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Chapter 851 Keep on cheering.

Let’s continue to cheer on the 851th chapter.

After the professional player retires, it is a common thing to directly digest it internally and take up a position in a certain department of the club. Usually such an opportunity will give some hard-working loyalty to the team, or it is really capable of doing the job.

Wu Chen had such a expectation for his future. He really has a lot of feelings for this team, and hopes that he will never give up. But now, everything is empty, the Promise is no longer there, and where will there be such a job opportunity?

Wu Chen is now in the last post of the station, it is not his team captain. If you are a professional player, you will choose to leave at this time, and the team will not have any opinions. But where are you leaving? Wu Chen is still in vain, escaping. Now, Ye Xiu suddenly gave him a choice.


Wu Chen is of course clear that the guild does not look at the online games, and the guild established by other players is no different, but it is an important foundation for a team to succeed. The person responsible for the guild, it must be the core of the club management, the importance is not unambiguous compared with other departments.

But to be honest, what Wu Chen expects is that this team has been developing with the Promise. If you change a team, these things are somewhat interesting to him. He is used to binding everything about himself and glory to the Promise.

However, now he is really unable to bind, this cruel and strict, so that he can not but do some real considerations. In contrast, if you can continue to eat this bowl of glory in the circle of glory, this is still the first choice. However, Wu Chen is only a small person. The major teams in the professional circle may not give him such a job opportunity, that is, a new team like Xingxin.

However, Xingxin is the chief culprit that eventually led to their promise dissolution. Although Wu Chen is rational, but emotionally, let him suddenly go to Xingxin, it is still somewhat unacceptable.

I was preparing to type back, but I jumped up in the chat window: “It’s good to start with a white hand!”

Wu Chen’s heart suddenly began to jump again. Once upon a time, the Promise team was like this, from scratch, from player to character, built up little by little. Although their record has been terrible, they have never given up their efforts, although they eventually failed, but the memories are still very beautiful.

A little looking forward to it!

Wu Chen was moved, he knew that there would not be too many such opportunities. Now he happened to catch up, otherwise he would not think of anyone in his obscurity.

“Let’s think about it!” At the end of the screen, Wu Chen has not responded, no urging, and did not ask him to be absent, but left the words to be said one sentence at a time.

“Well…” Wu Chen finally responded with a cry, and there was a look of goodbye, and it was gone.

Wu Chen was immersed in thinking about his own personal future. On the aspect of the Promise team, after completing the transaction with He Xingxin, the team with the Yiwu team also successfully completed the negotiations.

This is the negotiation that contains the greatest expectations of the Promise team. The Promise boss directly went into battle, and all the staff members are working together around this matter.

Days passed, and the ultimate agreement was finally reached with the Promise and the Prostitute. Yiwu did not take the big bag to take all the plates of the Promise team, but the price of 10 million, took about 50 supplies, which made the Promise team feel very satisfied.

The price is indeed much lower than the average market. But they are the teams that are going to be disbanded, and it’s good to sell 10 million. The Promise team is not a gold medal. If it is a giant team, let alone the materials, the whole team will take over and maybe there is a brand effect!

With the trade of the Yiwu team, the stone in the heart of the Promise is really true. The next thing, it is not very care, the Promise team began to take the initiative to attack. The settlement with the insiders of the club has also begun. The staff left one by one, and the professional players left one by one. The last one was Wu Chen. Unlike other people, Wu Chen’s settlement was handled by the Promise boss himself.

Connaught’s tactical conference room, only one boss left at this time. When Wu Chen came in, he saw the boss standing in front of the electronic projection screen and looking up at the Promise team logo hanging on the wall.

Wu Chen did not speak, but just walked silently. The boss noticed that he had arrived, and he did not do anything polite, and the two had been old friends for many years.

“Do you see this team logo, is it a little embarrassing?” The boss did not turn back and spoke to Wu Chen.

“How come, it is fixed triangle, it is impossible to move.” Wu Chen replied without looking. The team logo, when their team moved here, he personally installed it, and it is clear.

“Oh, isn’t it?” The boss looked at him and looked at it for a moment. “That’s probably my eye.”

Wu Chen did not answer, and the boss turned to walk towards the table and asked: “What are your plans for the future?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet, how about you?” Wu Chen asked.

