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Chapter 825 h city interview station

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Xing Xin won!

In this game, the attention received is not much, and many are not too small. At least in this round, this is the only game that has been noticed by the media.

After all, on one side is the topic team, and on the other side is the professional team, the contest between the two sides is also somewhat interesting. The name of the Jiashi team is big, just playing ordinary players, who is too embarrassed to care too much.

Xingxin’s promise of this game, if the Promise team wins, the media report may be a very simple one, but now the Xingxin team actually won, and it is a big score of 8.5 to 1. That is worth writing.

E-sports home, currently the largest and most authoritative e-sports print media. And glory, this current super-prosperous e-sports project is undoubtedly the target of their key reports. The weekly e-sports weekly report, the report on glory must occupy at least 80% of the layout, glory of the cities where the major teams are located, electricity There are interview stations in the competition home. Some wealthy teams, even sent special team reporters, to establish long-term friendly relations in order to get an exclusive interview.

h City, as the location of the glory circle of the dynasty warrior Jiashi, this interview station is the oldest and the earliest place to send reporters with the team. However, with the gradual decline of the Jiashi team, the work of the h city interview station is gradually not very hot. Last season, it was a lively event, because the miraculous disgusting record of the Jiashi team is also a big news topic. The staff of the H City E-sports Interview Station was busy after a season, but they found out that they had a demeanor of addiction.

Because the Jiashi team actually miraculously downgraded!

This is certainly a topic of utmost importance, but after this report. A team that has already been out, even if he is a giant like Jiashi, how many layouts can he occupy in the professional e-sports home?

The interview station of h city is obviously in a marginalized embarrassing situation.

Sure enough, in the summer, when the major teams were busy with the development of equipment, the e-sports house as the media was also making new deployments to meet the new season.

The first step is to adjust the staff of the h city interview station.

h city only has a team of Jiashi. This outing, the staff dedicated to it, is not particularly necessary. So the resident personnel of the h city interview station have been sent to other places: the alliance also has new teams to join?

In the interview station of h city, there are only two people left in the end (high-quality text starter, all in %). If this is not to believe that the Jiashi team will inevitably return to the league, and the other side has the big move of trading to Xiao Shiqin and the dying. It is possible that the interview station of h city is temporarily revoked.

There are two people left, it is not much attention, just to prepare for the occasion. At the end of the challenge, there will be some reports on some topics. This year, there will be a Jiashi team, and the topic will always be a little more. For the reporters, they used to be the culmination of the glory circle with the dynasty team, and the big men of each team can mix and talk a few words. The result suddenly fell to the point of staring at the challenge, which is not much worse than the professional players who came out of the team.

Cao Guangcheng is the person in charge of the interview station of the current e-sports home. He was also a reporter of the Jiashi team. The most beautiful scenery of Jiashi, he is undoubtedly the most beautiful reporter of the e-sports house. Every year, his manuscript does not know how many headlines are going to be on the front page.

As a result, between the eyes, the plucked phoenix is ​​not as good as the chicken. This outs of Jiashi, his great reporter, also followed. This is going to be transferred to other teams, and of course the work can be done. But do this with the team reporter. The network is not negligible. This relationship of Cao Guangcheng is all based on Jiashi. Now let him run to other teams, afraid to compete but other peers. Cao Guangcheng knows that many people are already stealing his jokes! After all, the scenery has been so many years, it is impossible to be jealous.

At the annual meeting of the Summer E-sports House, Cao Guangcheng did not hear a few people greeting his innuendo, and Cao Guangcheng’s heart was also suffocating! The current giants have already had stable follow-up reporters. He wants to drop, it must be the team that is new to the league. How many important reports can a team that is only aiming at not going out? It may be that when I get out of the game, I have to follow the bad luck, and I have been displaced. I am afraid that the scenery will never be seen again.

Cao Guangcheng’s situation in their lap was also very touched, so he was out of the game, but he was not in a hurry to find another way. After all, this is the Jiashi team! The exit is defined by miracles. Who would suspect that Jiashi could not return to the professional circle in one year? Moreover, it is possible to trade to Xiao Shiqin and the dying of the creatures. This is a big deal, and there are few professional teams in the summer transfer.

Cao Guangcheng stayed, and he waited to return to the league with Jiashi. However, this season, I am afraid that I will have some leisure time.

