The King’s Avatar

Chapter 760 Core position

The gossip parties are paying attention to the future of the tyrants of the luxury team.

The gossip party has to end up with this more exciting topic before turning to the poor reality. Even the most loyal fans of Baihu, this time is more of an anger. For Zhang Jiale’s departure, perhaps someone can understand and send a blessing. However, the series of transfer actions of the Baihu Club did not receive any understanding at all, and all kinds of pains were ushered in.

People are concerned about how strong the new league fighters will be, whether they can create a lot of records. Some follow-up small problems, one time, there is not too many people to pay attention to the future of ā is one of them, in addition, there is also a big card like the tyrant who has entered the two main players, so what will be the existing players? Leave it? The players of the Battalion team, whichever is in the transfer market, are enough to attract attention. Only in the immediate situation, they are all particularly humble, and their future is ignored.

The topic about the tyrants lasted for a whole week. The infinite expectation of the tyrant’s next season, and the people who are not optimistic, are divided into two cards, and they are arguing. Of course, it is because of the unprecedented paper strength of the tyrants, not optimistic, of course, due to the age of several big names and the changes in the system of the tyrants. Everyone said that it was all sorts of things, and the smoke filled the whole week for a whole week. What made Ye Xiu and others more depressed was that such controversy still did not affect the mood of the fighters. Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan two, still diligently rushing to the boss.

However, Zhang Jiale, who had worried about Chen Guo at first, has not appeared. Zhang Jiale’s situation is different from those of the two. Grab the boss, the hundred huā guild is also one of the competitors. Face to face in the professional arena can not escape, Zhang Jiale can face with a professional attitude. However, in the online game guild, the opponents are some fans of hundreds of huā, which is difficult to face on the field.

Among the topics that are disturbing, the excitement is always fans. The operations of the various teams are like Zhang Xinjie or Lin Jingye, and they continue to do things in an orderly manner. Some transfers were completed during the week, but the attention was greatly reduced because of the turbulence and the turmoil of Zhang Jiale. Until the last day of the week, the wild map boss has all been brushed, this is a rare leisure time for all the guild elite players, the result is in this day, then heavy list transfer: Blue Rain team’s all-star player Yu Feng, announced the joining of the hundred huā team, the transfer worth 6 million.

The memory of the transfer message was completely opened. Some people have already proposed, but because of the lack of attention and the analysis of the bottom, people are quickly dig from the grave.

Mad swordsman, this is the profession that Yu Feng is good at. The identity of the All-Star also symbolizes that he is the first wild swordsman in the league. The savvy swordsman he steered by him was also regarded as the first mad sword by many people.

But is this really the case?

After this transfer occurred, after the analysis posts that were not being watched and sinking were re-excavated, many glory fans remembered this. The Baihuā team also had a mad swordsmanship, and many years ago, It is a veritable first mad sword, and its name is much larger than the current Fengmeng Huijian.

To know that the hundred huā team is not a soy sauce team, they are the absolute strength of the three finals. Relatively speaking, they are only prominent in the development of the guild in online games, giving people a sense of instability. Coupled with the three finals but three defeats, it is inevitable that the team is always inferior.

But in any case, the three finals, this is second only to Jiashi, and the outstanding record of the grass team. Such a team, not only a hundred huā chaos such a trump card sè support.

Falling huā!

The glory of the first mad swordsman before the fifth season of the league, this corner is still unknown. It and the huā 缭 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 刚 曾 曾 曾 曾 曾 曾 曾 hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu

In the fourth season, the golden generation flocked to the professional league. In this year, everyone pays more attention to the amazing talents of the rookies, and the tyrannical team’s double huā to the end of the Jiashi dynasty. The first round of the game was eliminated.

In the fifth season, the double huā combination came back, and they led the way in the regular season. Who wants to be a star player of the huā team in the middle of the season, and the operator of the first singer, Sun Zheping, was injured in an accident and could not continue to play. Zhang Jiale’s independent support, finally put the Baihu team into the finals, but ultimately lost to the then magician, such as Wang Jiexi.

Sun Zheping’s hand injury could not be healed, and he finally retired from the professional circle after the end of the season.

