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Chapter 654 Ace against ace

Six hundred and fifty-four chapters ace against ace

It is definitely a good hand to be able to have a place in the blue rain and reincarnation. Wu Qi’s single-star Yu Feng’s time has not fallen. They are all professional grades. If you say that the weak is limited, you still have to play the results. Any details of the actual point in the actual battle may become the factors that make this victory. clearly.

扛一于锋, Wu Qi is a good wind, but Huang Shaotian’s night rain is annoying to kill this. The swordsman’s swords and swords are combined, and Wu Qi is immediately overwhelmed.

Huang Shaotian and Yu Feng’s teammates are not a day or two. The cooperation between the two men’s swords is not as simple as one plus one and two. The assassin was low-blooded and was attacked by the two men. The bloodline dropped rapidly. Fortunately, the reincarnation of the pastor, Fang Minghua, would have been saved. The role of the singer’s singer’s silver martial angel’s sacred light flashed to help Wu Qi. Over there, Zhou Zeyi has also experienced the real body. Naturally, there will be no delay. One shot through the clouds adjusts the direction, and it is saved to Wu Kai, who is in a bad situation.

This is also the advantage of the gunner’s career, the attack distance is long, and the support is always faster. As soon as the hand is lifted, the bullet will arrive. In exchange for the support of the swordsman under Huang Shaotian, the errands will always fly without bullets.

No one dares to neglect the attack of the Gun King, but the guardian angel that activates the life activation will have to be another matter. Life activation is a skill that accelerates the automatic recovery of character life. Especially when it comes to the equipment that restores the effect of life every second, the effect will be greatly enhanced. Encounter some low-output attackers, or even completely unable to press the releaser’s blood line.

Although this skill can also be used by teammates, but because most of the characters can not restore the effect of life as a self-stacking effect, most of the time, the guardian will use this skill for himself, and then In the battle, the meat shield to cover their own characters.

At this moment, Xu Jingxi’s soul language is to open such a skill, exuding exuberant vitality, welcoming a bullet shot through the clouds.


The bullet is on the upper body, and the effect is still there. Just because the skills speed up the effect of returning blood, the wounds in the soul language are also restored at a speed visible to the naked eye. He didn’t move, so he intercepted the bullets in the flesh. At this moment, he looked more tragic than a knight who had a shield and ushered in the boss.

This method is somewhat reserved but effective. Zhou Zezhen constantly manipulates a shot to wear a variety of shooting angles, but the body of the soul-speaker can always traverse the trajectory of the bullet! With the attack power of the gun king, the blood line of the soul language is still crushed, but in the end it is not as fast as the **** line of Wu Kai’s assassin’s “cruel silence”.

There are two All-Star players and characters who are attacking him. Although the support of the pastor does not die for a while, in the case of such a rapid decline in bloodlines, it will accelerate the consumption of the priest’s mana and skills. Especially when the skill cooling reaches a certain level, it is possible to quickly set fire to a wave of attacks, and even take it away. This is the tactics that the professional team often uses. The team at the blue rain level is of course even more flamboyant. At this time, the trend of the game has clearly shown the intention of the blue rain.

Pastor Fang Minghua’s reply did not harass. Soksal, who had left the electro-optical wave array, was harassing the reincarnation of Jiang Botao’s swordsman without the waves, so that he could not go up for support.

Ignore the warlock’s attack?

This is absolutely impossible, not in the damage, but in the control effect of the Warlock skill.

Binding, manipulation, six-star light prison, etc. You will not die, but you may not be able to die.

Yu Wenzhou’s hand speed is really not fast, but the rhythm of the rhythm has reached the point of perfection. Waste of skills, no circulation, good skills to cool this thing will never happen to him. Yu Wenzhou does rarely participate in single-player matches, but this does not mean that he will have no power in one-on-one because of the shortcomings of hand speed. In this way, the rhythm is controlled without any delay. At this time, the one-on-one being played on the palm of the hand is clearly the reincarnation of Jiang Botao.


Ye Xiu heard someone snoring and snoring. He turned to look at Wei Wei’s staring at the Soxar’s matchless wave of the broadcast. His face was a bit ugly, apparently reminding of some unpleasant memories.

“You have to overcome this psychological shadow.” Ye Xiu turned his head and looked at Soxar in the screen.

“Mao!” Wei Weidao, obviously the definition of “psychological shadow” is very uncomfortable. How do you have any shadows? Just think of something that is not worth happy.

“What psychological shadow?” Tang soft bun two at this time is a smart look back, very curious look.

“Go and go, what do children want to ask!” Wei Wei drove two people.

“That is, being defeated by a teenage child and losing confidence and then retiring to disappointment, do you think that the old Wei will take it out of the street?” Ye Xiu said.