When I say that I am too busy to sleep, I feel that I am so tired and dead. The result is now a leisurely one. It’s really a bit of a day when I’m so busy that I can’t sleep. I’m so insomnia…

When I have time to sleep, I can’t sleep. This kind of day really makes Cao Guangcheng a bit sorrowful (high-quality text starts, all in %).

Early Friday.

Cao Guangcheng opened his eyes and looked at the time. He subconsciously went to ponder whether Jiashi is home or away. This pondering, I immediately smiled a bit. The new league game should be played in the third round. He has not adapted to Jiashi in the professional circle. He does not need to go to the interview with the team!

Helpless Cao Guangcheng got up and went out to the bathroom in the bedroom.

In this interview station, they actually sent people to live in the city of H, and interviewed nearby. All localities are renting suites for journalists. Everyone lives and lives. When they go out to run interviews, they finish writing. They don’t need a special office. If you want to say something, here, the bedroom, the living room of the room. It is the office location.

Cao Guangcheng passed the living room in the bedroom, and the young man who was staying at the interview station in H City with himself was always busy in the living room holding the computer.

Compared with Cao Guangcheng’s initiative to stay, it is often passive. This young man was a college graduate who just graduated last year. After being recruited into the eSports home, he was sent directly to the interview station of the city of H. He was a fanatical glory fan. The result was unfortunate, the team of the city of Ka Shi played a miracle, and the young man was put on hold before he started. This summer, the headquarters did not order him, and he became the same as the left-behind staff of Cao Guangcheng. However, often there is not so much thought of Cao Guangcheng, and the same vigorous preparation for active work. It seems that it is a bit ridiculous to see the challenge in the face of Cao Guangcheng.

Challenge? What can be written?

Even Cao Guangcheng, who has reported the team four times in the finals, is really a bit unconcerned about what challenges to watch. Therefore, it is always gratifying to have such a young man tossing. At least it’s a bad deal!

At this time, I saw that I was very busy in the early morning. Cao Guangcheng couldn’t help but wonder what the kid was still tossing. Yesterday it seems to be the end of a round of challenges.

Who wants to wait for him to come close, often sees his figure from the reflection of the monitor, and quickly returns to say hello: “Cao Ge early, get up!”

“Well, what are you busy with?” Cao Guangcheng has already seen the display on the first screen. There are quite a lot of documents on the webpage. It seems that it is sorting out.

“Oh! Last night’s challenge, the Xingxin team defeated the Promise team!” I was very excited to say.

Haven’t seen the world!

Cao Guangcheng sighed a little, and said calmly and faintly: “Is it?”

“Cao Ge, you said that we can go to interview Xingxin? Look at the news in the circle, Ye Qiu should be in the Xingxin team should be steady?” Always say first (high-quality text starter, all in % ).

Cao Guangcheng smiled as soon as he heard it. Compared with the news in the circle, my brother is a hundred times better than you. Of course, I also know that Ye Qiu is in the Xingxin team, but if you point to this interview, it will be funny. Who is that? Ye Qiu! In the entire glory circle, the biggest enemy of the media is this goods! As the only privileged person in the league who is not a bird media, it is really impossible for everyone to take him.

Cao Guangcheng’s colleague from Jiashi’s team had only interviewed the Jiashi captain three times!

Three times!

Cao Guangcheng has been with the Jiashi team for eight years. He has only interviewed three times. Any reporter who can see the team in a week may not only have this number of times. What makes Cao Guangcheng depressed is that the three interviews are still on the qq…

Yes, so far, Cao Guangcheng has never seen Ye Qiu himself, this is a special tearful thing he has always been.

At the thought of this, Cao Guangcheng was a little bit sorrowful. Seeing that the first jump, Cao Guangcheng felt it necessary to let young people know how deep the water in this circle is. The young people now think that it is very difficult to interview Zhou Zezhen! Fuck, you have been with the team for eight years but the team’s ace players have never seen it. Have you only had three interviews on qq?

“Small often you find this news point very good, Xingxin is a team with a topic in the near future, you can do tracking reports, go, I am optimistic about you!” Cao Guangcheng immediately said.

“Well!” I was so excited to start packing up the equipment immediately, but half of it was picked up and suddenly turned back: “Cao Ge, don’t you go?”

“Oh, I won’t go, you should go out and run now, you have the ability to be alone! If this Xingxin team can really fight all the way, can it be your resource? !” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Okay, then I went out to Cao Ge.” often called first.

“Be careful, I am waiting to see your manuscript!” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Well!” I always set off first and foremost.


Today is even more! Seeking a new week’s referral ticket~~~(To be continued)

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