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Chapter 653 Limit to limit

Chapter 653 Extreme Limits

Hey! !

In fact, this is almost two consecutive sounds. Xu Jingxi did not need to turn his perspective to see what happened. There is no doubt that this sniper shot through the clouds has produced a penetration effect.

The soul language and Yu Wenzhou’s eyebrows are in the middle of a blood hole. This is the game. If you change to a real person, how can you not die? Of course, if it is true, it should not be a blood hole. Barrett’s large-caliber sniper rifle hit the head, it should be the head directly on the wood…

Actually it will be like this!

Xu Jingxi was shocked. The spell that he saw the door of death has been interrupted, and the black lines that are flying in the role of the reincarnation player quickly loosen the target and pull it back into the door, followed by the revolving door and fluttering in the void.

The characters that were suddenly released by the black line quickly fell out along the original trajectory, which shows that the black line is very swaying even when grasping the target. However, under such conditions, Zhou Zemin is still able to hit Barrett’s big move, which is not easy to operate, to hit the target accurately and produce the desired effect.

This is the trump card. The trump card. The first person in the glory of the highest voice: Zhou Zezhen.

The five characters of the reincarnation team that had been smashed out quickly flew up and stood up straight. Of course, this level of operation is hard to beat the professional players. Then, the reincarnation team has begun a strong counterattack. Zhou Zezhen’s shot through the clouds was the first to bear the brunt. The two guns ran and operated while running, and the blue grass was flying in the grass. Four people were covered by the attack. Jiang Botao’s waveless sword is also a singer, and has also sung an electro-optical wave array.

Condensed electric ball electro-optical, 15 grass blades flying in the body are shaking. Although the range of electro-optical wave arrays is not as terrible as the door to death, the speed of electro-optic light can be much faster than those of the death gate. It can be said that there is no other way than to quickly leave the radius of the 15 squares. .

However, under the pressure of Zhou Zeyi’s guns and guns, it’s easy to talk about it. Hit by the gunner’s bullet, even if it is a normal attack, it also has a stiff effect, but the time is very short. However, under the operation of Zhou Zezhen, the suppression of this random shooting played to the extreme, and the roles of Lan Yu were all struggling. To the last four people, they could not escape the range of the electro-optical wave array, and the electric light flashed by the electric ball. Qi Qi breakdown.

The worst of these is the number of Soxar in Wenzhou. Obviously, Zhou Zeyi knows the important position of the blue rain captain in the team and gives him special care. Most of the bullets are given to Soxar. When the other three were hit by electro-optical light and escaped from the electro-optical wave array, Soxar was still suppressed in the battle, and was electrocuted for the second and third time…

The blue rain player can watch the captain of his own being shocked, and the characters of Yu Feng and Song Xiao rushed up, but the result was just stopped by Wu Qi and Lu Boyuan on the reincarnation side.

The situation seems to have turned a turn. After the blue rain gave a round of injury to the reincarnation, it was strongly countered by the reincarnation in the blink of an eye. The captain Yu Wenzhou’s Soxar struggled in the electro-optical wave array, and he had to be delaminated by the electric dying.

The audience looked nervous and their minds were all touched by the characters on the scene. At this time, there will always be something that is ignored, for example, Huang Shaotian, who suddenly became quiet!

If this is the case, it will always be silent and disappear, and the night rain will not be a sword saint.

The front is entangled in the excitement, a figure suddenly flashed out from behind the reincarnation team. A touch of sapphire blue cut through the sky, the night rain sounds annoying hands in the hands of Yin Wu ice rain has been directed at the target: the priest in the reincarnation, laughing and singing.

Fang Minghua also noticed that he had rushed to operate, and the laughter jumped away from the sword, but the night rainy annoyed attack would not end here. Jianguang bloomed at this moment.

Although Huang Shaotian’s play is like an assassin, it can’t change the skill characteristics of the swordsman profession.

The swordsman is not the assassin’s kind of sinister and sinister sneak attack skills. Every skillful sword, either fast or slow, or elegant or dignified, is so upright.

Pastor, even if there is a certain degree of aggression, it is absolutely impossible to confront the swordsman in this way. Surrounded by the rain of the night, Jianguang stuck, and life began to decline. However, after all, it is a master of the professional circle. Although the pastor laughs and feels very embarrassed at this moment, his operator Fang Minghua is actually not as busy as a character. The priest was suddenly glued by the swordsman, and the loss was affirmative, let alone the swordsman of Huang Shaotian? Fang Minghua operates steadily, avoiding, parry… Although the effect of the priest’s weapon cross pendant in the parry is really rubbish, but better than nothing.

Fang Minghua is so supportive, of course, the reincarnation team will not see their priest being killed.

As the gunshot sounded, Zhou Zeyi’s shot through the cloud had already turned the gun head, turning back and shooting while rushing toward the night rain.

