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Chapter 705 So many big moves

Seven hundred and five chapters, so many big moves

“Buns, don’t worry so much.”

Zhao Yuzhe, who heard this sentence, immediately circulated a view from the tumbling smoke scene, and quickly swept the names around the group.

He is looking for a buns. From the words I just heard, this buns seem to play a key role in the next, and the commander is letting him not be anxious, which makes Zhao Yuzhe have to guard against it. His smoke scene has just been rolling on the ground, and there is no effort to straighten up. The situation is not urgent. The result is that under such circumstances, the other party is not prepared to continue to attack. Instead, the next step is not to be anxious, so that he has the confidence to make Zhao Yizhe feel a little flustered. He wanted to find out the buns quickly, so that he could take precautions. The result turned around. In the ten characters he saw, no one had the word “bun” in his name.

Zhao Yizhe was depressed, and he knew that the other party was not commensurate with the role of the game. So which one is a buns?

As a result, there was a “hmm” in front of him.

Is this rogue?

Zhao Yuzhe’s listening practice is still good, and the source of the sound is clearly understood. The rogue that had just been used by him to avoid the tyrants was the buns. In the “hmm”, the consequences did not continue to press.

Is it for him not to attack?

Zhao Yizhe stunned, this rogue just forced him to continue rolling up the attack so that he had to admit that this person is not as good as he imagined. Although the hooligan is not the job of Zhao Yuzhe, he is no stranger. He is a member of the whistling team. The whistling team has the first wretched thief, but more famous is the rogue role of their captain Lin Jingyan: Tang Sanshou.

Although Lin Jingyan’s state of decline is serious, the role of Tang Sansuo is still the chief hooligan of the league’s genuine goods. How strong this role is, Zhao Zhaozhe is very clear. In this way, the team who came out of the team will pay more attention to the habit of rogue. This hooligan, known as the “bun”, was instructed to give up further raiding in the case of continuous rushing to force him to be awkward. Is there any conspiracy?

The level of professional players is relatively high, and there are more questions. Zhao Yizhe was in a state of uncertainty at this time. He played a 12-point spirit and stared at the guy in front of him. Then he saw the rogue suddenly approaching him.

Lock the throat!

Zhao Yuzhe quickly let his part of the smoke retreat. When you have more than a dozen dozens, this skill with limited effects is far more terrible than a heavy injury. In addition, Zhao Yuzhe is worried about the other side’s big tricks. He could have avoided the skills in one step. He retired almost three steps, and then continued to stare at the rogue.

As soon as the rogue raised his hand, a piece of brick flew over. Zhao Zhezhe let the smoke scene be easily avoided.

These two hits…

Zhao Yuzhe is pondering the taste. To be honest, these two hits have not seen any magical and powerful places for a while, which makes his heart more uneasy. He almost subconsciously turned a circle of perspective, and as a result, he saw a war mage behind him.

Haolong broke the army!

The equipment of this battle mage is not very good, but the momentum of the dragon is not weak at all. A career like Elemental Master has no skills at all and can respond positively to the big move of Haolong.


At the crucial moment, Zhao Yizhe was forced to move out of an instant. The dragon broke through the army and the smoke scene has disappeared. This momentary move is still catching up, but Zhao Yizhe’s heart is still unsettled.

Wolverine is really a wolverine.

This one is used for instantaneous movement. There is absolutely no such thing as the wizard’s elegantness. It is indeed a real escape. Zhao Yuzhe has not come and analyzed how he was forced to take this step, and a loud bang, the explosion of the flame completely swallowed his picture…

how come!

Zhao Yizhe did not come and re-observed the situation from the new perspective after the moment of movement, this explosion has arrived. No, to be precise, this explosion is exactly the same as his smoke, which makes him have no chance to avoid it. This is a complete self-investment.

The light and shadow of the explosion in the screen has not yet faded, but Zhao Yuzhe is a professional player after all, and there is still some judgment. The smoke is in the center of the explosion. At this time, the blast of the explosion has turned over. Zhao Yuzhe desperately adjusted his perspective. He knew that this floating space would give the other party a lot of opportunities, and he might have fallen into the encirclement of the other party when he fell again.

It’s a coincidence that the other side’s gun completely guessed its position.

In the eyes of Zhao Yuzhe, she finally remembers that Ye Qiu is such a big god. He finally understands that this is something that can be done by experience. The moment he was just moving away, he was really rushed. He only looked at how it came to be convenient. It was not difficult to guess.

A little bit of chaos, Zhao Yuzhe, while adjusting the perspective, quickly cast a sporting spell on the character. He feels that the next situation is bound to be very difficult. Maybe he will not stop giving him time to cast spells. He simply takes a sporting spelling state and makes his next possible action smoother.


