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Chapter 805 a little bit serious

Promise team.

In the fifth season of the glory professional league, he joined the professional league and became a professional team. In the professional league, he mixed up for three years and finally got out. The best result in the past three years is 15 people. It really isn’t a great team.

But when it comes to the challenge, it is already enough to be a team that is full of laughter. The champions of the past years have been monopolized by such a team. []

Although there are no big gods in their team members, they can be mixed in the professional circle for three years, at least they are qualified professional players. Although there are not many silver costumes in their corners, there are always some. Compared with the Xingxin team, only the two poor silver weapons are of course much stronger. And in addition to the silver, they are all oranges, this is not the same as the current Xingxin, the corner of the Xingxin team is also a purple dress. It’s hard to get a countertop in the professional circle of purple.

This kind of team is nothing more than because there is one more Jiashi this year, otherwise it will be in the past, that is the end.

The oss level, now the second round is drawn, it is not good luck. Maybe only like Ye Xiu, let Jiashi pull it relatively.

However, it is impossible to substantially reduce the strength of the Promise team. The hardship of this level still exists.

“At least we have to get some equipment first? There is no silver, oranges have to get together.” Chen Guo said at this time. As for the method, she already thought of it. There is only one way to get the equipment in a short time, save money!

Silver is not necessarily able to get money, but the orange dress is different. There is something circulating in the average player, and it is still possible to solve the problem by selling some money.

Xiu seems to ting agree with Chen Guo’s opinion. After nodding, he said, “Do you have friends or relatives? What do you like with oranges?”

“Ah?” Chen Guo stayed. She did not think that the equipment was actually borrowed. Borrowing equipment to play? How does this make people feel that they are not particularly reliable?

“Do you have any friends to borrow?” Ye Xiu said this and asked Chen Guo.

“I…no…” Chen Guo stuttered, but after she had passed her mind, she found that she really didn’t. Not having no friends, but her familiar friends are not orange. This seems to be a good number for the professional team, but it is so scarce in the eyes of online games. No way, the realm is different, and the horizon is very different.

“Look at the Louloulan there!” Ye Xiu said that he really did. Calling Loulou on qq: “Comrade Xiaolou, is there any equipment to borrow?”

Lou Loulan is now a full-time professional player, and the name is of course announced. His surname is Lou, the name of Guan Ning, the boss of the Yiwu team and the captain of the team. At the end of the two rounds of the new season, Yiwu has heard some depraved voices. I feel that the righteous team is just a plaything for the rich. Ordinary players play glory, just in online games. And the rich people’s temperament is not the same, simply paying for a team and sending themselves to the professional circle to play.

But such a game of play, isn’t that self-inflicted? Really think that having money is omnipotent?

Many players are so ridiculed. Because of the two rounds, the performance of the righteous team is really poor, currently only one point, the lowest ranked 20 teams.

Lou Guanning is also annoyed! After having learned the lessons of Ye Xiu, they have already set their minds, and the goal is not as thick as it was at the beginning. The drop at the moment is also too big. Not to mention the pursuit of rankings, now it is so difficult to get a point, but at the moment everyone is helpless, there is no way.

The five-member group of Yiwu was gathered together at this time. It is said that Monday is a regular meeting to discuss how the two weeks of suffering should be digested. But after the opening remarks, the five people were silent. Lou Guanning himself has nothing to say, he is hungry and he hangs qq, and as a result, he saw the news from the gods.

“By the equipment? What equipment?” Lou Guanning did not look back.

“The most powerful equipment! Our opponents in the next round are a bit tricky.” Ye Xiu replied.

“We are particularly troublesome in the face of every opponent.” The absent-minded Lou Guanning obviously didn’t think about Ye Xiu’s words, and there was no time to take a break with Ye Xiu to play the time.

“I saw your game, and everything is difficult at the beginning!” said Ye Xiu.

“We have already made psychological preparations, but I did not expect it would be so difficult.” Lou Guanning replied.

“The opponents in your first two rounds are also strong. This is the truth.” Ye Xiu said.

The first round of the world is the reincarnation of the opponent. This is the intention of the league to arrange the next Ma Wei, and it did not disappoint, so they beat the whole army. In the second round, they met the smoke and rain team.

Although the smoke and rain team has never been counted in the top giants, but last season was also eliminated from the top of the team to enter the semi-finals, to clean up a new team just joined the league is not hand-to-hand?