“Cut, it is just that I help the younger generation of the team to grow up, let them build confidence, and deliberately let the water lose to them.” Wei Wei can not say this without a heart, of course, there is no reason. When I first lost to Yu Wenzhou, it was only an exercise in the team. As a predecessor, it is impossible to deliberately release water, but Wei Wei does not really have the best to use a child in a training camp, even if he is a guy with no limits.

In the end, he lost three straight games. But in the professional circle, the three games won, and really can’t fully explain what. However, with the situation of the two at the time, even if Wei Wei tried his best to defeat Yu Wenzhou, he could not change anything. It is the gold always shines, no matter the outcome, Yu Wenzhou will stand out at that time, Wei Wei will have his feelings like this young boy. Just lose, let his feelings at that time feel stronger and clearer.

“The younger generation in the team? I really don’t know where you want to go. I said that you were killed by me in the playoffs that year!” said Ye Xiu. When Wei Wei was still in the league, Ye Xiu 20 was not full, and it was indeed a teenager.

“It turns out that you are saying this!” Wei Wei shot his thigh and looked like a stunned look: “That’s not because the old man saw you, you found this guy, the thief, the thief, and the eyes of my street, I saw you on the side of the week. It is filled with the temperament of criminals. This will not let you win a championship. You may have this metamorphosis, which will generate a great burden for the social stability and unity. Therefore, for the sake of the country, I have to endure the pain and let you The **** took the league’s championship, and it was three times, which stopped countless tragedies. It seems that now you have grown up, sensible, and the old man does not need you to repay, come over and tell the grandfather a bit of a heart! ”

“Don’t you pull it? I have specially invited you to join the team to get you a soy sauce to get back to a champion. Isn’t it just to pay for the fact that you were killed by me? But the words can be made clear! I only killed you once, so I can only pay you back. Others have to work hard to fight for yourself. Look at your descendants on TV. The spirit of hard work is worth learning.”

“Ha ha…” Tang Rou smiled twice, turning back and no longer listening to the two men. The beginning of the incident seemed to be half-truth, but then it was completely heard that the two guys were screaming.

However, after listening to this, the buns carefully took a few eyes on Ye Xiu and muttered after no one spoke: “I am also a street girl. Why didn’t I have any criminal temperament?”

“Hahahaha, buns, you see… Hey!” Wei Yi listened to the music and was preparing to give a detailed explanation of the buns, but everyone talked and talked, and the eyes were basically staring at the game. The scene that had been brought into the blue rain rhythm was suddenly broken. What breaks this situation is that the reincarnation team will not be able to treat the guns!

Zhou Zezhen suddenly turned a gun through the muzzle of the cloud, and suddenly came to the Soxar of Yu Wenzhou to have a wave of mad attack.

This change has obviously paved the way. Xu Jingxi, who is also a heavy gunman, has been smashed open, and his soul language has not caught up. The sharpshooter’s attack has a strong impact on coverage.

And what about Yu Wenzhou? This extreme attack after the madness of the hand is really his nemesis, and immediately was disrupted by the rhythm. Jiang Botao’s no-waves were out of control, and immediately turned over the sword front, sang an ice-making wave array and fell to the place where the night rains were annoying, the sharp swords and the cruel silences.

There are two targets in the range of wave arrays, and the freezing effect triggered by the ice-making volatility is quite a headache. Huang Shaotian and Yu Feng can’t help but have to stop temporarily attacking the cruel silence. The range of the flashing wave array.

Under the cover of this wave of volatility, Wu Qi quickly let the cruel silence open, but this place will give him a rest time to breathe, cruel silence, and immediately rushed to the Saxal of Yuwen When I rushed to the past, I was mad at the captain of the other team who had just been bullied by the two swords.

The situation on the court has changed in an instant.

The Blue Rain team harassed from Huang Shaotian, the whole team stormed, and was forced to counterattack by Zhou Zeyi breaking the situation. Then Huang Shaotian sneaked back and appeared in the scene again. Then he did not start to the other prince and did not send the attack to the other pastor. Such a non-core person. It’s just a pity that, once they have entered their tactical rhythm, they have once again changed the situation by the other party’s ace Zhou Zemin’s deterrence.

The series of moments of the rabbit’s fall, the style characteristics of the second team have been fully reflected.

Blue rain’s clever tactical rhythm and coordination, reincarnation Zhou Zeyi’s own power to subvert the strength of the situation, this is undoubtedly the biggest chip and trump card of the two teams. Judging from the current situation, these two big chips collide and are evenly matched!

But the tactics can’t be executed perfectly every time, and the individual’s play can’t be completely flawless.

Which of these two teams will be exposed first?


It’s impossible to write down the battle in such a way, and everyone will see the results soon!

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