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Chapter 631 Visiting reincarnation

Chapter 631 Visiting Reincarnation

The temperature in May is not high and the air is moist and very comfortable.

However, Ye Xiu, who has been in the house for a long time, is quite slow to react to the climate, and he has not realized the changes in this respect. After getting off the plane and recruiting a rental book, the hotel did not go straight to the reincarnation club.

The failure to trade with Lou Loulan did make Ye Xiu more careful. However, after discussing it repeatedly with Wei Wei and others, I felt that there was no reason to refuse the reincarnation. The intention to win the championship this season is very obvious. The two rest weeks before the finals can be seen from their propaganda.

It is impossible to reject the strategy of this skill point; the only possibility is to refuse the buyout. Ye Xiu has been discussing these issues for a long time. If this is not bought out, it is clear that it is Ye Xiu and they will visit other teams to buy and sell. In this case, the reincarnation will not be able to improve. When you think about it, everyone still thinks that the possibility of reincarnation is still quite high.

The reincarnation club soon arrived, and Ye Xiu was certainly not prepared to go straight to the door. After all, his face is really not a pass, Wei Wei’s worry is not superfluous, he is likely to be directly bombarded by security.

In a public telephone hall outside the club, Ye Xiu made a phone call and then waited outside the reincarnation club. Not so, the club ran out of the way, and went out to the door to look around. After Ye Xiu’s waved his hand, the man hurried over.

“Long time no see.” The two said hello.

Yulin, a former glory professional player, plays for the reincarnation club. After retiring three years ago, he entered the logistics technical department of the reincarnation club.

The glory professional circle is not big, a total of 200 people, and the scale is not so big at the earliest time, the team does not have 20, each team is not all ten people, so there are fewer people, professional players between each other Also more familiar. Ye Xiu has been mixed from the beginning of the league to the present, of course, no one knows nothing, nothing more than the depth of the relationship. Some people are nodding their heads, while others are talking about it.

Yulin is the latter.

Although he is not a god, his love for glory will not be less than anyone. After retiring into the Skills Department, he is also tireless. Ye Xiu came over and contacted this old friend. Of course, it is convenient to bring a word into the door. It is really necessary to decide on the transaction. Of course, the far wheel is not the same as Yulin.

The two of them sneaked into the door of the reincarnation. With the help of Yulin, the security guards did not ask. When Ye Xiuzhen was in front of him, they were also looked at by their good vigilance. After all, the playoffs are near, and there is nothing to disturb the professional players who are actively preparing for the battle. The club’s requirements for all aspects of these days are more stringent.

“What the **** are you doing? The gods on the phone are mysterious.” Yulin asked with a leaf while walking.

“It is definitely a good thing for you to reincarnate.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, what good things can you bring to our reincarnation?” Yu Lin laughed.

“You will know it when you show it to you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!” Yulin did not ask much. He took Ye Xiu directly to the third floor of the club, his office in the technical department.

“Let’s say, how do you want to demonstrate, I will wait and see!” After greeting Ye Xiu’s seat, Yu Lin smiled.

“Do you have a glory account?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I said that you have no letter?” Yulin said, “What kind of occupation?”

“Occupation does not matter, it is best to do less tasks, the less the better.” Ye Xiu said.

“This is really not noticed.” Yulin said.

“Then just take two!” said Ye Xiu.

Yulin’s desk drawer was pulled, and the two account cards were pulled out.

“On this, is it going to the lab?” asked Lin.

“Also the lab?” Ye Xiuxiao.

“Everyone is so called, used to it.” Yulin said.

“Let’s let you see it first!” Ye Xiu said as he got up, and Yulin immediately let the computer open, leaving only two account cards there.

“Is these two numbers private or?” Ye Xiu picked up and asked.

“Private.” Yulin said.

“Then you pick it up.” Ye Xiu laughed.

