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Chapter 6 Thousand machine umbrella

Chapter VI Thousands of Umbrellas ()

Where is Jun Moxiao’s skill choice ridiculous?

First, the low-level stage will soon pass. At this stage, it is absolutely unnecessary to carefully match the skills. Many people are simply blank, and people are directly brought to the 20th level to change their duties.

Second, although the level 20 is to give the player a full career, but from the beginning of the game, the average player will have a general, Master, Swordsman, or Gunners? There is such a general direction, but what is the skill combination of Ye Xiu? It turned out to be across the whole system. Yes, the learning skills below level 20 are unrestricted, but the use is limited because of weapons.

Such as the sharp-gun’s floating bomb, when you have the swordsman’s sword in your hand, it can’t be used anyway. Therefore, the skill addition like Jun Moxiao, the backpack has to bring all the weapons of the professional department, it is very troublesome to exchange it, just the 20th stage of the newborn, looking for so much trouble, isn’t it a crime? Unless it is a scattered person who has been popular.

What is a loose person? No occupation is a distraction, but it is already a matter of the age of 50. After raising the upper limit of the level and the occupational awakening task, the game of the scattered person has disappeared. Today’s players see this set of skills that Jun Mo laughs, they don’t think of any loose people, they just want to laugh.

Ye Xiu did not seem to think of this. Jun Moxiao’s body now only has a bronze sword on the whiteboard, and when he finished his skills passing the grocery store, Ye Xiu actually let him sell the only weapon.

Then he went straight to the storage box of the warehouse, opened the box, and there was a piece of equipment lying inside.

The number of the transfer area should be an empty number. The meaning of the empty number is that experience, money, backpacks, storage boxes, including mailboxes, must be empty.

However, Jun Moxiao, who just transferred to the account of the ten districts, actually had a piece of equipment in the storage box.

No one knows what is going on, but it all seems to be as early as Ye Xiu’s expectation. He knew that he could find this piece of equipment here, but at the moment he found it, Ye Xiu’s expression did not see the slightest joy, but it was full of grief. The right hand of the moving mouse once again showed a rare trembling. The last time, it was when I lost a leaf of autumn; this time, it was to get this piece of equipment.

Move the mouse over.

Thousands of umbrellas, level 5.

The weight is 2.3 kg and the attack speed is 5.

Physical attack 180; spell attack 180.

No, it’s so simple that even the attached properties are no different. It’s like a whiteboard weapon.

But the color of the thousand umbrellas is not white at all, but silver.

Glory equipment and other orders to see the word color know, divided into orange purple blue green white. White is no additional property, green is mostly a transitional package for the task, blue copy boss will be lost, some tasks are also, is the largest proportion of mainstream equipment. As for the purple and orange clothes, it is a high-end goods, or character or money, it is always possible to obtain a place that is a little prominent.

The silver color of the thousand umbrellas does not belong to these five colors. If Chen Guo is awake at this time, she will be surprised to see it. Silver, that is the unique color of homemade equipment. Self-made equipment is a major feature of glory, not the life-making skills in the game, but the equipment made by an equipment editor of the game, which belongs to high-end content.

There is a wide spread in glory: homemade equipment may not be the strongest, but the strongest equipment must be self-made.

Self-made equipment can surpass the existence of epic orange equipment. In the professional league, each club has a team dedicated to researching homemade equipment, investing funds to research homemade equipment. In the autumn of the fight, the hand holds the homemade silver martial arts, but the spear is evil! It is a famous weapon in glory. It is the only one with no semicolon.

The characteristics of homemade equipment determine that it is difficult to copy, and each piece is unique.

It may be a unique work that transcends the epic, or it may be a unique junk.

What about a thousand umbrellas? Is it garbage or the best?

If Chen is awake, if she understands the nature of the weapon, she can immediately determine it.

The best, the thousand machine umbrella is the real best, is the best like the evil spirits beyond the same level of orange. 180 physical and spell attacks, this is equivalent to a level 10 orange, and almost the highest level of attack. But the weapon with the highest attack is often heavy and has a low attack speed. The weight of the Thousands of Umbrellas is not high, and it has a normal attack speed of 5, even if it is compared with the Orange Vulgar of the 10th level, this is enough to win.

However, its shortcomings are also obvious: the Thousands of Umbrellas have only basic attributes and no additions. In addition, level 5, this is a level that has passed by, and it will fall behind in the blink of an eye.

Ye Xiu did not care about this because he knew that this thousand-machine umbrella was really a genius. After countless experiments and failures, it is a great success to be able to make this five-level umbrella. The characteristics of self-made weapons are that they can be continuously improved after mastering the ideas and solutions. Therefore, the self-made weapons are not outdated, and the equipment editor can be used to continuously improve them.

Ye Xiu gently took out the thousand umbrellas and placed them in the hands of Jun Moxiao. “Get started!” He whispered, and then he controlled Jun Moxiao to go to the copy of the novice village, Greenson, and it looked like Jun Moxiao heard his words.

Greenson is a copy of 5 people, 5 levels of access, 10 or more results are invalid, meaning that can not participate in the comparison of various lists. Since the novices are randomly distributed, although many players call friends and friends to join the land reclamation, they will not get together at the same time. Most of the copies are outside the wild team. Ye Xiu controlled Jun Mo Xiaogang as soon as he arrived, he had received a lot of invitations, and Ye Xiu did not pick it up very much. He added a team that lacked only one person and added it.

“The Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi.” Just entering the team, Ye Xiu saw this captain called Yue Zhongmian squatting in the team.

“How do you distribute hidden bosses?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Hey, it’s very ideal!” From the feelings of the moon and the mouth, you can see that this person is not really a newbie, at least he did not ask what is hidden boss.

Hidden boss is encountered when entering the copy in the team mode, the system will give the player a prompt at the moment of entering the copy. The strength of hiding bosses is generally stronger than the final boss of the copy, and it will explode some equipment or items that ordinary bosses cannot produce.

A top professional level like Ye Xiu is actually capable of single-passing this small copy. He teamed up, is the hidden boss that will be encountered in this team. Because he needs to hide the materials that the boss falls out, those that are the ones that will continue to be upgraded will definitely be used. Ye Xiu is very clear that it is more difficult to upgrade the thousand-machine umbrella than to let Jun Mo smile upgrade. He decided to start from now and grab both hands together.

Like the low-end copy of Greenson, even the best equipment will soon be eliminated, so it is of little value. In addition to experience, the more attractive thing here is to hide the materials that the bosses are missing. These materials are never outdated. They are placed in the old district, and there are also large ones for these materials to get the new people to hide the bosses.

Yuezhongmian obviously knows this, so he quickly announced the allocation plan for the hidden boss. “The fun of the game is all money. When you come out, everyone will shake it!”

“Cheng.” It can only be like this. If you have a good thing, give it to yourself? This is just a wild team, there is no reason at all.

“Well, if you are ready, you will enter the book.” The middle of the month knocked a sentence, and after getting a positive reply from everyone, he entered the copy.

Before Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, who was sitting next to him, he had to talk, so he had never used a headset. At this time, he took it with him. When the copy was just entered, he heard a voice inside and said: “I rely on, what character, say Hide it and hide it?”

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