The King’s Avatar

Chapter 740 First come first

Return to the four presidents. It is not in their own studios. The steps of the Lamb Steps are very rare, and there are very few open-air sensations. But the four people at this time have a kind of sarcasm. I didn’t feel it.

but. The four people asked again and again.

Xiao Shiqin. Don’t swear. Ss, just pay attention to what people have come to sleep. As a result, I saw a bunch of messy players grouping up to get rid of the mouth. Ss. In the end, the group did not say anything, and they almost succumbed to this detective.

Salty and unsweet is to watch the player of a smoky building squad run slower, and the robes of the red robe warrior Milner will give a spike.

Wild map mouth. Ss is really terrible. Salty is not sweet and amazing. Although he is a member of the Association, he has also witnessed the wild map. The strength of ss.

The group destroyed a wild map, and a person in the Yanyu Building fell off. Wei is not sweet and amazed, but he also earnestly fulfilled his duties and uploaded the newly confirmed special report.

The guild team will arrive soon. The news I received was so salty, this mouth. Ss, it will definitely be their domineering Yatu.

Salty and unsweetened, no disappointment, the team that dominated Yatu really came soon. He saw the president of the guild, You Fengdian, this big man, but he usually did not have the opportunity to see it, but now he was actually called in the past, and Saifeng Electric personally said a few words. This honor. In general, salty and sweet are definitely enough to be excited. But today, the salty and unsweetened attention is not all on the president. Next to You Fengdian, quietly stood a pastor character looking at the mountains and clouds.

The domineering vertebrae never lacks the pastor’s European and pastor masters, but the one in front of the eyes, salty and unsweetened, knows that this is not only a domineering figure, not only the field of the gods, this goes the whole glory, the top priest, this is Zhang Xinrui, the vice captain of their tyrants

There are no impenetrable walls in the world, let alone Zhang Xinjie to lead the team. Ss, don’t go to see what people need to hide and squat, now even other guilds know, not to mention domineering inside. Seeing this priest in the glory of the gods, the salty and unsweetened and even the president of the president, You Fengdian, said that he did not listen to it. He is thinking about it with regret. It is a pity that it is just a vest. This is because the priest’s role as the vice captain does not turn, and the evil is more handsome.

Finally, salty is not sweet or brave enough courage to say to Zhang Xinjie’s Wangshan cloud, a team of hello. When calling a deputy. Deliberately or unintentionally remove the evil character. Directly upgrade one level, this is the number of ways used in society. However, Zhang Xinjie responded with a serious response. Hello, it is the vice team.

It’s not sweet for a while.

The owner of Youfeng Electric, the president of the domineering Yatu, Jiang You is also very angry and funny at this time. He said that Barabara said for a long time, and Zhang Xinjie, who turned his head to the side, said hello. Jiang You is of course very faceless. But it was Zhang Xinjie who had cut his face. What else did he say? Besides, this kind of powder sees the mood of the idol, and he also understands it very well.

The cough of the Blue Creek Pavilion has arrived. Jiang travels here, but it has received the sentiment from other players.

Ye Qiu, their evil side secretary Zhang Xinjie asked, apparently, his scruped opponent only had this one and B Lanxige’s words. Before the first battle, he encountered a guy with a small stretch. Zhang Xinjie even suspected that the evil person was Huang Shaotian. It is. But then I will see it later.

Huang Shaotian is not very likely to be violently beaten, not even so quiet. Although Lu Yuwen is not too quiet, the side is more than Huang Shaotian, saying that he is quiet and no one will have opinions. Moreover, even if Huang Shaotian, Zhang Xinjie’s consideration of Lanxi Pavilion will not exceed Ye Qiu’s side. Yu Wenzhou’s words are still similar. This is the Ou Bairen group, and it has crossed the profession.

Deleting the circle of the team’s cold scale dozens of times of the group battle, the value of the cypress singer and the **** of the war 甑 super show those hand-tip knives.

There are also movements, it seems that it is a matter of time. Jiang You said

What is this publicity?

Reincarnation x smoke and rain x whistling. The information in Jiang You’s hand has this.

Ok, let’s do it, first determine our strengths. Zhang Xinjie did not hesitate any more. He had the competition with Ye Qiu, the leader of this level, and his advantage was accumulated from all sides. Early arrival is an advantage. Zhang Xinjie does not want to let this advantage go away, and to do something like post-production.

The advantage needs to accumulate, and one second is the accumulation of one second. The domineering player quickly rushed into the red robe warlock Mildi.

Well, the first is coming out quite early, and there are two more nights to see.

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