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Chapter 671 Grab the boss's size

The 607th chapter grabs the measurement of boss

“There is a difference!” It is sure that the person answering Chen Guo is not Ye Xiu, but Lou Loulan. This person’s level of game skills and tactics is also the case in Ye Xiu’s eyes, but the doorway in the management club is really good. As for the propaganda hype that has been taken up several times, I have done everything I can. Even the group ridiculed the guilds to attract attention and support.

At this time, in the face of the very sensitive and very important thing to **** the Boss, this guy suddenly is not as arrogant as propaganda, but has this concern. Obviously, Lou Loulan is a very well-informed person. People.

Grab the wild map boss, this is really no more than a fight on the platform. The material produced by the wild map boss is an important part of the homemade equipment. The self-made equipment embodies the strength of a character, and the strength of the character affects the strength of the team. The strength of the team, this is the basis for the survival of a club.

The wild map boss that moved people is just like the root of moving people. Can this nature be the same?

Therefore, in the matter of robbing boss, Lou Loulan can have such concerns, precisely because he is so clear that it is different from him when he finds some gunmen and slaps the slapsticks.

Grab the boss and live with it.

That’s right, it’s measured.

Ye Xiu said that Chen Guo felt that there was no difference. Lou Loulan immediately understood it. This kind of practice is a measure.

Direct ambush beside, wait for the boss to kill, suddenly sneak attack and snatch, and later rushed to join the battle to grab the boss, these two practices may be essentially the same, but the difference is that the former is intentional, the latter is not intended.

Intentional, it seems that the publicity is not kind.

Inadvertently, it is within the rules of online games.

So whether you care about it or not, you have to do this, you have to go this form, this is what Ye Xiu said as “pretend to be late”.

The meaning of this is that Lou Loulan has already realized it without using Ye Xiu’s explanation, but Chen Guo listened to Ye Xiu to explain it, and he still had to experience it for a long time.

This general direction has been fixed, and there is also the art of being late for the installation.

Because this kind of thing is a piece of paper separated by a piece of paper, everyone inside and outside is clear, so you want to be late, people will not let you stupidly.

If you want to be late, you have to know where to go, but what if you don’t have the other party’s intelligence?

Experienced club guilds, in a single killing wild map boss, will certainly confirm the safety of the environment, and even the suspicion, it is possible to make the same true and false as the emperor’s grave.

The correctness of intelligence will appear to be valuable when it is “to be late.” There are still people around the boss who report the situation there, but such eyes, after the other party’s killing, will definitely take the effort to eliminate it.

To grab the boss, there are too many places to pay attention to the details. It’s just that the strength is respected, and it’s really costing the experience accumulated in the human struggle for thousands of years.

When it comes to the details, it is the special learning in the game. I have no interest in it, so I have to wait for the **** to take an idea.

“I will go!” Ye Xiu sighed.

In this case, if you can continue to investigate intelligence without being cleared, you must be a master. On the master, who can be better than Ye Xiu?

“You… will it be too ridiculous!” Chen Guo said.

“Whoever goes the same is the same.” Ye Xiu said, and finished and arranged for Loulan: “The road is also explored clearly, see if there are other guild movements, it should not be so cheap!”

“These are rest assured!” Qu Loulan’s own thoughts were naturally arranged, and all of them had to be directed by the gods. It was really no face. However, although I tried to avoid this situation, I was given a class by the great god… I don’t know when I can be a teacher.

At this time, there was finally a message from the front, and the Yueyun guild personnel arrived, and this was about to be killed.

Looking at the players who seem to have no other guilds around, the more clouds are not relaxed, it is still sent out to clear the field.

Of course, this clearing is not a direct kill, but a greeting, generally means to kill the wild map boss, very dangerous, avoiding what to avoid. Of course, players can insist on not going, so no one will forcefully kill. The club guild is to take into account the image, especially when the team is playing the guild flag. What should I do if I don’t want to go this way? Then it is necessary to further explain to you: This is the wild map boss, the most difficult thing to kill in the glory, when the scene does not know who, when you are careful.

Sometimes when you encounter a straightforward character, you will be more obvious: when the scene is chaotic, not only the boss, but our attack may fall on you, don’t blame us for not saying hello in advance. No way, can’t you still add you to our team?

