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Chapter 662 Shadow dance heart

The six hundred and sixty-two chapter shadow dance heart

It’s a bit of a ruin to be ruined. The two guys with broken equipment are not at all concerned. Otherwise, relying on his technique and equipment to suppress, even if faced with Tang soft buns two people, it will not be so embarrassed as soon as they come up.

The round dance stick is a forced crawl, and it is impossible to use the body to avoid falling to the ground. But the ruinous operation was fast enough. When the state of the ground fell, he immediately took a roll, and the blink of an eye was already half-lying on the ground. It looked like it was directly avoided by the body.

Desperate and tired have already put away all the contempt, at this time only hate their own ninja with a clean.

Ninja’s endurance is also in the skill tree, but unlike the method of forbearance, the tolerance method can be used immediately after the printing operation, but the ninja has to be made first and then used. There is also a limit to the number of fabrics that can be produced. Generally, the ninjas will always be well-prepared, but the road of ruining and boring will run over. Both the jade and the sprinklers are used for cooling, but they are all used up.

If you use it again, you have to do it first. How can he escape this way?

At this point, I saw that there are two powerful guys blocking the road. It is very regrettable to ruin the props and use them clean. This situation is obviously impossible to leave empty as a ninja.

This is not the case. This one is only half-turned, and the cold and soft spear has been stabbed. The ruined people quickly shunned the body, and as a result, they saw a big group of things swaying to the body. Not a skill is not a prop, it is a person directly! The buns invaded and rushed up and slammed him directly to the ground, facing the door.

Desperate and tearful, he has always been a loner, but the game experience is still very rich. This is the rogue skill “Overlord’s fist”, which is to turn the person to the ground and then to fight. But skill is a skill. Everyone will have similarities and differences when they operate. At this time, this guy, in the eyes of ruining people, is simply crazy. There is no way to play it. There is no technical content. !

Why is it that he has been turned to the ground by such a technically unskilled guy? If the “Overlord’s Boxing” skill is not over, then there is no effect of forcing the target to be reversed. The ruinous and untiring one-stop operation is going on, and the character smashes into the ground.

“Hey!” The buns screamed in surprise.

“Don’t you see it?” Tang Rou said, the cold smoke and a spear have already come over. The geocentric decapitation is not completely undetectable when it is hidden underground. The scabbard that leaves the breathing mouth is a flaw. It’s just that this is too subtle and it’s easy to hide it with terrain. But ruining people is using skills directly in front of people. Who can still know where he is hiding? The cold smoke and soft spears are tied down, but they also feel wrong.

The geocentric decapitation is not so rigid, and wherever it goes, there is a small range of activities. Destructive and tireless skills, fast operation, dare to show in front of people, of course, a little rely on. When the cold smoked soft spear went down, it was ruined from her back. There is nothing sharp and sturdy in the knife, and it gives a cold smoke to the soft smoke. Followed by but there is no post-attack, ruining people has already rushed out, at this time, even if he has great confidence, he does not dare to fight with the two, and more people behind can be close, especially that Jun Mo laughs.

When I was ruined, I turned my eyes and looked back. I saw a brick and the wind came, and I quickly turned my head and let the bricks pass. As a result, there was a slamming sound, but it was tied by the cold and smoked spear.

These two guys reacted so fast! !

Desperate and tireless. His heart-and-hearted dagger technique gave a cold smoke, and any attack on the character would have some effect. With this knife, the ruined people thought that the cold smoke would always be a little slower. Then, the cold smoke is so slow that he is not clear. Anyway, for a while, the spears that people have come over have caught up with him. The speed of movement is fast, after all, it is still not as good as others. The advantage of the spear attack distance is a big deal.

The cold smoked backhand is a dragon tooth. The attack power is not good, but there is a forced addition effect of the skill. For such a short moment, enough cold smoke and soft buns to invade will be ruined and reintegrated into their control.

Helpless and ruthless, once again struggled with the two, trying to find a chance to get rid of. When I came and went for a few rounds, I didn’t find any space. I was so anxious that I was shocked. I heard someone say: “Your boy is picking up the waste now!”

Desperate and tired of listening to the sound already know who is coming, but at this time, I have to look up. With his rich practical experience than Tang soft buns, he finally grabbed a space that can be used. At this time, the operation has gone down. Which one will give up in order to look at Jun Moxiao?

The ruinous hands began to dazzle and quickly seal, obviously a complicated trick, otherwise there is no need to specifically take time.

