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Chapter 785 Not Ye Qiu

Jun Moxiao is Ye Qiu. Full-time masters full-time master full-time master chapter

This news belongs to the whole glory world. Only a relatively high-level glory circle has already recognized this fact. For the middle and lower level players, listening to this rumor has been listening for a long time. No matter whether you believe it or not, it is a matter of course. The original news did not cause too much repercussions.

However, the Jiawang Dynasty jumped out to sit down and rumor this time. The timing was somewhat subtle.

The Xingxin team, participating in the challenge, and taking Jiashi as an opponent is no doubt. Because of this fact, it has recently been turned out that Jun Moxiao is a rumor of Ye Qiu. According to this argument, Jun Moxiao is certainly not Ye Qiu. If it is Ye Qiu, how can he fight with Jia Shi?

As a result, the Jia Dynasty now confirmed that Jun Moxiao is Ye Qiu, which has turned the brains of many people into a half-turn. In the end, some people definitely believe that: Ye Qiu and Jia Shi have big contradictions. It seems that this is true, this is not Did you and Jiashi die?

Non-Jia Shi powder non-leaf autumn powders are all on the scene at this time, and the discussion of various wonderful ideas is endless. At the moment of the top 10 faces of the novel list, many Jiashi powders are like Xiaoming in the past. After hearing the news of being seated, they have been out of control for a while. Urban power novel list

In the past few days, fans of Jiashi have completely demonized the Xingxin team.

In their view, this is simply a big villain with no evil. But suddenly the other side turned into a change, the big villain boss is actually their most prestigious **** Ye Qiu of Jiashi, a year ago they are still screaming and yelling at the ace of the ace, which makes Jiashi powder how to accept it at one time?

There are doubts, questions, and direct development.

Jiashi out of the game, this is undoubtedly a big crisis in the history of the team. At this time, the former captain of the team did not become any help. Instead, they started a new team and went to the challenge to add chaos to Jiashi…

Based on this logic, Jiashi got a lot of support. No one has ever discussed how to step on Xingxin. More people are denying Ye Qiu. In contrast, the voices that speak for Ye Qiu are much weaker.

This step is a good move. Regardless of Cui Li or Chen Yehui, from this window, you can directly see the Xingxin Internet cafes blocking a large number of fans, slogans and asking Ye Qiu to give a statement. Top 10 in the list of novels

This scene is familiar!

Last season, when the results of the JS team were in a mess, these fans were not gathered at the club door twice. Full-time masters read online and now, seeing that Ye Qiu has been forced to such a degree, Cui Li and others feel that it is very sulking. Next, we must look at the public relations ability of Xingxin. The problem is that there is an Internet cafe in the district. What professional crisis public relations team can it be?

Jiashi estimates that Xingxin is at most a contradiction between Ye Qiu and Jia Shi, pointing out that Ye Qiu was forced to retire. But this kind of thing can only be said by Ye Qiu’s mouth. There is absolutely no evidence based on it. Even if Su Mu Orange is added, it is nothing more than a slap in the face. If you pull it for a while, there will be no clear results.

For this kind of ridicule, there is no preparation for it.

The public relations for a long time has been preventing this day! Ye Qiu’s influence, no one will be more clear and jealous than Jiashi, before Ye Qiu’s influence disappears, they can’t prevent this possible breaking. If Ye Qiu retaliates with such a blast, it can be said that it is due to the glory of the world.

Tao Xuan, Cui Li, Chen Yehui and the like are hiding in the club and watching the excitement. The movements of Jiashi have not stopped. Full-time master online reading After the Jiawang dynasty confirmed the identity of Jun Moxiao, Wang Sheng, a spokesperson for the Foreign Propaganda Department, also made a statement on behalf of the club, confirming that Jun Moxiao is indeed a leaf but also a little mention, in Jiashi When the team was in poor condition, they tried to contact Ye Qiu to help the team as a consultant, but it was a pity that Ye Qiu refused. All the chapters of full-time masters Wang Sheng pointed out in his speech that he regretted Ye Qiu’s refusal, but the club can only respect Ye Qiu’s choice.

It is not important to say whether this is a good thing. It is important to revisit it at this moment and to capture the good opportunity beautifully. In the eyes of the fans, the team asks you to come back. You don’t come back now and get a team to play the challenge. Are you sincerely fighting against the team?

For a time, countless fans were chilling. Xingxin Internet cafes, Jiashi Club have media on the two sides. The transfer market in recent times may not be very lively, and I don’t think there is such a hot topic in the challenge. There are giants like Jiashi, and no one is concerned about this topic!

