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Chapter 767 Gathering (on)

Ye Xiu succinctly told Luo Ji about his current problems. As a high-profile student of a prestigious university, there is no doubt about the ability to understand. Luo Ji nodded and tried to operate according to the advice given by Ye Xiu, but the performance still did not reach the desired effect.

Luo Ji also suffered a bitter face, and turned back to Ye Xiudao: “I always want to do it subconsciously, and it is harder to control it than to do it.” “More habits will be better.” He encouraged him to persist. He also knows that this may be a bit difficult for Luo. Because this is not an operational habit problem, but Luo’s natural xing is a xing. I thought that when he wrote the Raiders, the trivial to the ultimate research was completed by this kind of support. This person just wants to perfect every step, without any error, Ye Xiu does not know whether this is a habit that a mathematician can develop. In short, it is a bit difficult to drive a game corner with such a habit. It is when the level of operation is not enough to drive this level.

Luo Ji continued to toss according to the instructions of Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu looked at it for a while, but for a time he could not see any signs of progress. This kind of innate habit is hard to overcome. Ye Xiu could not make any suggestions. To change this situation, or Luo Zike’s habit of restraining him, or the level of operation is soaring, can fully grasp the perfection he pursues, no matter how to do it, obviously it is not something that can be done overnight. In comparison, changing habits can at least play a certain level now. For this reason, Ye Xiu praised him for trying to change it.

Luo Ji also has a lot of perseverance. After listening to Ye Xiu’s instructions, he began to work hard to adapt. Even the dusty servants who have come all the way have forgotten. Ye Xiu got up earlier today, and everyone else hasn’t arrived yet. There will be nothing in the game. Ye Xiu has been watching at the dawn, and he has to take two sentences from time to time.

About three o’clock in the afternoon, the door of the training room was slammed open. Wei Wei walked in with a big stride of smoke, and took the lead to look like a big brother. Behind the body, Bao Yifan and two entered one after another. Mo Fan was only a moment later, only one person came in silently.

Luo Ji, who is working hard, heard people coming, and quickly put down the game station and got up. Several people who came in also noticed him.

“This is Luo Ji, it is the dawn.” Ye Xiu first said to a few people, followed by preparing to introduce Wei Wei, the buns have come to laughter and walked over: “Ha ha ha, this is your guy! I don’t think you really have The opportunity to come here, it seems that I did not misread you, I am my credit!!”

The four men came in, and Luo Ji had guessed who was a buns without introducing them. Wei Wei’s age is too big, and Mo Fan’s indifferent look is also very uncomfortable.

Qiao Yifan is very honest and kind, and I can’t imagine how this person looks like a buns. Sure enough, after the exclusion method, this looks very different, that is, the inexplicable off-line buns in the game. As a result, Luo was not prepared for it, and he was already greeted by the buns.

“Hah, this is a buns, you are very familiar with it!” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

“That is of course, Twilight, but I watched it grow up!” Baozi said that he had already stood by Luo Ji’s side, and he grabbed Luo’s shoulder and swayed hard. Luo Ji’s head is not high, less than half the buns, but the body shape can not be said to be thin, but now the buns are so shaken, suddenly there is a feeling of “weak burst”.

Luo Ji wants to speak, but in front of the buns, he is completely unable to grab the right to speak.

Ye Xiu then introduced Luo Ji to other people. This is Wei Wei, that is Joe Yifan. These people are dealing with Luo Ji or in the group, or in the tenth district, they are not completely strangers. Only Mo Fan, Ye Xiu knows that Luo Ji does not know that there is such a person, and added a sentence: “This is Mo Fan, just joined.”

“Not yet.” Mo Fan was cold and cold.

“Well, not yet, come and visit our team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Inspection, Supreme!” Luo Ji’s eyes have some look up.

“Hahaha, I am a fart, I told you that the last time I was shot by a brick and I couldn’t find it in the southeast and northwest. It was more than a month after we were killed by us. I don’t know how much sand and bricks I have eaten…” The buns hold the Luo Ji and talk endlessly. Luo Ji knows that although the buns are off-line, they never get anything wrong with them, but the understanding of things is not in the same position as normal people. What are you talking about now? What is this?

Luo Jifeng did not know clearly, and he saw that it looked very indifferent, even if the guy who was expressionless when he was introduced, he heard the buzzing of the buns, and the eyebrows jumped.

