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Chapter 780 Looking for it, looking for a master

There are quite a few players who start, but not all of them. It is really sensible. Just like this one, I came up and hit it. Although it was not a complete defeat, I didn’t see where to go. However, people did not have the mind to face, but there was no such thing as a face-lifting. It’s not the kind of master who feels that he’s lost in the world and loses his face. It’s normal to play a game in an arena!

This person lost a game and wanted to come to a game. Chen Guo did not express any objection. As soon as he prepared for it, Tang Rou made a decisive move into the game and still went all out. If he didn’t, this one lost again.

“Great! It’s too powerful!” The man praised it earnestly, and made those who were in the face feel particularly uncomfortable. But what is the solution? This person is not all the way to them, can you still blame anything? However, this person came up and lost, but it was also against the team of Xingxin, which they did not want to see! They hope that the Xingxin team will be weak, and that a three-year-old child can win with his foot on the keyboard. Although this is certainly not possible, it is indeed their dream. []

“This guy, willn’t it be the person they arranged?” There is always a thought that there is no lower limit, and I never try to try to figure out the problem from the most malicious point of view. However, there are people who support this concept, and some people immediately nod their heads: “Sure!”

They talked about this. As a result, Chen Guo was asking again: “Is there still anyone? Is there anyone? What happened? Does this seem to be particularly different from the enthusiasm I saw during the day?”

Chen Guo said with a bit of sorrow, but everyone can hear the ridicule and banter in this statement, with the pure face of Chen Da’s boss who is slightly inconsistent with the real age, the lethality is extremely powerful.

“How many people are there in your team? What do you mean by always single-handedly? Can you play in a match or team match?” Someone suddenly asked. This buddy is also a brain turn, suddenly thought that this Xingxin team will not be invited to such a master sitting in the town and then so stunned? If you really want to do this, can you let the other person show up if you play a match or a team match?

When he said this, many people immediately understood it. Suddenly, the ups and downs have risen again. Someone has waited for Chen’s answer to answer the question: “Yes! Can’t you play a match or a team match? People are so fun!”

“Yes!” Chen Guo smiled.

When everyone heard it, it was suddenly “squeaky”. Oops, it seems that people are not foxes, they are real!

“The downfall or the team game, you pick it up.” Chen Guo said.

Everything has arrived here, and it will not work again. The players began to look at each other again. Everyone gathered for this Internet cafe for one reason, and most of them didn’t know each other. So the level of glory is not clear to each other. At this time, it is necessary to form a group and not know who it is. Just big eyes and small eyes, finally stood up one: “I am coming!”

“That counts me!”

“I will come too!”

Someone started, and some people immediately followed up. In the twinkling of an eye, there have been three people who have taken the initiative to ask for the number of people in the competition. This is enough.

“Three people, playing the stage game?” Chen Guo said, the computer in hand is naturally the news, the room of the arena is quickly changed to the platform mode, followed by two people in the cold smoke, a rogue buns Invasion, a warlock in the wind.

A look at the other side of the battle, many people immediately called “not good”.

This cold smoke was softly discharged to the first one. As far as her level is concerned, she basically won two people. This is almost full of blood and then hit the third, one pick three no suspense! This cold smoke soft level is quite high, if the competition in the ring game can’t break her, the strength of the people behind can’t be debunked! I don’t know how the three people went up this time. Should it be stronger than the two ones there? Should you be able to beat the cold smoke?

Unconsciously, many players are not thinking about whether the competition can win, but three people, can you put the cold smoke of the first battle down.

As a result, everyone’s expectations have come true. The three players who played in the battle were really overthrown by the cold smoke. The level of these three is indeed stronger than the two. However, the three men lined up, but they only lost half of the cold and smoked life. If you don’t calculate it scientifically according to this level, the cold smoke will hit them like this, and picking six is ​​no problem.

One pick and three are played out, no matter how unbelief, this person must be a master. In the average player, you can pick up three and have half of the blood left. That is probably what happened to the veteran. In front of him, it is obvious that there is a clear gap with them. Xingxin Internet cafes dare to make such a gimmick, it seems that they are really prepared, they just want to come to the board, it is a bit too naive.

When Chen Guo asked if there was anyone in the team competition, it was half a slap in the face. In the end, someone came up naked, can you not talk to the cold smoke, and learn from others.

