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Chapter 698 Arrived

The 609th chapter

The domineering figure was a bit messy after the president was killed. There was no command for a short time. The key morale was also hit. The other party actually raised their hands and solved their president. What kind of master is this?

Under the leadership of Zhao Yuzhe, Wuthering Heights really suppressed the domineering male figure. On the other side of the Yanyu Building, the situation changed. I quickly came to the downstairs and saw the enemies that had been bullied by the domineering male figure.

At this time, the president of Wuthering Heights, Ma Tingxifeng suddenly sneaked to the side of Zhao Yuzhe’s smoke scene: “Discover the people of the Four Guilds.”

“Four guilds?” Zhao Yuzhe wondered. The Four Guilds are the names of these guilds that Ye Xiu had with their Allied forces. Zhao Yizhe certainly had never heard of it.

“Yiyi, Yueyun, Hewu, Zhaohua.” Ma Xi Xifeng explained.

“What big deal are they?” Zhao Yuzhe is strange. The strength of the guild is basically linked to the strength of the team behind it. These four, the righteousness is to enter the league next season, the other three are compared to the weak team, so use such a big fuss?

“They are joining forces now.” Ma Xi Xifeng said.

“Is there a terrible team?” Zhao Zhezhe is a bit disgusted with the spokesperson of the whistling team in online games. I have seen it in the club, but I haven’t dealt with anything. How is this so good guy?

“It’s not too terrible to join hands, but one of them!” said Ma Xifeng.


“Ye Qiu.” Ma Xi Xifeng said quietly.

“Ye Qiu?” Zhao Yuzhe stunned, “Is the autumn of a leaf?”

“Yes, he is now re-training a number in online games, called Jun Moxiao, no occupation, is a scattered person.” Ma Xi Xifeng quickly introduced Ye Qiu information. But he believes that Zhao Yizhe actually knows that this is a very good gossip this year. The best newcomer at home seems to be nothing like an Ansheng guy who doesn’t know the window.

“Oh.” Zhao Yuzhe smiled and said: “I am now, are you afraid of what he is doing?”

“Oh…” Ma Xi Xifeng was speechless. Zhao Yizhe’s arrogance has already been experienced before. For the top forces in the online game of Domineering, people are not in the eye. But in fact, he does have this qualification, and the professional players are really far above the online game players. But now I am talking about Ye Qiu! Glory textbooks, three-year championships, countless personal honours, just take out the same is enough to kill the “best newcomer”.

What is the “Best Newcomer”? That is the award that is only selected among the newcomers. Not every “best newcomer” is chasing mvp like Sun Xiang. Zhao Yizhe, the “best newcomer”, is also very familiar with the Western style. According to him, it should not be self-confident!

“Where is Ye Qiu? It’s rare. Online games can actually ask the seniors for advice. I don’t know how much he retired for more than half a year. What is it?” Zhao Yuzhe said with eagerness to try. At this moment, he couldn’t help but think of the following Tang Yan, which is really cool and cool. Although they defeated the captain who whistled at the time, to be honest, at that moment, Zhao Yizhe’s heart was only envious of hatred, and he also hoped that he would have such a beautiful hand.

In the game, he has tried to find such an opportunity, and now, he has come to the online game, and once he heard that such a great **** can deal with it, Zhao Yuzhe immediately became bloody.

Look at this small Zhang Yang appearance, the horse is also speechless. He has been running a roaring guild for several years, and he is also a predecessor of Zhao Yuzhe. But no problem, professional players in the club can not talk about the real power, but everyone is waiting around the uncle. At this time, the horses and the west wind looked at the confident face of this kid is not very fond of, but did he let him send a command to direct this guy to the east?

Ma Xi Xifeng feels that he still should not take his own insults. I heard that even the captain Lin Jingyan’s words don’t really listen to this guy!

“The people who have seen them are close, but they have not seen the role of Ye Qiu.” Ma Xi Xifeng honestly reported the situation.

“Is it a monarch to laugh? Well, I am here waiting for him.” Zhao Yizhe proudly said.

You wait for him…he knows who you are? Ma Xi Xifeng secretly vomited a sentence, but the mouth is a sentence: “hard work.” Then continue to command the team to fight.

Zhao Yuzhe still has some places to make him happy. For example, this guy didn’t ask for command or something, just took the account to charge. Of course, I don’t rule out that this guy just wants to show his own limelight.

Ye Xiu and others finally rushed to the Dolac Arena. Because this time is full speed, because of the high level of operation, the team arrived at a relatively uneven level. But the difference is not too big. Even if it is a small and medium guild in a club guild, the strength of the elite group is not weak. In addition, Ye Xiu is a temporary vest, the equipment is very okay, and finally did not lead too much.

