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Chapter 711 completely annihilated

The 711th chapter is overwhelming

How dangerous the situation is, everyone sees it. The people in Wuthering Heights also want to save, but they are really powerless. Far from the time to come over, the near point was all swept by the attack of the Tangrou battle mage just now, at this time mixed with garlic, this shaking will be truly reflected in the perspective. In such a situation of shaking, there are really few ordinary players who can operate accurately. interrupt? Impossible, now I can see if Zhao Yuzhe can get out of it.

Seeing the opponent’s battle mage rushed over and was caught by the cloud, the Wuthering Heights was also inspired. With the various exemptions of the team, it is definitely impossible to use this skill to pull back people. The melee wizard must have been temporarily kicked out of the team. Thinking this way, the horses greet the qigong masters who greeted the guild and quickly came up to pull people. On the other hand, they also kicked Zhao Yizhe’s smoke scene out of the team.

At this time, the smoke scene has been completely pulled back by the cloud, no suspense, and without waiting for him to land, the sacred fire has already touched him.

Don’t think about what moves instantly. When a spell is sealed, any character is a martial who can make a normal attack. Elemental Master is pursuing the speed of “release speed” rather than “attack speed”. I really want to use a staff to bring a few sets of sticks. The speed can’t be said to be slow, but it will definitely be slow to make the melee players very uncomfortable. Melee occupation, even if it is the use of epee, war spear, etc., its own attack speed is worse than some weapons, but in other equipment, it is very important to attach importance to the “attack speed” attribute, so no one can slowly become an elemental mage.

However, Zhao Yuzhe is a professional player! Professional players are more confident in their own skills. As an elemental mage, it is impossible to completely prepare for the post-mechanism response. Just as he was caught by the cloud and caught the sacred fire, he had changed the weapon decisively. The slow-moving staff was replaced with the fastest wand, and this upgrade was considerable. Then the mouse is pushed, and the smoke scene is very domineering.

Then Zhao Yuzhe heard the strange voice of Enlightenment in front of him: “Not the best newcomer, the skill is also the skill, do you not understand the role of the sacred fire?”

Zhao Weizhe sitting in front of the computer is really really blushed this time.

Yes, this moment, his mind is paste. He thought about rushing to get close to me, so he changed his weapon, and then he was a palm-splitting operation, trying to push the person in front of him. As a result, it was completely forgotten about the sacred fire.

The sacred fire is a full-skill seal, which is different from the skill magic that the Elemental Master will have. The magical imprisonment seal is a spell-like skill that does not work for such martial arts of the War Mage.

However, this mistake of Zhao Yuzhe at this time is purely a short circuit in the brain, but it is not confusing two skills. The operation of this falling palm is going on, and the skill is of course not going out. As a result, I see a whirl of the role fool, and even more depressing is actually called the front person to see through…

In a sneer, the smoke scene fell to the ground.

Because of this major mistake, Zhao Yuzhe’s shy spirit was completely out of focus. Next to Tangrou’s battle mage, a round dance stick came over and directly turned the smoke to the ground. All the players flocked, and the one-handed one called a lively . Zhao Ruzhe, of course, also received a systematic reminder that Ma Xi Xifeng removed him from the team. He did not misunderstand and guessed the intention of the west wind. However, at this time, the angle of view turned and looked at. The smoke-stained body was completely covered by a circle. The catcher was not a cow across the mountain. Where did he catch him?

Zhao Yuzhe tried to struggle for the last time, with a wand in his hand.

Ordinary attack arbitrariness is the biggest, it can be mastered by the players themselves. Zhao Yizhe manipulates this smog of the smoke scene, which is basically the smashing appearance of a battle mage.

Of course, ordinary attacks can’t have the judgment and power of skill smashing, but if you knock on the human foot, the effect will still be a bit. It’s just a pity that he’s only swiftly swept away. Tang’s war mage’s spears poked on the ground, and he simply took his shackles off.

This war mage is definitely not weak…

Zhao Yizhe now wants to understand that it is too late, and all the players have waved all kinds of weapons. In the blink of an eye, he has already been wiped out. Zhao Yuzhe’s soul perspective, seeing the guys seem to be rushing to capture the equipment that broke out. Wuthering Mountain Village? The qigong masters were mobilized to the forefront of the team, but they were completely unable to find the target of the shot. The horse stepped on the west wind and the player of Wuthering Heights rushed up, but for Zhao Yuzhe, it was over… everything was over. Where does he have a face and stand up and rush! It’s strange to blame yourself for being too big, too much to take everything in the online game seriously.

Zhao Yuzhe was off the assembly line and the role was not resurrected.

This role is not his, this is the thing of the club guild, and he still has to return to the west. He had thought that he would not have a good time in the online games during the holidays, but he did not expect it to be so unfavorable. Hanging twice… So many players in Wuthering Heights, have anyone hanged twice in today’s battle?

Zhao Yizhe has no longer want to show any enthusiasm in online games. Mixing with these players will only make him feel embarrassed. He is now somewhat helpless in how to hand over the account card. How do people in the guild studio look at him? Zhao Yuzhe sat in front of the computer and started to stay.