The gun king’s attack, Huang Shaotian, could not be seen as if he had not seen it. He did not think so easily to destroy the other priest. Attacking the priest, this indispensable role, is expected to surround Wei to save Zhao. After seeing the other person returning to save, Huang Shaotian did not run and Zhou Zeyi’s shot was wearing a cloud, and a “Fairy Man Guided” blow-to-fly attack, flying the laughter to the past, and hitting a shot with a cloud go with.

A shot through the cloud immediately a slippery shovel, the laughter that flew directly from the horizontal body slipped over, so the double gun could not help but shoot at the night rain.

A shot of the silver martial in the hands of the cloud, the right hand of the wildfire, the left hand broken frost, are two different revolvers. For the professional shooter, the two-handed gun and the single-handed gun have different styles of play. The single pistol is simple to operate and the attack is stable. While the two-handed gun can provide more attack output than the single pistol, the operation difficulty is very high, because the two-handed gun is not the two guns to adjust and aim together, but needs to switch back and forth. . I want to maximize the power of the two-handed gun, and the complexity is not as simple as twice the single-handed operation. Even if it is a professional player, it is impossible to maintain such a limit throughout the game. Usually, it is mainly one-handed and the other hand is interspersed. As for the complete use of a single pistol, it is really not qualified to become a professional player.

At this time, Zhou Zezhen had already used the two-handed gun attack to the extreme, and in the movement of the sliding shovel, the bullets of the two-handed guns were all annoying to the night rain.

Huang Shaotian did not dare to neglect, an operation went on, the night rain sounded annoying and swaying, and the moment was full of his figure. The broadcast picture quickly zoomed out. Everyone was one, two, three, four, five, and so on. Then they heard the commentary in the broadcast, and they screamed and screamed: “Seven!! A total of seven figures, the sword of Huang Shaotian’s rainy night There are a total of seven figures in the shadow step!! Yes, it is seven, each figure is perfect, it is a complete seven!”

Huang Shaotian also responded to Zhou Zemin with the limit of operation, and the shock he brought to everyone was far greater than that of Zhou Zezhen’s two-handed gun shooting. Because of the sword shadow step, before this, Huang Shaotian can only complete the six and a half afterimage, and at this moment, the afterimage is seven, the complete seven.

“Hey, this guy has improved!” Looking at the broadcast of Ye Xiu.

“That nonsense, this is the first-class talent discovered by the old man.” Wei Wei did not forget to put gold on his face.

“What are you happy, this will be our obstacles in the future.” Ye Xiu said.

“You still have to think about how to send the younger generation under your hand to say it!” Wei Wei said. What he refers to is the Jiashi team. For Ye Xiu, the former captain, Jiashi’s people can undoubtedly count as his descendants.

Two professional veterans were impressed by this, and Tang soft buns saw this and were a little surprised. The two people who have played in many arenas have also seen this skill. The buns said with some sorrow: “How can it be so much? Isn’t this the most three? How can there be seven?? Is it that two people are making? “Obviously, the swordsmen who encounter the buns in the competitive arena have no masters. Most of the players in the game can also operate four afterimages. After all, the buns came out from the new district of the 10th district, and the actual combat experience is still at a relatively low level.

“This is the master, the master can do this!” Although Tang Ruo did not know how this complicated operation, but listened to the explanation and saw the ghostly exclamation, which knows that this is a great thing.

“I don’t know if I can make a few.” Buns said.

“Do you have such skills in your rogue?” Tang said.

“It seems that there is no, I don’t know if I can learn, it looks very powerful, you see the explanation to scare.” Baozi said.

“…” Tang Rou.

The battle continues, and Huang Shaotian’s sword step operation is already the peak, and the seven afterimages make it difficult to distinguish between true and false. And if you can’t judge it at a glance in actual combat, there is really no effort to analyze it. People do not play hide-and-seek with you. People want to take this opportunity to attack.

Since you can’t tell the difference, then hit it!

After a shot of the cloud shovel, he bounced from the ground, kicked, elbowed, and shot. A variety of attack methods attacked the past with several afterimages. The sharpshooter skill: gun martial arts.

This is a special attacker’s attack performance that incorporates the shooting attack of the firearm into the close combat. The physical attack is direct, and the firing of the firearm is like a cold arrow that is suddenly difficult to guard against.

Zhou Zemin’s operation of this skill naturally does not need to be said, and only five moments have been attacked.

The shadow of the shadow shadow step is not like the shadow of the ninja’s shadow dance. The shadow of the shadow dance is actually an entity, with attacking power and life. If it is hit, it will lose life. When the skill time is up or the life is zero, it will disappear. The residual shadow of the sword shadow step is completely incorporeal, without attributes, can not cause damage to the target, of course, it will not be hurt by the target, only the end of the skill disappears.

However, in the way of attack, it is also possible to test which is the afterimage. Zhou Zezhen immediately attacked the five targets with guns and martial arts, so that the opponents couldn’t wait to adjust the confusion. However, all five were all afterimages. Zhou Zeyi quickly turned his view. He saw the night rainy annoyed entity and gave up the two goals in front of him. He went to the other side and Yu Qi, who was attacking their assassin player, Wu Qi. .


Fighting and fighting… I can’t stop it when I write it!

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