The area of ​​the Dorac Arena is not small. It has 40 coordinates in diameter. It is 400 squares in terms of body size, and there are layers inside. Most of them are not as large and empty as modern sports fields, but there are many small ones. The venues, separated from each other, look like streets. The npc mob here is the soul of many gladiators who died in the arena in ancient times. Wild Boss Gladiator Viterius is the most powerful of them.

Yes, to put it bluntly, here is also a gathering place for a group of dead creatures. The worldview of glory is not limited to the historical era. There is magic here, there are swordsmen, and gunmen with guns. The main city has an ancient city that looks like a historical vicissitude, and a steel forest like a modern city. It is said that in the next glory of the expansion of the expansion pack, in addition to the level of upgrading new skills and new equipment, there will definitely be something, the latest system that will appear is the mount.

A world with such a vast map has never had a faster means of transportation, which has always been criticized by players. Now, glory is finally coming out of this system.

Mounting, this is the way to play the habit of using this tool, but in the current situation announced by the game, the term is not used, they use the term “transfer tool”. According to insiders, the means of transport in glory will be like a car, and the mount does not seem to be all-encompassing.

Ye Xiu and others who arrived at the Dolac Arena are still not in the final place, and they have to find the battlefield to hunt the boss. Soon, the group found the current fierce battlefield. At this time, the two buildings of Yanyulou and Wuthering Heights also came to support a lot of soldiers. The domineering figure paid a price for them at the beginning. At this time, it is in absolute disadvantage, and the gladiator Viterius has fallen into the mastery of Wuthering Heights.

Although the horse is not very fond of this person, it has to admit that the best newcomer is definitely not a straw bag. Zhao Yizhe did not command any team. He only contributed his personal strength, but he helped Wuthering Heights win the advantage. His attack made the opponent difficult to accept, so that his own always achieve the goal smoothly, because his eyes are accurate and the judgment is clear. Although it is the elite of the guilds, it does not help him.

The Yanyu Building began to deal with the domineering heroes with Wuthering Heights! Later, when Wuthering Heights firmly robbed the boss, he suddenly found that they seemed to have made a mistake. At present, Wuthering Heights has taken over most of the advantages. They are still taking advantage of this, and it is free to help Wuthering Mountain to work. It!

Yan Yulou quickly changed his face, but they were very miserable at first, and then they were confused. At this time, they started to target Wuthering Heights…

Everyone is coming to grab the boss, but the performance of the Yanyu Building so far is like a crowbar. They don’t seem to have any ideas on how to get the boss, just to add to it.

“What is this? Is this?” This is the evaluation made by Ye Xiu on the Yanyu Building after Ye Xiu and others waited for the situation.

“Boss is in the hands of Wuthering Heights!” The four guilds are concerned about the boss. At this time, they also found that they did not fall into the domineering male figure. It was very unexpected.

In addition to these people, there are also three guilds who are also present, but the number is small. Although they are all elites of the conference, they are still afraid to act rashly as soon as the guilds of the several guilds present are present. It’s all about finding a character that nobody pays attention to, and hiding it when you come home.

The three played very lively. Although Ye Xiu and others came quite close, no one had the time to take the initiative to greet them. Ye Xiu is still observing the situation. The captains of the four clubs around him are in a hurry, but they are afraid of delaying the time so that the boss will be lost.

“Okay, let’s arrange it.” Ye Xiu saw the meeting and finally spoke. The four presidents quickly came up to listen.

The four presidents listened to the arrangement, and the more the sons, the Baixi Jingliu and the Wuzhi knew the people of the various guilds. And Ye Xiu, a few of them, joined the group of Lou Loulan at this time, and they are ready to take on the battle.

“Chong!” For the team that he personally played, Ye Xiu did not have too many words, first rushed up and then deployed.


Lou Loulan greeted him and the first one rushed up. Behind him, returning to the hustle and bustle, the front of the sea, the nightingale, and the Chiba are inseparable. They are also the team of the team. They will use it for any fighting opportunity.

Are they really no one to watch out for their arrival? of course not. At present, Wuthering Heights, which has the advantage, is naturally the most afraid of killing the road. The people sent by the west winds of the horses scouted that the group would be the first to get close. At this point, I finally arrived, and Ma Xifeng and Zhao Yuzhe have already begun to pay attention to this side.

“Jun Mo laughed… It seems that he didn’t come…” Ma Xi Xifeng carefully observed the opponents who rushed, but did not find the name that made them the leaders of the guild to hear the liver fibrillation.

“Not coming?” Zhao Yuzhe was very disappointed.

“There are people who are righteous, Lou Loulan! People who will participate in the professional league next season.” Ma Xi Xifeng suddenly pointed to the rushing man.

“Yes? Then let me give them a lesson first!” After Zhao Yuzhe faintly came, his smoke scene had been greeted with enthusiasm.


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