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Chapter 642 Four strong

Six hundred forty-two chapters four strong

Wei Wei’s depression is not pretending. The Jiashi team, just a Sun Xiang and a leaf of autumn is enough to let them suffer, and now add a Xiao Shiqin.

It is not important for a person like Xiao Shiqin to use his role. His value is not measured by his own combat effectiveness. If he and Jiashi merge successfully, and then Sun Xiang is perfectly embedded in the tactics, there is no doubt that Jiashi is definitely the champion.

Let them now have a team that has not yet fully teamed up to challenge a champion team? Wei Wei thinks that this is the bigger the game.

“Afraid of anything, anyway, you have been heavily in the grip, you will die if you die,” Ye Xiu said.

“I would rather starve to death.” Wei Wei said with anger.

Chen Guo, of course, they also heard the discussion of the two. As soon as the buns were calm, Tang Rou heard that there would be stronger opponents as always, and Chen Guo was as worried as ever.

“In any case, I have to face it. I just found out that there is such a possibility that Xiao Shiqin is nervous. If the action of Jiashi is not only this, then let a few cows come, you are not going directly from this window. Jumped out?” said Ye Xiu.

“Rely, in addition to this surname Xiao, who else is so stupid?” Wei Wei is not good or bad for Xiao Shiqin, but at this time it is very likely that he will become a strong enemy, and it is a very deadly enemy. stand up.

After the press conference, the glory circle immediately boiled. Because the reincarnation is too easy to win, there are not many people to recollect the game. At this time, such a major bomb was thrown out, and all levels were shaken.

Xiao Shiqin’s transfer is already a foregone conclusion. The focus of the discussion is naturally on which team. A variety of heads are the analysis of the road. Wei Wei looked at this side and suddenly burst out: “I haven’t seen it, I haven’t seen it.”

Ye Xiu’s head is a glimpse of an analysis that Xiao Shiqin may go to Jiashi. Frankly speaking, people are still quite reliable. It is that Jiashi is in need of a tactical master like Xiao Shiqin to rectify and join Jiashi, but only sacrificed for one year, but then it is definitely a first-class champion team. Wei Wei, simply because he does not want to see this situation, so the more people’s analysis is more reliable, the more he wants to be degraded, as if the probability of Xiao Shiqin’s transfer to Jiashi will be obliterated.

Compared to the buzz in the player circle, Ye Xiu glanced at the qq circle of professional players, and there were a few players discussing it, but apparently they were all team players who did not enter the playoffs. The great gods and players of the team are in a tight preparation for the playoffs. How can I talk about this gossip? For them, Xiao Shiqin will be a strong enemy in the future no matter where he will go. This first round of competition, more worthy of their attention is the improvement of the cycle.

This is the enemy that they are likely to face next, and it is true to quickly understand the situation of the opponent.

Wei Wei saw the post, it seems to be getting more and more angry. It seems that there are quite a few players who analyze Xiao Shiqin who may go to Jiashi. Looking at it, this guy finally started to shoot the case: “Buns, how many levels, and quickly practice! There is no time, hurry up to full level and then pk what to practice.”

“Okay, I am practicing.” The buns responded positively.

“Hey, this good news is bad news, it is really enough.” Wei Wei said with emotion. I was immersed in the joy of being able to extricate myself in the “money making”, which would have been cleared.

“You calm down, always flustered, 30 people, and the two small players in the professional circle come out and add up without you, and you are not so ugly, you are not shameful?” Ye Xiu said.

“Emotions always have to be vented, and they are digested in their hearts, which affects the state too much.” Wei Wei said.

Then how does this guy digest the emotions? In the reincarnation, the first round was easily broken. The whole guild was full of joy. Comrade Wei Wei was like eating explosives. The team was trained to be a miserable one. It was a pig and a dog. Ye Xiu squinted his eyes, this is the opening of the wave mobs, this will be pushed to the boss, it is estimated that the entire regiment has to be his training line.

The sixth day, the seventh day, and the eighth day. The playoffs will not stop because of the gossip, and the subsequent games will continue. The blue rain and the micro grass will eventually defeat the 301 and the void and advance smoothly. (Hey, in fact, the blue rain and the 301 game should be before the reincarnation and the Thunder, the writing is forgotten, but it doesn’t have much impact. Everyone knows it will do…) But the last one is against the rain. In the end, it was the smoke and rain away from the score advantage of winning at home, and finally defeated the tyrant and completed the promotion.