If you say this, people who are not dead-headed should know what to do. Still relying on not to go, it will definitely be in the process of watching the killing of the boss “because of the uncontrollable chaos, the innocent party is involved, and apologizes for this.” If you are in a good mood and want to ask for more image, you will add another sentence, “When you broke out the equipment, we can help you to collect it, you can contact **** to take it.” When you are too lazy to manage, there will be no more. Anyway, killing the wild map boss, so busy, said that it is very reasonable to ignore the things that you broke out at the time, isn’t it?

The people in front of the world have no title of the guild of the head, and of course they have come up with the rhetoric of the Yueyun Association. Don’t look at the low-level club guild of the Yueyun guild. There aren’t too many wild map bosses on weekdays, but the general rules of this kind of unspoken rules are also very slippery.

The people in front obviously thought that the people of their guild would arrive soon, and of course they would not leave easily. The result of this is naturally to be “involved in chaos and die”. After the news was given to the president, he received a reply from the president to let him retreat.

“What’s wrong? Don’t kill?” The intelligence officer was confused.

“The plan has changed.” Lou Loulan replied, “Let’s come back first! We are here on 48911, 49128, come over and join us!”

The small intelligence officer did not know that he left the scene. Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao had already rushed to a known place.

Usually the killing method at this time, it is one thing to clear the field here, and there is a place to find a quiet and no one in advance, and lead the boss to the other side.

The glory map is vast, although there are many players, but the per capita area is quite a lot. Plus the players can’t all be online? So finding a place like this in a map is a breeze. As for how to transfer quietly, it is to look at the means of each family.

When Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laughed and rushed to the scene. Not to mention the transfer, the Yueyun Association will not complete the work of clearing the field!

The small club guild also has his difficulties!

Don’t look at it is also professional, but what is the status of this weak team in the minds of players? Although the strength of the weak team is also very powerful in front of online game players, this is not the measure that the professional team should have! The strength of the professional team is relatively speaking in the professional circle. Repeatedly defeated, it is the **** in the eyes of the players, even if you are actually much more powerful than these players.

Look down on you, naturally no one buys it. Although some people know that this may not be a bit of a hassle, but if you ask me to leave, there is no face, I will watch it for a while, can’t I?

In front of the weak team, even the average player began to care about the face.

As a result, in the end, the players who just left the intelligence officers in this world are less than one-third of the players in this band. The president of the Cloud Association is depressed! The strength of the team is not good, and I feel that my backstage is not hard enough. I have been bullied by the world before, and now even ordinary players can’t look down on them.

The president, Chang Chang, really wants to let these guys go out, let them go to the cloud team more and more. It is a pity that he knows that this is definitely something that must be done. It is difficult for the leader of the small team to be a leader!

There are some people left behind, it is easy to cause a mess to be directly destroyed, but this is left at two-thirds. This is all “disorganized” and obviously and troublesome. The more clouds will grow that irritability! I haven’t thought about how to get it, and there are news to report: People are not only few, but some people are coming.

“Bmb, who is coming again!” Yueyun president asked nonsense under depression. This is a field leveling area, and many people come here. Even if the world’s war players are mostly pk, but the leveling area is not too deserted, the individual is surprised to ask if it is not.

As a result, he really asked this time, and the people who came here really came to the end.

“It’s Jun Mo laughs.” There, the player who saw Jun Mo smiled reported.

“Day!” Yueyun President took a deep breath. The big heel that was planted today is estimated to be bad in this person’s hand. It’s also clear that the president of Yueyun is clear, or he will play a dozen with the Yiwu Association, and he will lose to that point. At that time, he was impressed by the cooperation of the Yiwu Association. It was not the online games association. It was definitely an expert guide. The other party’s Jun Mo laughed and he saw it.

Annoying! Really tmd annoying! This person has come, is it that the people who are righteous in the world are coming again?

The president of Yueyun is greeting a few people to expand the scope to investigate, just look at Jun Moxiao Shishi. The president of Yueyun once again sucked in a cold breath, and was scared by the equipment of Jun Moxiao. This top-heavy thing is what is weird. What kind of trick is this big **** playing?

As a result, Jun Mo laughed and walked around and looked around. Finally, I found a player from the Yueyun Guild and asked: “Why don’t you kill?”

The more the president of Yunyun, the nose is discouraged. Do you have such inquiries? It’s simply not taking us in the eye.

The player is obviously not prepared for such a problem. I don’t know how to answer it. I turned to the perspective, but it was watched by the president of the Chaoyue Cloud.

Jun Moxiao also turned down from the perspective of his turn, and suddenly saw the big man with the words on his head, and immediately came over.

“What is the president? Why don’t you kill?” Ye Xiu actually went directly to the president to ask.


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