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Chapter 823 Aid warfare

The players on the court are actually very difficult to understand the whole picture of the battle. There are quite a few situations that need to be judged by their own experience and consciousness.

This is the case with Wu Chen. After discovering that the Xingxin team directed the situation to a direction that they were not in full control, the first thing that came to mind was to change the treatment and return, and stop rushing.

Without treatment, it is a big hole in the current Promise. They themselves know how the Xingxin team will not know? From the attack, it is enough to find out what kind of occupation is on the court. So switching the treatment to play, this may be a move in the other party’s expectation, the opponent may be able to grab this to make a fuss.

Therefore, after Wu Chen let He An quickly switch to treatment, his Xiaogun immediately went to the direction of He’s people.

Especially when He An issued an enemy notice, Wu Chen confirmed his own guess, so he decisively asked other people to support. Because he concluded that the other party will grasp this point, then the strength of the next one is probably not small. He An is estimated that he can’t support it. If he supports himself in the past, he may not be able to get it, so he will take the initiative and simply assemble here. Repel the opponent and switch to treatment.

Wu Chen’s thinking is already quite clear.

However, when he saw He An volunteering to call for assistance, he suddenly realized that the problem was more difficult than he thought.

He is also a better understanding of He An. This guy is very self-conscious and always feels that he has no talent. Later, when he was promoted by Promise, he confirmed his talents and became more and more smug. With his temper, if it is not really completely resisted, this is like a life-saving voice. I am afraid it is very difficult to issue.

“Several people?” Wu Chen asked quickly.


He An has only been able to make a number, and even punctuation marks can not be taken care of.

Wu Chen received the news and was shocked. The other team actually attacked the team there, which is a bit beyond He An’s cognition.

To say that they have been besieging their opponents, the movements of the other side are not completely unclear. This is how the blink of an eye, the five characters are all killed to the other side, and he is only judged by the sense of experience. But I don’t see it at all.

The other party is ready!

Based on his own experience, Wu Chen reached this conclusion.

The other party’s use of the beleaguered passive, the active situation created is far more positive than Wu Chen’s imagination.

It is no coincidence that He An’s people are also close to the aid area. This is deliberately guided in the process of passive and active. And their next offensive is also concentrated in this position, which is a layout that has been arranged long ago. The Promise team then directed the nearest person to switch to the pastor, and it was logical to embark on the script that Xingxin arranged.

When people go to the aid area, the team of Xingxin team can intercept him at a faster speed, so it becomes the current situation.

“hold onto!”

He Chen can only encourage He An. Then it is to urge everyone to rush to the aid area as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, the probation of the Promise team is not too open, and it is not too far between each other. It is not too late to assist any of the five.

He An finally appeared to support his own players.

“Stabilize, don’t rush to attack, find opportunities to switch pastors.” Wu Chen was the third to arrive. The first two have already gone with people, and they are fighting with Xingxin, three to five. The situation can only be described as bleak. Wu Chen’s Xiaogun arrived, and the two guns went out, and they solved a big circle for the three people. The four characters met. Turning hands is a wave of counterattacks. They are all occupations with a range of skills, and this group has always had an unparalleled advantage. The four people fired together, and the attack maps were generally rolled over. The five people of the Xingxin team were suddenly stepped back by the four of them.


When he didn’t come to support, He An called a wolf. Don’t say that you are back. It was completely killed and smashed! Now that I see my teammates arrive, my opponent can’t be arrogant, and He’s fights, and the speed of the hand is also coming.

Frost, flames, glare!

Three waves of swords, three layers of sweeping out, is the magic swordsman professional famous “fluctuating three stacks of waves.”

In the audience channel, there was a burst of cheers. It was the true fans of the Promise team who were applauding for their own trump card. However, this beautiful “fluctuating three stacks of waves”, even the onlookers face the party have a bit of a moment, and finally some people can not help, with this skill, loudly began to mock the Xingxin team to surrender.

He An was a bit wolf before. But with one enemy five, whoever has to be awkward! Now that the members of the Promise team are all together, only four people have reversed the attack on the Xingxin team. What is this? This is the gap in strength! Four people are enough to repel five of you! Waiting for someone to come again, how can Xingxin block?

Since the command channels of both sides of the team are open to the audience, even if the audience does not understand the situation, they can guess from the battle command of both sides. Looking at it now, although the Xingxin team has strategies, it seems that it can’t be done! why? Because the strength of the Promise team is indeed strong enough, the professionally-born team is indeed more cooperative and more disciplined.

