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Chapter 778 Unintelligible activity

“A few brothers, go! Go in and play….,

After hearing Chen’s affirmative reply, someone has already greeted him. However, it is obvious that going to the side of the party is not likely to be a group of people. Some people are stupid, but most people do not come out to stroll in the early morning. I found that the gossip stopped and looked around. After the onlookers were over, what should I do? Will it be delayed even for the sake of greed?

Finally, I went to the Internet cafe, so I was so two people. In fact, people followed it and looked at it. It seems that I really have no money to find a place to play with the computer. After I’ve been surprised, I still do what I should do. It’s gone.

The first bo caused by the onlookers, the thunder is relatively large, the raindrops are relatively small, of course, this has a lot to do with time. Early in the morning, there are still relatively few idle people.

However, as time passed, Xingxin Internet cafes finally became more and more lively. Chen Guo was not ready to go upstairs to play games this day, so he was ready to keep the front desk and guard the guests.

The topic has been fired, and some people even come here. At noon, even the owner of Hongtai Internet Café, Ma Shenyi, came to investigate in person. Standing at the door of the Internet cafe, staring at the banners, the billboards are over and over. Until the front of the door, Chen Guo saw him and shouted a scream: “Hey, it’s the horse boss, what are you doing, come in and sit!”

Ma Shenyi nodded and came in and looked around. The business in Xingxin Internet Cafe is called a full. Ma Shenyi is also opening an Internet cafe. How can I not know the passenger flow situation of Internet cafes? Usually, the time between early morning and noon is the lowest rate of Internet cafes. Xingxin Internet Cafe is unusually hot, of course, because people are free. The news was directly transmitted to Ma Shenyi’s Hongtai Internet cafe. At that time, some people retired and the machine flashed. Of course, it is not to say that they are all cheap. Most of the Internet cafes are glory players. They will run to Xingxin, and more will be attracted by the gimmick. Come to Hongtai Internet Bar to spread gossip, and also emphasized that Xingxin Internet Cafe organized a team, claiming to be in the professional circle.

Let’s not say that there are no giants such as Jiashi this season, even if there is no team in the Internet cafes, it is simply playing tickets. How can such a team not? Hongtai Internet cafes also have good glory players who are going to play in the challenge! But it is said that if you want to kill a professional league, then you are too ignorant of it. There is no Jiashi, I don’t know how high the earth is. With Jiashi, it is a anger for the glory players in this area: Who knows that this season the Jiashi team will play the challenge! You are on the opposite side of the Kasei Club, playing such a signboard, what do you mean?

This is the real reason that really attracts many glory players. I really want to say that this is cheaper! Some people have thin faces, and it’s not so good to hear that there is a cheaper place to catch up with the past.

This is another cheaper and have a gossip to see, one to two to go, Hongtai Internet cafe door can be a bird.

Ma Shenyi is also a glory player, but it is the kind of rational powder. The guest who heard it said, immediately judged that this is what Chen Guo is doing, and 80% is a promotion. But another fine, what is this promotion? Today’s Internet cafe business, prolific is supported by the game of glory? Chen Guo’s move is a crime against local glory players. For the glory of the city, Jiashi powder is definitely the overwhelming majority. This is not only because of the achievements of the Jiashi team, but also because a large part of the reason is because the Jiashi team is established in the city of h.

The advantage of this kind of geographical xing is absolutely impossible to ignore. Fans who gather because of regional xing are often the most loyal, and even if the team is down, they are willing to stay with the team. They have a deep sense of participation in the team and will tie the team together with their hometown.

Ma Shenyi left and thought about it right. He didn’t think it was right. When he saw that he had no business on this side, several network administrators had to fight on the table. After asking for a word, he personally ran Xingxin to see it.

The station carefully looked at it and found that the rumors that came to him at the Hongtai Internet cafe were really not exaggerated. This Xingxin Internet cafe really did a team, and the wording of this propaganda was obvious enough. Directly named, I want to do it.

“Chen Bo, ah, what are you doing, how can I not understand?” Ma Shenyi came in, and Chen Guo was of course personally greeted. She certainly knew that this would definitely not come online.

“I told you to look outside for a long time, why, I am not clear enough?” Chen Guoxiao.

“It is clear enough to write, but the meaning inside is really a bit unintelligible.” Ma Shenyi said.

