The King’s Avatar

Chapter 737 Spying on the enemy

The material that is collected here by Red Belt Jena does not have this meaning. This is a strong enemy that Jiashi will face in the challenge, but the intelligence of this strong enemy is very blank, which makes Xiao Shiqin very unreliable. He has been accustomed to studying his opponent’s tactical style of tit-for-tat. The words in the league are easier to handle, even if they have not yet handed over the team, but there will always be other game videos of this team available for research. But now this Xingxin is just getting started, and where can I find such information?

He was going to come back to Xingxin and turned around. As a result, he met Su Mu Orange. They didn’t even say what they were going to do. They just walked together and found that the destination seemed to be the same. Looking at each other, it is coming up.

“The team is on holiday, and there is no one who wants to unite!” Xiao Shiqin answered the first half of Ye Xiu. It’s true that it’s true. After the grand welcoming ceremony for Xiao Shiqin, Jiashi’s side is also continuing their holiday. The players went home each morning early today, and the tourist tour took a light. Xiao Shiqin himself did not intend to spend all of this in the club this summer, but he just came after all, and it is not too late to be familiar with the environment for a few days before going on vacation.

As for whether or not to understand the situation, Xiao Shiqin simply did not answer. Because he does have this meaning, the comment is to cover up, simply do not say more, just like this!

“Everyone should not talk to this guy, be careful to be spy on him.” Ye Xiu said to everyone.

“You are too straightforward for your predecessors.” Xiao Shiqin was coughing again.

“What are you doing?” Su Mu Orange is still a member of Jiashi, but there is no conscious self-consciousness. After turning to Ye Xiu, he will see what he has done.

Xiao Shiqin also thought about it, but he also knew that he was different from Su Mu Orange. After a basic understanding of the situation of Ye Qiu on the day of yesterday, Xiao Shiqin did not have to ask to know that Su Mu Orange would have to come over this diagonal door after fulfilling the contract with Jiashi this season. This is a metaphor for Wenzhou,

The new gold generation combination outside Huang Shaotian, I am afraid that it can only be seen in the challenge.

“Thousands of aircraft umbrellas upgrade to the level, do you want to see?” Ye Xiu said to Su Mu Orange, and also entertained Xiao Shiqin on the one hand: “Xiao Xiao, you sit first, I got the silver weapon. “Yinwu!

Xiao Shiqin’s eyebrows jumped a bit, but Ye Qiu’s situation was a little bit like this. Tao Xuan had a brief date with him yesterday. This magical shape of the umbrella is no secret.

“Oh, what about your silver martial arts? I heard that.” Xiao Shiqin responded. I am already thinking about it, apart from this Yinwu, what other arms are there on Xingxin?

At present, the biggest advantage of Jiashi to Xingxin is that it is on the corner. This accumulation, the reason should not be a casually drilled grass platform team can catch up. But the problem now is that there is a great **** in the grass team, Ye Qiu, a guy who has been fighting from the beginning of the professional league to the present, and has seen all the glory in the east. It is not unusual to know how to make silver. Tao Xuan has already told him personally that if Ye Qiu makes another set of silver in the autumn of a leaf, he will not feel anything unexpected.

This corner is Ye Qiu has been used since the professional league has not been established, and its relationship with Ye Qiu is actually far older than Jiashi. Now, in the autumn of Ye Qiu Zhang Luo, there is another player who uses the War Mage. What it means, Tao Xuan feels that it is not necessary to say too clearly.

Xiao Shiqin’s answer is to test whether people really have other silver weapons. Of course, he didn’t expect people to tell him, but couldn’t he slip?

The result he heard was: Yes, that is.

Hey, this 〖 answer〗 Xiao Shiqin does not expect, because this information is known!

Xiao Shiqin didn’t turn to Ye Xiu to see it. People made silver martial arts. This is definitely a secret. Now he is accusing him of giving face here. He also ran to see people making silver martial arts. It will definitely be hit by people. In exchange for the research department of Yinwu in the regular club, the words “free people are exempted” will be placed on the door, and people will not be allowed to go anywhere.

However, Xiao Shiqin couldn’t just sit down and listen to Ye Xiu’s hospitality! He is not running to wait for someone to entertain him to chat, is it to count on the autumn to tell him: Xiao Xiao, our corner here is like this, what are the silver, you go back and prepare to deal with us!

Xiao Shiqin turned around like nothing, and three people in front of him were operating the game.

Tang Rou, Bao Zi, Qiao Yifan.

Xiao Shiqin tempted Xing’s eyes on the three screens, so I don’t really see anything, but probably, will I see some reaction from the other side?

The reaction really came! Xiao Shiqin was just watching it. When passing by the guy behind him, the man looked back and suddenly picked up his body, as if he wanted to put the monitor into his arms, blocking Xiao Shiqin’s sight. It is.

“What are you looking at!” The buns asked very seriously.

“I didn’t see anything! Just turn around.” Xiao Shiqin had a fight.

I didn’t expect the other party to react a bit, but I didn’t expect the reaction to be so big and so concentrated.

“What is the secret of this rogue?” Xiao Shiqin had already thought about it, but at the same time he was very embarrassed to retreat.

What can’t you watch the buns?

Don’t say Xiao Shiqin, even Chen Guo is thinking about it! This is really inconvenient to see, she stood up and stopped Xiao Shiqin, or also a serious exercise base on the door, idlers are free. But now they are not there any secrets that need to be hidden? So Chen Guo didn’t care too much, and Ye Xiu said it was a joke. Indirectly telling Xiao Shiqin that he is doing silver, but in fact it is quite a hint of hint: I am not convenient to come over here.

Xiao Shiqin really knows the fun, did not follow Su Mu Orange to join here, the result is a few steps away, making the buns so big reaction, everyone and Xiao Shiqin up.

The buns went on and continued to stare at Xiao Shiqin’s eyes, making the big **** really embarrassed to turn around again, listening to Ye Xiu’s words, to the sandbags “sit and sit”.

There is a leaf autumn, the battle master’s silver dress is not a big problem.

This rogue does not make people look, afraid that it is also a little doorway. Wei Wei, the former captain of Lan Yu, is a account that he brought from the game into the professional circle. The relationship with Ye Qiu and Yi Yeqiu is similar. Can the warlock’s silver suit be handled?

There is Su Mu Orange, the boss has already said frankly with him, if Su Mu Orange can’t stay, Mu Yu Orange Wind, this all-star corner sè may also be taken away by her, if this also joins Xing Xin’s words .

Waiting for the rain and orange wind to join Xingxin, this seems to be a year of things. At that time, the challenge was early, and Jiashi and Xingxin could only live one. The Xingxin team with the rain and orange wind could not be the key to the challenge. I thought it was too far.

The other one at the moment is…

Xiao Shiqin’s gaze fell on Qiao Yifan’s body. This boy, the boss also paid great attention to it yesterday. Xiao Shiqin also tried to understand the situation of this boy last night. From the official news, last season in the micro grass, this Qiao Yifan registered career is obviously an assassin! As a result, during the All-Star Weekend, he used the ghost swordsman to challenge Li Xuan, and Xiao Shiqin swept a few eyes just now, and also saw that Joe Yifan is definitely using a ghost swordsman.

How is this going? Xiao Shiqin thought about the taste of this. Could it be said that Ye Qiu had already won Joe Yifan early in the morning and said that he would abandon the assassin and switch to the ghost swordsman? Can it be said that Ye Qiu’s side, the equipment of the ghost swordsman is also ready? Just thinking, suddenly I saw Joe get up and walked towards him. !

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