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Chapter 73 Sand throwing technique

Chapter 73 Sand Dripping Skills

The reaction of the three major guilds is quite telling the truth of Ye Xiu. The performances are quite mature. It is worthy of being a large guild that has been in business for many years. The domineering male figure responded the fastest, the blood gunner’s thing did not last long, the night was not coming to the news, and did not mention this matter, directly invited to kill the Goblin merchant. The treatment is good, but the first condition is of course to ensure that the completion of the first killing of the Goblin merchants is domineering.

Ye Xiu has no objection. He also has a demand on the merchant side of Goblin. It was originally expected to rely on the market. Now there are opportunities for ready-made opportunities. Thousands of aircraft umbrellas have to be upgraded. The scope to be covered is too wide. I now have 21 levels. The thousand-machine umbrella has not yet reached the 15th level. It is a silver martial. Otherwise, it is somewhat outdated.

The domineering male figure reacted quickly, and the Lanxi Pavilion was a little slower. From the words of the blue river, Ye Xiu can also see his entanglement. Ye Xiu understands this very well. It is a pity that there is emotion at this time, and the result is that the opportunity is lost.

As for Zhongcaotang, Ye Xiu did not have the news over there. The people in Zhongcaotang have never been in contact with him.

To kill the Goblin merchants, this boss can be refreshed randomly, and it is not a time. However, for many years, everyone has been used to how to face it. Anyway, what should I do first? When I find a wild boss, I can go.

So when the twelve o’clock arrived, everyone still organized the next copy. Ye Xiu received the news of Tian Qi and asked not to go to the frosty forest.

The master brother killed the blood gunners to greet them, so that a few people are very excited, I feel that the relationship with the master brother is close to a few points, a look at twelve o’clock, the number of copies have been, and quickly contact.

“Is it worse?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Poor, four missing one.” Tian Qi said.

“Oh, then I will come right away.” Ye Xiu said, the copy is a daily must-do homework, a major source of experience and economy. Even without the invitation of Tian Qi and others, Ye Xiu must have to mix the wild team. With this brother, it is not easy to pick at least when you meet your needs.

After letting Jun Mo laugh into the frosty forest, Ye Xiu accidentally saw the rogue white buns invade.

“How is it?” Ye Xiu was strange, swept away, and the moon was still absent. Xiao Mao is still hating himself? Ye Xiu does not know that he has no friends who sleep in the moon.

“I am me, I will learn more with a few big brothers.” The buns are very modest.

Ye Xiu knows that this guy is a glory newcomer, but the operation is very skilled.

“Mid in the middle of the month, the kid played for a day, and now, Shen Yumei said that he could not be wanted again.” Tian Qi explained.

“Oh, I won’t do it tomorrow.” Yu Zhongshen said with regret.

“What is your master brother?” Tian Qi took the opportunity to inquire about Ye Xiu’s work and rest. From these three days, the master brother is wanted all day long.

“I still haunted at night.” Ye Xiu smiled and replied.

Speaking of the formation of the team, five people began to write. Although this buns invasion is a newcomer, it is the highest of the five, with 23 levels. Everyone chatted and asked, this guy was too crazy to play, the day of the service was directly 24 hours without rest, the next day, sleeplessly, and then fight. It has been 48 hours since the service was opened. It took 6 hours to eat and sleep. 42 hours in the game, it is basically comparable to the rotation of the Grand Council.

Everyone bursts into a strange level. Ye Xiu still sits in the middle of the town and everything is going well.

“It’s best not to attack the attack immediately after throwing sand. This is a bad fight. It’s better. If it’s pk, the experienced player will be blind in the first time to swipe or control similar attacks.” Ye Xiu also took the time to point out the buns invasion.

“What should I do?” The buns invade humbly ask.

“Stupid, squatting around, anyway, people can’t see.” Tian Qi and others are also teachers.

“After the body is a way.” Ye Xiu did not directly deny the teachings of Tian Qi and others. “But this takes time, and some wastes a few seconds of blindness. In fact, the best way is not to use sand throwing. Start with the trick and use the throwing sand in the combo. In the process of fighting, you will use the sand to sneak attack. At the same time, you have to make sure that you have other choices even if you don’t play blind.”

“The meaning is that the follow-up attack cannot be completely placed on the basis of blindness?” said the buns.

“Yes, I started to throw sand and attack after being blind. It is all old stalks. Now, except for the newcomers, there is no such thing as a newcomer.” Ye Xiu said.

“If it is a sneak attack, can you use sand throwing?”

“This…can…” Ye Xiu replied with a sweat. It was really the wave of the Yangtze River, and now the idea of ​​a newcomer is so mean.

“But the same can not completely pin the follow-up offensive on blindness!”

“Yes.” Ye Xiu said.

“Understood.” The buns invaded and learned a trick, very satisfied. Then I began to practice in killing monsters, trying to find opportunities to use the sand in the process of attack. The npc’s idiots will not be as shameless as the players, and they will not be as shameless as they are, and the bunny invading will look good.

“Master brother, when you take us to kill the Goblin merchants?” Tian Qi and others asked, these guys are also very greedy.

“That, I promised to help the domineering hero to kill it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Domineering heroes?” Tian Qi and others wondered, “Do you want to join them?”


“That is this?”

“Just help them kill the Goblin merchants.” Ye Xiu said.

“Working?” Tian Qi and others asked, they are no strangers to this term. Team activities such as the next copy often have migrant workers, and most of them appear in the copy activities of the middle and low guilds. Because these low-level guilds are not strong enough, there will be some copies that can’t be taken. In order to get the equipment to improve the level, sometimes some high-level players will be hired to join the team to help the boxing.

But it is almost impossible for migrant workers to appear in the three major guilds. What are the masters of the three major guilds? What kind of copy can’t be taken? What kind of boss can’t beat? They are the top team strength in the game. If they can’t even deal with them, there is no foreign migrant worker who can help.

But now, the master brother was invited to work for the three major guilds. This is not like selling a body. It feels like asking a star to come to a hole. It is a big card for collecting fees.

Tian Qi and others are really envious and hateful. I think that at the beginning, I also tried to win over the high-ranking brothers to go to their monthly round of trade unions. Even the three major guilds are paying to invite him to play. The monthly round-the-country trade unions in the field of their gods, which are ranked 50th away, are not qualified for the seniors.

Talking on the sidelines, the message prompted to flash, and Ye Xiu opened, it was the night: “The Goblin businessman is out!!”

“Copy!” Ye Xiu regrets.

“The same, all copies, come out to contact!” said the night.

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