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Chapter 83 Almost the limit

Chapter 83 is almost the limit

13 minutes, 24 seconds 21 .

Perhaps for many players this is just another series of digital records on the list. But for the night, for the car, for the Blue River, for those players who are constantly thinking about the data on these lists, they really understand what this digital record means.

13 minutes, 24 seconds 21 . This is not just a record of the 10th district. This figure clearly breaks through the total record of the glory of the 10 districts.

There is no systematic reward for this record. At first, the player spontaneously sorted and contrasted the records of each region, and later became the official statistical ranking of each district record. The copy of the Frost Forest is currently only up to 14 minutes and 31 seconds 58. Although the Blue River can’t clearly remember this data, at least it knows that there is still no 14 points, but now, the 10th district, the Jiawang Dynasty The team player actually increased this record by more than 1 minute.

The players in Zhongcaotang did not laugh for a minute at the end, but the domineering people did not laugh at the end.

The brush record team led by Ye Xiu has been in the copy for more than 15 minutes at this time. Of course, it is impossible to break through this record.

“Rely!!” Just as this record brushed the world, the four outputs in the team were all stunned. Their efforts have been meaningless until now. During the entire copying process, they are careful, careful, and careful. The palms are full of sweat and they dare not wipe it. It is a fear of delay. But what about the results? Just when they thought that the record of the Chinese Cottage was no problem, and the new record was about to be born, the score of 13 minutes, 24 seconds and 21 seconds is no different from a clear sky.

All four have been frozen, but the voice of the battle is still echoing in their ears. The four set a **** to see, Jun Mo laughs is still fighting with Frost Sain.

“Dude, haven’t you seen the system announcement?” One couldn’t help it.

“See it.” Ye Xiu replied.

“We are too late.” One sighed.

“Do you have to finish the copy?” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

“You still laugh, so you can’t get anything.” One person said, but also began to re-launch the attack.

“Yeah, it’s bad luck.” Ye Xiu said.

“Jia Dynasty…md, 13 minutes, has this broken the highest record of ten districts?” One of the four was not confident to say.

“Broken! Originally, there was no breakthrough for 14 minutes.” Another said.

“This…we seem to be very far away?” another person said.

“Yes, we ended up with a copy at the end of 16 minutes.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh…” In the sigh, Frost Cyan was finally knocked down by five people, and their final score was fixed at 17:07.66. This is to break the record of Zhongcaotang, and it can be ranked second in the tenth district. However, the second achievement will not be easy for the small guild. It is meaningless for the domineering male figure.

When Jun Moxiao and the four major outputs were sent out, the guy in the night was still playing with someone in the copy, and the night Hantan also ran back to the old district to report the work and did not see it. However, the people in the middle of the church are now experiencing heaven to hell. They have just been celebrating that they have created records, and the result is a record that surpasses them for more than four minutes, like a slap in the face. It’s not over yet, it’s just another blink of an eye. The team that Jun Moxiao led has smashed the record of their celebrations again. The efforts of Zhongcaotang seem to be the least meaningful.

At this time, how can the front of the car not receive greetings from the Blue River: “Tragedy! Tragedy.”

“md, 13 minutes!! How did this tm come out, who is the Jiawang Dynasty?” The psyllium did not pay attention to the fall of the Blue River. Instead, it discussed the possibility of this achievement with this master. .

“Jia Dynasty…” Blue River did not reply to the news of the car, but just recited the name of the guild in his mouth.

The name of this guild will not feel too unfamiliar. In the second-class guild that is slightly worse than the three guilds, the Jia Dynasty is definitely a place. And this is just its present. In the past, this was once a glorious guild, just in the era when the Jiashi Club swept the professional league and dominated for three years.

Yes, the Jia Dynasty, their behind-the-scenes supporters are Ye Xiu’s old club, the Jiashi Club.

The professional league is the top of the circle of glory, and every move of the club has the potential to have a profound impact on the glory circle. And each club and the guild they support are even more honorable. The Jiashi club has not achieved good results in successive years. The guilds supported by the game have also been followed by Lanxi Pavilion, Domineering and Zhongcaotang. But fortunately, the foundation is deep, although it has been surpassed, it has not been left too far.

In the competition of the 10th district, the three major guilds competed with each other, and they did not take the second-class guild too seriously. Who knows that the Jia dynasty is attacking at this moment. I haven’t seen the mountains before, and I haven’t seen them on any of the lists. At this time, they are a blockbuster, and the customs clearance record of the Frost Forest has been steadily picked up.

13 minutes, 24 seconds 21! !

Not only broke the record of the 10th district, but also recorded the total number of frost forest copies that have not changed for many minutes. Is the Jiawang Dynasty ready to re-emerge?

At the thought of this, the Blue River suddenly thought of the recent changes in the Carls Club. The old generation’s captain Ye Qiu retired, and a new generation of master Sun Xiang took over the autumn of the fighting, which is obviously to be reshuffled. Then in the game, the Jia Dynasty suddenly rises, will it be a parallel action with the club? If this is the case, it is exaggerated to block the record by these players. This record is probably not played by the average player.

“It’s a master.” In addition to the copy of the Frosty Forest, Ye Xiu is also talking about the night of the night and the night of the old district.

At night, the cold pool ran back to the old district like the Blue River and reported the work to the president. As a result, I went back to the 10th district and heard about such a big event. 13 minutes and 24 seconds 21, the night of the cold pool is also shocked by this number, rushed to the copy, I heard the judgment made by Ye correction.

“Crap, we also guess that it is a master.” Night Weiyang said.

“Not a general master, there are probably more than three people in this team who are professional-level.” Ye Xiu said.

In the night, the cold pool and the night are still in the wood, the professional master is an unreachable presence for them. The shocked two have forgotten to think about how Ye Xiu judged so clearly.

“This achievement is almost the limit of the frost forest.” Ye Xiu said.

“Almost?” The night has heard this keyword.

“What do you mean, isn’t this the limit?” said the night.

“Is the limit so easy to achieve?” Ye Xiuxiao.

“You mean?”

“When I am at the 25th level, let’s talk about it! You also hurry up!” said Ye Xiu.

“What time is it?” The two are ashamed.

“What I want! You will have time to get together,” said Ye Xiu.

“I rely on!” The two men screamed in unison, so shocked things are in front of me, how is this cargo still considering his broken material breaking equipment…

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