“I have done it, you have to take a twilight to sit down!” Ye Xiu interrupted the buns.

“No need to use it, I just want to sit on my own.” Luo Ji flustered and broke the buns and held his shoulder and said that he was familiar with his right hand, and flashed back to his position. But when I saw it on the left and right, there was no one on either side of the position. As a result, the next second buns sat down to the position next to him. It seemed to be a gift of the general mouth, wěn said… Well, today I am very difficult to guide you personally. Let’s have a look! ” Luo is depressed! But the change of the mark is too heavy, he is not like tossing people, but helpless to focus on the game, focus on continuing to follow the requirements of Ye Xiu.

“No, no, how to waste wood! Call this dog to stop this!” **** called.

Walking the dog…,

Luo series is speechless. That is the summoner’s summoning beast fire elf, but the flame lingers in the attack, looks a bit like a dog’s head, and the result is named after the dog.

“The other side over there!!” “This side!!” The buns couldn’t help but poke on the computer screen of Luo Ji, and often waved to the sight of Luo Ji, not to mention the moment still under the display. Leave countless fingerprints.

“You can’t do it quietly!” Luo Jihuo fire, in fact, just arrived in the new environment today, just met with so many new friends, Luo Ji does not want to be so rude, but it is unbearable! He admits that the buns are sometimes right to sip, but the problem is that he is not going to help with such a fingering, and it is all about chaos.

“I actually talk to the boss in this tone, don’t want to mix you?” The buns clenched in the fist. Usually, the game is so full of fear, but now I look at this real person, this is the meaning of real people pk. ?

“The buns don’t quarrel, go back to your own position!”

Luo Ji was finally rescued by Ye Xiu. The buns were shouted back to his own position by Ye Xiu, and Luo Ji took a breath. Ye Xiu shouted the buns, and by the way came over and looked at the practice of Luo Ji. He saw that he was still working hard. After encouraging a few sentences, he went back to his position.

“Now people have been tidy, or simply clean up and pack up, and then eat and live training will be put there.” Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu sitting back, and then overjoyed to discuss with him. The training room in the Internet cafe is still not used for a long time, so it is a pity that it is not necessary. However, it was directly followed by Jia Shi and Xiao Shiqin. In Chen Guo’s heart, he still left a root thorn.

After all, Internet cafes have to open the door to do business, and it is not convenient to hide. In the case of a professional team, tactics, training, and everything must be actively protected and leaked.

“There is silence here,” Ye Xiu asked.

“Will there be two training rooms in the general club here?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu smiled and said: “If it is for the team players, it will be one. The other is for the training camp, we seem to have not needed this?” Chen Guoyi heard this really. The challenge has not been seen, not a formal professional team. And even if Xingxin became a professional team one day, it became a professional club. Many facilities are not perfect in a short time. The training camp is farther away.

“I just thought, here, when the day is really a formal game, suddenly someone broke in, very disturbed, isn’t it?,, Chen Guo said. She also understood many situations of the challenge. In the beginning In the stage of many teams’ melee, the game is only completed online. Only in the later period will the alliance come out and organize all the remaining teams together for the rest of the competition. So the environment for the game needs to be for a long time. To create. And the time of the challenge is also the league rules, everyone is unified. If there is any opponent to make the line to disturb this trick, it is really a bit troublesome.

Internet cafes, where people come and go, are obviously not a very suitable place.

“You are worried too much. For so many years, there has never been such a thing. The online games are not very clear to each other, and it is even more impossible for the offline competition to be organized by the alliance. Ye Xiu said with a smile.

“Are we not different now? There is there!” Chen Guo shook his head outside the window, naturally referring to Jiashi.

“They are even less, you have to worry about it., Ye Xiu Khan. Jiashi said how to be a brilliant dynasty club. I can’t think of Chen’s mind. It is.

“I always feel that I am not practical.” Chen Guo muttered.

“When the people are together, see what everyone means!” said Ye Xiu.

“When is that guy coming?” Chen Guo asked. The members who are currently convened are only one An Wenyi, so they can gather together in Xingxin Internet.

“Come on?” The leaf correction was accommodating. As a result, the news came on qq. It was An Wenyi who opened it and he will arrive at the city at 7:35 pm.

Single day, it’s easier! The people of the Internet Bar team will be all tomorrow! Rush to the challenge! .

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