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Chapter 668 Rebirth point

Chapter 666 Rebirth

The ruined people are hanging out, and the soul floats in the air. The pk explosion rate in the field of God is not a vain name. He hangs and falls out of a piece of equipment. The ruined view of the soul is blind and sees Jun Moxiao turn around and throw him out. The equipment has been taken away.

The ruin of being mentally prepared has been tireless. Although this hang is depressed, it can’t be said that there are many fires, and soon I chose to resurrect.

Rebirth, ruined and tirelessly looked at the body. When the dark hall died, the lower body leggings and a pendant broke out, and the two pieces of equipment were just making way. This time it broke a ring.

Fortunately, still no loss.

Explosive equipment must be distressed, ruined and tired of having to take the three materials to comfort themselves.

What should I do next? Will the guy still be on the side of the transmission array? Destroying people and thinking about it all is in the heart, and Ye Xiu just said that the pile is obviously not so good. However, he still did not know the moment he hanged, and Ye Xiu had already sent a message to Tang soft buns.

“Come here, stare at it!!” The buns who received the news quickly began to search for the point of rebirth.

It’s not so easy to find a ruinous person in the rebirth. During the World War, the rebirth point must be super busy, not only the number of people who are resurrected, but also the number of people fighting. They are all like the Tang soft buns and keep the resurrection. At this time, the rebirth of the high-level main city has almost become the most intense battlefield.

Although the rebirth point is not a safe area, the role of resurrection and resurrection will be systematically protected. Like the online protection, this time damages the exemption, but it also does not cause harm to others.

After ruining and resurrecting, while checking the equipment to comfort yourself, he rushed out of the chaos of rebirth. Otherwise, the system protection will disappear, although the players here are not playing, but it is inevitable to accidentally hurt.

Tang soft buns saw the chaotic power of rebirth, and of course they did not get into trouble. The roles of both are outside the scope, one person is on the side.

“This side here, here!!” At this time Tang Rou received the news from the buns.

“Which side is this…” Tang Rou helpless, “Coordinates!”

No news. Tangrou had to look at the screen of the buns. The buns have been smashed and ruined. Tang Rou saw the coordinates and quickly let his cold smoke rush.

“Kids! Come on!” Buns shouted, starting with the bricks he used most.

Desperate and tireless to see, suddenly know that the other side had an ambush here, and my heart is also a bit irritated. However, the bricks thrown in such a face were picked up by him, and the hoes flashed, and the bricks whizzed past, “啪” and photographed the back of a Lanxi Pavilion player who was fighting in the resurrection point.

Which kind of buns can take into account the problem of hatred that is so careful, and only reacts after the accident has occurred.

“Ah!” The buns cried, and the character immediately slammed down, as if the other party could not see him.

In fact, in the rebirth point, the battle is so chaotic, such accidental injuries occur sometimes, and the recruits can only admit that they are unlucky, how can they count on it!

Desperate and tireless to see this cargo is really idiotic, and quickly turned to go, do not want to fight here. The buns were no one to look for trouble. They immediately bravely yelled and shouted “Don’t run.” The original buns invaded and bounced directly, and the legs bent and glided out. The ruined man rushed into it.

Rogue skills: strong knee attack.

The rogue profession is quite a street style. Skills such as sand throwing, brick attack, and poisonous needles all reveal a sturdy force; but like the powerful knee attack and the overlord, they show the madness of desperation.

This powerful knee attack is fast and fierce, but the buns always like to be awkwardly in the attack. Desperate and tireless to hear that he sipped and turned back to the perspective, he saw his knees swiftly killing, and quickly flicked sideways. The buns invaded the strong knees and landed, and immediately returned, and the body did not stand straight and rushed over.

The ruined person quickly flies a knot, the character disappears in an instant, a geocentric decapitation, first avoids the attack of the buns invading, and then breaks out the ground and directly invades the buns.

The buns reacted quickly, and immediately one operation went on. The buns invaded the cross-arm and blocked the ruined wrist, and the knife that was cut was thrown away.

Rogue skills: stop the mountain tiger.

This skill is very familiar with the famous surname, but there is a name in the player called “Strive to protect the face.” It can be seen from this that this skill is actually a defense-based skill created by street fights. However, the game settings are of course not good enough to directly name the “strive to protect the face” or something, so do not pay attention to it?

The knife that was cut was stopped, but the ruined person has already jumped. By the height, it is immediately a bird, and the legs are stepping on the shoulders of the buns, and they are following the “嗖” and have already gone. The buns invaded behind them.

