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Chapter 666 Big trick is useless

The 666th chapter of the big move is useless

Jun Mo Xiao disappeared into the corner of the street, and the five people in Lou Loulan finally did not keep up.

“Oh, let’s just engage in intelligence!” said Lou Loulan.

“Intelligence is intelligence, you don’t want to be like a younger brother.” At first glance, there were no outsiders, and the other four were immediately ruthless.


Loulou Lan Yangtian burst into tears, and today is a very faceless day. The pile of people was exploded, and the person was a dog leg. I really wanted to find a place to sew a drill!

Ye Xiu is manipulating Jun Moxiao to step up. I have just chased after the ruin of the people, so I can’t help you to lose the most. He is very confident that he can definitely take the lead and stop him before the transfer. Of course, the premise is that you can’t go the wrong way. After all, there are too few intersections with online games. Whether it is a wild or a town or a copy, Ye Xiu can’t talk much about the terrain.

However, with the help of an external electronic map, it is impossible for such a low-level mistake to happen to Ye Xiu. Soon, the transmission line of Diablo City has appeared in the eyes of Jun Moxiao, but the ruined person is losing intelligence.

After ruining the people and turning around in the trading street, there is nothing to gain, and rushing to the transmission array is all about going. No one wants to waste time on the road, of course, how fast it can run, so the original players who are staring at the ruinous and untiring world will soon lose, and the speed can’t keep up!

“But don’t go to other places, don’t send the array…” Ye Xiuxin also stunned, and then looked at the electronic map, Jun Moxiao had found a position to stand. Here you can see three streets that are ruined and can walk, but they don’t attract much attention.

The terrain leaf repair is not very familiar, but this does not prevent him from using the level of the terrain. On the spot, when you see the game on the spot, you should play the away game.

“Is it almost?” Ye Xiu looked at the time, ruining and working tirelessly, this time should almost appear in the field of vision. Ye Xiu turned and rubbed the streets of the three streets, but did not see the ruined figure.

Didn’t come over?

Going slow?

Ye Xiu thought about it, of course, he did not give up and left. After waiting for a while, finally, on the one of the three streets, there was a figure that sprinted.

Ye Xiu immediately made Jun Moxiao ready to shoot at any time. Soon, the name on the top of the figure can be seen clearly, and it is really devastating. But the speed of this guy running is a bit slow in Ye Xiu’s eyes.

Desperate and tireless, I didn’t realize that there was a hidden crisis. Just like a normal player, there was no special concern for the two roads. Out of the street, it is also going straight to the transmission array.


A gunshot.

During the World War, such a gunshot was really insignificant. Outside the city, there were sounds of skills and screams from players, and online players were almost adapted to this environment. But now the sound of the gunshot, listening to the ruin of the tired but the ears feel that it is so real.

It is worthy of being a scavenger who walks in the crowd often, and the ruined person actually judges that the gun is coming to him. The body suddenly slammed, and the bullet passed by.

“Hide well!”

After hearing such a comment, a top-heavy monster jumped into the ruinous and tireless face. This image is really too eye-catching. Even the ruined people can’t help but be attracted to the image first and then notice the id of the character’s head: Jun Moxiao.

The ruin of walking and glory is also a few years old, and it is also a risky job. He is not like a general scavenger. He picks up the wasteland and basically does not want to live. It’s all about living for a while and counting the same. Destructive and tireless has always been very patient to do. And the scavenging of the matter, the big scene between the big guild is the most profitable, of course, will be actively involved in these scenes, and for the masters of online games, it is quite a lot. Jun Mo laughs, this person’s strength is ruined and tireless, never seen before, really want to fight this guy, ruining people is really not confident.

At this moment, it was actually stared at by this person, and the ruined and untiring heart was also a little panic. However, the transmission array is in front, as long as it can rush there, it will soon leave the dark city, where the other party will certainly not know. It’s not life and death, it’s a ruin.

The idea is also fixed, no nonsense, come up directly to the shadow of the body, first flash out and then say.

So, in the original place, the real body tried to take a big cut, and the result was completely clear. A large helmet had already swayed in front of him.

“Shadow splitting? I will!” The other party did not seem to need to wait for this view to be clear, and the guy in his hand had already collapsed.