“I? If one day, if there is a chance, I want to build another team.” The boss said.

“Is it called Promise?” Wu Chen laughed.

“Of course.” said the boss.

“That must remember to leave me a place.” Wu Chen said.

“That is for sure.” The boss is also laughing. The history of the Promise team is not long, but it has changed a lot. The only thing that has not changed is perhaps the team name, the team logo, and the loyal old team member.

“I am afraid that I can’t play at that time.” Wu Chen said.

“That’s not afraid, the team needs, not all professional players, with your ability, can contribute to the team in many positions.” The boss said.


Wu Chen thoughtfully responded, the boss noticed his look, and suddenly speculated: “There have been teams inviting you to do this?”

“Yes.” Wu Chen nodded, he did not have to hide.

“What do you want to do?” asked the boss.

“Probably a matter of the guild,” Wu Chen said.

“Go! It’s for you.” The boss is sure to be at the head. He certainly knows the talents of Wu Chen. If you don’t respect Wu Chen’s own opinions, the person who is also the manager of the club should be him.

“Inviting me is Xing Xin.” Wu Chen smiled bitterly.

The boss was slightly stunned. Obviously, this answer was also unexpected. He quickly frowned. “Xing Xin… This is not very good. They are now a challenge team, but there are Jiashi in this season’s challenge. In the end, if there is no qualifying, will there be continuity in this team? I think you should figure it out first.”

The boss only communicated with Wu Chen from the development prospects of Xingxin, but did not mention the special significance of this team for their Promise team. Wu Chen instantly understood the boss’s statement. What he said was clear-faced. If you didn’t say it, it is also telling Wu Chen: You don’t mind those things at all.

“Okay, I will consider it clearly.” Wu Chen smiled.

“That’s good.” Promise boss nodded and smiled, he understood that Wu Chen had already understood what he meant.

“The handling of the team, these days are almost the same.” Promise boss turned around and began to talk about their official business here, “The current intentions, can talk about what it is, what it is. It doesn’t mean anything, the loss of time and manpower is not enough. So I think, if there are extra things left, these things will be left to you!”

“I?” Wu Chen.

“Look for a militant team and work with them well.” Promise boss patted Wu Chen’s shoulder.

This moment, Wu Chen once again understood. The boss said before that he would build a team one day, really just think about it. At present, this kind of delivery is more like letting Wu Chen carry the things that they are endless and continue to go in the circle of glory.

“All are handed over to you.” Promise boss reached out, Wu Chen slammed his hand and held it, the boss shook a little, nodded: “I still have something, leave first, things are there… …you, come on!”

The boss left, the pile of things on the conference table, Wu Chen walked over and saw that in addition to each player’s settlement of the things, there are two exquisite cassettes, each with a carved text, one is “None” and the other is “polar.” Open the two card boxes and look inside. It is full of account cards. At the top, he recognizes them at a glance. It is exactly what he used for several years. He just returned to the club’s role a few days ago: the gunner’s gun .

Even other account cards, except for a few professional characters that are directly traded, the rest are mostly from the guild. The team has to be disbanded, and the existence of the Promise Guild, of course, does not make much sense.

Is it really only that?

Looking at the boss leaving, half-covered door, looking at the team logo hanging on the wall, Wu Chen sighed deeply for the last time.

Two days later, H City, Xingxin Internet cafe.

Wu Chen grabbed his clothes in one hand and pinched a piece of paper in the other hand. After careful comparison, it was confirmed that this address was correct and stepped in.

Internet cafes are full of people, and they are very lively. After the Xingxin team defeated the Promise and attracted the report of the e-sports weekly newspaper, the business of Xingxin Internet Café was also heated up. This time, the coming is no longer a face-lifting party, but it is really curious about the team of Xingxin, some people who are looking forward to it.

The atmosphere of this Internet cafe has changed. Chen Guo is also willing to come back often. With her temperament, she suddenly gets away with people who are particularly looking forward to their prosperity.

At this time, Chen Guo, who is counting the water in this month at the checkout counter, the team’s performance is brilliant, she is happy; the Internet cafe business is good, and of course she will be happy too. If you are excited, you will hear a voice on your head.

“Is the Xingxin team here? My name is Wu Chen, I have contacted and said that I have come over today.”


Going out tomorrow morning, let’s take a look at it today! Go to bed early!


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