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Chapter 703 Correspondence

Chapter 703

Seeing that the world has been rushed to the chaos, some of the chaos, this sudden rushing out of the cloud guild is to mix the situation again. The player of He Wu is like a Great Wall. He suddenly plugged in from the oblique direction and was caught in the middle of the road. The players in the world have prepared for this, and they are calm.

Zhao Yuzhe looked at the target that was quickly chased and ran away. The horse is not concerned about this. It doesn’t matter how far you love to run in the world. The problem is: don’t run with boss!

Yes, He Wu’s players are between Wuthering Heights and Yishun, but Wuthering Heights is so willing to stick to the world? Of course not, they were cut off, no one cares, Wuthering Heights cares that the connection between them and the boss is also cut by the cross-plug of the Yueyun Guild.

Also relying on a few people near the gladiator Viterius, are sporadic scattered in the opponent’s array, have not come and done, it has been swallowed by the opponent’s attack. The horses are watching the Knights of the world, and the Knights of the world continue to brush their provocations. The gladiator Viterius is getting farther and farther, and what about them? There is only a dry eye now. I want to break through the well-prepared lineup of Hewu Mountain Villa in an instant. Even a master like Zhao Yizhe is impossible. What’s more, Zhao Yuzhe also lost a little patience at this time, venting like a chaos, no rules, so that the horses can not command others to cooperate with him, and then, the smoke scene suddenly disappeared.

Where are you going?

The squatting piles, the horses and the west winds can’t really find it. But now he has not cared about this. The gladiator Viterius was completely out of their attack. Over time, their team’s hatred against the boss will continue to decline, and it will be easier for the world to take over the boss completely.

The horse was rushing, and there was a feeling of wasting time here and the time spent by the Yueyun Guild. He carefully glanced at the direction of the escape from the world and immediately directed the team to disarm. He was prepared to change direction and kill, so he lost. Boss, not reconciled! This is easy to get from the domineering figure and the smoke rain building.

Domineering heroes?

Smoke rain floor?

Suddenly thought of these two guilds, the horses and the west wind suddenly realized that they can not ignore the existence of these two families! The two also did not give up. With the strength of Zhao Yuzhe from the domineering heroes to grab the boss, the domineering figure has been violently counterattack, the smoke and rain floor is also eye-catching, Wuthering Heights has been trying to resist, but now?

Ma Xi Xifeng just remembered this, and in the field of vision, he saw the players of Domineering and Yanyulou. The sudden insertion of the world has disrupted the balance. Wuthering Heights has been investing more and more in order to cope with them, and it has become a bailout to face the two sides.

Of course, the Western Winds are not arrogant enough to think that Zhao Yizhe can be an enemy. However, because the boss grabbed the novice and the killing was very smooth, he planned to force the boss to kill. But I didn’t expect the people in the world to be so strong in the command of Ye Qiu’s God. After rushing in, they didn’t have two words. They directly turned over their mt, deputy t, and 3t and smashed the boss, leaving Wuthering Mountain Villa to be passive.

The situation did not enter the stalemate and killing that they expected, but was directly taken by the nose. In this case, where is Wuthering Heights still worthy of domineering and smoke building?

The goal of domineering and the Yanyu Building is of course not to be how to make Wuthering Heights, and they are also seeking bosses. The world was suddenly inserted, and of course they were gloating, and they felt that there was another opportunity. It’s just that the two of them didn’t think that the action of the world was so fast, they rushed in, rushed out, took the boss, and didn’t fight with them at all.

The two who wanted to take the fire and robbery, the result was that the boss was robbed, and the two also quickly chased, and the result was rushed to see such a scene. The family arranged for the ambush to respond, and suddenly broke the contact and completely ran away.

The two don’t have to go to the anti-Vietnamese guild to rush, the reaction is much faster, and immediately detoured to the path of the world. At this time, the horses and the west wind looked at the direction in which the two players ran out. They immediately knew that the two were playing with their ideas, and they would give up, and they would not even talk about it. But they are suffering, and the people behind the Cloud Association will not be scattered, go back and fight, delay time; ignore it, isn’t it waiting to be destroyed? There are also strong enemies like the tyrannical heroes and the smoke and rain. And after this, the horses and the west wind have not forgotten this time. Now the people in the world have come out. The people from the Yunhui Association have come out, but the other party can have two guilds. Where are the people of the Hewu Association? What about the Zhaohua Association?

The horses and the west wind deeply felt that their ally had smashed the boss balance. It seems that after this, the guilds will add a number of people. Otherwise, it is too passive to face the four bees.