Desperate and tirelessly jumped out and jumped, the guy in the other hand suddenly turned over, and it was a long stretch. It’s really fast enough to ruin your hands. The knife slammed and slammed the shot and knocked it off.

The one that was grown by the Thousands of Umbrellas bounced back, and the ruined people just swept the cold sweat, and they heard a “bang” sound. The flames of the end of the weapon shone, and the three rounds of shells rushed toward themselves.

The attack distance of the shells… It is undoubtedly a few times longer than the spears. It is not the same thing to use the knife to fight and block the collision. It is basically a kind of operation that is better than nothing.

But is there any other choice for the ruin of the moment?

It’s really gone, and it’s a pretty good sense of consciousness and speed to be able to subconsciously protect the knife in front of you. Who can think of just a small period of time after the jump, the opponent is actually a sword and a spear, and finally even a shot?

The fire of the anti-tank bombings swallowed up the ruin. The powerful impact suddenly pushed the ruined people to the wall.

There are two pairs of players under the wall to tear it! I didn’t feel too surprised when someone was bombarded. I just glanced at the angle of view and found that there was no guild on the top of the other side, and that I was not a relative, so no one took care of it.

Destructive and slippery from the wall. Look at it again, I have a shadow split, and I haven’t been close to the portal. I was beaten by a cannon…

Let’s go straight out!

Desperate and tireless, thinking about the beginning of the big shadow dance.

He saw that there was a long way between himself and Jun Mo, and he felt that the harassment of hiding from long-range attacks could still complete this complicated conclusion.

This is also the advantage of the ninja profession, and the same type of humming type has no effect on the movement of the character. Even if the element mage sings while maintaining the “moving cast” state, the movement speed will be greatly weakened.

Ninja is not without this trouble, just look at the ruined and tireless hands and strokes, the legs are also swinging fast, left to hide, left and right flash, and also quickly hope to bring Jun Moxiao’s attack to other players.

How can Ye Xiu get this? However, for this reason, the effect of the long-range attack is not ideal, and it has no effect on the ruinous seal.

Tolerance? Shadow dance!

The momentary and ruinous figure came out more than a dozen, and each one was very spectacular. But ruining people and tirelessly, this time, how can Jun Moxiao not? The result is a turn of perspective, rely on! Jun Mo laughed at his roots and ignored his shadow. The man ran to the side of the transmission array, as if he was only equipped to keep the last level.

Is this useful?

It’s always better for him to stand up from the portal. It’s always more beneficial for him. Now that so many shadows are rushing over, he doesn’t believe that Jun Mo’s ability is so great, he can Shadows are completely blocked, as long as the past one, is it all right?

Desperate and tired, thinking that it has already started to run a bunch of shadows and ready to flock. As a result of this switch, I was surprised to find out how many of these shadows were being attacked.

“Oh, the experience is not enough.” The voice of Jun Moxiao came over.

It’s depressing and boring! It turned out that his shadow dance was completed, and this pile of shadows was so gorgeous that he stood up, and many players around him were misunderstood.

This did not come to the shadow of his own side, who dare not prevent?

So there is no second word, let me talk first. For a time, it became a hostile enemy of the public, and many of them were playing with his shadow. Desperate and still want to pull Jun Moxiao’s long-range attack to other people to help him to hate, I did not expect that a shadow dance in the current environment is actually to bring hatred to myself.

It’s not the person who will explain it. In this case, he will not be able to explain it. He will operate the shadows and do not want to entangle with these players. He just tries to rush toward the portal.

There are too many opponents, and it is very hard to deal with them ruinedly. Ye Xiu is not kind. When the most ruinous and tireless, Junmo laughs and kills. Here, the palm of the hand flies and flies, and there is thrown and thrown out one, and here is to fight back and avoid one. The attack is always empty and unscrupulous, and in less than a moment, the ruined people are tired and find that their shadows have fallen to such a degree. Such a distance…


At the time, the shadow split was half. Being beaten too much by Jun Moxiao, no matter which shadow score he places on the shadow dance, he can’t take care of the whole situation.

The shadow dance big move, actually was broken by half. The remaining half was ruined and tried to try, but then found that this half is not good!

This half of the shadows rushed forward, and there was a sequence of successes, which gave Jun Moxiao the time to shoot them all. If you gather together, the time is not enough, the skill effect is always effective!

The shadow dance big move has been completely useless.


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