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Chapter 701 Elemental Master

Chapter 701 Elemental Masters

Flame impact!

A pillar of fire rises under the stone pillar, and the smoke is wrapped in it. Zhao Yizhe loves this technique very much, which gives him a feeling of debut. Moreover, the operation that the opponent is preparing can suddenly be found in the north, and Zhao Yizhe thinks it is very cool.

This time, the other party must be like this?

Zhao Yizhe thought so, but found that when he quickly completed a spell operation and prepared to attack the target, he could not find the target!

Of course, there are still many roles that can be seen in his perspective, but these are not his goals. What about Wu Dajun?

Zhao Yuzhe is still complacent about not finding the target for the other party. As a result, he did not expect that he could not find the target in the blink of an eye. The flame column of the flame will cover him, but it will also have some influence on his sight. The result is such a vagueness. Enlightenment is actually gone. All four are the players who run the battle. Where did the people go?

The skills that have been completed have been used up, and the cooling has been used up. It is also a waste of not losing. Zhao Yuzhe has no choice but to throw this thunder and fire into the position where Wu Daojun is in memory.

The scene of the smoke has already landed, and there is a thunderstorm, but there is still no trace of Enlightenment. In a team battle of this size, it is not easy to find a specific goal, even for professional players. There is no such content in the training of professional players. Their professional competition is at most five to five people. How can this chaotic situation happen now?

However, any professional player is also coming out of the online game. If you don’t play glory online games, where can you be found? In the big melee in the game, Zhao Yuzhe will not be too strange, but at this time he can not care about the outcome of this group battle, he just wants to find the enlightenment and then say.

Zhao Yuzhe thinks this way, but who is going to take care of him in the scuffle? The name of the Guild of the Wuthering Heights at the top of the head is naturally the target of the attack. As soon as I landed, there were several players who attacked and greeted me.

Zhao Yuzhe’s operation is really good. The smoke scene has a 180-degree turn, and several instant skills of Elemental Master have been lost by his operation. The players who rushed to the face were all blocked, and the power of one element had already been condensed. This wide range of pick-ups directly sucked three players. Zhao Yizhe did not even think about entanglement with these people, directly from being sucked. The three-person position of the flight broke into the depths of the battlefield. Elemental Masters are like a battle mage, and Zhao Yizhe really doesn’t take the players in online games too seriously.

Of course, if he really faces so many enemies alone, he will not be so rash. Because he knew in his heart that he was not alone. Although he was undecided in his mouth, he was very satisfied with the players of Wuthering Heights who took the initiative to cooperate with him.

This is still the case. Ma Xi Xifeng knew that it was impossible for him to command Zhao Yizhe, so he simply directed other people to cooperate with Zhao Yuzhe. This practice is indeed very effective, just like this time, the level of Zhao Yuzhe is a lot higher after all, and the battle of the righteousness of the world has been easily torn apart by him. The horses and the west wind immediately commanded the subordinates to rush.

Although Zhao Yuzhe’s purpose is not in the group battle, but the horse west wind is also fully utilized his value.

“Turn off their connection with the boss, the knight!!” Ma Xi Xifeng shouted.

How much he hoped that Zhao Yuzhe could see this at this time and could help them attack the knight, but he knew that this was a luxury. At this time, Zhao Yizhe only wanted to teach the gods to show the limelight. Where is the boss?

I don’t want him to say that he hasn’t finished the call yet. As a result, he sees a spell that goes straight to the knight, and it happens to be the moment when the knight wants to defend against the boss’s attack. This time, even the band is wiped, not only gives the knight a blow. More disrupted his rhythm, the gladiator Viterius’s sharp blow directly turned the knight to the ground.

This shot is so beautiful!

Ma Xi Xifeng’s heart was mad, and once again he saw the hand, it turned out to be Zhao Yizhe’s smoke scene. The impression of Ma Xifeng on Zhao Yuzhe suddenly changed a lot. At this important moment, this kid is still worth relying on!

“Covering!” On the side of the world, Ye Xiu’s attention is 80% on the boss side. How could this attack not be seen? Don’t look at their Knights now taking the boss all the way, but the key to grabbing the boss is actually on the Paladin called the Western Paladin. The other paladins are only insisting on the mandatory hate skills, which can not last, the establishment of stable hatred, but it falls on the shoulders of this western saint.

Righteousness is not neglecting the protection of the Western Paladin, but Zhao Yuzhe is not an ordinary person after all, the precision of this shot. This time with the help of the gladiator Viterius’s blow, it suddenly created a great crisis for the Western Paladin. Because at this time the Western Paladin is not actually a target of the gladiator Viterius. His hatred was forced to be pulled by the players of the Knights, and he just cleared the obstacles along the way when he rushed to the target. The boss is not stupid enough to stare at the hateful target when he treats other players around him as good ants.