The people in Wuthering Heights rushed over like crazy, and Ye Xiu quickly said in the team: “The meaning is scattered, see if they can’t go!”

The previous abdication defense has given the players in the world a certain amount of space. At this time, Wuthering Mountain Villa has rushed to another wave, and finally it can be like the other three guilds.

The players of Wuthering Heights rushed to the front and immediately saw the body of the smoked scene. Many of the loyal fans were angry at the time. However, the horses and the west wind are another sweeping friend bar. Yes, Comrade Xiao Zhao went offline directly. It seems that the injury is not light!

The anger of the players in the elite team is not within the control of the west wind, which is not about the interests, but about dignity. The team’s players were killed and everyone thought of it.

“Hey, it’s a big loss…” Ma Xi Xifeng sighed, but he could only watch the subordinates angryly looking for the players in the world, and at this time, he also noticed that Yueyun The players of the three guilds of Zhaohua and Hewu began to act.

Is it not?

They thought that the purpose of Hewu was to rush out. Of course, it was very tacit to let go of this. As a result, Wuthering Heights was really a look that refused to give up. As the Allied forces, where would they still look?

After the quick instructions, the players of the three guilds also worked together…

More than half an hour passed.

Zhao Yizhe is still in a daze. In the professional circle, he can’t say anything, but he hasn’t had such a miserable time. How did it go back to the online game, but it was made to lose face?

Being out of the air, suddenly knocking on the door. Zhao Yizhe returned to God and confirmed it again. It was indeed the door of his room.

When the holiday is coming, the players will continue to stay in the places provided by the club, and the club will certainly not mind. But most of the players will choose to leave, or go home or go out to travel, even if they still have to play glory, but they may not have to stick to the club. On the side of the whistling team, in addition to Zhao Yuzhe, there are no other players. At this time, they will knock on their own doors…

Zhao Yizhe used to open the door in the past and saw the west wind of the president of the guild. He suddenly became silent.

The west wind is also knocking on the door with a hard scalp. Zhao Yizhe has been directly off the assembly line, and has not been on. At this time, it is a mood that can be imagined. But for this reason, he had to come. Although their guild department is completely responsible for the status and growth of professional players, but the west wind is first of all a screaming team’s big dead powder, the best newcomer in the team has been hit hard. He feels that since he has this condition, it is really I should be comforted to be relieved, especially since he knows that there are no other people besides Zhao Yizhe.

When the door opened, Zhao Yizhe really had a very low mood. It’s like changing a person when you run over to a account card in the morning.

“Hey… I saw you off the assembly line, and haven’t been online yet, just come and see.” Ma Xi Xifeng said.

“How about that?” asked Zhao Yuzhe.

“The death and injury are heavy.” Ma Xi Xifeng tells the truth. Zhao Yizhe is gone, and the four guilds have all taken their hands. Where are they screaming at Wuthering Heights? Not to mention that there are so many people who are not calm at the time. In the end, Wuthering Heights is the end of the whole army. It is said that the death and injury are heavy and the horses are humility.

Zhao Yuzhe did not ask too much about this. He just suddenly started to stay, and even forgot to let the horses go west to the house.

“Cough…” The horse has to interrupt with a cough: “Nothing, this kind of thing, every day in online games.”

“Not to mention that they are the joint association of the four guilds, and the professional old devils like Ye Qiu intervene. Don’t say that we are whistling the hills, that is, the three major guilds are in the battlefield, and it can only be this end.” Ma Xi Xifeng said, Of course, it is to alleviate the embarrassment of Zhao Yuzhe at this time. This best newcomer, he can see it completely, rushed into the online game probably feels invincible, and the result hangs twice. For the first time, it can be said that it was a single one. For the second time, it was the first to bear the brunt of the crowd! Don’t talk about professional players, like Jiang You, who is today’s domineering hero, and Lou Loulan, who is the best in the world. These are the presidents of the guild. It is very ugly to get rid of this photo. Professional players are always more expensive than a president!

“You… don’t need to comfort me…” Zhao Yuzhe is not a fool, and he can hear the horse’s west wind.

“Oh oh…” The horses and the west winds did not dare to say too much. Zhao Yuzhe’s heart was quite high. He was afraid that if the newcomer misunderstood himself and slandered him, it would be counterproductive.

“In short… Come on!” Ma Xi Xifeng can only come to this way without any pain. The players in the guild contradicted him to mediate and okay, to give psychological counseling to professional players, he also caught!

“They are together, there is a war mage, and there is a rogue. Who are they? I think they are like the enlightenment of Ye Qiu, and there is no guild mark on the top of the head.” Zhao Zhezhe asked.

“Oh, these two people, their practicality is not their own role. The rogue character, called the buns invasion; the usual role of the battle mage, called Han Yanrou, these two are Ye Qiu from the 10th district I came over all the way.” Ma Xi Xifeng also noticed these two people early, looking at the profession, directly 100.

“Bun invade… cold smoke soft?” Zhao Yuzhe silently wrote down, and at the same time, he pointed back to the desktop on the other side: “The number of the smoke scene, I will continue to use it no problem?”

“No problem, of course no problem.” Ma Xi Xifeng quickly replied.


Go out early tomorrow, go to bed early today, let’s go first! Everyone went to bed early.

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