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Chapter 838 No need to apologize

Chapter VIII does not need to apologize

This sudden wave of counterattacks made Joe Yifan also a mess. Although he spent a year in the professional circle, he did not go out at all. The things in the professional circle, he saw a lot of knowledge, but personal experience is too little and too little. Dealing with ordinary players, because of the strength of the bottom, it is always more than enough to deal with. However, the players of the Promise Team are not as simple as the average player. This kind of empty space is not something that ordinary players can grasp.

After all, he is still relatively lacking in this high level of game experience. Even if it is training in the team, you can learn from the champion team level of the grass. But that’s just training. Competition and training can’t be the same thing.

Qiao Yifan, who was seized by the opponent, was a little busy, and the opposite of the warlock players was playing more and more smoothly. Leoport, who had been close to the inch, was gradually drifting away from the constant attack. Only this time, the Promise Warlock players never went beyond the pursuit of a safe distance. After almost pulling out some space, he has stopped. Closer to the distance, the skills like some long-range attacks are of course more difficult to dodge. The Promise Warlock player has decided to actively attack this time, completely abandoning the emphasis on the Promise Team’s tactical board, and should be cautious in the face of a inch of gray.

In the game field, tactical discipline is important, but sometimes players need to play freely to open the situation. At this time, the Promise Warlock is doing this. He completely reversed the game with his decision at the crucial moment.

On the other hand, Qiao Yifan, in this situation of being turned over, has been unable to adjust the state back. The more you want to do it, the worse it is.

The excitement in the audience channel does not have to be said at this time. When Leopold was beaten by an inch of gray, everyone was stunned and the fists were silent. Now the situation is completely reversed, and the tight fists can finally be waved.

Leopold got a good song. These are not seen by the players on the field. Instead, the audience can see that Leopold is playing more and more smoothly, and the action of one inch of gray is more and more mechanical, and more and more can not keep up with the rhythm.

The original mentality of the audience is similar to that of the warrior. This time, I don’t ask him to win, but at least he has to leave a big advantage to the people behind, but now, at first glance, it is entirely possible to kill a single inch of ash!

Qiao Yifan also thought of this. If he also loses, then the opponent will be an enemy two, and then there will be a three-on-one situation. This situation has become a replica of the previous round. The last round, the last laugh, is the three-on-one leading Xingxin.

Can’t let this happen!

Qiao Yifan was anxious, but he was not old enough to adjust the game mentality. His performance is more and more out of state. Suddenly it was a flaw caught by Leopold, and it was a small climax of a combo. To make matters worse, this time the flaws are more tied to the control skills of the warlock. In order to get rid of such control, it is obviously necessary to pay a higher price, and at such a price, one inch of gray is now unable to bear.

Lose… lose…

An inch of ash eventually fell.

In the extremely smooth situation, the opponent seized the opportunity to hit a wave of counterattack climax, and suddenly let Joe sailed his hands and feet, and never able to regain the rhythm.

The two roles of the Xingxin team are out, what about the Promise team? Warlock Leopold currently has one third of his blood. The advantage is more exaggerated than the situation created by Tang Rou in the last round.

“Is sorry for…” On the side of the Xingxin team, Qiao Yifan stood up and shouted. When he spoke, his eyes did not dare to look to anyone.

He is the small transparent of the micro-grass team, the water dispenser player, in addition to his friend Gao Yingjie, is probably a kind of existence in the eyes of others. On the Xingxin side, although it is far from a team comparable to the grass, at least he feels the importance.

This feeling makes Joe Yifan dream of laughing, he is determined to absolutely not let everyone pay attention to him. But unfortunately, in such a crucial game, he lost his hand. After Tang Rou was beaten by opponents, he should have had more experience than Tang Rou, but he could not bite the situation. Especially in the case of occupying a big advantage, it is completely reversed by a direct counterattack by the opponent, and finally taken away directly. Not to mention teammates, at this moment, Qiao Yifan can not forgive himself.

“No need to apologize.” Just then, he heard the voice. At the All-Star Weekend, when he was willing to sink to the point where he was about to give up as a professional player, it was this voice that helped him re-establish confidence.

“Winning and losing is very common. If you lose, you have to apologize. It is too much trouble.” Ye Xiu said.

It’s really common to win or lose, but lose the game at a crucial time. Isn’t this a loss to everyone’s expectations?

“I played so badly…” said Joe Yifan.

“So I will play better next time.” Ye Xiu replied, very calm, completely unconcerned, often angry with Chen Guoshou’s tone. But at this time, it made the pressure on Qiao Yifan’s heart relieve a lot.