The four men fought side by side, and the offensive was in a wave of tides. After a while, the fifth person of the Promise team also arrived. At this time, the mood of the faceless face powder has been mobilized. I feel that this time the frontal conflict between the two sides will lay the victory. So the refueling, the ridicule of ridicule, the celebration of victory, seems to have begun at this time.

But what about the players on the field?

In the heart of Wu Chen, there is still no stability at this time. It may be that the team has been playing for the weak team. The defeat of the channel has given Wu Chen a keen sense of crisis. At the moment, he began to feel that there is something wrong.

“Don’t just take a fight, go through, first cut the pastor up!” He An said at the channel at this time, Wu Chen saw, but also nodded.

Probably this is it? Wu Chen thought, this is the killing, although they have the upper hand on the offensive, but if there is no treatment occupation, the fault tolerance rate is low, and it is possible that a mistake will cause irreparable losses. There are not many people who go to live now, and it is possible that they will be won by the other party in a wave of chaos. Still hurry to switch up to the pastor to pull the high blood line to make people feel at ease.

“Pressure, press it!” He An was a disgusting moment for the wolf. There is no treatment, five output occupations with scope skills, this map bombing in the past is really mighty and overbearing, any opponent at this time is not good to rely on the pastor to resist, unless it is sure to disrupt the opponent’s offensive in an instant. Otherwise, the scope of the five characters will attack, and everyone’s life will be lost. It is difficult to maintain by one treatment. Even if the technology is enough, the consumption is too big, and it certainly cannot be made.

Under the bombardment of the map of the Promise, Xingxin fought back and retired, but they did not go back, but they stepped on the aid area.

So at this moment, Wu Chen’s sense of crisis, which was beating from time to time, broke out completely again. Suddenly he realized the problem.

“Withdraw!” Wu Chen screamed in the channel. This time, the audience did not understand at all, and the Promise team players were very upset. Even two people asked together: “What?”

“It is aid law! Quick withdrawal!” Wu Chen called.

Aid warfare?

Players with rich knowledge of glory, when they heard the term, and then looked at the situation in front of them, they suddenly understood. However, the real aid law is not the same as before. However, if the current Promise team does not retreat, if you continue to attack this team with the Xingxin team, it is equivalent to send it to the Xingxin team to use the aid warfare.

Even a lot of viewers have come to understand, and the few players of the Promise team are not so slow, even if they have poor professional experience.

“Retreat, retreat!” He An also yelled in the channel.

The result is as if the people of Xingxin’s team have seen it. In the public channel, they suddenly jumped up to the Xingxin team’s sentence: “Retire now, how late is it?”

“Come, let the old man open a door for you!”

Jun Mo smile followed by a sentence, it was a windward array, the sixth person of the original Xingxin team, but at this time was called through the aid area, the priest of the Xingxin team was cold, but it was returned.

This is the aid battle.

Using the aid area, the treatment profession and the sixth person are frequently switched. After the rhythm is mastered, the attack power can be greatly improved without delaying treatment, as if the six people are in combat.

However, because this tactic must be aided in the region, of course, there are great limitations. If one party is standing in the aid area, then the other party will not be able to come. Therefore, the aid warfare method is a kind of control existence in most maps. Only in a small part of the map, because of the location of the aid area, it is possible to use the aid team to fight in the corner.

At present, this picture of Quanyan Qihai does not have these characteristics. If the Promise team thinks of this early, there will be no threat if it does not keep up. As a result, they themselves had to change to the pastor, and they were eager to go to the aid area than the Xingxin team. This was completely ignored. At this point, when the Xingxin team had already occupied the land, they were too excited and rushed too hard. When they retreated, I was afraid that they would suffer a loss.

The martial arts in the wind, the cane has been lifted, and the black air began to surround. Wu Chen saw that he was shocked. He quickly directed the Xiaogun to turn around and was a shot. He greeted everyone: “It is the door of death, interrupted!”

A laser cannon slammed out of the muzzle of the gun. As a result, Jun Mo smiled next to the windward cloth and slammed on it.

The laser cannon has a knockback effect, but in the face of the shield, all such effects are compromised. Wu Chen saw that the other side had a shield cover, and quickly operated the gunshot muzzle to the sky, he had to come to a stab projectile. When he thought of the flash of light in front of him, the laser cannon that he shot was actually reflected back straight… …


Second more! (To be continued)

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