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Chapter 63 Hunting Ya Ge (3)

Chapter 63—Hunting Yage (3)

The blood gunner’s hatred certainly cannot go to the player of the Chinese Cottage. In fact, it has not been subjected to any powerful attack. At this time, I was attacked by Jun Mo Xiaotian, and the hatred of Jun Mo laughed. After falling to the ground, I didn’t fall, and a rollover had already got up.

This skill is called a body. It is a universal passive skill on the player’s side and sprinting and rolling. It can be used after learning. The usage is to use the roll when it is to be hit by the ground. Then the character will turn over without falling to the ground. And up.

This use requires a certain technology, in the direction of the fall, in the moment of touching the ground to roll forward will make the body. There are also some skills that are ineffective, such as the battle mage’s round dance stick, the judo’s back throw, the sharpshooter’s volley, etc., all of which are ineffective.

The blood gunner will also be subjected to the body, but it will only be used for a chance. At this time, he has eaten a three-stage attack by Jun Moxiao. It has a body that rises directly and raises the gun and is ready to shoot.

A gunshot sounded, and the blood gunner held the right hand of the gun and swayed back, followed by a spout, and the second sound.

“I fuck!!” Someone in the grassy hall screamed, and quickly squatted. The gun flew over his scalp and the second “I fucked” behind him. The second player was No more than dodge, this bullet is in the middle of the brain, throwing a string of blood flowers and retreating a few steps, life goes straight down half. The pastor of the Chinese pastor quickly came to the rescue. No one responded at this time. How could the blood gunner suddenly shoot at them?

However, from the perspective of Lanxi Pavilion, everyone can see clearly. After Fang Momo laughed and threw the blood gunner out, he accidentally came out with a long gun. The first shot was not a blood gunner, but a gentleman. Mo laughed at the gunshots. This gun hit the right hand of the blood gunner, causing the blood gunner’s shot to be behind him. Is this coincidence? Still interested? People in Lanxi Pavilion don’t know. They only knew that the gun was attacked and defended, which gave the blood gunner a blow and the possible return of the blood gunner. As for the shot of the player who was thrown out by the blood gunner, it was probably a coincidence.

However, this coincidence still makes the players of Lanxi Pavilion very happy.

“What exactly does he want to do?” When everyone ridiculed that the Caotang player was hit by the blood gunner’s “gun fire”, the boat was frowning because he could not see Jun Moxiao’s intention.

“I really want to pick the blood gunner in front of us?”

The two went together to the Blue River.

“I fuck, the air dance stick, wonderful!!” The two just arrived, and they heard the blue river applauded.

The two have a black line. Is this time when they are intoxicated in the other party’s operation?

After awakening the Blue River, the Blue River touched the issue, but it was very helpless: “Other guilds don’t move, how do we move?”

Take a boat.

“Does this guy want to take advantage of the mutual restraint between our three guilds, not that we are embarrassed to grab his blame?” said the boat.

The Blue River looked at the Zhongcaotang in the direction of the left, and looked at the domineering figure in the right direction. He saw that the presidents of the two guilds also turned around in the weirdness. Obviously, he was observing the other two. The act of the guild.

no surprise! At this time, no one dared to go forward to the three guilds.

Because the last one will only be a cockroach, there will be a big oriole in the back, no, it is two.

“This…” Blue River found this deadlock really good.

He quickly went to the Zhongcaotang and the domineering people to go to the news: “Two, do we just see the boss cut off?”

“Old blue, learn to be insidious?” The car replied.

“Don’t want to, not as good as your Lanxi Pavilion to get the boss back, we are domineering to give you a sneak out of the circle?” The domineering night of the cold pool reply.

The Blue River is speechless, and the Chinese Cottage and the domineering figure obviously do not believe him. The most important factor affecting these two judgments is that they do not understand the strength of Jun Moxiao, they do not believe that Jun Moxiao can flatten the blood gunner.

But even the Blue River, at this time calm down and think, it feels that this is a problem.

Although he and Jun Moxiao brushed a copy of the record, more intuitive understanding of the strength of Jun Moxiao; although at this time Jun Moxiao with the excellent technology on the blood gunners, but no one can single head at this level Blood gunners, even the most top professional players are not possible.

Because the mana can’t keep up.

With the blood gunner’s life and the output ability of this level of players, it is absolutely impossible to defeat the blood gunner in the case of his own mana cost, even if the body is full of potions. Just look at Jun Moxiao’s high-tempo output mode at this time, the primary small potion of Novice Village can’t be added.

Without mana, you can’t use your skills, you can’t use your skills, you can’t rely on ordinary attacks. Skills Compared with ordinary attacks, in addition to stronger power, it is more important to achieve some control field effects.

Such as the high-efficiency pick of the sky attack, the short-term rigidity of the dragon tooth, the blowing of the falling palm, the ignorance of the round dance stick. These special effects are not available in normal attacks, and these effects have some control over the opponent’s actions.

At the thought of this, the Blue River suddenly let go of the heart, and surely, the grass and the domineering figure is the more important opponent at this time? He couldn’t help but glanced around.

The five ordinary players in the circle continue to be treated as dead. The Blue River didn’t even think about how Jun Mo laughed and rushed up to have something to do with them. When Jun Mo laughed and left the team, he couldn’t stop it. He just greeted Qian Cheng to join the team.

There are five people in the eyes, perhaps only Ye Xiu.

After successively hitting and doing a long list of things that five people could not do at all. After these people were shocked, Ye Xiu suddenly let Jun Mo laugh a round dance stick and fell the blood gunner into five people.

“Look at it? Attack!” Ye Xiu shouted.

When the five people wake up in a dream, they immediately greet each other with arms.

“Don’t fight, listen to me.” Ye Xiu shouted, his attack of Junmo laugh never stopped.

The stupid five people finally found one thing at this time.

“Jun Mo laughs, this person is Jun Mo laugh!!!”

It is not only the three major guilds that I noticed that Jun Mo laughed, just like the players in Xingxin Internet cafes will be surprised to see the name of Jun Moxiao. These are only invited to invite Jun Mo to join the team, and then went to see the five people who Jun Moxiao and the blood gunner fight, even then noticed the id on the top of Jun Mo.

Novice Village completed the three first kills of Jun Moxiao.

Leading the Lanxi Pavilion to refresh the record of the Frost Forest copy.

“The mad war is a cross.” Jun Mo smiled and said that the dragon’s teeth were on the blood gunner’s body, Ye Xiu shouted.

The Berserker did not react slowly and immediately slashed his epee. Brushing the two bodies, the blood gunner in a short period of rigidity can not dodge, was engraved with a cross by the sword, a small blood of a cross sprayed out.

“Running and throwing sand.” Ye Xiu shouted this, at the same time, a day hit the blood gunner out of a small floating.

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