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Chapter 720 The meaning of drunkard

The 720th chapter

Wei Wei’s **** words are relatively simple and rude. Young people like Sun Xiang are mad at them, but like Tao Xuan and Xiao Shiqin, they have not reacted much. But Ye Xiu suddenly took this

One sentence is more worried, even Xiao Shiqin listened to sweat.

At least Jiashi can meet us.

It sounds like a reasonable statement, but the problem is that this is the champion team of Jiashi, who came to play the challenge, and will be eliminated by the tour group of a casual player group. Ye Xiu’s words are directed at Tao Xuan and don’t feel too good about himself. But in the challenge, Jiashi feels good about himself and there is no problem. It is really their strength to put the challenge in the game.

Tao Xuan did not know what he was doing in his heart, but apparently he also heard the ridicule in his words and immediately replied: “Oh, how can I listen to this as if we gave it to you? How about, how is the preparation for the challenge? Is there a member of your team?”


Xiao Shiqin heard that he finally understood it completely.

Both Ye Qiu and Jia Shi have contradictions and they can see that the two sides obviously do not break apart like he and the Thunder. After Ye Qiu announced his retirement, it seems that Zhang Luo is going to set up a team and prepare to return to the professional league. The result is dramatic. Last season’s Jiashi actually fell to the direct downgrade, and the two sides eventually became the competitors in the challenge.

Then Tao Xuan’s purpose of bringing them over is clearer.

For the opponent, it can be regarded as a demonstration, giving the other party psychological pressure; and for the newly arrived Xiao Shiqin, it is telling him that the challenge is not easy, there is such an opponent ambush, but not Relax.

Yes, can’t relax.

For this versatile predecessor, how can Xiao Shiqin have a slight contempt? When he learned glory and liked glory, it was when Ye Qiu led the JS team to sweep the league; when he officially became a professional player, it was the time when Jiashi completed three consecutive championships and Ye Qiu was the most powerful.

The influence of Ye Qiu on their generation of players is extremely far-reaching. How many players have learned the skills and consciousness of Ye Qiu? Despise Ye Qiu? Sun Xiang, these new generations of players may be, but for Xiao Shiqin their generation, they dare not have such a thought.

The opponent is Ye Qiu…

Xiao Shiqin now understands that this is the boss who told him the topic. He is not a gossip. He has not much interest in the grievances of Ye Qiu and Jia Shi. When he is an opponent, Ye Qiu is no stranger to him. He looked at Ye Qiu’s game and grew up. After becoming a professional player, he will play against the **** every year. At the beginning, it was the method of dying to find a way to defeat Jiashi. Now, he became a member of Jiashi. The first opponent standing in front of him is actually Ye Qiu, who originally symbolized the Jiashi team. In any case, this battle can only win and cannot be defeated. There is no way out for the Challenge.

“What the **** are you doing?” Looking at the triumphant appearance of the owner of the company, Tao Xuan, Chen Guo felt that it was necessary to brush the sense of existence.

“Nothing.” Tao Xuan smiled. “That is to take our senior and deputy captains to visit their predecessors and see if there is anything to teach.”

“Instructions?” Tang Rou was a little excited. “Let’s talk about it?”

“Hmm?” Tao Xuan was a little surprised and looked at the beauty. This is what I said! Today, I didn’t even think about bringing two All-Stars to the market. They didn’t even have an account card!

“Who is coming first?” Tang Rou is already eager to try.

“Isn’t it together?” asked the buns.

“Is that bad?” Tang Rou.

Sun Xiang couldn’t help but think about it, but in the end, Xiao Shiqin was calm, and he said first: “I don’t need to learn from it. I will always meet in the game. This time, I mainly say hello to my predecessors.”

“That’s right.” Tao Xuan Lehehe, did not mind that Xiao Shiqin, the dynasty, set the course for them. The current Jiashi team is in need of such a person who has the opinion and can take the idea. Although Jiashi’s current appointment is still Sun Xiang’s captain and Xiao Shiqin’s deputy, Tao Xuan believes that the real master of the team will be Xiao Shiqin.

Sun Xiang, a young man, has no desire to control the team captain, but the captain is still very proud and happy. Therefore, Tao Xuan did not change the captain to increase the trouble. The identity of Vice President Xiao Shiqin is enough to control the whole team. Tao Xuan believes that this experienced player will definitely understand the intention of this arrangement and handle all aspects.

Just like now, Xiao Shiqin’s reply is very satisfying. As for Sun Xiang’s eagerness to try, he can only feel: young! Still young. Such a dispute of arrogance does not make any sense to them at all. What is the identity of Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin? With the guys in front of Ye Qiu who don’t know where to pick them up, it’s okay to win; if they lose, they will lose face and increase their morale and confidence.

This kind of calculation, Sun Xiang apparently did not think about it at all. When he saw someone challenging, he wanted to beat people down, and that was all.