After Chen Guo’s quick response, and then it was killed by the rogue brick called the buns invasion, everyone was completely convinced that, by virtue of them, they could not pick up the scene of this prosperity, and people were at least prepared. It’s really not to be picked.

At the end of the night, the players who were not uncomfortable had come out and tried it. In the end, they all praised Xingxin very badly. The radical players were silent at the end, and the talented sprayers had disappeared.

Chen Guo looked at the way to stop and stopped, and even asked three times, “There are no ones.” After seeing no response, people put everything in the projection. Finally, everyone said another sentence: “Welcome to come back tomorrow.”

Aggressive players are so angry! No master, what is the use for tomorrow?

For them, the last night was a bit unhappy. A bunch of people finally left at about the same time, their faces were not made, what is the point of their existence here? They are not greedy for this free and cheap, they hate Xingxin Internet cafes too late!

After the Internet cafe, a bunch of people immediately and talented. But no matter how embarrassing, I have to admit that the Xingxin Internet cafes are looking for a good backing, and they can’t really clean up. For a time, everyone began to talk about the masters of their own understanding, and the ones on the mouth who claimed that they knew how powerful they were, one finger overturned eight cold smoke and soft.

No one cares about pure bragging. Seriously, it is really organized to see if you can find any master to pick up Xingxin. I really can’t understand this brazen arrogance!

In the end, a few players who seem relatively stable, more reliable players still have contact information, are ready to contact the masters they know, come to Xingxin to face.

The next day’s Xingxin Internet cafe was still bustling, and yesterday’s wave was unwilling to be retired. Today, there are still many such radical players. What happened the next day was surprisingly similar to the first day. From very early on, there were quite a lot of ridiculous players who smashed the team of Xingxin Internet Café. Chen Guo continued to take it easy, and still said that he could learn from each other at night.

As a result, at night, a group of people who are ready to hit the face are beaten, then sneak away, then go out and condemn together, find a way to start counting together if you know if you have a finger. Sudden death of this gang of masters.

The third day, the fourth day…

Most players are arrogantly coming and going. On the fifth day, the Xingxin Internet cafes had already been sent to the Internet by the good guys, causing widespread concern. Just in the Jiashi club diagonally, it is quite a bit gimmick to get the team ready to challenge the professional circle.

At the beginning, including the uploader, I used this as a joke. Everyone is laughing at where the Internet cafes that I don’t know are living and dying. In such a brainstorming way, I don’t know how to offend the majority. Glory fans are actually the spoils of their own business? I really thought that with the fame, the business would be prosperous, and the notoriety of the name would not care?

Everyone laughed and looked forward to Xing Xin being beaten!

As a result, one day passed, two days passed, three days passed, and four days passed. On the fifth day, there were more and more people in the post, and it was really a bit tolerant. Is it really a bit strong? There are even no wit speculators: This is not the fact that the Kasbah team is actually changing the way to do things? After all, this season’s challenge challenge, Jiashi, has received a lot of attention. This way, it is a way to speculate on something.

When the Internet was still in a mixed situation, this fifth night was finally a decent figure. These people are the losers in the past few days. In the end, they have been tortuous and inquired, and they are easy to reach.

This is a circle that is so easy to hit. On the second day of the second day of the first day, these people are ordinary players. They definitely don’t know each other, but with the same purpose, they go to find a master, and they come and go, and finally they all hit a place. . These masters also saw this gossip on the Internet. Now they are being brought to the door, but they feel that they are going out to town.

You find something, I find something, we crash and find something. This east and west, the seventh day at 7 o’clock in the evening, this Xingxin Internet cafe, actually came to the eight legendary masters, playing the team game, then there are two more.

These eight people obviously think that although they are no more professional players, they are also personal in the glory circle! I reported an id and said that I would like to give up each other. After a few players who came in, they all ran like a little squat before running. They all forgot how they ran out from Xingxin Internet cafe a few days ago. Seeing that Chen Guo was there, there was a sudden rise in popularity.

On the side of the eight masters, some people have already introduced the boss who is the Internet cafe. These eight masters suddenly have bright eyes, big beauty!

One of them immediately rushed out, and finally arrived with the little cockroach who went to find Chen Guo. That little glimpse, I had to introduce it first: “This is the cool brother of Feiyun Internet Cafe. Is the boss supposed to have heard it?”


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