As a result, this game has won a good start, and the first time in the single-player competition, the first points since the competition, so that their confidence and morale. But soon they were beaten back like the original shape of the first round, and the next nine points were not held.

They won a one-point single-player victory and they have been forgotten by the bad mood. As a result, Ye Xiu had to mention this game: “And you haven’t won one game? It means that you are not enough, but you haven’t adapted yet. The feeling of a professional league, peacetime, not talking with people in the arena. The same?”

“It is not the same.” Lou Guanning admitted.

“A little tension is inevitable, and adaptation is good. Everyone has this stage.” Ye Xiu said.

“When the **** was just playing a professional game, was it nervous?” Lou Guanning asked.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said.

“But at the time your performance was still very good.” Lou Guanning’s resume on Ye Xiu was ting clear.

“Well… because everyone was a newcomer at the time, so I guess the opponent may be more nervous than me.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha…” Lou Guanning did not return the news, and directly laughed out, and the other four people who were still stunned immediately looked at them strangely. They all blamed each other in their eyes. The meaning of course is that you can still laugh at this time. Come out, don’t concentrate too much!

“It’s a big god!” Lou Guanning turned the computer screen to show the four people their chat.

Of course, the four people know who Lou Guanning said is the “big god”. Although there are countless people in the professional circle who are called the great gods, on their righteousness, they simply say the word “great god”. It must be that Ye Qiu is undoubted.

In the chat, Ye Xiu did not say anything to comfort or encouragement, but just understood the current problems. Although they didn’t tell them what effective solutions, at least let them know, this is what every professional player must experience when he grows up. They are just like everyone else, nothing special. It’s just not special. It seems that there really is no need to be dejected.

The mood of the four people was unexpectedly better. Lou Guanning finally realized that Ye Xiu started looking for him. It was not about this. He quickly took the initiative to bring the topic back: “The **** you just said that you want to borrow equipment. ?”

“Great equipment, how powerful it is!” said Ye Xiu.

“Do you want to borrow the silver that we use now?” Lou Guanning said.

“I can’t mind if I can!” said Ye Xiu.

Lou Guan Ning did not have a table on the table. After he slammed it, he replied: “Is the rule allowed?”

“As far as I know, there seems to be no corresponding clause.” Ye Xiu said.

“In the non-transfer period, the angle sè transaction is forbidden, but the equipment seems to be replaceable.” Lou Guanning has also studied the various rules of the league.

“Well, let me know, where did you get the silver outfit?” Ye Xiu gossip.


“There is no deep repair.”

“thank you.”

“Get it for me.” Ye Xiu is welcome. In fact, at first, he really didn’t think about borrowing people’s silver clothes. He just wanted to have any stock oranges on the online games. I borrowed them first and then went back after finishing this round. As a result, Lou Guanning introduced the topic to this topic. Ye Xiu felt that the proposal was very good and he accepted it with pleasure.

I watched Chen Guo while staying. Borrow it with equipment! It’s really welcome to borrow silver from now! Just don’t know if you can give money to the righteousness?

Chen Guo is looking forward to it. There is no competition between the teams on both sides, and the match day is not the same day. If this is not borrowed, it will not have much impact on the righteousness. Unless the righteousness is also a happy face party, I am happy to be abused. However, the righteousness is not only, but they are quite a bit sympathetic with Xingxin. At this time, it seems that it is really established by using equipment.

Chen Guo was a little bit ji, and while waiting for the reply with Ye Xiu, he said excitedly: “Oh… in this case, can you find another professional team to borrow again? They also know you!”

“That is all know, but they are not the boss.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guoyi understood that Lou Guanning is now the boss’s dual identity and can afford such a master. Other teams, players obviously do not have such authority. It is a little difficult to find someone to ask for this.

In fact, isn’t it right here? Lou Guanning said that Ye Xiu and the other four people said that several people were lost. This kind of request, no psychological preparation! According to the relationship between the two sides, there is no conflict, and borrowing it does not hinder it. But…how do you feel that this is a bit unfair?

By playing equipment to play the game… Is this another record in the circle?

“What career do you have?” Lou Guanning finally started the operation of the actual xing.

“It doesn’t matter, just take it! No one wears it, Jun Mo laughs and wears it.” Ye Xiu replied.

When the building was crowned, it burst into tears. The scattered people were so powerful!

The first is coming sooner! There are two more. Because you don’t need to update your card, your mindset is particularly relaxed and cool! Ro! .

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