Tolerance? Shadow dance!

A number of shadows have been scattered in the cold smoke and soft buns to invade the two. To be honest, this big move Tang soft buns have not received much. It takes a lot of time for the big move to start, and even the operation of ruining people needs to grab the space to have the opportunity to display success. The average player needs more time. The Tang soft buns face the overwhelming strength of ordinary players. Such a big move, really few people have the opportunity to display them when they are against them.

So for this skill, both of them know, but they don’t have much experience to deal with. At this time, they are the masters who are ruined and tireless. Several people are jumping and attacking together. The two of them suddenly feel a little bit. The law is gone. Although the attacking shadow did not cause too much trouble for the two, but the two could not grasp all the shadows together.

The swordsman’s sword step has a real shadow and a shadow, but the shadow is not there. At this time, I still want to seize the ruin and tirelessness. I have to control or kill all the shadows.

But the ruinlessness of this skill is certainly not to continue the battle, just to take the opportunity to find the angle of getting out of the way, a few shadows are actually just sighing to the cold smoke and soft buns invasion, and then Qi Chao Temple Rush outside.

Tang soft buns have done their best, but they can only be entangled by one person, but the moment when these two are wrapped up by the two, obviously will not become the choice of ruining the real body.

Other shadows are only operating to escape, and there is a certain range of control of the shadow dance, so the multiple shadows that are rushed out can not go their own way. This control is relatively simple, it is quite time to ruin the two shadows to limit the invasion of cold smoke and soft buns.

At this time, the ruin of the people is a look at other situations. Jun Mo Xiao really came to the front of the conversation, and there are even some people in the world who are even more fast than him. But in any case, no one is closer to him than the cold smoke and soft buns invade, limiting the two people, and ruining people has felt that it is not difficult to get rid of them. Need to pay more attention to it, or this Jun Mo laugh, this guy will not have any moths? At this moment, this shadow is split, should you go to harass him?

Desperate and still thinking about this problem, suddenly the shadow of the body is a bias, and the opponent in front of the cold smoke and soft and clear no attack hit him. It’s just like this, the shadows are not moving, but they have been swiftly taken away.

“not good!!”

Desperate and tireless, suddenly understand what is going on, and quickly want to operate with a view of the angle. As a result, several shadows that have already ran out of the dark hall suddenly disappeared like smoke, and he has already been a The qigong master was pinched in his hand.

Qigong master skills: catch the cloud.

Desperate, of course, will not know this skill, but at this time he did not expect the other party to use his means to break his shadow dance.

There are only two left in the shadows, one is captured by the qigong master, and the other, in the blink of an eye, has been invaded by the buns to kill. By default, the shadows in the heap are forced to be restored to a destructive normal state.

“Oh, what are you doing with me? I’m too ignoring so many of us?” The voice of Jun Mo laughed and floated happily.

Desperate and depressed!

Indeed, he cares too much about Jun Mo, and his eyes are only such top players. Although the two smashed guys at the door made him unexpected, he never looked at other players in the world. Now, a catcher catches him back, but it is a very ordinary one in the world. He can make this credit, but because he is a qigong master, he has the skill of catching the cloud.

Desperate and even dare to assert that he can use his hand to tear the back of his shadow, not his own conscious judgment, or just a mistake, or…

“Good job…” The ruined people heard this, and Jun Mo laughed to this side, and came to the qigong master.


Desperate to know that he is still planted in this guy’s hand.

This skill of shadow dance, no one of the multiple shadows is actually the theoretical body. However, since multiple shadows must be controlled within a certain range, in order to satisfy this condition, there must always be a benchmark to define the range. And this benchmark is the shadow of the angle of view used by the operator.

Even if this shadow is killed, it is only one of the number of shadows. Even if there is no player to choose the operation, the system will automatically throw the player to a certain score to continue to give the perspective, and this shadow will become a new benchmark.

This benchmark is a part of the shadow dance. It is not a real body, and players can freely choose to switch.

What Ye Shuxiu did just now is to judge the ruining and untiring. At that time, the shadow of the battle with the cold smoke was regarded as the heart of the shadow dance. So he secretly instructed a qigong master, and he was stunned by a cloud-handed man. Desperate and tireless realized that it was too late to operate, and the several shadows that rushed out of the dark hall stood out because they left the shadow dance too far away.


This is still a little more! There is something tomorrow, go to bed early!

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