Of course, as a media, reports cannot be targeted. The full-time master’s latest chapters do more homework, and can also make the content of the report more substantial. So while rushing to the two interviews, the media also collected information on the Xingxin team, especially in the case of the challenge, the media is the official channel of the glory alliance. Urban Rebirth Novels

As a result, this inquisition was a big surprise. The official glory of the glory clearly stated that the registration status used by Jun Moxiao was not Ye Qiu.

As for the official name of Ye Xiu, it is of course not clear that the challenge registration only needs to provide a true and effective identity. Can pass the identity review at the time of registration, this Ye Xiu’s name and ID number can prove to be true. Ye Xiu is so personal, it does exist, and now people who use Jun Moxiao to sign up for this account. And what does he have to do with Ye Qiu? Ye Qiu’s message, of course, will also be honored by the official glory, which will be retained when registering as a professional player. The two names are very similar, and the ID number is surprisingly similar, but it is not exactly the same. Both identities are completely true, which means that this is basically two people.

For the glory official, the identity is legal, then they have no reason to question again.

As for the external, the challenge has not been the practice of publicizing the name and materials at the beginning, because at this stage of the beginning, the identity of the contestants is not necessarily true.

In order to expand the impact, more players can actively participate. The challenge registration review only requires one identity, and the middle and early competitions are all online. The official rules of the game, at this stage, can only rely on the players to consciously follow. It is really difficult for the official to have any evidence to do something like a fight.

But by the end of the challenge, the challenge will enter the offline game, and it is impossible to come out and play a class. The team that used to move to this step will have nowhere to be seen at this time. Therefore, each challenge will be reached at the end, and the identity of everyone will be announced after offline verification.

So now Junmo smiles up and is called Ye Xiu, 〗 〖True and effective identity. The official can only be suspected by the staff, but there is no reason to question from the official point of view. And they can tell the media, that is, the registration information they currently have: Jun Moxiao is not Ye Qiu, at least from the information on the registration. Therefore, according to the regulations, the person who operates Jun Moxiao can only be called Ye Xiu. If Ye Qiu is playing in the generation, according to the regulations, the corner sè will be stopped by the glory game, and the players and teams with cheating will be Disqualification.

The media from the official channel to the news face each other. This is the confirmation given by the league official. Of course, the media knows that the official side must have said this with the registration information of Jun Moxiao. The credibility is unquestionable.

Soon, the news was reported by the media. The official of the Glory Alliance has definitely pointed out that the player who took the name of Jun Junmo is definitely not Ye Qiu.

The fans suddenly stunned, and they screamed for a day, just an oolong made by the Jiashi Club? Is the Jiashi Club wrong?

Jiashi Club.

From Tao Xuan to Chen Yehui, everyone’s mood is very good. At this moment, the appearance of Ye Qiu’s identity is really a good opportunity. Standing by the window, watching the Xingxin Internet cafe was surrounded by water, Tao Xuan felt very happy.

Looking at the beauty, suddenly found that the heap of people seems to have started a little sāo move.

What big move are you going to do? Tao Xuan is quite looking forward to seeing the scope of the sāo move more and more open, the players are turning around in the east and west. Then, Tao Xuan saw people pile up and turned around, striding through the road, and then blocked the door of the Jiashi Club.

How is this going? Tao Xuan took a moment and thought, this is probably Ye Qiu broke the news, fans immediately turned around and looked for Jiashi to say it.

Thinking of this, Tao Xuan was not annoyed at all, and he was prepared for this. Ye Qiu, Ye Qiu, are you still unable to hold your breath? Tao Xuan thought, got back to his desk and picked up the phone. He was ready to call the outside propaganda department to figure out the situation and proceed to the next step in the plan. Whoever thought that the number had not been pulled, the office door was suddenly ringed.

Xuan greeted him while dialing the number. The door was pushed open, and manager Cui Li came in. The look on his face looked awkward, apparently not sending any good news.

“What?” Tao Xuan’s hand froze, and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“The news just now, there are media reports that Jun Moxiao is not Ye Qiu, but there are others, and the news is recognized by the alliance.” Cui Li said.

“What? What news? Which media reported?” Tao Xuan was shocked.

“E-sports house…” Cui Li said.

Tao Xuan could not be questioned. E-sports home, the most professional and most competitive e-sports media in China, is not the kind of roadside tabloid that will make up the news of huā side for the circulation.

If it is the report of the e-sports house, it must be confirmed by the alliance.

“This is what is going on? Call Chen Yehui to me!” Tao Xuan suddenly became angry. Jun Moxiao is Ye Qiu. This news was originally provided by the guild. Tao Xuan can now ask a question. Clear.

As for the fans who blocked the door outside the club, Tao Xuan certainly knows that this is not what Ye Qiu said. This is what the players saw when they saw the report and immediately ran to the side of Jiashi to ask for sin. ! .

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