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Chapter 759 a dark day

This unrelenting corner of the acquisition of the transfer, when excavated, immediately quickly boarded all the headlines about glory or e-sports. The postings of the major forums have grown in geometric progression, and of course the discussion is invariably a matter of arrogance.

After the initial madness did not understand, gradually there were some analysis of the rules and regulations on the surface.

Zhang Jiale is ready to come back to join the tyrants? The news was originally a bit of a wind, but how murderous is the Eight Diagrams Party? Even if there is no more thing, you can add fuel and vinegar to you.

Zhang Jiale’s comeback to join the tyrant, this is the truth, and it is also the most plausible explanation at the moment.

Because there is really no special ammunition player in the current professional circle. This may also be the reason why the Baihu team will eventually abandon their core corners, and it is undoubtedly a bold decision. Just after this corner of the sè transfer was burst out, the hundred huā side has already been a snoring, no one can reasonably analyze this matter.

Hundreds of huā may be because they can’t get the right core players, so Soxing completely rebuilt and rebuilt.

But what about the acquisition of Baihu? Do they have good ammunition players on this side?

These people who are working in the professional circle have been counted by the gossip party as early as the Tang dynasty’s resignation. The current theory is that the current ammunition transfer can have no more than four million worth, and no one can see which one The potential of becoming a god.

So the acquisition of the tyrants was finally guessed by the gossip party.

First, it is a great newcomer in the field of tyrants. The occupation is the ammunition division. Second, it is the tyrant who invited Zhang Jiale, who suddenly retired last season, to come back.

Both arguments are now discussed. Of course, Ye Xiu and others know that the second argument is the truth.

Ye Xiu even guessed that when he and Zhang Jiale met in the game, he might have been working on Zhang Jiale.

Lin Jingyan’s transfer seems to be abrupt but I’m afraid it’s a plan that he has already done. It may also be such a plan…, Zhang Jiale will finally be moved.

Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Lin Jingyan, plus his Zhang Jiale, this is an all-star combination that has never been seen in league history. Although there will be three All-Stars in some of the giants, the weight can be completely different from the Blueprint.

Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, these three players can all support a team of ace players is the core of the original three teams. Now, the three core figures are together, which is absolutely unprecedented. Such a blueprint, if you can’t move Zhang Jiale, then whether he wants a champion or not is debatable.

However, the biggest argument for those who disagree with this truth is that if they really come back, the Baihu team will not sell hundreds of huā, and the hundred huā team is the only home of Zhang Jiale, but this is his effect. Six years of the team!

Undoubtedly holding this view is the death loyalty of the hundred huā team, Zhang Jiale’s death loyalty.

Ye Xiu, those who know the truth, can’t bear to watch it anymore. They have already thought of the moment when the truth is announced. I don’t know how many people will be heartbroken.

The league stipulates that retired players must be one year old to return. Zhang Jiale suddenly decided to retire at the beginning of the new season last year, so that the Baihu team was caught off guard. At that time, it was already the end of the transfer window to close, and now there is really no special ammunition player in the circle.

However, this provision mainly refers to the official registration of the players to participate in professional competitions but does not say that it is impossible to announce them early.

So on the evening of the same day, the news of the real sensation of xing appeared. Zhang Jiale, who has never had any news, accepted an interview with the reporter and admitted that he will return in the new season, and has already reached an agreement with the Ba Tu team, the new season will play for the Ba Tu team.

Even though there are already a lot of gossip, the strength of the truth is always incomparable.

For a time, hundreds of huā chaos was overtaken by the tyrants and Zhang Jiale’s comeback to join the tyrants was tied to the disposal of the entire glory circle is crazy. Compared with this news, Tang Yan’s 10 million transfer is simply weak.

It is not the case that Ye Xiu and others have expected the truth to come out, and the heart is broken. The most vocal, most fierce, is the most loyal fans of the hundred huā team.

The team gave up Tang Yan, which allowed them to reluctantly accept. After all, this core is not the tradition of their team, they still prefer the tactical style of the ammunition.

But then, give up the hustle and bustle, which makes them unacceptable anyway.