The situation faced by the Baihu team on the same day was strikingly similar to the situation after Zhang Jiale retired: In the professional circle, there was not a very prominent swordsman in addition to Zheping.

The first mad sword fell, and it sank like this. Unfortunately, in the next sixth season, the Blue Rain team rose strongly. In addition to Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, in their championship lineup, there was a savage swordsman, Yu Feng, and the Blue Rain team also appeared in a strong mad swordsman sè: Hui Jianfeng Mang.

The champion’s sè, let Yu Feng and Hui Jianfeng tangled with a halo, has been quiet for more than a year, and many people have been forgotten.

In the seventh season, although the Baihu team went into the finals, everything seemed to have nothing to do with the hustle and bustle. This was once the most important partner of the hustle and bustle, because the operator’s mediocrity, he could not fully play him. The strength of the battle, and sometimes because of the rhythm of Zhang Jiale hundred huā, the scenes left behind countless embarrassing moments. In the same year, the progress of the Blue Rain team in Yu Feng was more obvious, and the equipment of Hui Jian Feng Mang was also more perfect. Yu Feng and Hui Jianfeng were selected as All-Stars, which officially replaced the status of the first mad sword.

In the eighth season, Zhang Jiale suddenly retired, and the hundred huā team was in chaos. The newcomer is a strong rise, but the result is three rogues that are inconsistent with the two major ace. This year, the huā was not even how to play, its position gave Tang Yan and his rogue Derry. Once the first mad sword, so lonely is also incredible, but at this time, what else is there to pay attention to this? Everyone is more worried about the stagnation of the hustle and bustle.

Until then, when the transfer of Yu Feng was announced, the memory that had been indulged for a long time was suddenly turned up. Especially those fans who support Bai Hu for some years, suddenly realized that there is still such a horn in their team.

The topic has finally begun to completely revolve around the huā. The intention of Yu Feng’s transfer is very obvious, but this transfer is not enough to sell hundreds of hus! Six million transfer fees, not to mention the 10 million that Tang Yan transferred, that is, there is no such a million, this should not be a number that is difficult to beat the team. Can take down Yu Feng, then find an ammunition player, reshape the double huā combination, how much better?

The players opened with no discourse, and in an interview accepted by Feng, the answer was a little bit faint. The interview is not just a hundred fans, the problem will not only be around the needs of the hundred huā. In the interview with Feng, the reporter did not understand why Yu Feng chose to leave the Blue Rain team, did the team give up him, or did he take the initiative to leave?

To say that the transfer since the opening of the summer transfer window, the happiest is the media, and the most painful is the media. Happiness is because there are so many special transfers, so that they will not be out of stock during the offseason, but the pain is because these exciting transfers are not a bit windy.

The two sides announced the announcement, which made the media somewhat unprepared. Interview, that is also to do a lot of preparatory work, the result is now in order to grab the first time information and there is no such time, the media can be difficult.

But it’s harder, but it’s not **** the scalp? The first media about the exclusive interview with Yu Feng racked his brains to question the topic. Why did Yu Feng choose to leave? This is the first one. In contrast, the various hunts of the huā team, they are not in a hurry to find the answer from the front of the 〗 〖, the interview of the hundred huā team is also carried out at the same time!

Yu Feng’s departure is his initiative. If he can, the basket rain team does not want to give up all the all-star players who have grown up. As for the reason for leaving, Yu Feng said that it was more subtle, but still conveyed the meaning.


This is the deep reason why Yu Feng chose to leave the Blue Rain team.

Treatment, hundred huā can afford, blue rain will not be bad: results, at this time, hundreds of huā, obviously not as good as the blue rain team: the only blue rain can not give Yu Feng, is the status.

Even though he is already an All-Star, even though he is already the first savage swordsman in the league, he is always a third in the Blue Rain team. And let him work harder, the position of the two fronts seems to be nothing to shake him.

In the hope of becoming a team leader, I hope to have an absolute core position. This is what Blue Rain can’t give him. It is also the reason why he finally decided to transfer.

And the hundred huā team, it happens to be such a useful. They cleaned up everything that was in the hands of the original, and the determination to overthrow the reconstruction is evident. In the transfer of Yu Feng, there is no doubt that they are setting up a new core, with their original first savage swordsman as the core. . ! .

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