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Chapter 645 Over-progress

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The opposite of Zhou Zeyi and Huang Shaotian, which was established both on the court and on the court.

The next silent one wants people to take a stick and open his mouth, but the other is more than enough to make people feel a stick and stun. As for the field, Zhou Zeyi is the absolute core of the team, the main attacker. He is always in the most fierce battle, with his attack, driving the firepower of the team.

And Huang Shaotian? The tactics of the Blue Rain team are not all around him. He is the ghost of wandering on the field, and often gives the impression that “this goods do not exist.” But whenever he shoots, what is left is the **** rain. This is the opportunist style, his data as a whole will be very unsightly. However, when analyzing the content of the game, his existence must not be ignored, because if he does not exist, the game will be another result. And he has a very sense of presence, his data is enough to force the audience.

Two players of similar style are easily compared by others.

Two players with different styles are also very easy to compare.

Huang Shaotian became famous earlier than Zhou Zezhen, but when Zhou Zeyi became famous, the two names began to entangle each other.

However, at present, more outsiders say that Zhou Zeyi is stronger. After all, opportunism like Huang Shaotian always needs a premise: opportunity.

When his opponent did not give him any chance, his sense of existence suddenly weakened. Such a thing has not happened in Huang Shaotian.

In the game, the goods did not seem to exist. But people who are familiar with his style will wait for him to jump out and scare everyone. After the game was over, everyone finally found out: scared! This shipment really does not exist this time!

Finding opportunities, this is one thing. One more thing is to seize the opportunity. Even if Huang Shaotian is the master of this road, it is impossible to guarantee that all opportunities will not slip away from him. This person always has a bad time, just his style. Once he has not caught the opportunity, the role on the court can be a bit shameful.

Between the influence of style, Huang Shaotian’s performance on the field is naturally not as stable as Zhou Zeyi, and gradually falls into the disadvantage in the evaluation. However, Huang Shaotian has a champion in hand, especially in playing this championship, so it has not been overwhelmed.

This time, the two great gods finally met in the highest-profile stage of the finals. Those who have won, if they are defeated by the other side, can increase the persuasiveness of the finals trophy. This long-standing debate seems to have a foregone conclusion.

All the glory powder is looking forward to it, looking forward to this year’s climax. Fans of these two teams have already promoted their team in various places. In the most direct place of glory online games, the two guild players are even more numerous conflicts, so that the presidents of both guilds are exhausted.

Yes, it is desperate, not exhausted.

Because this is the eve of the finals, no matter what happens in this time, it must be on the face! Peaceful settlement, profit concession? These usual means of club associations are definitely not suitable at this special time. At this time, it is time to be morale. The team needs, and the supporters of the team also need it. Even if you don’t have much money, you can’t lose your mood at this time.

As the head of the five regiments of the Reincarnation Guild, Wei Wei has been working hard this time. There are very few liberty when you are free. During these days of rest, you will hear the president say hello on the line, and then the point will point straight toward somewhere. In a fierce confrontation, how can the elite group get the charge?

As a result of this special moment, Wei Wei’s talent was once again noticed by the reincarnation. In their eyes, Wei Wei’s command and dispatch level is really high. It’s so sharp in this pvp. It’s a waste of such talents to lead the team to play pve. This should be a group to participate in the competition of the wild map boss. what! That is the battlefield dominated by pvp. What kind of talent is there?

There was a big controversy at the top of the reincarnation guild.

Some believe that this person should be used to compete for the Boss, while others are still skeptical about the credibility of this person.

But in the end, these doubts were dispelled by a series of reverse thinking. The core of the reincarnation guild specifically discussed the issue of Wei Wei, and later agreed that such a level of masters, sent to the undercover is really extravagant, placed in any guild, this should be the best choice for the team to grab the boss , sent out undercover, is counting on what this person gets?

The reincarnation of the cores has been listed in one, two, three, and four, and I can’t think of any intentions of a master who has been undercover for so long. Can’t it be an attempt to seek the throne of the president? That is completely impossible. The president of the club guild is appointed by the club. Can it be decided by some performances or popular opinions in your online games?

