needs to discuss the openness of the expansion.

“The targeted battle, now it is really starting…” The meeting began in a sentence like Ye Xiu.

In the active preparation of each family, the last week of November has passed.

The Challenge has just ended the first round of the sixth round of the game, Xing Xin has not met Jiashi, easily defeated opponents. After the 13th round of the professional league that ended in the same week, the pattern of the standings has not changed. But everyone knows that this is probably the last peace. After the first week of December, the glory update was held, the professional league was suspended for one week, and the second week, on the evening of December 14, when the 14th round of the league was re-launched, the impact of the update on the professional circle will be revealed.

On December 3, it is the anniversary of glory. The updated content has been released for download. After a shutdown maintenance before 0:00 on December 3, the new expansion pack and the latest Glory 11th District will be open at the same time.

From the day of the game, to the 14th game, there are 11 days.

In these 11 days, the first priority for the major teams is to first raise the level of the professional role to 75. On the 14th, if there is a difference in the character level, it is definitely an important factor that will affect the outcome.

As for how many levels can be raised in these 11 days, it depends on the respective upgrade methods of each team, but it can be said that it can really open the level gap, even if it is level 1, to this level, I am afraid it is not so easy to happen.

In addition, it is necessary to look at these 11 days, two weeks, the clubs can find something in the new game content that can enhance the strength of the team. Perhaps among the 75-level oranges, there is a better than 70-level silver. Equipment, the official did not announce, can only rely on the players themselves to explore. During this time, the official only announced two different 75-level areas in the common area and the realm of God.

On the side of the gods, the Xinyi Peninsula and the Zhiyin Lake.

The Niigata Peninsula is located on the eastern side of the mainland in the field of the gods. It is a peninsula extending from the original coastline. The background plot is a story of the struggle between the pirates and the pirates. The main city of Xinyi Peninsula is Xinyi City. There is a copy of 5 people in the area, a group of 50 people and a hundred people. The daughter of the Boss Sea, Rila. Since there is not much information published, what kind of skills is currently in the career of Rilla?

Another area weaving the Silver Lake is to take a piece of the inland three areas of the gods and form a new map. Zhiyin Lake is reported to be the smallest of the six new areas in the expansion. This lake, which suddenly appeared on the mainland of the gods, is naturally filled with a mysterious background story, which has not received the attention of the professional circle.

There is only one copy of 5 people and two copies of 20 people in Zhiyin Lake. Wild map boss Silver Lake guard Frederica. Although there is not too much information, but a photo of the published Silver Lake guardian Frederica, people can quickly determine the boss’s professional department: the gun system.

There is so much information available. Even a professional club can’t make too much preparation for this little bit of information. Everyone can only stare at the calendar, waiting for the day to come.

At 10 o’clock on the evening of December 2, glory suspended operations and began to update the expansion. However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of the players. Xingxin Internet cafes were full of people, and most of them had already booked in advance to go to the bright seats.

And what about the big clubs?

Professional players have to hold back their curiosity at this time, and rest at rest. However, the account cards of all the players have been retracted by the club at this time, and then handed over to the final leveling staff in the guild department.

The role of the wind in these professional circles is particularly mundane at this time. Because the original homemade equipment on their bodies was temporarily picked up, the guilds have also organized and arranged the **** team to ensure the smooth progress of professional roles.

This kind of protection is of course necessary! The professional role is rare in the online game bubbling, it will lead to the view, if the attack is like a human being, then the trouble is even greater.咱 This ran on the line is the leveling. The result is not going backwards. The level is not rising, and the experience of several levels is reversed. The game will not be played.

On the side of Xingxin, there are no such good conditions as the major clubs. The roles of several people have to go to work on their own. However, in view of the fact that the Xingxin team is now being hated by a certain group of people in glory, security issues must also be considered. The role of several people was escorted to the northern part of the mainland in the field of God under the cover of the guild team.

Here, it is exactly what has been shown in the data that the column screen mountains will soon be merged into the realm of the field of God. Ye Xiu’s role will arrive at 0:00, the first time here, straight to the column screen mountains.

Ye Xiu means a direct copy. This is undoubtedly a particularly bold move. Although the mobs in the new map are 71-75, there is a promotion process, but the copy is 75 of the water, which is the challenge after the player is full. On the other side of Xingxin, in order to map a stable environment, it is determined to directly level up the five-level copy.

The field of God, but includes advanced players in ten districts. It is conceivable that the pressure in the six districts of the realm of God is much greater than that of the ordinary district. This is why the map of the domain of God is more extensive, and the first area is much larger than the average area. This new six district is certainly no exception.


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