However, when this incident was exposed, it was already a boat. It was already a transfer that was recognized by the professional league. The fans did not even have the chance to protest, because the protest could not change the facts.

They feel that this is a very disrespectful behavior of fans who feel cheated, fooled, or even betrayed. All the loyal fans screamed angrily and yelled for an afternoon. They screamed at the decision of the Baihu Club and regarded it as a brain-breaking transaction, asking the club to give all fans a confession and explanation.

And those only the lively gossip party, written by Zhang Jiale will join the Gutu guess, making them feel very angry. In their minds, even if Zhang Jiale had retired irresponsibly last season, it was also the ace of the team who was the best sè of the team. In any case, it would only be a hundred huā people. How could he go to what?

Fans are scolding the club while they are fighting for the former players who maintain the club and countless gossip parties. The love of the fans is true love. They don’t understand the club’s actions, but when they think that they feel insulted the team players, they resolutely choose to fight.

Until the moment of the evening.

When Zhang Jiale’s interview was announced. All the gossip parties 〖Xing〗 Fen, they waved this news, and slammed the face of the hundred huā fans who sprayed them one afternoon.

And this time, hundreds of huā fans, really did not have the slightest effort to fight back.

The club sold their favorite corners, and their favorite players took the initiative to go to other teams. For a loyal hundred fans, this moment feels like being abandoned by the whole world. This day is definitely a very dark day for them.

Countless people have no strength to argue with others.


At this time, the hundred huā fans can still come up with what to say to others?

No hundreds of huā fans silently shut down the computer at this moment, and the news that appeared one after another in this day really made their hearts sink to the bottom. However, there were not a few fans who broke out with anger. They even reprimanded the Baihu Club, and this time, Zhang Jiale was completely rolled in.

This result, Zhang Jiale has long foreseen. Even during the interview, the reporter was informed of his decision and immediately foreseen this absolutely happening. The reporter had already asked this question at the time. Zhang Jiale’s answer sounded calm. He was sorry for the irresponsible retirement of the previous season. He also regretted that he returned to this season but did not return to the squad. He did not say what he hopes fans can understand. It’s just that the reporter may have felt the pain and uneasiness of Zhang Jiale when he said these words. He asked a question why Zhang Jiale made such a decision.

The answer is simple: for the championship.

For the sub champion.

The meaning of these four words is still understandable.

In a stormy scolding, there are also fans who send beautiful wishes to Zhang Jiale. However, it is obvious that their blessings cannot be widely supported. They have become the object of the Baihu Club, which will be sprayed after Zhang Jiale.

The noise continued for a whole week.

Even professional players are tempted by dàng. Or on vacation or going home, I don’t know where the professional players who are squatting are bubbling at this time, and they exchange information with the players they have handed in, and they are talking in the group of players. In these large and small groups, Zhang Jiale actually has some, but the party has never said anything. However, the players of the tyrants have come out with two screams, and the tone is naturally self-evident.

However, everyone is a mature professional player, and will not argue in the group who will win the championship next season. That kind of dispute will be there in the early days. Now everyone is very mature. This kind of transfer, no matter how violent the outside world seems, the professional players will be very calm.

The reason, just because they are the people who understand the four words “for the championship”.

Of course, there is no absolute thing, and there are no players who have a lot of opinions about Zhang Jiale’s practice.

But no matter what is being debated in the group, Zhang Jiale has never been seen before, just as he did after he retired last year. I don’t know if he is really absent or diving.

The plan for the new season of the fighters has been clearly displayed in the public. This is the first strong paper lineup in history, which has attracted a lot of attention. The media even counts the final score of the current league. I think this is a goal that the Blaze team can challenge in the new season.

As for the age of Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan and Zhang Jiale, of course, everyone did not ignore it. It’s just that age is the biggest driving force for them at this time. This is what many people can see. The heads that have already been described in the report are the roads. If you don’t write this, the three new leagues will burn the small universe to the last moment. Destroyed the planet.

And the hundred huā team? The two transfers allowed them to get a transfer income of 26 million. This is actually a record, but at this time they seem to be surrounded by people like poor people.

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