The core of the reincarnation still did not think that Wei Wei’s undercover origin was actually very small. He came from a small team that had not even established a guild. Reincarnation always considers the undercover value from the competition level of the club guild. Of course, the suspicion of Wei Wei is dispelled. Wei Wei has not yet reached that level!

So after the uneasy days before the finals, Wei Wei was appointed by the reincarnation guild as the head of the elite group.

Grab the wild map boss, the important ones usually go out for more than two groups. A group is sure to be under the command of the president. This is about the might of the president. The two groups, the opportunity to participate in the boss is almost the same as a group, Wei Wei can actually capture this position, it has already reached the peak of his undercover career.

Only this became the head of the Second Regiment, and Wei Wei’s brothers were not well placed. Members of a group of two groups, it is really not easy to enter. Although Wei Wei’s brothers are still good at his level, they have not been able to beat the top elite members of this top club guild. These are all masters who can be traversed in online games. On the level, not under Wei Wei’s party, on equipment, it is far superior.

“How is this done?” Wei Wei said helplessly to Ye Xiu, and the plan could not keep up with the changes. He is progressing too fast.

“Two groups… Is this a bad control?” Ye Xiu said.

“No, the group can’t mix with me. When I think it’s not convenient to steal the instructions of the dog. The unreasonable instructions, I estimate that they will not be moved, and may expose me.” He said.

“Don’t be afraid, I didn’t say that I have to rely on you all. You are a strategy inside. We are already a bit of a man. I can see that I can act almost once in the near future.” Ye Xiu said.

“Where is the man?” Wei Wei asked.

“That’s not.” Ye Xiu looked up and gestured.

“Just these two?” Wei Wei was a bit speechless. Ye Xiu is telling the Tang soft buns. After the steamed buns, they also entered the realm of God. Tang Rou has reached the 70th level in the high-speed experience of the field of God, and the skill point has also cleared a five thousand. Recently, I have been studying the 5000 points.

Although the buns of the buns have not yet reached the full level, there is no problem with his strength. But even if the strength of these two people is far above the average player, it is too small to go to the wild land boss battles.

“There are small hands that can also follow us to act.” Ye Xiu said, the small hand cold account has been sent back after brushing the skill points.

“Don’t dare to have one more at least five people?” Wei Wei said.

“Is there no boss wife?” said Ye Xiu.

“She?” Wei Wei said.

“How am I?” Chen Guo blinked.

“Frankly, is it weak?” Comrade Wei Wei is a person who will be scared by Chen Guo’s threat. To be honest, he did not give face.

“Hot is better than nothing!” Ye Xiu is also honestly not giving face.

“You two are dying!!” Chen Guo is angry!

“There are five people.” Ye Xiu said.

“Five people, so good.” Wei Wei nodded.

“Do you brothers come to help?” Ye Xiu asked.

“They are all easy to mix in the reincarnation, this is not exposed,” Wei Wei said.

“The original account is picking up again. Recently, the limelight has passed?” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey, those numbers have to regain experience for a long time!” Wei Wei said. At that time, they were tough to add to the major guilds, and it was called a miserable murder, and the more they killed, the worse. Up to now, how many levels of experience are lost in each number, and everyone is too lazy to count clearly. Anyway, if you don’t have a ten-level, you’re embarrassed to say hello to people. Even if it is level 10, from 60 to 70, it is certainly not a matter of days, even in the realm of God.

“Or just ask them to retreat, anyway, now I am in this position, they may also be difficult to help me.” Wei Wei said.

“It’s hard to say, it’s not easy to mix in, you can put it on, you really need help, you send them a batch number!” Ye Xiu said.

“This is also OK.” Wei Wei nodded. Although he did not, he now has money, and if he has money, he has everything.

“What other wild map bosses did not come out this week?” Ye Xiu then asked.

“This, I know, I just got in the position.” Wei Wei said.

“There is a situation, we immediately move, try your luck!” Ye Xiu said.

“I really rely on a few of you? You don’t make a joke. Even if that scene doesn’t touch you, you can’t grab the boss hatred. What are the output of the three people?” Wei Wei said.

“Three people are missing, we have to find some partners.” Ye Xiu said.


“Yi Yi Tianxia!” Ye Xiu said.


Three more, finally completed the three more. With the advent of the finals, I have been crouching in online games for so long and finally have to attack! ! !

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