Xiao Shiqin apparently thought of it, immediately stopped it, and restricted the activity to the chat.

Tang Rou saw that there was no frame to play, and Yi Xing stunned and played with her game. She is also clear about what is coming, but it is clear that she does not need her help, so she does not care much.

However, her appearance of not looking at the professional **** is still very noticeable. In fact, after the game, I decided that Ye Qiuhui would become the opponent of their challenge. Tao Xuan also kept knocking on the snare.

He began to pay attention to the information on Ye Qiu’s side. Some of the previous guesses were put in front of him, like many professional level experts who came to help.

But after all, this is only speculation, Tao Xuan does not want to entangle in such speculation. Today, with such an opportunity, I simply don’t ask for it, and I’m greeted by the way. In fact, I want to touch the bottom of Ye Qiu’s side and see who he is. What kind of professional masters were said last time, what exactly is the beginning. There are so many glory masters, which is so skillful that I have been excavated by Ye Qiu? Is it too incompetent for the major clubs to pay special attention to the talent network?

Upon entering the door, I realized Wei Wei, and then I guessed the career of the two by watching the game screen of Tang soft buns.

Battle mage, rogue.

These two occupations are exactly in line with the information of the two people reported by the Jiawang dynasty. Tao Xuan thinks that this is really a worthwhile trip. What is the strength of Ye Qiu’s side, but this is a lot of mastery. However, there are 12 computers in this training room. Is this a configuration for one person? This time of the night, it is normal for people not to stay here for training.

Thinking about it, Tao Xuan felt that he was still a bit rushed. It is a holiday now, and it is night. It is not necessarily the whole picture of Ye Qiu’s team! If you ask directly, it is too obvious. People really have to say that they are fake, and that they must be true. At present, Ye Qiu faces their biggest advantage. I am afraid that Jiashi knows nothing about his new team. As for their understanding of Jiashi, there is Ye Qiu, I am afraid that more than any professional team knows. Although the core is Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin, but Sun Xiang uses Ye Qiuqiu to die in the autumn of a leaf, Xiao Shiqin is not a stranger to him.

Still have to find a chance to try again!

Many of these thoughts are complicated to say, but in Tao Xuan’s mind, it’s just a turn of effort. Basically, he is preparing to speak and say something. Suddenly the door of the training room is ringing again. The small network management of the Internet cafe is It’s gotten in the head: “Boss, someone is looking for it!”

“Who is it?” Chen Guo did not feel good, Jiashi directly with two All-Star players to demonstrate, she is still not happy.

“He said that he called Joe Yifan.” Xiaowang said.

“Oh?” Chen Guo looked back at Ye Xiu, and Ye Xiu immediately noticed the name.

“A sail has come!” Ye Xiu said and walked toward the door.

“Who is it?” Baozi asked.

“One inch of gray.” Tang Rou knows.

“Oh, that kid! Go and see.” The buns jumped up.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou also got up.

“That kid is a bit interesting.” Wei Wei was also very impressed by the ghost swordsman of an inch of gray. While talking, he walked with the door.

“Xiao Li, you first greet the guests.” When Ye Xiu went out, he gave the small network management a confession to the three people in the house, and then followed, the five people had already sneaked out, and Tao Xuan, Xiao Shiqin and Sun Xiang were thrown in training. In the room, and on the side, it is the network management Xiao Li Comrade of Xingxin Internet Cafe.

Xiao Li is obviously very unfamiliar with this kind of hospitality, but unfortunately he has already been left behind by five people. Looking at the three people in front of me, they were a little helpless and looked at the three people in a dry manner. Finally, it was easy to squeeze out one sentence: “Three, drink water?”

“No, thank you.” Xiao Shiqin responded.

This will be, Tao Xuan has been too angry to say anything. Despise! This is naked contempt. Jiashi’s big boss, the deputy captain and the two all-star professional players, were so thrown in the broken house, leaving a small network management to say hello, but they all ran to greet an inexplicable boy, what is this person? How important are the three of them together?

“Qiao Yifan… This name seems to be a bit familiar?” Xiao Shiqin sighed at this time.

“Is it?” Tao Xuan stunned. He also thought that this person should be a big one, but after trying to find a circle in the familiar circle, he couldn’t really remember such a name.

It was Sun Xiang, and suddenly there was a sentence: “Is it the kid who lost to Li Xuan in the rookie challenge?” Sun Xiang, the rookie challenge, also participated, and the result was more depressed and depressed. Such a painful experience just helped him to deepen his impression. He even remembered the unknown story of Joe Yifan.

“Yes, it is him.” Xiao Shiqin said that it is not imaginary to be familiar. If Joe is not too transparent, he would have thought of it early: “The micro-grass team, although never officially played, but it was really last season. One of the registered players of the grass team.”


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