“The horse boss is very worried! What is the meaning inside, as you see.” Chen Guo said.

“What I saw?” Ma Shenyi made a stay. “Do you really feel that your team can get into the professional circle? Tell me?”

“No, I really think so.” Chen Guo smiled.

Ma Shenyi is a bit confused. Chen Guo is his competitor. Everyone usually deals with a lot of battles. However, if you want to say 1 person, Ma Shenyi thinks that Chen Guo is not a woman who has a city. There has always been one talk, one talk, two talks, and it’s so hot. It’s true that this is true now, it should be true. The problem is that this is too ridiculous, and you can’t believe it if you kill it!

“I said,” Ma Shenyi still has to question “The last time I bet, you really have a few masters here. It seems that the level is also quite good. To say that in the past, you have such a master, team this way. Play, I really have the heart to bet on your side, but this time, there is a triumph in the challenge! Even if your team has two, you don’t think they can beat the team with three All-Stars. “How do you know that it is impossible?” The victory and defeat of the glory game has always been known before it is played.” Chen Guo said.

“This is not a fake, but it is also a similar situation. Your team, the level can be similar to the Jiashi team? The two have always said something, I am also welcome, really if it is so level The team, I think there seems to be no reason to be under your control? You Internet cafes… Can you be more valuable than an All-Star player?” Ma Shenyi said that he was looking at Xingxin Internet.

“Oh, there is no absolute thing!” Chen Guoxiao.

Ma Shenyi believes that Chen Guo is a human being. He believes that Chen Guo will not fool people. Chen Guo seems to be very confident in front of what he thinks is incredible. So there is only one possibility. Chen Guo has a card that he does not know.

He and Chen Guo are no strangers, but as a competitor, the relationship is not much better. This kind of thing that the other party did not take the initiative to say, Ma Shenyi estimated that he could not ask. So I will not say more, look back at the hot Guangxin Internet cafe, casually said: “You really want to start the new league?” “Yes!” Chen Guo nodded.

“That seems that I can put a holiday in this half a month.” Ma Shenyi said.

“That may not be the case, you see me, now people are full, it will be at the peak, certainly can not sit down! At that time, you must have your share of the flow. I said, or you can also engage with me Engage in this activity?” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t tease you, what reason, I am going crazy with you?” Ma Shenyi said.

“That’s not to regret it!” Chen Jie said.

“You don’t regret it, I want to see how you are going to go on this move.” Ma Shenyi said, waving his hand. “Go, go back and see if there is any need to make fun of the Internet cafe, just take this half. Month, see if it is refurbished.” “That is slow, I will not send it.” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t send it, you are so busy, what to send.” Ma Shenyi said, and finally it was poisonous.

In the Xingxin Internet cafe, the excitement is still there, and there are people who come in to see the Internet for free, but most of them are worried about the propaganda of Xingxin. While surfing the Internet for free, they laugh at Xingxin’s ignorance. . This part of the people is definitely not the free Internet access, while enjoying free, while also despising the free activities of others, it is purely sitting in a disgusting and happy.

Everything that is ugly is there, so those who do not play glory and do not understand the glory are stunned. What is this? Providing people with free Internet access, the result is still ridiculed by these people, this ordinary person’s thinking can not really understand.

They can’t understand it, and they don’t need them to understand. For the sneer of the glory powder, Chen Guo was mentally prepared and sat in peace.

I know that she is the boss wife, but also from time to time.

“Boss wife, your champion team? Don’t pull out to let the big guys see and see?” “Yeah, but you come here, you will have to ask for a signature back, maybe you will be worth a lot next year.” What is it? What is it? It must be!” All kinds of yin yang screams, but Chen Guo is an abnormal temper is very good, just smile, but also patiently answered people before they are not really asking questions, and It’s just a question: “The team is training now, I’m afraid it’s not convenient to meet everyone.”

“I still train, good professional!” Some people called, followed by nature is a big laugh.

“Boss, you can say that in addition to free Internet access, there are opportunities to talk with the team! We have enough online for free now, just wait for the discussion.” “It will not be free online, Charge?” “I am collecting, is this the righteousness of this activity, then I have to go quickly. The appearance fee of the champion team must be very high. Can we afford it?” It is still a sneer. Chen Guo waited for the laughter to stop, and then he replied: “If you want to learn, let’s go at night!”

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