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Chapter 729 High-end matchup

The 729th high-end showdown

Lu Yuwen is very helpless. The knight’s compulsory hate skills are not without restraint, but the problem is that the swordsman profession does not have such skills. Lu Yiwen, who was alone in the battle, could only watch his stream flowing straight to the knight. Although the Cavaliers are inevitably affected by this attack, the key is to disrupt the rhythm of the opponent’s attack, and the mandatory hate class skills are also very useful in the pk battle.

The screaming of this skill is not limited to time. It must be attacked once, and the effect of being smashed will disappear. The knight is also very clever. After smashing this sound, he immediately ran. It is obviously a time to delay Lu Yiwen. Lu Yuwen will not know the characteristics of this skill, knowing that he can’t lift the skill effect. He is not passive at this knight. Instead, he is very active, and the three sections are open, and Jianguang brings people straight.

The knight ran while he turned his back and looked back. As a result, looking back, how did this cloud cloud have not come to him?

Other players are clearly seeing, the three stages of the flow of clouds have already caught up with the knight, and the tip of the sword is picking. In the end, all the people did not see it clearly, but the flow cloud has turned away.

I can turn around and it is clear that the blow is in the middle. But the people who didn’t even notice the move were not aware of it. Then it was a stupid look. Is this a slight trick? This child is really not willing to waste a little time.

When Yunyun Jianfeng turns, he has to go to Wudaojun again. As a result, there were no three steps. The stream cloud turned its head and went back.

“Ah, ah, who is it!!” Lu Yuwen cried, this time the stream was provoked. All the skills of the knight just cooled down, but the elite team of the four guilds, the knight profession did not know how much, cooled one, and then another…

Provocative, that is, the time meter is not based on the attack. Lu Yuwen’s stream cloud has not been decisive in this turn, but instead uses the operation to let the flow cloud not rush out too much. This way, the sword is slashing at the player’s character who is rushing into the army. But no one cares.

How small the personal strength is in front of the team is completely experienced. Even Lu Yiwen is a terrible operation. People who are equipped with online games are also very crowded. In the face of such a huge team, the other party really has to be prepared to deal with you. You really have no way.

Many players have finally grasped the intent to instruct them to ignore them at all.

If you really want to fight back against this cloud, if they have more people, they may not be able to grasp this master. Instead, let him take his nose away. But now he ignores him completely, just when he is a mosquito that can’t keep going, staring at it is a bit itchy, but it won’t die anyway, he will have to endure. I think everyone is the master of the mixed-network tour. This kind of struggle experience can’t help the professional gods to enrich? But soon, everyone was relieved. They are very familiar with online games, but in front of such high-end opponents, they have never met in their usual killing, how to deal with them, of course, they have no rules. Such a struggle must also be the person who has played both online games and professional circles in Ye Qiu.

In the next few days, Lu Yiwen can be poor. The people of the Four Guilds continue to follow the direction of the road in the established direction. What is his flow? The tossed by the knights in the other side of the lineup, this provocation has finished the pick, and the roar is finished again. Skills are over, hey, knightly spirit, skill reset, come back from the beginning… With such an algorithm, each knight has four ways to force him to control him, four guilds, how many knights are there? Lu Yuwen was completely played by the group. The cloud left and right, jumped and killed, but the result was that people fell into haha.

After figuring out the key to doing this, the players are not bothered, and it is also very fun to think that this person has been teased and teased.

Lu Yiwen’s “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh In addition, there is Ye Xiu with a small water and cold in the treatment of the person himself, Lu Yuwen is just holding the opportunity to explode, and finally it is not painful to support.

Lu Yiwen’s tossing, and finally did not delay the time, the Alliance Army quickly rushed to the scene, a look, Lanxi Court did not transfer the boss, because they have opponents now!

The reincarnation guild, the Linhai guild, there are so many at the scene, at this time the three parties mixed into a group, and hit the boss and pk. However, Lanxi Pavilion came early and the strength was strong enough. At this time, the boss was firmly robbed. But there are two opponents who grab bosses, and it is unlikely that Lanxi Ge wants to protect the boss. Moreover, the 55-level wild map boss usually no one will think about doing this, anyway, killing is faster, the pk is dominated by the support, the boss output is awkward, and it is okay to kill the boss, no need and other The guild will fight for you to die.

The scene on the boss side is quite regular. The Blue River is very worried about the Ye Qiu team that will come next. After Lu Wenwen heard about it, he volunteered to say that he wanted to go to the road to harass and get time for the team. Blue River thought that Lu Yuwen’s high-precision operation, even if it was a person, was enough to create big trouble for the other party. Even if the other party can kill him, I am afraid that I have to toss a lot of time. This will delay the opponent’s time and get a chance for the boss.

