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Chapter 61 Hunting Ya Ge (1)

Chapter 61—Hunting Yage (1)

The upper limit of the glory team is ten, and the team can be grouped together. The upper limit is ten teams.

Ye Xiu entered the team and saw that the team was just ten full. Most of them actually knew: the blue river, the boat, the lantern night, the thunder and lightning, the moon and the city, and Yungui. At this time, they were all still present. Not strangers, come up and say hello. There are three other ones that have never been seen: Liu Yun Blowing, professional ammunition division; swirling, professional gunners; and a light-looking name is wretched, called the Holy Light to touch you, is a pastor.

The three men were also introduced by Blue River one by one. In addition, there are two teams of 20 people, the Blue River will not go. In fact, it is really only to kill the blood gunner Ya Ge, a team of ten people is enough, here with 30 people, it is obvious that the theme of hunting wild boss is really grab. This battle of Lanxi Pavilion can be described as elite, and all 30 people can be found in the forefront of the current ten-zone rankings.

Ye Xiu glanced at the neat number of people, and he said coldly: “I put the position of Qiancheng off?”

A blue river, I did not expect that Ye Xiu Xin was so careful that even this thought. Indeed, Thousand Achievements is that he called to go hunting for the blood gunner Ya Ge, but now he met Jun Moxiao… Blue River thinks this happens to be a confession, simply saying: “Don’t worry about him, let’s go our.”

“When did the blood gunner brush it?” Ye Xiu asked the Blue River.

“We were the news we received five minutes ago, and we quickly convened the brothers who were leveling here. The follow-up troops will also arrive in a minute.” Lanhe said.

“Is there so many people?” Ye Xiuxiao, even if it is to rob the blame, it does not use so many people. When people are surrounded by a goal, many people simply do not have position output.

“You have to prevent changes!” Blue River sighed.

Ye Xiu knows that this is not to prevent the boss from doing anything, this is against people. The most terrible thing in online games will never be npc, but the player.

“We can receive the news, I estimate that the people in the grass and the domineering are similar.” Blue River said. In addition to grabbing the copy record, the three major guilds of course also pay attention to the wild map boss record. In the morning, they specifically reminded the leveling players to pay attention to the refresh of the wild map boss.

“They have already arrived.” Ye Xiu turned around and looked around. He found that there were a lot of people running around in the distance, and it was obvious that the Lanxi Pavilion was a direction.

“Rely!” The blue river has also seen the past, and carefully identified the fuzzy font: “It is the man in the grass.”

Ye Xiu had to worship, he looked at the title id of these players is simply a pile of color blocks, the Blue River can actually recognize the words from it, it is worthy of the old rivals who have been entangled for many years, and they are quite familiar with each other.

When the Blue River recognized the other party, the other party apparently recognized the Lanxi Pavilion. The Blue River quickly received the news from the former director of the 10th District of Zhongcaotang: “Old blue, you have a little quality, you see it is obvious We will arrive first.” Both sides know the position of the blood gunner. At present, the position of the team is sure to be closer to some. The grades are almost the same, the equipment is also the same copy of the goods, Lanxi Court anti-super hope is not big.

“Get out of the way.” The Blue River replied. The wild map boss has never had any reason to come first, but this car has liked to pull something.

“How many people have you brought?” asked the frontman.

“It’s about the same as you,” said Blue River.

“Cooperate?” said the former car.

“What is the cooperation?”

“You and I have arrived. It is estimated that the domineering male figure is similar. Everyone points to block them, and then how do you cut the boss by strength?”

“Okay!” The Blue River promised.

“How many people are there?”



Half a minute has passed…

“What about your people?” asked the prince.

“What about you?” asked the Blue River.

“Good, wait for you!”

“I am waiting for you!”

Another half minute of silence.

“It seems that you don’t trust me. I am looking for a domineering team to cooperate.” said the car.

“Go, actually, I have already said goodbye to domineering, just ambush you in front, you are careful.” Blue River back.

The car has never been to the news.

Both are very helpless. This is not the first day of understanding. The three major guilds have been dealing with each other for several years and understand each other. I really want to talk about cooperation. Every time I will talk about it, it’s basically impossible to talk about it in three words. No one dares to believe who. In the past few years, there has been a lot of confusion in the fight against each other.

Lanxi Pavilion is a little slower than Zhongcaotang, but this point is nothing. If Zhongcaotang arrives first, it may not dare to start playing immediately. What should I do after being copied? Don’t look at the news that the two of them are very kind, but no one will be soft. The game is like this, it hurts and is happy.

The two piles of people kept the distance, and a little one reached the blood gunner’s place. As a result, when I saw the place, there were a bunch of people standing on the side, and the people who dominated the show were even faster than the two of them. However, the domineering figure did not work. At this time, there are a bunch of players who don’t know where they are fighting with the blood gunners. But when they look at the situation, they obviously find that the boss is indiscriminate and try it out. The blue river looks at it. Just a judgment: “Send death!”

The blood gunman Yage has a white leather armor, and the gray face has no expression. It is obviously a dead creature. Hand-held revolver, the action is very fast, four downstream shooting, a bunch of players who are temporarily made into a group are beaten and shouted, there is no effective resistance, to kill the boss is actually abused by the boss.

The domineering man arrived early, but he was watching the situation side by side, standing firmly outside the blood gunner’s attack range. After the people of Zhongcaotang and Lanxige arrived, they were indifferent to the behavior and domineering of these players. They did not care much about the life and death of these players. Even the blood gunners did not look at them more. Everyone’s attention was between them.

Seeing the presence of the two guilds, the team that dominated the tyrants quickly walked out of the crowd and headed toward Lanxi Pavilion.

Want to negotiate? Under the heart of the Blue River, he couldn’t help but look at the Zhongcaotang. There was no movement there. Looking at the figure’s standing position, I was probably paying attention to the man who came to the Blue Creek Pavilion.

The comers gradually came to the front, and the blue river was preparing to greet, but heard the people screaming: “Jun Mo laugh, how are you here?”

“Look at the excitement.” Ye Xiu replied.

“The location is not very good here. Come and come over and see us!”

Those who can be so openly shameless are not the night.

The blue river’s lungs are blowing up quickly, which is simply treating them as air. Still not in good position? Position your sister, here is a desert cemetery, some dead wood weeds and skewed tombstones, which position is the same, what is the difference between good and bad?

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