However, it is too late to add more people. The horses and the west wind finally decided to split up, and some of them were circling with the people of the Hewu Association here, and the other part carefully caught up. There are two other opponents who have not appeared. The two horses and the west wind hope to make the domineering figure and the smoke rain building hit.

The development of the matter was finally a smooth ride.

When he took half of his hand and detoured it, he finally saw that the domineering figure that was running very fast was blocked by the people of the Zhaohua Guild. The domineering man is very fierce, and it seems to be ready to directly kill the past. Their elite team is really strong, and the players who are domineering are many brave and forward-looking grandfathers. This is of course related to the style of the team.

Of course, the horses will not go up to join in the fun, and continue to wrap around with the team. As a result, they will see the Yanyu Building and the Hewu Association entangled together. The Yanyu Building is not so strong. It seems that he wants to give up the people of the Hewu Guild, but the Hewu Guild is the dead skin to stick to it. The west wind is still not going to make up, ready to continue to rewind, but this time, his heart has raised an unpredictable foreboding.

Wrap around!

Where is this going? Where did the people in the world take the boss, do you still know? Ma Xi Xifeng think about the direction of the righteousness that I saw before, and then look at the direction of my progress now, my heart is suddenly cold. He completely understood the intention of the three guilds of the guild.

Is it intercepting?

Yes, but the key is to delay the time. The other party is not as good as they are in the situation of Wuthering Heights. The opponent is very careful, very cautious and very embarrassed. Repeated interception of the chasing troops, won the time, and finally, the people of the righteous world took the gladiator Viterius to go, they did not know.

“Fuck, this broken map!!” Ma Xi Xifeng once again screamed angrily. In the Dolac Arena, the midfielder was set in the midfield and the midfielder was set in a small field. After years of baptism, there are still gullies everywhere. Look at it like a straight down, don’t be proud, maybe how many holes in this straight line, how hard to give you a martyr.

On such a broken map, hiding is easy, and finding someone is difficult! A hundred people in the world have killed the boss, but the goal is big, but the problem is that the life of the gladiator Viterius has not been much after so much tossing. The hatred of the righteousness of the world is taken over, it is estimated that there will be no more You can kill the boss. Now, let’s go out and find it, find it again, and still have time?

The west wind is depressed. At this time, there is intelligence to say what the guild has arrived, but Ma Xifeng knows how many guilds are now useless. He can receive news here, and everyone will notice it in the world. Deliberately avoiding, enough to get the time to kill the gladiator Viterius.

The cooked duck is still flying!

Ma Xi Xifeng has been desperate, and the subordinates are still anxiously looking around. I really don’t want to break everyone’s mood. I am thinking about how to speak. Suddenly there is news that the horse is slouching and looking at it. It is the role of the smoke scene, Zhao Yuzhe. The incoming message has no text, only two strings of numbers, a comma, which is a coordinate area.

“Ah! The position of the boss?” Ma Xi Xifeng replied.

“Speed.” Zhao Yuzhe replied.

Ma Xi Xifeng did not mind his blunt attitude at all, and the perception of Zhao Yuzhe was not so good, and it disappeared without a trace at this moment.

“Immediately!” Ma Xi Xifeng responded positively, then shouted loudly and directed the team to rush to the coordinate area sent by Zhao Yuzhe.

Sure enough, it is a master, really talented! At this time, the west wind of the horse was thinking about it. With one’s own strength, I found the position of the other party. Did you not see it at that time, just quietly keep up? Ma Xi Xifeng couldn’t help but think. He was happy to have such a talented player in the whistling, and the more flying ducks jumped back and were happy.

Somewhere in the Dolac Arena, the group of people in the world finally got rid of all the entanglements, and finally successfully took over the hatred of the boss, and there are enough people left. Everyone’s morale is high, and when they are preparing to take the boss in one fell swoop, the elemental wizard suddenly appears in front of them.

“Zhao Yuzhe!!” Many people immediately called out.

“Yeah?” Ye Xiu wondered. When Zhao Yuzhe was asked to be famous, he was busy commanding the battle and did not notice the identity that had been revealed here.

“Best newcomer!”

“Oh. Is that whistling?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes.” The front of the sea is very alert to look at the smoke scene. The other party doesn’t seem to want to rush up. After all, they have a lot of people, one person, so many people singled out? Jokes, that is! However, this guy is not far from standing, and there is no fear of it.

“This child who is not a ghost, let it go!” said Ye Xiu.

“You come!” Excited in front of the sea, the master has to move.

As a result, Wu Daojun’s perspective turned over: “Big brother, I am now a pastor! You are on!”

“Don’t play with me, big god!” cried in front of the sea.


Well, let’s go first today!

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