Although these guys are also very strong, they are better than Jun Moxiao. Desperate and tired of thinking like this, just listen to the “squeaky”, the brick in the back.

Back in the head of the brick, 100% 4 seconds dizziness.

That is to say, ruining and tireless at this time, although still jumping in the air, but people have fainted. How can people who fainted past make an action? So it was very embarrassing to fall to the ground.

Mud horse!

It’s depressing and boring! How does this guy love bricks like this? And there is no technical content at all, it is completely used to cool down, but I have been photographed, and the ruin of the earth is called a nest fire.

Fortunately, I jumped out in the air before! Although the dizziness caused him to lose his balance, he finally jumped out of the inertia, and then the fall of the landing also hurt, and suddenly the stun state was lifted. Destroy people and start to get up, the pickpocket is the three shurikens, just follow the view and stabilize it! It’s not a buns invasion.

Battle Master!

Haolong broke the army!

Tang Rou’s cold smoke was finally killed.

The shuriken is a skill that can make a little stiffness. It is good to interrupt some spells, but it is a cloud in front of the dragon. How to break the army is a hegemonic skill, unless there is a skill to grasp the judgment, otherwise no moves can be interrupted.

The three shurikens were hit, although they caused damage to the cold smoke, but they could not stop the attack.

The skill with the determination of the hegemony has always been such a rampant hegemony. In the blink of an eye, the cold smoke has already rushed to the front, and the spears screamed at the dull wind, and slammed into the ruined body.

Desperate and tirelessly fleeing. Cold smoke is now a power-type attribute, and the power of the dragon’s broken army is brought to the extreme. But when did Tangrou fight leave room? After the dragon broke the army, Fu Longxiang had already been connected. The spear was transformed into a dragon under the fluctuation of mana, and suddenly slammed out, and instantly smashed the ruined people. The magical volatility is injected strongly, and the devastating air in the air is so bad that it is called a gorgeous.

“I think this guy seems to be weak.” The buns of the buns invaded and stood by and said.

“Is your equipment to become stronger?” Tang said.

“Oh, oh!” The buns are stunned.

The next two people cooperate, it is true that the days of ruining people are really tired. He didn’t ask to kill two people at all, thinking about how to get away. However, the two men changed their equipment, and the strength improvement was not a little bit. There was something that could not be dealt with under the two-to-one ruin. What’s more, his side is also lost experience and explosive equipment, and now three pieces of equipment are not complete, the property is also the grade of 69.

“Do you kill it directly?” The buns asked at this time.

“Probably?” Tang Rou is not convinced.

“I asked the boss!” Buns said, they stood up and called directly: “Boss, kill not kill?”

“Oh oh…” Ye Xiu was shocked by the buzz that suddenly stood up. He was letting Jun Mo laugh to the point of rebirth, but it seems that Tang soft buns have almost been solved?

“I just communicated with him. I want to see if he can join us. You then ask him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Understand.” The buns were seated and immediately spoke: “The kid, rare, our boss actually appreciates you, he asked how you think about it?”

Mao considers! Have you said that you have to consider it? Desperate and tirelessly being chased and killed, where can you feel better? It’s really awkward to feel like this powerlessness.

“Why don’t you talk? Is it considering? Is it enough to count three to three?” said Buzi.


“One, two, three…” The buns are counted on their own.


“Don’t talk? Isn’t it enough to count three? Then what do you want to count?” asked the buns.

“Enough!!” Desperate and tireless can not help but shout.

“Enough is enough for you to express your attitude!” said the buns.

“I mean you are noisy enough!” Destructive said.

“Then you think about enough?” asked the buns.

“…” Destructive and speechless, he was not good at words, not to mention the unusual off-line thinking with buns, the dialogue is more difficult.

“There is no blood.” Tang Rou reminded me.

“Hurry, you can take a medicine!” Baozi said quickly and tirelessly.

“…” Destructive and tearful tears. In order to survive, he has been taking medicine, but the medicine is also cooling? Now it’s cooling, do you think I don’t want to eat?

Tang Rou felt that the buns were too boring, so he briefly explained: “We are a new team, want to know if you are interested in joining us?”

“No interest!” Destroy people and tirelessly bite their teeth.

“Oh!” Tang Rou sang, and looked up and smashed the ruined person completely.

“I…” When the ruined people still want to say something, the characters are down, the voice is naturally unable to pass, and the soul begins to float in the air. Desperate and tireless, this girl is really too crisp!

Then the ruined people saw from the perspective of the soul that the buns invaded a step and picked up something from their side.

Equipment… and there is a burst…


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