Yulin is still confused, and Ye Xiu has logged into the game. What is the name of the character, what area, what occupation, what equipment, Ye Xiu did not care, just looked at the location of a character, immediately thought of a direction to run out, and asked about it 佟Lin: “If you have a role, what mission did you do, and what mission did you do? Do you remember?”

“This… most of them can’t be remembered clearly.” Yulin said.

“Try it!” said Ye Xiu.

“What are you going to do?” Yu Lin asked.

“Don’t worry, I will know it later.” Ye Xiu sold the Guanzi, but did not say, manipulating the role of Yulin, and ran to a task place he remembered.

It was a coincidence that I got to the task npc, and Yulin’s mission was just not done.

When Yulin took a look at Ye Xiu and took a task, he quickly went to see: “What mission?”

Ye Xiu opened the task panel and gave Yulin the name of the mission.

Yulin looked at it and recalled it repeatedly in his mind. I really don’t remember what it is like in this mission. Then I will see the game of Ye Xiu all the way, that is, the steps of this task, step by step.

“You run me, is this a task for my number?” Yu Lin laughed.

“Don’t be excited, you deserve to be excited behind.” Ye Xiu said.

“What are you doing! Don’t sell off!” Yulin is also anxious!

As a result, Ye Xiu is even more unhurried. In fact, he is also afraid of making a mistake. After all, this game has been rigorously mechanically accurate by both Shuguang and his students.

“Attention!!” Finally, the task is about to reach the final link, Ye Xiu suddenly shouted Yulin.

“Always pay attention!” Yulin said next to him.

Click on the character to complete the task, a row of reward words flashed, Ye Xiu did not disappoint, the reward of the skill book is awesome. The task he chose to demonstrate, of course, is quite high. This series of tasks, after being accurately tossed by the two teachers, was the result of 57.258%.

For the skill book, such a chance is simply high enough to scare people.

“Skills book!!!” Yulin has been watching seriously with patience. The flashing reward did not escape his eyes. He clearly saw these three words. And he immediately realized that this skill book must be the one that Ye Xiu sold this way. Besides, he did not see anything else.

“How about the 25-point skill book, how excited?” Ye Xiu points to the character bar of Yulin’s character, and a 25-point skill book lies there dazzlingly.

“This is no coincidence?” Yulin’s brain has begun to run fast.

“It is a coincidence, it is not a coincidence.” Ye Xiu said.

“And sell the Guan, what do you mean by saying it!” Yulin called.

“It’s a coincidence, because this skill book is not 100% available; it’s not a coincidence, because I used the right method to give it a chance to appear. If it weren’t for me, I don’t know this task. How many times do you have to brush to get this reward.” Ye Xiu said.

“You let me see!” Yulin blasted Ye Xiu, manipulated the character, and looked at the inventory again. It was confirmed that it was a skill floating astronomical station. After searching this task, the result was not seen at all. Any relevant information that brings this task together with the skill book.

“Don’t waste time, it can be brushed out like this, and it is also a man’s hard work for many years to study.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who is it?” Yulin was busy asking.

“Wei Wei.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s that guy!” Yulin is also an older generation of players. The blue rain team used to be the captain. He didn’t know.

“What you mean is that he has researched it. If you need this task to do this task, you will be able to get the hidden reward of the skill book?” It is already the Yulin of logistics technology, but now it is faster to understand this aspect. One.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded.

“How high is the probability?” asked Yulin.

“Fifty percent!” said Ye Xiu.

“How did this data come out?” asked Lin.

“This is not afraid to scare you, but still not to say.” Ye Xiu said.

Yulin rolled his eyes: “You don’t say it now, and someone will definitely ask for a while.”

Yulin was also a senior industry insider. This one saw it and immediately guessed Ye Xiu’s intentions.

“There is a high student together, what mathematics is used to calculate it. You know, this kind of we definitely don’t understand. Anyway, just listen to him and then we do it. This probability really needs to be tested, we are Without this ability, if you are interested, you can come to a large-scale experiment. Do you have any labs?” Ye Xiu said.