Although the tyrants are traditional giants, it is not a bad thing to be eliminated by the smoke and rain team. After all, Ba Wen’s ace player Han Wenqing is the oldest player, and he can compete with the three consecutive champions in the league. After the summit in the fourth season ended the championship of Jiashi, the map has already ushered in their peak.

Today, as the ace players become older, and more new generations of outstanding players emerge in the league, Ba Tu and Jia Shi, these two teams seem to be in the decline.

Moreover, there is no one in the playoffs. Is there any suspense in the game?

However, although the tyrants of the game showed regret after the game, but there was no depression, the captain Han Wenqing was a faint sentence: “We will come again next year”, and the winners of the winners will be covered.

Having said that, the media’s post-game report has more to describe it as the end of an era.

The two great gods of the peak of the past station, one retired, and one is still stubborn.

The two giants who once fought and fought, now out of the game, the family fell in the first round of the playoffs.

Han Wenqing said that “we will come again next year”, in the eyes of everyone, just refused to give up and continue to insist. Although this belief can be admired, some real things cannot be changed by faith.

Pa Tu may still be on the stage of the playoffs, but it is hard to believe that they still have the strength to compete. Especially after witnessing the exaggeration of Jia Shi Na’s exaggeration this season, some people even suspected that Pa Pa Tu will not be so quickly.

As a result, such suspicions were strongly protested by the fans of the fighters.

“What a joke!” Fans said on the forum, “Don’t forget who our captain is! It’s a failure for three consecutive years and won’t feel discouraged. Then in the fourth year, I will take it.” The person who slammed down from the throne of the crown. As long as there is a Korean team, we can never make a bad look at Jiashi!”

As a fan of the tyrants, there is basically no respect and politeness for Jiashi. This season, Jiashi’s desolateness made them look at the jokes. Now, some people have put their tyrants and Jiashi together, which is really unbearable.

The first round of the eight-day playoffs has ended, leaving countless topics.

The team that advances into the semi-finals, blue rain, reincarnation, micro grass, and smoke, are all undisputed strong teams. Among the eliminated teams, there are also many people who have brought them to the touch.

But time will not stop, and the team that enters the semi-finals will soon carry out the next round of tore.

Blue rain against the rain, reincarnation against the grass, which will determine which two teams in this season’s championship.

On the side of Xingxin, the elimination of the tyrants also caused some discussion.

“He hasn’t changed, how is it?” Chen Guo expressed some incomprehension about the outbreak of the tyrant.

“You become a super Saiyan when you are!” Ye Xiu said with a smile, “He is changing, but he is still groping, how the strength of change has not been reflected!”

Ye Xiu and Chen Guo spoke, but they contacted the small hands in their team.

“The account card has been received.” Ye Xiu told the little hand to be cold.

“Oh.” The little hand was cold.

“After upgrading the skill points, you should know that the value of this account card is different.” Ye Xiu said.


“So this account can no longer be completely personal to you.” Ye Xiu said.

“I understand.” The little hand chilled back.

“That kid, when the account card is returned to you, should you also pay a deposit?” Wei Wei immediately took the lead again, and of course he did not care about the two thousand dollars. Don’t say that people are Wei Dacai, now, when it is difficult, Wei Wei will never see the money so important. It is because of this that he is very accustomed to the small hand and cold, which looks carefully.

“How much deposit do you have to pay?” asked the little hand coldly.

“That depends on how many skills you will have when you finish the mission.” Wei Wei said.

“But the way to pay the deposit, will it be irregular?” said the little hand.

“Hey, you kid, when you want a deposit, it seems that you didn’t say anything formal and irregular?” Wei Wei suddenly got angry.

“The way the deposit was made from the very beginning is what you brought up!” said the little hand.

“What are you talking about?” Wei Wei angered, but found that Ye Xiu Chen Guo and others around him were looking at him.

“Well? Is it what I proposed?” Wei Wei scratched his head and everyone nodded clearly.

“Well, I just keep coming. Who knows that this kid will really accept it?” Wei Wei said.

At this time, the group is still asking: “What do you think of An classmate?”

“Under normal circumstances, if the team needs the account in the hands of the players, will the account be bought out?” said the little hand coldly.

“This is generally the case.” Ye Xiu said.

“I won’t retire the 2000 pieces. How about this account being bought out by you?” said the little hand coldly.

“I rely on, boy you don’t work up to earn us two thousand pieces, can bear you!” Wei Wei called.

“It’s just an account transfer. If the account is too vague, I don’t think it’s a good thing?” said the little hand.


Today is even better, ah!

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