So Lu Yuwen was sent out like this, and the result was really sharp, but the purpose was not achieved at all. The team of people is struggling with his turmoil. Lu Yuwen knows why he came, but there is no way! Being controlled by such a disgusting method is really sad.

When the Confederate army arrived, the Blue River immediately noticed it, and the heart was stunned.

Come fast, Lu Yiwen didn’t work? The blue river is still pondering, but he soon saw Lu Yuwen’s flowing clouds. On the side of the team, he was tossed by some knights, like a dog being teased.

The Blue River suddenly understood that Lu Yuwen’s flowing clouds were completely controlled by the other party with such means! Imagine that this child has been teased like this, just like holding a pet to play, the blue river heart is not willing to go.

It’s too big! How can you slap someone’s way? Lu Yuwen’s older child, actually let himself push against this person, really sent the lamb to the tiger’s mouth!

At first glance, the stream cloud was still tossed by people. The Blue River quickly sent people to pick up.

Provocative and screaming of such hate control skills Some occupations have the ability to add state to be exempted. Like the Cavaliers, they will not move as they are, and like the qigong master’s temperament, they have the effect of restraining these skills.

The Blue River is going to bring people to save in person, but the people of the Four Guilds have arrived at the battlefield, and they have already dispersed. The clouds have not been seen. On the other side, there is another guild, and the name of the guild is: domineering.

Grab the wild map boss, it is not uncommon for any guild to come, but the priest who led the domineering team leader, Ye Xiu is a bit speechless.

“Zhang Xinjie, you are really good enough, the 55-level wild map boss wants you to take the team to grab it? Give us the poor people to live a little more?” Ye Xiu shouted at the other side.

Looking at the mountains and clouds.

A priest character over the domineering figure, the equipment is also the extreme in online games. After the day of the big battle yesterday, the intelligence networks of the major guilds were basically informed. This is the vice-captain of the tyrants team, Zhang Xinjie, who came to the town personally. How can he be so prestige yesterday?

Ye Xiu’s side is called, and the Blue River also pays attention to the coming people here. The heart that immediately left immediately. Mom’s two bosses are refreshed at the same time. You are the top gods. They are all going to the 55th level. Is it sincere? The big **** grabs the boss and is still afraid of it? Level 65 is difficult to grab some, and run all over here to toss our substitutes?

The blue river perspective is not a turn, they are some elite substitutes here! Not only are they Lanxi Pavilion, they are currently fighting with them in a reincarnation and two guilds in the sea, it is not the team of their elite group. The Blue River is a high-ranking elite. People from these guild elite groups often take photos and are very familiar.

Zhang Xinjie manipulated the clouds in the mountains, and led the team to look after the scene. There stood a pastor: Wu Daojun. It’s also awkward, and Ye Xiu’s side has already shouted.

“There is demand.” Zhang Xinjie’s explanation is as simple as Ye Xiu’s intention.

“Well? The demand here, Lao Han wants to change equipment?” Ye Xiu thought. The boss red belt of the Chiyun Dojo is the main judo profession, and there will be some boxing by the way. Although the material of this wild boss broke out, although it is not based on the professional nature of the boss, it is still somewhat focused. There is a demand for the red belt, and of course, it must be said that it must be the equipment of the fighting system, but this new Jie personally bring the team to win, Ye Xiu is of course to think about the high-end. On the side of the tyrant, the boxing monk is a top-notch high-end character.

“The team secret.” Zhang Xinjie did not tell Ye Xiu, but the effort to speak is obviously already instructed in the team, and the domineering heroes here are not their elite group. Apparently Zhang Xinjie did not expect to encounter too strong opponents on the 55th boss side, I feel that I can lead the team. At this time, when I saw that Ye Xiu was actually there, it was actually a bit big.

Yesterday, their Allied forces did not get better from the domineering heroes. It was not all Zhang Xinjie’s merits. It was really better than the team command, and Ye Xiu would not be worse than him. So the final decision on the outcome is the domineering player level and character strength. But now, he is not the most powerful elite group that dominates the domineering, but the other side is still their backbone, so the advantage of domineering and heroic can not be.

Lanxi Pavilion, reincarnation, and Linhai, the people of the three guilds will be embarrassed… This boss is still killing it! The result was argued that the portraits were theirs, and it was a bit ignoring their existence. But the problem is, Ye Qiu, Zhang Xinjie, when these two great gods are sitting in the town, they have ignored them. What happened? Can they have any opinions? But this is killing, just so eager to withdraw, this is too shameful, right?


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