“Boss cheers!” The buns accidentally jumped out and shouted. Xingxin everyone has come back to God. The game is not over yet, and Ye Xiu and his Jun Mo Xiao did not play, as long as they can complete a pick…

“One pick three, is there a problem?” Chen Guo asked directly.

“Oh.” Ye Xiuxiao.

“What are you laughing at!” Chen Guoqi.

“Where is there a pick?” Ye Xiu asked. “One pick and two and one third.”

“Okay…” Chen Guo admitted that she was wrong. Leopold now has only one-third of her life.

“Step by step!” Ye Xiu said, his Jun Moxiao has been sent to the game mat. The Promise team has just finished a wave of crazy celebrations. The Promise team players, like all the onlookers, have not expected any victory. They only hope that Leopold can earn more lives. As a result, Leopold scored the second game directly and everyone was cool from the beginning to the foot.

“Playing beautiful!”


The interval between the games does not prevent the exchange between the players. The Promise team was surrounded by up and down, and all kinds of praises were praised.

“Continue to cheer!” In the end, the words of this kind of words were left to the boss who personally attended the game.

The third game of the team competition began soon.

Dissipate Jun Mo Xiao and Warlock Leoport, after the countdown, enter the map.

Jun Mo laughs!

This will undoubtedly be the focus of the Promise team’s preparation for the war. The reputation of Jun Moxiao is not too small, but unfortunately, looking for his actual pk video, there are very few. In the end, He An had to share some of his experiences with everyone in the last round and the only one who had a single-handed experience with Jun Moxiao.

120 low-level skills have become something that everyone should be familiar with this week. Of course, these skills are not unfamiliar to players of this level. Just give a piece of paper and you can write it all at once without thinking. However, a character possesses all of these 120 skills, and this skill matching system is something that no one has ever seen.

The difference between career and occupation in the game, the most important reaction is not in the skills? And this new skill set is indeed equivalent to a new career. In a short week, it’s easy to get acquainted with a new career and beat it.

Even if you don’t talk about this profession, say this player…

Jun Moxiao’s operator, although the media has revealed that the registration is definitely not Ye Qiu. However, who is enrolling and who is actually fighting is not the same thing.

There are too many unruly facts in the Challenge. Although Ye Qiu is a professional circle, but for the purpose of abandoning the festival? Who is sure to say no?

The Promise team is certainly not daring, so they have to fight for this with the strongest imaginary enemy.

This is to change the name of Ye Chuu, the name of Ye Qiu, I am afraid that these people will have cramps. But now that there is a battle in the backwaters, everyone cheers on each other, and they have the ambition to crush the gods. If they are not motivated, they secretly use “it is not Ye Qiu” to hypnotize themselves.

On the team side, they also spared no effort to enlarge the shortcomings of Jun Moxiao.

In particular, the attack damage is not high. I have seen Jun Moxiao’s people who went to He’an and the game can be easily seen.

“So, even Ye Qiu, we don’t have no chance. Don’t forget, we are aiming to defeat Jiashi.”

At this time, the Jiashi team was in chaos. Compared with this giant team, Ye Qiu alone, suddenly appeared thin and weak. This kind of comparison, the Promise team is particularly easy to use, when you first learned this in the professional circle.

“Take out your level, even if Ye Qiu is not afraid of him, here is the game, even if Ye Qiu is not a regular victory general.” At the last moment of the game, the Promise players gave the Warlock players some encouragement. Quietly retreat.

The warlock player, who was in a very good state at this time, decided to continue the play in the second half of the last game. Proactively challenge your opponents, even if you die, you must at least change the same life of the other party.

Jun Mo laugh, come on!

The Promise Warlock players sang in the heart, and Leopold strode forward. Soon, the red flower pavilion at the red flower pavilion in the center of the map, the infinite warlock player saw Jun Mo laugh.

“Jun Mo laughs, let the horse come over!”

The brave warlocks of the state even screamed in the channel, which led to a cheering screen in the audience channel.

“Come.” Jun Moxiao’s answer is simple and simple, because in addition to the news, he has to use action to express.

The shells of the three-anti-tank guns have already screamed and flew.

This distance, do you think you can blow up to me? The warlock player commanded Leoport to easily kick off, but with the sound of gunshots, Jun Mo laughed and ran towards it while continuing to shoot. The quick movement seems to have little effect on his shooting sight.

Leopold can only continue to dodge, but Jun Moxiao is attacking while he is getting closer and closer to him.

On the face of the Promise Warlock player, he was not in a hurry, but instead showed a sneer of a trick.


Second more. How many students have watched the ball recently?


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