In this short period of time when he was exploding, Zhao Zhezhe really broke his hand to the limit. A spell that was operated when the smoke scene landed was already sung. The smoke scene is swayed and the staff is drawn, and a fire wall rises from the ground.

The fire wall did not attack anyone, this is not his purpose, not even blocking. The opponents are crowded, the damage of the fire wall in the district, the other party can fully afford it. Zhao Yuzhe just wants to let the fire wall block the other’s line of sight, so that the other party can’t grasp his clear movement in a short moment. This kind of thing may not be trivial for ordinary players, but it is enough to play a tortuous role in a high-level matchup.

Zhao Yuzhe is so cautious and cautious, apparently has not dared to despise the ten people. He wants to grab more time to adjust and re-enter the battle.

I want him to rise up at the same time as the fire wall rises, and the smoked body that has rolled up is also spurted with a flame. At the same time, the thunderclouds are condensed, the electric light flashes, and the eyes are intertwined with the fire from the ground. Together.

The big move like the thunder and fire is more complicated than the fire wall, and the singing time is longer than the fire wall. But now, it is erupting at the same time as the fire wall released by the smoke scene. There is only one possibility: the other party once again judged His position, the attack was launched in advance. Zhao Yuzhe is still hiding a wall of fire here. I know that people have already buried themselves in the thunder and fire behind him.

Zhao Yuzhe, who is in the middle of the battle, is not too flustered. He is an elemental mage, and of course he is very familiar with this elemental mage. Online game players generally believe that the face of this skill is not lower than the forcible rushing out of the range, but in the professional circle, the amount of injury is not the only consideration, professional players have to calculate things, but A lot of.

For example, at this time, Zhao Yuzhe, in order to hurt even lower, put the smoke scene into the battleless position, then the skills in the past, he probably has been surrounded by people, this life is really meaningless. At this time, of course, he will never make such a move. Just when the discovery of the thunder and fire was formed, the pace of moving the smoke scene did not stop. Zhao Yuzhe squats on the operation and understanding of this skill, and is prepared to directly evade the attack. I just wanted to take a step and immediately discovered that this thunder and fire was not automatic, but the operator was manually operated.

Manual operation is naturally more proactive for the limits of the target in the array. But the effect, but also depends on the level of the operator. Zhao Yuzhe has made two steps in the lineup, and his heart has already complained. The other side of the day is not so elaborate on the operation of the fire, but at least it is stronger than the automatic system, and there is already a manual operation. Zhao Yuzhe still has the confidence to let the smoke scene rush out before the end of the skill, but the problem is that the time required is definitely more than the system automatically.

Must be forced to break!

The helpless Zhao Yuzhe had to make a move of the strong man’s broken wrist. He pursued the shortest time, not the lowest damage. He saw the battle, gave up for some damage, rushed straight, chose the clearest route, and directly rushed out.


The front is suddenly clear, and the smoke scene is finally rushed out of the effect of the hustle and bustle. The thunderstorm fire has not yet come to an end. Zhao Yuzhe wants to observe the opponent’s situation when he turns his perspective. As a result, he is already bloody. This time, the mad swordsman’s big wrath is waiting for him here.

There is no doubt that this is another attack that the other party has already ambushed. The big move like the raging blood and madness is very slow to start. If the smoke scene just started to operate, it is impossible to make a move at this time. And now? The violent blood of the raging wild winds has already been paved, and the epee of the mad swordsman has fallen to the ground. The killing of this blow has already arrived, and Zhao Yuzhe can again, this time the injury can not jump anyway.

At the same time, the left and right ends of the sword. The two swordsmen actually opened the big move “Phantom Invisible Sword” from the left and right ends, and the smoke scene was caught in the room. The thunder fire behind him had no news, and the operating guy concentrated his attack on him. Behind him, it was like a wall.

In the middle!

Under such a situation, even Zhao Yizhe could not escape the fate of the move. The swordsmen of the two swordsmen are intertwined in the smoke-staining scene. A thick light column is also descending from the sky, and the smoke scene is shrouded from the head to the foot. Gunners big move: satellite ray.

Zhao Yuzhe finally despaired, so many big moves, he alone, quite rudely took all the orders. He can’t avoid it, but he also wants to throw a spell to let the other party know that he is still at least resisting. Who knows when turning the angle of view to find the target of the shot, I saw that Wu Dajun was quietly standing on the side with the hooligan called the buns, and there was also a preaching: “You used to be too eager to punch out.” I didn’t have a good look at the video of Lin Jingyan that I gave you last time. Have you seen if he used it like you?”

by! When Zhao Yuzhe heard this, the spells that the smoke scene was preparing to throw were directly placed in the sky like fireworks.


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