“In fact, the probability is not important. What matters is that it works. You understand what I mean?” Yulin said.

“Understand.” Ye Xiu laughed unhurriedly: “I believe it will be effective.”

“This is only a 50% chance. As long as it is less than 100%, it may be invalid.” Yulin said.

“But this is only one of them. You don’t think that I am holding such a task, and I am rushing to run back to you for sale.” Ye Xiu said.

“How much do you have?” asked Yulin.

“All the tasks add up, 1000 skills point!” Ye Xiu said.

“Rely!” Yulin’s eyes suddenly rounded up, and the next second had already rushed over and tore a leaf repair, as if he was afraid that he would run away: “Walk away, you go with me.”

“Where are you going?” Ye Xiu Ming asked.

“What do you say?” Yulin certainly did not answer.

I dragged the leaves and repaired the office. I went down to the third floor and went to the second floor. I walked straight to the end of this floor.

In the training room halfway through, a reincarnation player was holding a glass of water and seemed to relax and walk around the entrance of the training room. When I saw Yulin’s coming, I was naturally recognized. I politely called a “predecessor”. Yulin smiled and nodded. As a result, he was as tightly thief as he caught, and the walk was changed. The kind guy also smiled and nodded.

Who is this goods? My predecessor, what did he promise there? Looking at it seems a bit familiar, is the chef of the restaurant?

The player did not say anything on his mouth, but his heart was a guess, but it was only an instant, and he immediately remembered who this person was. This one lost his hand, the boiling water in the cup slanted out, and the hand was poured and immediately burned to the free hand.

“啪” a crack, the cup broke. The player was a little overwhelmed, but still looking at the back of Yulin’s departure.

It was heard that Ye Xiu and Yu Lin were looking back and looked back. As a result, they saw that the cup had hit such a small thing and they continued to walk. Instead, the other players in the training room heard the noise outside the door, and they all ran out to see what happened. As a result, the player stood in the door.

At first glance, I just shot a cup. Everyone was preparing to disperse, but I saw that the player raised his right hand and pointed at the figure that had already turned over: “Ye…Ye Qiu!!”

“What?” The players did not hear.

“Ye Qiu, Ye Qiu! I saw that the ancestors had just pulled Ye Qiu past.”

“Hey seniors, pulling Ye Qiu?” All the players are a bit stunned. Of course, they don’t think there is anything rare about Yulin, but Ye Qiu, how can this person appear in their reincarnation at this time? The soul of the gossip of the players burned.

“Where did they go?” asked Vice President Jiang Botao.

“Over there.” Pick a finger.

“Manager office?” Turned over the corridor, there seems to be nothing to go except for the manager’s office.

“Go and see?” Jiang Botao turned back, but said to Zhou Zezhen, the two of them are the deputy captain of the team. This year, the onlookers gossip has a bit of identity.

Zhou Zezheng did not say anything. The phone in the training room rang. A newcomer quickly ran to pick it up. Well, after two sentences, he ran up and ran over to Zhou Zezhen and Jiang Botao: “The captain’s copy is long, the manager called You have a look.”

Jiang Botao and Zhou Zeyi looked at each other and everyone felt that it was definitely related to Ye Qiu’s visit. The two are preparing for the past, and suddenly the phone rings. It was the newcomer who ran to pick up, and quickly rushed out to find Zhou Zezhen and Jiang Botao: “The manager asked you to take your account.”

“With an account? What is this?” Everyone is mad at the heart, Zhou Zezhen and Jiang Botao are also puzzled, but still return to the training room, take the account card of the two people.

“Please come in!”

After the manager knocked on the door outside, he heard the manager’s greeting and the two entered the door. The manager did not sit in the office, but on the sofa on the side of the hospital, and Yulin left and right, and let one person in the middle.

“Don’t you introduce me?” the manager smiled.

“It’s Xiao Zhou Xiaojiang, haha, this season is very good!” Ye Xiu smiled and greeted the two.


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