As a result, when the gladiator Viterius did not frequently attack the western Paladin, Zhao Yuzhe shot, which is indeed a career-level opportunity to grasp.

Ye Xiu quickly directed the player to protect himself, and at the same time rushed to brush the life of the Western Paladin with other treatments. Fortunately, the hatred of the gladiator Viterius is not in the West Paladin, and has not been entangled. Otherwise, after that knife, insist on killing, the Western Paladin is definitely a **** and can not be saved.

The gladiator Viterius did not continue, but the people of Wuthering Heights would miss this opportunity? The west wind of the horses commanded the subordinates to launch a powerful assault. At all costs, the western saint was first taken down.

However, this kind of thing was backed by Ye Xiu’s calculation. After the Western Paladin was rescued, he would not continue to chase the gladiator Viterius attack, and set aside the cover of the players. Suspending the attack in this way will reduce hatred over time, but it is clear that the life is important, and the decline of hatred is not considered.

Ye Xiu’s decisiveness was very timely. The people in Wuthering Heights were fierce, but the target was concealed by the crowd. The killing was fierce and the strategic goal could not be achieved. The two sides are killing, and Ye Xiu is finally paying attention to the elemental wizard who is divided into smoke scenes. The blow just now, unless it is a coincidence. If you want to do it, it is really a masterful style both in terms of consciousness and technology. A little bit of eye-catching players can see it.

“Who is this person?” Ye Xiu asked the Chiba around him, because this time he used the priest, and Ye Xiu’s Wu Daojun and the same profession’s Chiba were often standing together.

“Who?” Chiba did not know who the big **** asked if he was cold.

“That element, the wind and smoke scene.” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t know, don’t know.” Chiba said.

“The level is good.” Ye Xiu paid attention to this guy after a while, from his attack technique has confirmed that this person is indeed a master, just that blow is not a coincidence.

“It’s very powerful.” The front of the sea has also been combined to say a sentence. The general habit of the same profession compares oneself with the other. The front of the sea from the attention to this guy began to compare, the result made him more shocked, this person is not a general master.

As a result, Ye Xiu had a few sneak peeks at the observation of the smoke scene. Zhao Yuzhe kept trying to find out, and finally found Wu Dajun from the crowd.

Sure enough, here!

Zhao Yizhe is proud of his heart. Ma Xifeng thought that he attacked the western Paladin. Therefore, the whole situation was to grab the boss first. In fact, what Zhao Zhaozhe thought was more to destroy the core of the other party. At this point, I finally found the target. Zhao Yuzhe immediately put down the fierce conflicts of the bosses and killed them directly to the side of Wu Daojun.

This sudden turnaround goal made the horses and west winds somewhat unprepared. Although the two sides did not communicate, but the West has always sent a manpower to cooperate with Zhao Yizhe’s move. But now is the key time to grab the boss, Zhao Yizhe’s smoke scene suddenly suddenly killed elsewhere…

The horse turned to the west wind, but also saw the enlightenment.

Or is it a thief who first smashes the king? Ma Tingxi Fengxin’s thoughts, think about it like this, remove this obstacle, and it will be easy to do in many aspects.

Then the player who commanded this side continued to attack and cut off the connection between the boss and the world. On the other side, the west wind and the wind split some people to cooperate with Zhao Yizhe.

“He rushed over!” The front of the sea saw the smoke scene like a battle mage, and he cried in surprise.

Rushed over!

Such a description is rarely seen in an elemental mage!

“The big **** that comes to you!” Chiba screamed.

“Protect me.” Ye Xiu said.

It is normal to say this from a pastor’s mouth, but at this time, the front of the sea and Chiba are just like the priest who said this, but it is a million twists…

If you want to think about it, you should do it.

In front of the sea, the staff wags and sings a wall of fire, pushing it toward the rushing smoke.

The smoke scene flashed and moved directly, moving from one end of the fire wall. The staff waved, and the backhand also came to a fire wall and pushed the role of the three of them. The other players around him who are rushing to the Wuthering Heights are ignoring the fire wall. They have a pastor with them, and this damage has to be affordable.

Pushing the fire wall, Ye Xiu commanded Wu Daojun to retreat afterwards, while still commanding the paladin there.

“Pull to the trap area!” This sentence Ye Xiu did not shout out, but sent to the team channel.

The paladin is in the heart of the gods. This is an early step in their ambush. The paladin who has been provoked in the first place has spotted the direction and touched the gladiator Viterius.

And those thieves who set the trap are now looking at the eyes, this moment, looking forward to a long time!


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